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Philippine Air Force Mistakenly Bombed Government Troops In Marawi. 11 Killed

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Philippine Air Force Mistakenly Bombed Government Troops In Marawi. 11 Killed

A Philippine air force attack helicopter fires a rocket as they continue to assault the Maute group in Marawi city, Philippines. (Reuters Photo)

The Philippine Air Force has mistakenly bombed government troops in the city of Marawi where clashes between Philippine security forces and ISIS terrorists are ongoing.

According to the Philippine military, 11 soldiers were killed and 7 others wounded as a result of the air strike.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that the incident took place on Wednesday. He added that the military may limit its use of airstrikes in the City following this incident.

However, if the situation remains tense, this looks unlikely. Earlier this week, ISIS destroyed an army military column in the city and seized a lot of weapons and equipment.

An example of air strike in Marawi (the video was allegedly filmed on Thursday):

According to the Philippine government, seurity forces have been fighting about 500 ISIS-linked gunment in the area since last week and up to 100 terrorists are “holed up” in buildings in Marawi.

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jirka maly

US “veterans” in charge of ISIS.


Get trained by Americans and you’ll fight like Americans–garbage in,garbage out.


‘When the Germans bomb, the Allies take cover. When the British bomb, the Axis take cover. When the Americans bomb, everyone takes cover!’
(a joke common to both sides of the line in Normandy)

Peter Moy

The OV-10 Bronco counter-insurgency aircraft missed this time, maybe better success on the next sortie.

The Farney Fontenoy

We never see the Russians bomb their own soldiers, maybe a change of trainers is in order.


Make no mistake – this is not a mistake by the Philippine Air Force. I was expecting this. There is a sophisticated piece of sigint equipment somewhere there that messes up the targeting maps. Probably of Israeli origin, and most likely an Israeli operator too. They have a lot of stuff like this – sigint is their strength. If the boys are in a tight spot, mess up just one AF bombing run and suddenly the pressure is off. The infantry backs off, the AF backs off, and confusion reigns. It is very clever, but when it comes to ISIS it is to be expected. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service does these things!

Toni Ann Williams

They are looking to cause a False Flag doing this in order to get World War III started..the countries that Trump is playing with are the targets..the leader of the Philippines has already been known to have called out at Trump.


Yes, a CIA false flag written all over it. I would only correct you in that Trump is not allowed any say in these matters any longer. This has been years in the planning by the Deep State. Trump is just a figure head.


Going through Philippine news sources, different causal factors are mentioned.
From 2 major corporate news sources:
• G.M.A. News cites head of the Department of National Defense (D.N.D.) Delfin Lorenzana admitting that the government ran out of precision-guided missiles and was forced to use conventional “dumb” bombs.
• A.B.S.-C.B.N News reports him admitting that the aircraft (Marchetti SF-260) is only capable of conventional bombs.

The Philippine News Agency (P.N.A.), our written-article counterpart to Russia’s R.T., reports on “precision guided munitions” (P.G.M.’s):
“We are not using PGMs in the ongoing campaign in Marawi City, we don’t
have PGMs (in the inventory), what we are using since (May 23) are
precision air strikes or precision close-air support which our pilots
are trained for.”

Since news media coverage has tended to be anti-Pres. Duterte & co. outside the Philippines (though inside also has anti-admin. media, like A.B.S.-C.B.N. News and the newly founded C.N.N. Philippines), the full, uncut 1hr.-presentation & press-conference from the D.N.D is available on our T.V.-counterpart to R.T., the People’s Television Network (P.T.V.).

I admit I haven’t watched it in full, but I just posted it in the spirit of transparency.

As for Russian training, that’s exactly why Pres. Duterte was in Moscow when the the Marawi fighting broke out. Moscow and Manila were to sign decades’ worth of agreements hindered by Washington.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Wow ISIS is outsmarting the Philippines at every turn.
Their brilliant social engineering has now turned the Filipino military into doing bombing runs on behalf of ISIS lol. (Relax folks, I am being sarcastic on this one.)

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