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Pentagon Vows Support to “Tens of Thousands of Syrian Oppositionists Fighting against ISIS”

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The Pentagon continues to support “tens of thousands of members of the Syrian opposition forces, fighting against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Syria.”

Pentagon Vows Support to “Tens of Thousands of Syrian Oppositionists Fighting against ISIS”

Western-backed ‘freedom fighters’ wave flags of Ahrar al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army alongside with the flag of Jabhat al-Nusra (the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Pentagon believes this guys are set to fight ISIS and build democracy in Syria.

Washington continues to support tens of thousands of members of the Syrian opposition forces, opposing the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, media reported, citing a statement of spokesman for the Pentagon, Eric Pahon.

“We continue to support tens of thousands of local Syrian counter ISIL [ISIS] forces in their efforts to reclaim territory from ISIL,” Pahon said.

At the same time, he clarified that the Pentagon‘s assistance is focused “on supporting forces that are from the local area to liberate that area, so that they can form the core of the hold force that will stay and protect their communities.”

Will remind, at the end of October, the US Department of Defense announced its intention to expand the training program of opposition fighters in order to allow them to participate in an operation to liberate the city of Raqqa from terrorists.

Who are these “tens of thousands” of Syrian oppositionists and where are they? But maybe, as usually, the Pentagon meant those “moderate rebels”, who still cannot break off a connection with Al-Qaeda…

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Carol Davidek-Waller

Ash Carter off his meds….again. Supporting terrorists is against the law. Lock him up.
As Carter knows, foreign mercenaries are the bulk of the forces trying to topple the Assad government. After five years n Syria, the U.S. has failed to produce any of the fabled moderates they keep nattering oon about.

john mason

It is time to send some “freedom fighters” to the US and see how they handle it. People need to be liberated from political corruption and dictatorship.


The USA does two things, express their support and express their deep concern. Especially now that the hag Hillary is gone for good.

Meanwhile the SAA and its allies are uniting the country again.

Peter Jennings

Attention Pentagon: Give it up and spend the time on your defence against the coming court marshalls for breaking International Laws and UN mandates, to name but a few.

It’s game over boys.


This is going to end in a few weeks after Trump assumes the presidency. No more neocons to influence The Pentagon or CIA.


and what do you dream at night?


I do not have to dream anything.


The reason the cease fire that was agreed between Lavrov and Kerry (and tentatively agreed by Obama) failed was because neocons influenced the Pentagon and CIA to be disobedient to the President. The Obama administration was full with neocons that controlled Obama, Obama being a mere figurehead.
In the Trump administration, there are none or very few neocons that cannot carry the globalist agenda. Trump will not spend money for the ongoing fiasco in Syria, he will tell the Pentagon to cut it out, and they will….there will be no neocons between the president and Pentagon.
Whenever Trump will be asked to spend money, he will ask….what is in it for USA?
Globalist politicians and neocons spent 6-8 trillion dollars on idiotic wars in the Middle East yoking US treasury with a heavy debt.

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