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Philip Giraldi: “Donald Trump and Israel: When Does a ‘Passionate Attachment’ Threaten National Security?”

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Philip Giraldi: "Donald Trump and Israel: When Does a ‘Passionate Attachment’ Threaten National Security?"

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Written by Philip Giraldi; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

In his Farewell Address, of 1796 America’s first president George Washington famously warned his fellow citizens that “…a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification.”

In today’s United States, there is no more “passionate attachment” than that which exists with Israel. The tie that binds is assiduously cultivated by the media and the politically ambitious, so much so that the Jewish state is frequently referred to hyperbolically as America’s best friend and closest ally. But Israel, with its own regional interests driving its policies, is in reality neither a friend nor an ally.

Politicians mired in the past like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer can see no light between Israel and the United States. Pelosi has declared astonishingly that “I have said to people when they ask me if this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid…and I don’t even call it aid…our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.” Biden has repeatedly denounced any reduction in the ridiculously high level of military assistance given to Israel to convince it to modify its behavior as “bizarre,” while Schumer has identified himself as the Jewish state’s “shomer” or guardian in the US Senate.

Many members of the Democratic Party base are no longer enchanted by Israel and one would like to know what politicians like Biden and Pelosi really think about the Jewish state, but it is unlikely that that will ever be revealed. It is nevertheless clear that the adhesion to Israel by Democrats has been far overshadowed by the constant pandering to the Jewish state that has been the hallmark of the current administration of Donald J. Trump. To be sure, the musical chairs line-up of neo-conservatives that has included John Bolton, Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo has been unstinting in its praise of the malignant Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but it is the president himself who has raised the level of adoration to heights previously not observed coming out of the White House.

Donald Trump has overturned long standing foreign policy positions to favor Israel even more than has been the case hitherto. He withdrew from the nuclear pact with Iran, has moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, has recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, has declared the illegal settlements on the West Bank “not illegal,” has cut off funding to the Palestinians and the United Nations and is sending signals that he will approve further moves by the Jewish state to annex much of the remaining Palestinian territory. Along the way, his Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has been making excuses for Israeli shooting of unarmed demonstrators and the everyday brutality inflicted on the hapless Palestinians.

Worse might even be coming, as Secretary of State Pompeo and Netanyahu have recently been discussing a formal defense pact which would obligate the United States to intervene on the side of Israel if it were to go to war, even if the war were initiated by the Jewish state. As Israel is now reportedly considering the value of a possible pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran, the stakes could not be higher.

But as bad as all that is, nothing outdoes the speech delivered by Trump in Florida last Saturday in front of the Israeli American Council (IAC) National Summit. IAC is a basically right-wing group funded largely by Las Vegas casino multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who is also a close adviser to the president on the Middle East. Its annual gathering included 4,000 mostly well-heeled Israelis and American Jews who cheered and periodically chanted “four more years!” as the president was speaking.

Trump spoke for 45 minutes, most of which consisted of preening over how much he has done for Israel. But he also discussed Jews in America, saying that “We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love Israel more, I have to tell you that. We have to do it. We have to get them to love Israel more. Because you have Jewish people that are great people — they don’t love Israel enough.” He also said that his audience should be supporting him and not voting for Elizabeth Warren, whom he called “Pocahontas,” saying “You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax…Let’s take 100 percent of your wealth away.”

There was considerable pushback almost immediately coming from Jewish groups and prominent individuals who saw Trump’s words as classic borderline anti-Semitic tropes. Trump, who often speaks to Jewish audiences in the second person, saying “you” rather than “we,” clearly sees the Jewish attachment to Israel as normal and acceptable, but there is an implicit second message about potential disloyalty to the United States. In August he said that American Jews who vote for Democrats show “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

And Trump also is not reluctant to link Jews with money, a generally taboo subject that he has raised before, most particularly when he was campaigning and he told an audience of Jewish Republicans that “you’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money. You want to control your politicians, that’s fine.” And, of course, the irony is that everyone who has not been asleep knows very well that the Israel Lobby in the US and Europe is indeed all about money. Money buys access to power.

For someone who has spent much of his life around Jews in the New York business world, Donald Trump is remarkably ignorant of their political culture. To be sure there is a group of oligarch billionaires that includes Adelson, Paul Singer, Ron Lauder and Bernard Marcus who are politically conservative and fund Trump as well as other Republicans. They do so not because Trump is good for the United States but because he is a gift to Israel and can easily be bought or persuaded.

But most Jews, while supporting the existence of Israel, do not exactly see things quite that way and many Jews of a liberal persuasion want to see a secure Israel that will deliver justice for the Palestinians. Plus, Trump’s authoritarianism and denigratory, abrasive style offend many Jews, so the president will not be getting many Jewish votes no matter what he does. His approval rating is 29% among Jewish voters nationwide, according to a Gallup poll while only 17% of Jews voted Republican in 2017. And one would have thought even the narcissistic president might have noticed the large number of Jewish witnesses, “experts” and congressmen who seem to be “out to get him” in the impeachment hearings.

Beyond that, Trump’s constant exaltation of the Israelis and of Jews in general as something like a gift to humanity should offend all other Americans. The president is elected to represent the interests of all Americans, not just a wealthy and powerful ethno-religious minority that is able and willing to give him a great deal of money to run his political campaigns. It is unthinkable that a national politician should mount his bully pulpit to praise interminably any specific ethnic group, and so it should be. It is offensive and completely unacceptable, particularly as in this case it is a favor bought that brings with it grave damage to genuine US interests and could easily lead to a major war in which Americans will die.

Nevertheless, the painful issue of who is loyal to what is genuine, particularly when a dedicated and powerful group affiliated with a foreign country is able to game the system to get what it wants. We are all supposed to be Americans first. In her comment on the Trump speech, conservative pundit Ann Coulter maintained that the president didn’t go far enough in impugning the loyalty of some Jews to Israel, writing, “Could we start slowly by getting them to like America?”

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Jimmy Jim

Rotten kikes destroying Murica!


You write like some 13 year old troll or Vodka brain dead Russian.

Hasbara Hunter

You write like some 70 year old ZioNazi Paedophile in Desperate search for 13 year old boys…I think you ended up on the wrong site Mister…this ain’t the pokémonfanclub.com


Nazi and AskheNAZI same trash mate.

Hasbara Hunter

That is why I already call them out for being the TRUE NAZIS for quite a while…they were the ones that invented the Word Nazi for the NSDAP…some sick Joke I guess…ZioNazis like to Deceive, Distact, Blame Others, Lie, Betray, put everything in Reverse, Backwards, Upside down, inside out….


You sound like a Yid parasite living off redneck charity.

Hasbara Hunter



Your guy is part of the system, he worked in CIA,

Hasbara Hunter

Yes…I must say I love War by Deception…but when I find some interesting points of view I dump’m anyway…

When we all think alike then no one is thinking…

Wars are fought in the Shadows…Killem with Confusion…make them Sheeples think…hehehe

Hasbara Hunter

I can’t friggin upload any photos anymore…them feckers must be on my device again…It says I can only upload pictures if I’m logged in to upload an image…can someone fix that shit?


I don’t have any information regarding your device and it’s settings, but my guess is a corrupt cache or cookie. Clear the cache and cookie (cookie of this site only if you don’t want to lose you settings on other sites if they exist) and reboot. Let us know if the problem remains.

Hasbara Hunter

Top! Thanks a lot will try


LOL…this piece of crap was lifted from a Kremlin propaganda site and written by a tinfoil hat 9-11 Denier Looney Toon. Par for the RI course.

cristi cristikosk

OK, Moshe. and now calm down.

Azriel Herskowitz

Exactly, this is pure Russkie propaganda!


The liar Yids have hijacked the brainwashed redneck morons. PERIOD.


Sour grapes…

Hasbara Hunter

80 million Zio-Christian Americans raised with’m Scofield Bible…that sounds like a pretty formidable Army to me…

Mehmet Aslanak

There is little allowed to be known about Germany before 1932, when nazis rose to power. If you study Germany before 1932, you’ll notice that it’s identical to the US today. Almost all dominant German industry, military, media companies were owned by jews. Remember where Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company & studios came from. German minds were controlled by jews, just like today’s US public opinions. Trump’s election is an effect of heavy jew mind-controlling among US citizens. Just like Hitler’s rise to power was a discontent among German citizens.


Jews banks did the same to Weimar Germany as the Wall Street Jew scum are doing to the rednecks.

cristi cristikosk



Yup, the armada of sniveling drivel is our riding again.

First, Trumpstein have finaly dropped out of the closet and shown whom is is, since going from been in the DemonCrautic part to the RepubliCONs, and how, since He is by King Bibi hailed as the saviour os ISISrael and the fake Jews, and of course, nobody can say anything against the Chousen Ones, and will of course send Yankikes an mass to die for the Tribes men, since they are more than happy just hiding behind the wall and snipe Palestinians, of course, beacuse they are the most moral and brave army of the world, right.

Second, despite the insane amont of idiotic babbeling, I know the test comes within some few weeks, about Trump of course and the H2A etc, to sanctions, and despite the war rethoric I dont belive much will happen, yet, that depends on what comes in 2020, more than anything, the movement of equimpents, etc, to the locations of the imperial banana republic fleets, all this have to be in place before they send in the Yankikes to die for the wars the Tribe wants and Trumpstein will deliver. And now, when the MiniME Bozo the Nuttcake is running the sinking Biritsh shipp, whom is an copy of the vialge idiot from NY, witch of course will do what He is told to do, manily to continue to be the UssA bitch, and in that sence it will be intresting times indeed and I did not think GoreBin and the Labour would make any difference what so ever, the shoah must go on, and now it is dead certain.

Third, why wars are bad for the econmy, imagine if all this nations had peace, Yemen, an nation wtich had a mindboggeling large agricultral production, because of the level of terasses going for staggering amount of miles, all over the land, to Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Africa in general, all this nations are now ruins because of what benefitted some few MICs and their export and import also is narrowed to some few multinational corps witch is the second big reason for having all this wars, just take Bolivia as the latest ex. all this nations if peace arriwes would have an trade capasity that would benefit more people in general in nations like Britain whom depends on export, and could also import a large range of items from the same nations, turists, etc, would witout doubt surpase whats happening now when the down side is crashing not only this nations economy, but ours to, thru the lack of comerse, well fare etc to health care and all this takes ints toe on our economy, if this thru the coming year would become less, and eventually if peace came, the traffic would go the oposit way.

Then we have removed the cause of the imperialism, the naked raw plundering of other nations camuflages as an fight on terror, humanism if anyone are that braindead that they belive this insane propaganda, to democrasy. The marked potential regarding the fact about taking down the source, the wars and imperialism, is mindboggling wast, but somehow, nobody talks about that, instead the fake left is preocupyed with drooling something about diversity, racism, witch I blame them for been much more that what I have ever said or written about.

Forth, I have never tough the day came that I had to defent been an national socialist, because of what I see do day, when an fake left have highjacked what was left before, 50 years ago, from been an force against liberalism, globalism, neo-capitalism, etc,andthe fake left took over 30 years ago and have taken even the unions into an politcal agenda witch have destroyed the nations and destroyed what was leftis politics, with destroying family, traditional values, workers right, the economy since they never have oposed this wars, an massive capital gone into an black hole called aid, witch have done nothing, to make the left fight for margianl issues instead of the nation at large like the Labour in Britain and Norway have done, the fake left is equally rotten as the so called rightwinged, the left have never even oposed the imperialism we have seen rise the decades since the war on Yugoslavia to the Syrian war, the only difference between fake left and the right winged as the reasons, but they never oposed this wars, but is fighting for the refugees right while they are an part of the resons the refugees are here, along with the rightwinged ones whom was happy as long Muslims where killed and their nations raped and plundered. If the left is ever going to rise from the shaddows we need to kick out the scammers, the fake left. Because after 30 years, there is no difference between the left or right, just look around, the downfall of europa is because of them and they rule our politics as we speak and havent done jack shit to imporve anything, regarding the fight for their own people and the poltics that have made our nations to vassals of the neo-liberalism, other than divert it to be about marginal issues as Gay right etc, to racism, witch of course is an effect of their own political agenda as where Sweden is an briliant ex. on how bad it have become and have just continued the politics of diverting the problems, never actually done anything to help anyone, incl ending the wars. I leave it there. I agrees fully with Georg Gallaway, we need an f….. revolution.

And to round it up, again, the truth about Germany pre-ww2 isnt debated, the problem is idiots claiming things about whys and hows in witch they dont know or is faking what actually happened with narratives witch we are spoon feed by an propaganda machine that have done so since ww2 ended. To claim Hitler was an Jew stuge is nonsense, just like the claims about Rockefeller, never forget that this persons runned the largest oil corps in the world at that time, most of the nations in the world did the same, you can take anyone of them nations all over the globe at the same time and say the same, but that dont alter the facts, the same bankers whom was there in the beginning was thrown out because of the German economic poltics, what happened since is history, and instead of me explaining it, I will recomend again to watch an Video made by M.Rivero, from WRH about All wars are bankers wars, and in that one you will find the reasons and also whys, by whom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4

The same problem, is also present to day, in that, nothing have changed, and I stil stand on what I have stated before, Hitler was the last standing European stateman, few have mached, and even fewer have managed to do the same, I could tell you whom but I guess this will have to await, but see this video and you maybe see it your self, its about Banking. And to those that have balls, truth isnt easy to find, its been conecured and to an extent driven down by scumbags and liers, faking the facts and twisting the truth. If you want to learn about what happens right now, to an extent witch echoes the problem we all face, from the same force, created by the same people, and done thru the same institutes and corporal powers, aka finace, I highly recomend you all to watch the serial called, The Greatest truth never told, A Hitler. The rise and fall of Germany an nation stil on its knees and an people denied the truth.

The lied about everything, and they lie about eveeything to this day.

They are afraid of this video serial, because its the truth.



Giraldy and there is other older guy with lots of beard who often is in RT, When these guys are young,they work in CIA and think of themselves as patriots and now that they are old they criticize CIA,

Azriel Herskowitz

America is Israel’s greatest ally. And quite frankly, Mr. Trump is the best president in US history. Thank you sir for standing by us!

Hasbara Hunter

I really wonder how long your friendship will last Miss Azazel Wohlkowitz…

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