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Pentagon’s Rising Head Injury Count Designed To Conceal Troop Deaths: IRGC Spokesman

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

A day after the number of American soldiers diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to the Jan. 8 Iranian ballistic missile attack on Ain al-Assad airbase in Iraq spiked once again — this time from 64 to 109 (before that going from zero to 11 to 34 to 50) Iran’s elite Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) which orchestrated the attack charged that the Pentagon is still hiding the true extent of casualties.

IRGC spokesman Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif said on Tuesday at a rally marking the anniversary of the country’s Islamic Revolution: “The word dead in the US lexicon has been changed with traumatic brain injury and they conceal their damages and tolls of our attack against Ein al-Assad,” according to semi-official Fars.

He asserted that the United States is using the steadily rising TBI count to conceal that there were American troops killed in the attack.

Pentagon's Rising Head Injury Count Designed To Conceal Troop Deaths: IRGC Spokesman

Brigadier General Ramazan Sharif, the spokesman for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, via Tehran Times.

Iranian state media had claimed in the immediate aftermath of the attack that scores were dead and wounded, which was immediately dismissed in the West as propaganda.

However, the Pentagon’s steadily rising injury count has left many scratching their heads, and certainly shows Trump’s prior dismissal of the injuries as but mere “headaches” to be the White House’s own propaganda spin on the incident. It was later confirmed that many of the wounded had to be medevacked out of Iraq to Germany for treatment and observation, and some among those were taken back to the United States for continued observation.

The IRGC appears to be seizing upon the ever-changing injury count offered by the Pentagon as ‘proof’ the US is lying about the true nature of the Jan.8 ballistic missile attack.

Alluding to the Jan.3 US assassination by drone strike of Qassem Soleimani, Gen. Sharif added the following threat: “Rest assured that assassination of General Soleimani will make the US and Israel leave the region.”

If indeed US personnel had died in the attack, this would have forced a US military response, paving the way for a massive war. It appears the White House downplayed initial casualties in the first place in order to avoid this scenario.

While it seems near impossible that the Pentagon could hide fatalities, something like head injuries appears easier to conceal and downplay — this appears precisely what happened.

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Zionism = EVIL

33 dead Americunt losers and 200 plus with brain damage and hundreds more with male menopause headaches unique medical condition that applies only to lardass Americunt cowards. What a bunch of stupid arseholes who despite 8 hours of warning got thumped :) and now telling new fibs daily to hide their humiliation.


When US told about traumatic brain injuries, they did not explain, if this was still a medical condition or the cause of death. I assume it was the cause of death, as it would mean injuries to the head, which in most cases cause at minimum concussion, in more severe cases brain tissue damage or destruction. Most probably there will be also a spike in suicides and accidents among US soldiers in the near future to make up for the numbers.


Surprise surprise Iran won’t be the sitting duck it’s been described as – larf larf, dumbstruck morons in the white house and, hand on heart, they are dumb and dunny the dunce hasn’t improved the level one iota, on the contrary, taken it to new lows. larf larf!

Zionism = EVIL

Iran used less than 000.1% of its missiles in this warning barrage and got the message across with an industrial sized headache. In real war it will not be so nice.


Saudi royalty would disappear from the face of the earth so quick they wouldn’t have time to say Oh s#*t! Headache!
And the shia would take over there too.


After Iran showed the US their real missile capabilities as well al accuracy, all scenarios and risk assessments are under review. The war games in the past, which already showed, that US can’t win a hot conflict with Iran without taking massive blows, are now looking even worse. The concept of encircling Iran with bases, which are all in reach of precision strike capabilities render the initial strategy a failure.
Now assuming, that Iran is able to provide Syria with its missiles, and therefore export this precision strike capability to the SAA makes it an even worse outlook for US strategy, also hampering the security situation of Israel further.
I expect that talks will start behind curtains to somewhat ease the situation, which will lead to a withdrawal of Turkish and US troops from Syria.


I hope you are correct.

Getinet Kifle

Trying to down play casualties with concussion is cheap and even thousands’ death US troops doesn’t make such a loss of Soleimani compensating in any meaningful revenge, a revered figure, RIP


War = Peace
Lies + Peace
Concussion = Death



War = Peace
Lies + Peace
Concussion = Lies in peace! ;)

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