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MAY 2022

Philippine Army Captures ISIS Headquarters In Marawi

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Philippine Army Captures ISIS Headquarters In Marawi


The Philippine Army continued its advance against ISIS in Marawi city and liberated the Safrullah Hospital in the city center.

According to Philippine sources, ISIS fighters had used the hospital as their main HQ in Marawi. The sources added that the liberation of the building took two weeks, during which two Philippine soldiers were killed and many others injured as a result of IEDs planted by ISIS members inside the hospital.

The Philippine Army announced that FA-50PH wareplanes are participating again in the battle of Marawi. The fighters of this type were grounded last month after an airstrike that hit a position of the Philippine Army. A source from the Philippine Air Force explained that the investigation proved that there was no problem with the fighter, pilot or weapon used.

The source said that the Philippine Air Force improved the tactics used to hit ISIS targets, and improved its coordination to avoid similar incidents.

From its side, ISIS claimed that two Philippine soldiers were killed in clashes in Bangarngan district and 6 other Philippine soldiers were killed after being targeted by IEDs in Marinot district.

ISIS fighters currently control only 1 km2 in the center of Marawi. That the Philippine Army will likely be able to liberate the city this month.

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Nigel Maund

President Duterte – Wipe out all the ISIS fighters and take no prisoners! If you take them publically hang them!


Again the sunnies useful idiots. Thankfully for Philippine, sunnies are not that much in this country. Otherwise, it will have been like hell.

What do these sunnies want except killing everyone ? What is the goal of all that mess ?

Jan Tjarks

To maintain the power of their masters.


What is the goal of this mess?..The UNITED STATES TO INSTALL A PHILIPPINE VASSAL.


Duterte was fighting durg dealers. USA will tell you that Cambodge is a good country. XD.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Good Job ! Go Philipines Army !

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