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Philip M. Giraldi: “The International Zionist Conspiracy”

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Written by Philip M. Giraldi; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

recent article by Philip Weiss on the Mondoweiss website lays out an argument that most liberal Jews, like Weiss, are hesitant to support, namely that Jewish power, and more to the point its money, as exercised through the so-called Israel Lobby in the United States and elsewhere, has been the principal enabling force behind the international pariah that the state of Israel has become.

Philip M. Giraldi: "The International Zionist Conspiracy"

Weiss notes how “most observers accept the antisemitism redlines echoed lately by Bernie Sanders: you are not to speak of an outsize Jewish role in politics. So few write about the Israel lobby, though they know it to be a significant force…” In other words, Sanders, liberal to the core and ostensibly supportive of Palestinian rights, draws a line that forbids any real discussion of Jewish power in the United States even though everyone who has not been asleep is more than aware of just how powerful American Jews, and by extension Israel, are.

Weiss details how the vast sums of money raised by both Democratic and Republican Jews has distorted American politics since the time of President Harry S. Truman. He describes how president after president has backed down versus Israel when confronted by Jewish power and observes that “This is not just a domestic political question, it’s a foreign policy problem. The Israel lobby is the root cause of the Israel Palestine conflict. Consider the two…main causes of the conflict. 1, Israeli settlement/colonialism (or in Zionist terms, the effort to liberate European Jewry from persecution by establishing a Jewish homeland in historical Palestine). 2, Palestinian resistance to 1. Neither of these historical forces would still be a source of serious conflict 71 years after Israel’s establishment were it not for the lobby. Without the blind support of the United States, Israel would have made a deal a long time ago. The country would have followed through on the historic Palestinian concession of 1988 followed by the Arab Peace Initiative of 2001, and accepted partition of the land on highly favorable terms (Israel gets 78 percent). Without U.S. support, Israel would have been internationally isolated and would have grabbed the deal. The Israelis have been able to continue to devour the land only because the United States supports the occupation in international fora, and gives Israeli a diplomatic umbrella against any storm, due to blind bipartisan political backing here.”

Jewish power in America and elsewhere must never be discussed unless it is a discussion involving only Jews, who openly recognize and appreciate the phenomenon. Weiss notes how “Israel lobbyists themselves extol Jewish political power in the U.S. as Israel’s lifeline for money and arms and diplomatic protection” and quotes Michael Koplow of the Israel Policy Forum, who boasts how “I have no qualms about pointing out that the American Jewish community is almost certainly the most influential minority community in the history of the U.S., and possibly in the history of the world. American Jews have worked hard to make it so, and have built a network of outward-facing institutions that protect this privileged position.”

Beyond Weiss’s observations, one might note how Zionist Jews are essentially able to shut down any discussion of Palestine or of Palestinian rights. Given the extreme overrepresentation of Jews in both the news generation process and in various choke points in the political process, an honest discussion of Israel-Palestine and the actual U.S. interests in the region is extremely difficult to find anywhere in the mainstream media.

In both the 2012 and 2016 Democratic Party conventions, for example, there was considerable pressure from the members of the party base to include language reflective of the need to recognize Palestinian suffering and condemn the Israeli “occupation.” Long-time liberal activist James Zogby pushed for an amendment to the party platform in 2016 calling for “an end to occupation and illegal settlements” in Israel-Palestine. In both conventions, Hillary Clinton interests pushed back and rejected any changes, arguing that they would constitute “terrible mistake[s],” too “one-sided” toward the Palestinians. In both instances there was loud and sustained booing from the floor when the reflexively pro-Israel platform was announced, but the speaker rejected calls for any floor vote.

To cite another example, two weeks ago, California’s Democratic party concluded its fall convention by finalizing what would be included in the state party platform. An amendment promoted by Palestinian supporters was defeated in a floor vote. It was offered by delegate David Mandel, himself a Jew, and called on the party to support “a solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiated by the parties that guarantees equality, security and democracy for all, no matter what the final settlement regarding states and borders” and called on party members to “oppose any unilateral annexation of territory, and support the right of all those who were forced from their homes to return to their homelands and receive compensation for their losses.” Mandel’s proposal attracted the ire of Zionist apologists including State Senator Scott Wiener and Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, who asserted that “This amendment cuts to the core of Israel’s ability to be its own state.”

One might observe that the Mandel amendment was pretty mild stuff relatively speaking, even excluding the word “occupation,” and that the Wiener-Friedman riposte is nonsense, but the result was more of the same. Reliably liberal California Democrats delivered the usual pander to Israeli-Jewish interests. They surrendered to the persistent Jews-in-politics demand never to give even one inch when it comes to permitting Israel absolute license to behave badly while at the same time extracting from the United States billions of dollars in subsidies every year.

And the Israel conspiracy might well be regarded as international. In France, which has the largest diaspora Jewish population after the United States, hate legislation which de facto protects only Jews has been employed to shut down any and all criticism. It has become common all across Europe to regard any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism and therefore as a hate crime, with criminal penalties attached. French comedian Dieudonné, who admittedly is rather pointed in his satire, has been convicted eight times.

And then there is the sad case of Jeremy Corbyn, British Labour Party leader who will be contesting a national election on December 12th. Corbyn has been accused of being an anti-Semite based on his fairly mild defense of Palestinians, which one might have thought to be a good, sound socialist human rights position. And so it would be if Israel were not involved. With the election looming, British Jews have increased pressure on Corbyn and by default are endorsing his conservative opponent Boris Johnson, who has spoken repeatedly about his love of Israel. Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis recently produced an article for the influential Times of London declaring Corbyn “unfit for office” because “the way in which the [Labour] leadership has dealt with anti-Jewish racism is incompatible with the British values of which we are so proud — of dignity and respect for all people.”

The good rabbi is not, of course including Palestinians as worthy of “dignity and respect.” He is really only concerned about his own tribe and the “racism” he refers to is largely concentrated among those Britons who are opposed to Israeli government policies. Britain is already in some senses Zionist controlled territory, even more so than the United States. Jews are prominent at many choke points in the media and entertainment industries while 80% of Conservative Party politicians are members of “Conservative Friends of Israel.” The Labour Party is also active engaged with their own version of the same, Labour Friends of Israel, which includes 80 out of the party’s 262 members of parliament.

Finally, International Zionism is very well represented in recent announcements coming from the world of professional sports, where billionaire Jewish team owners take their orders from Israel to combat critics and the scourge of anti-Semitism.

In January 2019 New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft received the Genesis prize, a million-dollar award given annually to Jews “who have attained excellence and international renown in their chosen professional fields.” Kraft’s friend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally presented the plaque and Kraft told the audience that he would use the money to combat anti-Semitism and the BDS (the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. He also pledged to add $20 million of his own money to set up a foundation to do more of the same. Kraft enthused “Israel is so special to me and my family… I have sponsored dozens of missions and countless other trips for people to experience Israel for the first time. Spiritually, there is no place like it on earth.”

Perhaps Kraft should move to Israel so he won’t be troubled by allegations of dual loyalty made by people like me. He has now been joined by Britain’s Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich, a billionaire investor who has pledged £3.9m ($5 million) of his own money to support the foundation “to tackle anti-Semitism.” Abramovich was born in the Soviet Union but is an Israeli citizen and lives most of the year in that country. He has been linked to a number of financial scandals.

Kraft, of course, has his own baggage. On February 22nd, 2019, he was charged in Jupiter Florida for “soliciting another to commit prostitution.” Kraft was reportedly video recorded by a hidden camera while engaged in sexual activity within the confines of a seedy enterprise called the Orchids of Asia Day Spa that sold the services of Asian sex trafficked women. The case is still being resolved but Kraft denies the charges and he has plenty of high- priced lawyers to make sure that he walks.

Beyond all that, if one doubts the power of the Jewish/Israel lobby internationally, note one of the first actions undertaken by the new coup government in Bolivia. It has moved to reestablish diplomatic relations with Israel as a top priority. Brazil also sought a closer relationship with Israel after conservative Jair Bolsonaro was elected president and pledged to visit the Jewish state, a promise which he carried out in March. Everyone in the world understands that the way to gain favor with Washington is to go through Israel.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is councilforthenationalinterest.org, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is inform@cnionline.org.

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Karen Bartlett

Very enlightening.


As the executioner of Sabra and Chatila Sharon said, the Jews are holding America. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f309461bcc59a0d329067f960bd9049be1e5d47247381c89ab434aed6c4f00e.jpg


Yup, the plain truth.

I have always manitained one line, and I always test the sites with this one, witch have been the cause of cencure and downright kicked out of most sites I know off, incl Unz R. to the Middle ER and so on, and all the so called “rightwinged ones” because of my focus on the rights of the Palestinian people, and have since then, been scorn, and labeled every god dammed thing I can think off, and ad homeniems ad infinitum back and forth, but the facts, the truth, stil stands, but the cowardness of the public, the spineless of the Goverments, the corruption of human souls, the lies of the MSM and the despecable revisionism of history, have been formidable force to fight against, and I bet, just await some hours more and the armada of HasbaRats will soon flood this site, since its an Web Bot, and claim we are neo-nazis, etc, to white supremacys, the standard bullshit spraying, and all they can do, is attack the messenger, and do notice, never the message, and if they do, its based upon lies, forgerys and flatout faking of history.

Anti-semetism, the mere consensuss is so far out, so screwed up, so diluted that its become sometimes hillarious, because its no where near the truth, Palestinians are Semits, and the Herbrews to, but the majorety of whats regarded as Jews are not, semits, like NothingButYahoho, and Lieberman, uh…. one is an Lithuanian/Polak and the other Russian/Moldovan, and is as much Semits as I am santa claus. And just by writing this, I could go to jail in a long range of nations, incl Germany etc to France.

I have thru the years given you everything you need to know, and to this day, even the Khazar issue, is been admitted by them selfs, etc, to what is behind the real name Yahwe, an Female diety, since they ZioNazis real belife is based upon the Babylonian Talmud, and I bet, that most of you havent read anything about that, have you, like I stil cant get why the OT is attached to the New one, since they hate the teaching of Christ, and hate white people above everything else. Khazars are NOT slavic, they are Turko-Mongols(with all respect) but not white, and thats why the hate for the Russians is so spread in the european world, its because its been pimped by the Khazars, the so called Jews, and if you dont see it, you and I will bleed for it, the worst is yet to come, and they think in centurys, and have our gov by their balls.

But the most vitale issue this days is, the unraveling of the centurys of lies, the faking of history, this goes so much further back intime its difficouls to start, because most of what we call history is flatout lies, time lines, events, people, everything, is been twisted to south the Tribe, the old black nobility, to the so called Mongol invasion, witch was an lie, they faked everything because this was indeed the Khazars, not Miongols witch are Chines people. The Romanovs, to the Russian revolution, most of it, all the way back to the Romanovs, are lies, Russians, you are not the only ones whom is been lied to, we all are and now this lies are “history”. Again, I could go on for an long, long time, but I hope, that one day, this wars ends, the Jews have to find a way to solve this issue with the Palestinians, and I suport an one state solution, the Palestinian one and if anything, give the “jews” an offer, back to the 67 line, and if not, send most of them out, send the invading people back to where they came from, and then, do something that benefits those that have the rights to stay. And so on, is that anti-semetism, huh, tell me. Its justiice, nothing else.


Concrete Mike

I agree, why do palestinians have to pay the price for europe’s fuck up.

This is modern day colonialism, the way palestinians are viewed as savages…it boggles the mind.

Ivan Freely

Good article. This problem needs to be talked about more often globally.

Concrete Mike

Yea it does, accodring to some, this topic is verbotten and must not be talked about.

I dont like untouchables in my society, ill will do my best to reach out and touch everyone, for no one should be untouchable.


In France, which has the largest diaspora Jewish population after the United States

The word “diaspora” has a very unambiguous meaning – which is the Jews originated in Palestine and they got dispersed. But they have yet to find a single Ashkenazi whose DNA has even a tiny trace of Middle Eastern origin. Mr. Giraldi: the Ashkenazi is your blood relative and not mine. The Ashkenazi is no Middle Eastern but completely European.



Sanders, liberal to the core and ostensibly supportive of Palestinian rights

As long as his Ashkenazi cousins are clinging to 88% of Palestine.


Without the blind support of the United States, Israel would have made a deal a long time ago.

What kind of deal would “Israel” have made? We the people of the region do not want “Israel” in our region as the European Jews engaged in fraud when they claimed to be Israelite returning home but their DNA says they are pure Europeans at 100% European. Jew hatred in the Middle East is above 97% whereas in Eastern Europe, it is under 30%. The European Jew is in our region like a rapist – using force to get what he wants.


Lieutenant Colonel Harold B. Hoskins September 27, 1943.

In regard to Palestine, the President seemed well informed on the complications with the Arabs not only in Palestine but throughout all the Middle East if a Jewish State were established in Palestine. I had the opportunity to emphasize again what he had already been told—that the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine can only be imposed by force and can only be maintained by force.



Lieutenant Colonel Harold B. Hoskins March 5, 1945.

I said that the Zionists had attacked me particularly for the statement in my 1943 report that a Zionist State in Palestine could be installed and maintained only by force. I asked the President (Roosevelt) if he agreed with this conclusion, which the Zionists continue to deny most aggressively, and he said he fully agreed with me.



Israel gets 78 percent

But who is this “Israel”? A bunch of Europeans who were completely unknown in the region until they faked their way to our region as “Israelite returning home”. For the Palestinians to accept 22% of their original land means the European thieves have overwhelming power and only power is what makes these aliens to be so arrogant as they roam around our region stuffing themselves with falafel. Their presence in our region fills us with disgust and revulsion and they expect to continue to live in peace after they surrender 22% of the land to its indigenous people? One has to be not too bright to think that would ever be possible. Whether from the 22% or 10% or 5%, the rockets will always keep coming in the direction of the foreign Jew.



“returning” to where Mr. and Mrs. Ashkenazi?



Why does the idea of the European Jew “returning” to a region inhabited by non-European indigenous people sound so outrageously deceptive?


https://worldpeace365.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/2x2c.png Returning to where? To Poland or to Palestine?

Tommy Jensen

Missing the point. Zionists presented as Jews are always put in front of scandals. The Elite at any time have exploited the Jews as whipping boys/scapegoats as their religion permit usury, and the local Elite can suck their own population dry and blame the Jews. That’s why we have the stories about Jews kicked out from many countries. So yes Jews are close to the Elite and off course they lobby the Elite to protect and survive on a land of the size of Belgium. Its difficult for most people to realize the enemy is their own. That’s why they are offered a third party.

Sam Navarro

Not a helpful title; not a helpful accusation; interesting topic – but why not just refer us to the protocols of the elders of zion as long as your so keen to portray a vast jewish conspiracy? This nonsense is 100+ years old, if you want to seriously discus … bring up some new material.

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