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Pentagon: US to Continue Military Build Up in Europe Despite Trump’s Intentions


According to Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook, the US Defense Department is not going to stop to strengthen its position in Europe, regardless of intentions of new US president Donald Trump.

Pentagon: US to Continue Military Build Up in Europe Despite Trump's Intentions

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook (Photo: US Department of Defense / Air Force Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz)

The Pentagon will continue to strengthen its position in Europe, as it was planned, regardless of intentions of new US president Donald Trump, the AFP news agency reported, citing Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook.

The victory of Trump, who will assume presidential duties in January, caused serious concern of the EU in connection with his statements about the ineffectiveness of NATO, as well as with the fact that he questioned the advisability of the USA membership in the organization.

Earlier, Washington had planned to start to deploy an additional combat brigade in Europe in February in order to increase the number of brigades on the continent to three. This plan should “boost Eastern European defenses against possible attack by Russia.”

“We are executing plans as they were constructed with our NATO allies,” Cook said. “We leave it to the next administration to speak their policy choices,” he added. “We have one commander-in-chief at a time.”

According to AFP, the new brigade would start its deployment with a military exercise in Poland before to be sent to Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic States.

When Cook was asked about the possibility that Ash Carter, the current defense secretary, could remain in office under Donald Trump, the Pentagon press secretary declined to comment, and noted that Carter “is focused on his job right now and he wants to serve this president until the end of his term.”



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  • Nexusfast123

    Dumbest people in history. A nuclear war is an existential threat to the very existence to the US. If they think a conflict will be limited to Europe they are sadly deluded.

    • Ronald

      Completely right , but its just the war hawks beating their chests . They have lost in Syria , and in Egypt , and know it . They are just trying to draw Russia into the European theater in order to stop them from consolidating their gains in the ME , and possibly gain more , Yemen via Iran
      Russia would do well to stay focused on Syria , especially Turkey , and expand her presence in and protect Egypt . The chest thumpers will not attack Russia , they just feel better after the excercise .

      • trid2bnrml

        Let’s see how they enjoy their FORCED EARLY RETIREMENT

  • trid2bnrml

    Enough of this stupidity!

    LAST I LOOKED, the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF runs the pentagon – NOT the other way around. So to whomever said they’re going to “Continue Military Build Up in Europe Despite Trump’s Intentions”…