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Permanent Ceasefire In Libya Agreed But Erdogan Doesn’t Want To Believe

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Permanent Ceasefire In Libya Agreed But Erdogan Doesn't Want To Believe

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On October 23, two rival factions of Libya signed a permanent ceasefire agreement in Geneva following five days of UN-hosted talks. They were held between the representatives of the Government of national accord (GNA) and the Libyan national army (LNA).

“The talks in Geneva today culminate in a historic achievement as Libyan teams reach a permanent ceasefire agreement across Libya”, the UN’s Libya mission said.

The agreement was reached as a result of the talks, which were held in the “5+5” format. The parties pledged to maintain a calm situation on the front line, avoid escalation of hostilities, continue the exchange of prisoners and resume oil production. In addition, they discussed the opening of roads and the resumption of regular air traffic between Tripoli and Benghazi.

“Mercenaries and foreign fighters must leave Libya within three months from today”. In addition, “joint police forces will patrol disputed areas,” the agreement says.

The ceasefire agreement was welcomed by the European Union and a number of states, such as the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Egypt.

Permanent Ceasefire In Libya Agreed But Erdogan Doesn't Want To Believe

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the recent agreement.

The permanent cease-fire agreement between Libya’s warring parties “does not seem to be reliable,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters following Friday prayers in Istanbul.

“The ceasefire agreement is not one at the highest level. Time will show how long it will persist at a lower level,” Turkish President said.

There has been a long-running standoff between the GNA, supported by Turkey and which controls Tripoli and territories in the West of the country, and the LNA, supported by Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is also allegedly supported by France, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

The recently signed ceasefire agreement is a breakthrough in a peace settlement in Libya. However, the final end to years of hostilities will require a broader understanding between the armed groups and the international forces that support them.


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Jens Holm

Best hopes for that, but as Erdo I would like some verications from the people being there as well as if its among all.

Next step should be to share all oil and gas and give the benefit to each and anyone there and again divide the country in 2.

The Coutries should be named “Bandits one” and “Bandits two”


precondition to keep one foot in Libya.

Fog of War

Why not have a ceasefire now ? Libya has a Rothschild controlled central bank, will probably sign a peace deal with Israhell, the ” migrants ” have flooded Europe, and all future sales of its oil will be in US Dollars. Mission accomplished.

Jens Holm

Sirte is the stabile frontzone by both. Bengazi hard has any real power left in west.

It is tempting to compare a little with Rommel and Montgommery. Its very long and also very dry supportlines.

…And a funny thing. Neither Britts and Germans knew, there was fuel under them.


Warmongers hate peace, so of course he opposes it.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis killing each others like hyenas over carcass, just keep it on. Without Gaddafi Lybia doesn’t works as a state, nor it exists, thanks to peace loving mr.Obama the missguider of peoples of the World.

Jens Holm

It only became one state because colony Italy killed 1000s and 1000s of those bandits.

They should be 2 or more states again. They could name themself as Badits West and Bandits East.

They from that should share all benefits from oil and gas and the money should be given to each and averyone in their hands, so corruption was zero.


and now that the EU whoredom is such great place now that Gaddafi is dead and gone terror attacks every two months or so and migration unabated from north Africa.

As for that partition plan if you split into three states it would look like this Tripoli a all ready failied Turkish shithole and then you got Fezzan a Sahara border-town full of AQ/ISIS gangs good luck.

Jens Holm

Sure, there was a dirty trade too. Or else he was removed many eayrs before that. What else should we do. It anytime is much cheeper to feed them there and they anytime was and are more semilar to the muslims there.

We didnt ask them to come. And I do refer to Turks by the Osmans had the Libyan terrotory but they actually was almost independent. By that they had 2 states. So what wrong with regaining 2 states. Its a very big low populated area and the population mainly is in a fertile Tripolis area and a semifertile one named Bengazi(in my languge).

Begind them deep below, there are some tribes inlow populated almost dersert area. They are , as I recall it, closer to Mali, Niger and Thad in most matters.

And Yes, You unfortunatly is right. Ypu and we has those Qaida-ISIS look a likes.

But as I see it, there always has been 2 groups in the norther Libya and all seemes fight more for oil then anything else.

So I allow me to prose a solution, which could be better then tryiong to cover that big area by one goverment.

I have the same for several other areas. hose border are colonial ones made by the ones, which have or had colonialies as well as after that more or less try to have some kind of neocolonialimse.

I dont like that.

And its exact the same for oil, minerals, fishing and like that. I dont trust Goverments, which has no infrastructure connected in harmony with the rest of the population.

The oilcompanies are multinatioal and money is money.They should not pay money to Goverments, where nothing goes to the peopleliving there.

So for Libya, Syria, Iraq whatever the number one is paying each and averyone citicen in cash in hand.

…And I allow me to add children shuld be gieven half and all that should be used for free school and education and not golden bathtubs and falcons.

Porc Halal

Yeah, Hussein Obama is muslim so it makes sense…

Icarus Tanović

Talking from your gypsy Romanian shithole point of view? What a utter nonsence.

Porc Halal

So, let me guess… you are one of the filthy bosniac/turkish muslim gypsy or a filthy croatian/serbian slavic gypsy, aren’t you…you must be one of the two…

Icarus Tanović

Have I not hit you right in your sensitive spot? At least I have my real name here, while you’re coward hiding behind that name, indeed you are a pork and swine, a pig is your pet. You have beeen under Turks for centuries. They’ve fucked hell out of you, tzigani. You’re not even close with your stupid guesses. For your information I’m ethnic German. I don’t need to guess, I know for fact that you are filthy gypsy, that needs to be taken back to your homeland, which is Degenaristan, or India.
Give Hungarians back theirs land, Hungarian eastern side that you scum of the earth, you Zionist and Wahhabi cock sucker have occupied.
So you are now blocked as hell.

Porc Halal

No, you muslim slavic dumb…talking the truth…

only a poor ignorant would fall victim to the senseless shit you owe

Jens Holm

Ha ha. The photo is Islam upside down.

14 men to one women. Which one is friday:)

The Objective

Erdogan’s comments doesn’t mean he is against peace in Libya. In fact, it was Haftar who kept rejecting peaceful settlement until Turkey entered the fight. Erdogan had been calling for a ceasefire since 2019.
What I understand from his comment is that the ceasefire is likely to be violated by the LNA just like they’ve been doing with other ceasefires.

The Saint

As I predicted a few months ago, a permanent ceasefire is agreed and Erdo is not happy about it. The agreement demands the removal of the foreign terrorists supplied by Turkey, but this will be expanded to include all foreign troops, meaning Turks.
The GNA regretted the day they ever became involved with the Turk and ever since then the priority has been to get them out, but this will be a staggered process.
The neo Ottoman dreams of the ridiculous clown Erdo are being snuffed out wherever they raise their ugly head.

Антон С

The agreement will allow to clean Libya from “moderate terrorists” from Syria. If this wouldn’t happen, Haftar will get the right to continue his offence with full international support, except Turkey, of course. In this case any counter-activity of Erdogan can be condemned and may be even sanctioned as it was already done by canadian manufacturer of optics for turkish UAVs, “Lockheed-Martin” stopped F-16 modernization and F-35 program for Turkey. Austrian manufacturer of engines and others could support sanctions, which can stop military complex of Turkey almost completely with its heavy dependence from foreign parts.

cechas vodobenikov

if the anglo nazis/French had not destroyed Libya this would not be necessary and turkey would not be promoting this civil war. a positive development for the short term

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