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Philip M. Giraldi: “Jeffrey Epstein RIP: But Many More Questions Remain to be Answered”

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Written by Philip M. Giraldi; Originally appeared at  American Herald Tribune

The Jeffrey Epstein saga goes on even though convicted pedophile Epstein himself has been found hanged in his jail cell in Manhattan. One has to wonder how he managed to kill himself, if that is indeed the case, as he was reportedly on suicide watch at the prison and it is to be presumed that he had been stripped of any clothing or accoutrements that would have been usable to that end. So, he is dead but did he do it himself or was he helped? There are many prominent individuals and powerful government agencies that will be very pleased that he is gone as most of his secrets will have gone to the grave with him.

Philip M. Giraldi: "Jeffrey Epstein RIP: But Many More Questions Remain to be Answered"

There was certainly a warning that something might happen. Two weeks ago, he was reportedly found unconscious in his jail cell with marks around his neck. It was suggested that he might have tried to kill himself or, alternatively, had been beaten up by another inmate. There was also considerable speculation that some aggrieved part of the Deep State was trying to kill him to silence him.

The subsequent press reports revealed that Epstein had been taken to a hospital, but there has been no follow-up about his condition or status apart from a brief note that he had been returned to the same jail under suicide watch. In any event, the story had pretty much died, which is precisely what a lot of the high rollers and politicians who became involved with Epstein would have liked to see happen. Nevertheless, investigations of the “Affair Epstein” reportedly were continuing at the federal level as well as in New York State and Florida.

The most recent elaboration of the Epstein saga prior to his death came from his former patron Leslie Wexner, the canny Jewish business tycoon who built an Ohio based fashion empire called L Brands from scratch. L Brands, by the way, includes Victoria’s Secret, which features young women strutting around in their underwear. The 81 year old Wexner claimed in a 564 word letter that the wily Epstein “misappropriated vast sums of money” from him. In the letter Wexner admitted to having lost at least $46 million from his family money, but some media accounts are suggesting that the fraud amounted to much more, possibly as much as $500 million. And the alleged theft also extended to property, to include the series of transactions that left Epstein possessing the Upper East Side mansion where he resided and did his filming of celebrities having sex with young girls, estimated to be worth $56 million, as well as the commercial airliner that became the Lolita Express and a yacht.

Philip M. Giraldi: "Jeffrey Epstein RIP: But Many More Questions Remain to be Answered"

*(Leslie Wexner. Credit: American Academy of Achievement/ YouTube)

Now, either sum of purloined money is not exactly pocket change even for multi-billionaire Wexner, even if rag trade magnate was enamored of the massages he was getting at Epstein’s house. It would take an extremely poor businessman to be unaware of losing that kind of money and that much property unless his name were Donald Trump.

Wexler claimed that he began to sever ties with Epstein in 2007, after Florida authorities charged Jeffrey in early 2006 with multiple counts of molestation and unlawful sexual activity with a minor. In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to state charges of solicitation of prostitution from a minor and was required to register as a sex offender, but he received an astonishingly mild jail sentence of eighteen months with a private cell, unlimited visitors including young women, and daily release so he could be picked up by his driver to go to work in his Palm Beach office, a bit of incomprehensible leniency that is currently being subjected to criminal investigation by the state of Florida. After the sentence was handed down the county sheriff observed that “He was astonished that [Epstein] had to go to prison at all.”

Indeed, the entire Florida side of the Epstein story seems to have disappeared down some memory hole. Epstein was convicted for his involvement with prostitution, but the only remaining issue was the consequences that he faced. That is where other players stepped in, including Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, Palm Beach county state attorney Barry Krischer, and the Miami office U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta.

Philip M. Giraldi: "Jeffrey Epstein RIP: But Many More Questions Remain to be Answered"

*(Barry Krischer (L) Alex Acosta (R)

My belief that Jeffrey Epstein was an intelligence agent is based principally on Acosta’s comments when being cleared by the Trump transition team. He was asked “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” … “Acosta testified that he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had ‘been told’ to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. ‘I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.’”

The questions about Epstein remain even though he is gone, but one fears that the authorities will be disinclined to further investigate a dead man. It appears that no one in the various investigative agencies or the mainstream media has been interested in what Acosta meant, even though it would be simple enough to ask him. Who told him to back off? And how did they explain it? And then there is Epstein’s Austrian passport. Was it fake or real, with a real name and photo substitution or alternation of both picture and name? How did he get it? Austrian passports are highly desirable in intelligence circles because the country is neutral and its holders can travel just about everywhere without a visa.

And there’s more. As a former intelligence officer myself, there is little doubt in my mind that what Epstein did and how he did it was an intelligence operation. There is no other viable explanation for his filming of prominent politicians and celebrities having sex with young girls. And as for the question of whom Epstein might have been working for, the most likely answer is Mossad. The CIA would have had no interest in compiling dossiers on prominent Americans, but American movers and shakers like Bill Clinton, with his 26 trips on the Lolita Express, former Governor Bill Richardson, or former Senator George Mitchell are precisely the types of “agents of influence” that the Mossad would seek to coerce or even blackmail into cooperation.

Other compelling evidence for a Mossad connection came from Epstein’s relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, who reportedly served as his key procurer of young girls. Ghislaine is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who died or possibly was assassinated in mysterious circumstances in 1991. Maxwell was an Anglo-Jewish businessman, very cosmopolitan in profile, like Epstein, a multi-millionaire who was very controversial with what were regarded as ongoing ties to Mossad. After his death, he was given a state funeral by Israel in which six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence listened while Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said.”

Israel and high-profile Jewish players also have continued to turn up like bad pennies in the Epstein case, but no one seems to be interested in pursuing that angle. Epstein clearly had contact with former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak and Wexner also had close tiesto the Jewish state and its government. Barry Krischer, who may have been the source of the comments to Acosta, has received the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) award. Evidence also suggests that Krischer, cooperating with rabidly pro-Israel Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz, played a key role in the failure to adequately punish Epstein for his conviction for pedophilia.  According to a recent New Yorker story, the police investigators of the Epstein case observed that “the tone and tenor of the discussions of this case with Krischer changed completely” after his meetings with Dershowitz. At that point, the two detectives most involved in the case found themselves under extreme pressure. They were surveilled constantly by private investigators and they even had their household trash snatched and searched. And the resulting plea agreement with Krischer “…was due to the efforts of Dershowitz, who had proceeded to attack and smear the victims.”

Philip M. Giraldi: "Jeffrey Epstein RIP: But Many More Questions Remain to be Answered"

Krischer claims that his office “subpoenaed witnesses took evidence to a Grand Jury, which returned a single felony count indictment against Epstein of soliciting prostitution,” but the reality appears to be that he worked with the defense to get Epstein off. There was plenty of evidence based on more than forty interviews with victims to convict Epstein, but instead of having him arrested, Krischer instead set up the Grand Jury with no mention of underage victims to mitigate the possible consequences. He also did not inform the victims of what he had arranged so they could challenge the verdict and penalty, a violation of Crime Victims Rights Act.

The Palm Beach police who worked the case at the time told The Miami Herald as part of an investigation published in November that they felt pressured by Krischer to downgrade Epstein’s case to a misdemeanor, or to drop it entirely. They said “the fix was in.” Acosta, more recently, did not refer to Krischer by name during an early July news conference, but spoke of the Palm Beach County state’s attorney. He described his own office as stepping in to ensure Epstein faced some form of punishment. “Simply put, the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office was willing to let Epstein walk free. No jail time. Nothing,” Acosta said. “Prosecutors in my former office found this to be completely unacceptable, and we became involved.”

After thirteen months in country club jail in Palm Beach, Epstein was released. At his mansion in New York City, he subsequent had an artist paint a mural of himself in jail, evidently as an insider joke for those who knew about his time behind bars. End of story? Not exactly, even though Epstein is now dead. But the key questions go unanswered including was he a spy for Israel? And what about the Krischer-Dershowitz connection that kept him from being punished commensurate with his crimes? Did those instructions also come from Israel or from its friends in the U.S. Justice Department? Will the three simultaneous investigations currently taking place even continue and ask the right questions now that the target of the investigation is gone? Given the high stakes in the game, quite likely, there will be a cover-up both of how Epstein lived and how he died. We the public will never know what Epstein was all about.

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“Here we see Barry Krischer and friend at the event where he received the Jewish ADL’s “Jurisprudence Award” after letting fellow Jew Jeffrey Epstein, a serial abuser of White girls, off of all serious charges. The ADL award was made in December 2018, long after Epstein was caught sexually using, purchasing, and “passing around” probably hundreds of young White girls, some as young as 12, to his wealthy elite associates — and long after Krischer helped him almost completely escape punishment for these crimes.”

– Barry Krischer, the Jewish Prosecutor Who Let Jeffrey Epstein Get Away –


Zionism = EVIL

The British coorupt Rothschild pimps like Andrew are also implicated along with pervert Trump and Saudi pigs.


Getting rid of America’s Jews would solve a lot of these problems.


That my friend is within our reach, we just need the brass balls to get the process started. A dozen nukes on the right locations of Shit-rael, would put paid to those satanist douchebags

British Free Corps

Even if they converted and their religion banned, jewish ethnic groups still suffer from genetic diseases. Ashkenazi Jews for instance have a 40% higher chance to develop schizophrenia in their lifetimes, they can also inherit genes from other mental illnesses. This is likely due to the jewish tradition of intermarriage, along with thousands of years of evil and insane behaviour. Perhaps Cassius Dio was being truthrufl when he said that jews were banned from Cyprus after they murdered a bunch of Greeks and wore the intestines of their victims around their waists like belts?



Hey , lets agree that pigs are o.k. but the Saudis are EXCREMENT……………animals don’t deserve to be associated with evil filth. ; )

Zionism = EVIL

FACT of the matter is that this perverted Jew fuck Epstein was a pimp for the British “royals”, Trump and Saudi degenerates. He had a Saudi passport on him and was killed by the FBI before he could implicate Trump, “prince” Andrew, Nutter Yahoo and Saudi scum for abusing children. How can a man on suicide watch in a maximum security holding cell commit suicide? too funny even for Hollywood Jew liars.


He is not dead. Mossad relocated him.


Letter from the Palm Beach police chief suggesting that the vermin Jew state attorney Krischer who let Epstein off with a slap on the wrist withdraw from the case:




Just an excellent summary and survey of the many issues around the case.

If someone can die under the circumstances Epstein did – a very high-profile person under supervision in a jail and after a previous effort – then there seems little reason for optimism about the case being meaningfully carried on or any new revelations coming.

The rot at the top of America’s power establishment – the result of its wielding close to absolute power for so very long – is yet again revealed, and yet again, the revelation will likely lead nowhere.

Lead nowhere, as with Seth Rich. Or Loretta Lynch. Or the DNC. Or Hillary Clinton. Or Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Or John Brennan. Or James Comey. Or 9/11. Or, indeed, John Kennedy.

Readers might enjoy:


Pave Way IV

Epstein’s death? He’s sitting on a beach in Tel Aviv right now laughing his ass off. Do you really think he would have come back to the US voluntarily if he thought the federal charges charade was real? As soon as many of us saw SDNY (Southern District of New York) prosecutors involved, we knew there was some kind of Khazar scam in place. It’s worse than Florida.

Corrupt FBI: “Look, Jeffie… you just have to come back for a few weeks in jail after the charges are filed. We’ll keep you away from the other inmates while the Department of Justice wastes time and intimidates your victims.. Then, we fake your death and you’re off to a little plastic surgery and your new life in Israel. Do this for us, and It all just goes away. Kind of like all that ‘evidence’ we collected from your NY apartment – it’s all gone. [poof!] Everyone’s reputation is safe. Plenty of pretty, underage East European girls are trafficked to Israel all the time. You still need ‘massages’, right? Think of the feast you’ll have there! Do we have a deal?”


If one wants to read a very good set of articles on Epstein and his rise to infamy, here is a link: https://www.sott.net/article/418215-Mega-Group-Maxwells-And-Mossad-The-Spy-Story-at-The-Heart-of-The-Jeffrey-Epstein-Pedo-Scandal . There are 3 parts to this and this link goes to the 3rd, with links to the first 2. Very involved and pretty in-depth. Epstein should have known what was coming, they eliminated Maxwell and he was far more powerful. Hopefully they have overstepped in this high profile assassination…but it’s doubtful there is anyone with the guts to make it happen. Those with the guts will likely have accidents…as many before have.

Lazy Gamer

American offices are too corrupt. Why would anyone hesitate just because he was told that it was above his pay grade?

Hasbara Hunter



AM Hants

I do like the work of Whitney Webb, over on Mint Press. These two articles, work well, with the above.

Part 1

Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal The picture painted by the evidence is not a direct Epstein tie to a single intelligence agency but a web linking key members of the Mega Group, politicians, and officials in both the U.S. and Israel, and an organized-crime network with deep business and intelligence ties in both nations… https://www.mintpressnews.com/

by Whitney Webb

Part II

Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era Appalling for both the villainous abuse of children itself and the chilling implications of government by blackmail, this tangled web of unsavory alliances casts a lurid light on the political history of the U.S. from the Prohibition Era right up through the Age of Trump.

by Whitney Webb


British Free Corps

The whole thing seems rather fishy to me, apparently I’m far from the only one who thinks so.


Luke Hemmming

What you posted ties in with a report by Robert Steele about Epstein been moved to Israel. Most definitely someone fishy going on here. I never believe what the authorities say. They have the ability to fabricate any story and most people don’t question them because it was from the ‘officials’. Pffft question authority people…always.


“The CIA would have had no interest in compiling dossiers on prominent Americans…” Really, Phil? No interest at all?

Seems to be part of a Company-wide effort to point the finger at an overseas subsidiary agency.


Its Russia ‘Wot did it’ :)

Ivan Lottadollars Jooski paid for the operation.



Did the Mossad “subsidiary” do Pollard, all of the nuclear theft, their incessant spying in the US, and 911 at the direction of the CIA?

Xoli Xoli

Rape In Peace (RIP)Run away In Peace (RIP) to Israehell.

Robert E Williamson

The question is for me why didn’t CIA stop this? Oh yes, that’s right, because they were in on it just as deep as the Mossad. FBI maybe? No FBI in Palm Beach? Or does some foreign entity have law enforcement down there hamstrung?

These more than convenient, secret, sources and methods arrangements where these agencies play off each other are killing the country. It is bad enough when CIA engages in this B.S. out of the country but this behavior is domestically is way beyond out of control and it is, and Chuckman is so right, this is rot at the top and must be stopped.

These agencies have turned this behavior into a million dollar underground commodity and it’s time for it to stop. Just what the hell are we letting ourselves become?

The special interests of the intelligence communities has compromised American justice beyond recognition. What makes it so Dog damned unacceptable to me is that a foreign sovereign is allowed to act with total impunity on American soil and then the taxpayer is forces to subsidize that country to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

They can’t suicide us all !


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