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People’s Republics Of Donbass And Ukraine Conduct Large-Scale Prisoner Exchange

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People's Republics Of Donbass And Ukraine Conduct Large-Scale Prisoner Exchange

Click to see the full-size image. Troops of the Lugansk People’s Republic stand near the prisoner swap check point

On December 29, the prisoner swap over the past two years took place between the self-proclaimed Donestk and Lugansk People’s Republics (the DPR and the LPR) and the Kiev regime. The prosiner exchanges were conducted in two rounds: between Kiev and the LPR, and between Kiev and the DPR.

According to available data, Kiev handed over 60 people to the DPR, while the DPR released 52 persons. The LPR released 25 persons, and Kiev handed over 63 persons to the LPR. Kiev, the LPR and the DPR said their list could be longer, as some people asked to be repatriated shortly before the exchange.

People released by the Kiev regime are in the DPR:

The prisoner exchange once again revealed the real face of the conflict. While the Kiev regime continues to claim that it’s fighting some mysterious “Russian invasion”, over 90% of the people handed over to the LPR and the DPR do have the Ukrainian citizenship. The rest is foreign, including Russian, volunteers. For example, Rafael Lusvarghi that has the Brazilian citizenship, was handed over by Kiev to the LPR. In 2014, Lusvarghi joined LPR self-defense forces and particiapted in repelling the agression of the Kiev regime against the peaceful population of eastern Ukraine.

The prisoner swap is an important step that signs some progress in the de-escalation of the conflict. Despite this, the real situation in the region remains tense with the Ukrainian Armed Forces violating the ceasefire regime on a regular basis. The Kiev regime remains committed to denying basic rights to people of the DPR and the LPR and still seeks to conduct large-scale political repressions and ethnic cleansing in the area. This factor remains the main obstacle to the conflict settlement via any existing diplomatic format.


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This exchange is good news for families on both sides of the divide.

Neo Onh

All of Novorossia will be liberated from the Kiev nazi regime!

Raptar Driver

Not with The Putin government in control.

Neo Onh

With or without, it will be anyhow

Raptar Driver

I hope you are right.

Raptar Driver

Isn’t it neat that that modern troops look like gangsters?


Fashion…yet it is nothing comparing to would be US soldiers that look like effing tourists with sun glasses and other trinkets & gadgets all over them.

I bet that those Houtis would make mess out of all those very special “forces” that all look like walking military Christmas trees.

AM Hants

Talking of Prisoner Exchange and Ukraine, going back to 2014, never thought this person would fascinate me and I would consider her the voice of sanity, coming out of Western Ukraine.

Oleg Tsarev on Savchenko’s Meeting with Heads of DPR & LPR… https://www.stalkerzone.org/oleg-tsarev-savchenkos-meeting-heads-dpr-lpr/

Look forward to Oleg Tsarev’s next article.

AM Hants

Is the Azov Battalion now running the SBU?

Ukrainian Prisoner Released From Banderist Captivity: “The Criminal Mafia of Kiev Controls the Entire Judicial System”… https://www.stalkerzone.org/ukrainian-prisoner-released-from-banderist-captivity-the-criminal-mafia-of-kiev-controls-the-entire-judicial-system/

AM Hants

This article from Stalker Zone links into the above.

Oleg Tsarev: Zelensky Is Losing Control of the Country, Things Aren’t Going Well in the Rada…https://www.stalkerzone.org/oleg-tsarev-zelensky-is-losing-control-of-the-country-things-arent-going-well-in-the-rada/

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