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Pentagon Says US Military Presence In Syria, Iraq To ‘Defeat ISIS’ Will Be Needed For Decades

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Pentagon Says US Military Presence In Syria, Iraq To 'Defeat ISIS' Will Be Needed For Decades

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The troops withdrawal from Syria and Iraq releatedly announced by US President Donald Trump is silently turning into a decades-long military operation to “defeat ISIS”.

According to a new report released by the Pentagon, a total defeat of ISIS take “years, if not decades.”

“Systemic weaknesses remain, many of which are the same deficiencies that enabled the rise of ISIS in 2014,” Military Times quoted the quarterly Department of Defense Inspector General report on the US-led operation against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The report adressed the gaps in capabilities among the Iraqi forces and that a “resurgence” of ISIS in the region will be likely if the US withdraws its military efforts. The report reasonably notes that the security situation in Iraq remains complicated and while the security in big cities is more or less acceptable, the situation in their countryside is much more complicated.

“In effect, this means that the Iraqi senior leadership is dependent on the Coalition for information about their own military’s operations,” the report claimed. “This strategy risks an enduring coalition presence in Iraq for years to come.”

This very report is synchronized with Washignton’s efforts to keep defeat ISIS in the Euphrates Valley in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor. However, it seems that these efforts are not very effective. So, ISIS openly controls a large chunk of the area on the eastern bank of the Euphrates Valley, in the US-led coalition zone of responsibility.

Earlier this year, the Trump adminstration already declared that it needs to keep forces in Syria in order to deter the growing Iranian influence in the country. However, this reason found little public support in non-Israeli media and diplomatic circles. So, the remaining “ISIS threat” will continue to play an important role in the US public justification of its military actions in Syria and Iraq.

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Think the world are kids


I was more thinkin’ about Lemmings…

stary ujo

Fucking usa need plunder small countries , because $ fall down ! They need robbery Iraq petrol .What do OSN l.t.d. USA and wanker Guttieres ?

Jean de Peyrelongue

With the the same succes as in Aghanistan ! Ah ! Ah ! And back home their soldiers have no problem to shoot people as they have been accustomed to do in Irak, Afghanistan or Syria. They are sick


Feedback war tune


ISIS will soon cease to exist if all the unofficial support is cut off. If no weapons are given to them, no funding and no logistical support. Are Americans so darn stupid that they can’t see through that BS? Where the heck do they think that IS got their fleet of Toyota Hilux LDVs? US-made weapons don’t suddenly appear in the desert ready for IS to use. But, let’s face it, people reading South Front are not the problem.


They Got their Toyota High Luxes from us… The Dutch… without any Weapon Mount though…I have No Idea who installed them…. We gave them for Transportation of Wounded, Disabled & Old Peoples….And to Transport Food & Medicine for the Poor Headchopper Kids….Not to Shoot at the SAA… But ISIS promised us they would not use them for Troop Transportation or turn them into Battle-Pick-Ups or VBIEDs…. they Lied to us…so Holland is not really to blame…

AM Hants

Who funds White Helmets, https://21stcenturywire.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/white-helmet-infographic-2.jpgka ISIS/Al-Nusra/al-Qaeda or whatever they are called today?



The same crowd who thought nought of taking out RAQQA.

THOUSANDS OF CORPSES FROM US-LED AIRSTRIKES FOUND UNDER RAQQA RUBBLE… https://southfront.org/thousands-of-corpses-from-us-led-airstrikes-found-under-raqqa-rubble/

Zionism = EVIL

ISIS is a Zionist and US project and only when the US losers suffer casualties in large numbers they will cut and run. It is ideal opportunity for Russia, Iran and China to turn the Middle East into a mega US graveyard.


Oh yeah


I personally think the Middle East will solve the problem themselves this time, for their own Honour…. with the help and Back up of China & Russia ofcourse….There will be no big Clash but Assymmetric Warfare (a Hornet’s Nest), it will be a fight of the Long Haul…. the Dollar is Going down at the same time…sooner or later the U.S. will Collapse under its own Weight….and thus the rest of the World prevents a U.S. Suicidal Nuclear War…

Up till now it is a good game that has been played….Neutralizing the Devil himself all the Time….


It’s all a big lie peddled by the Jew controlled msm for public consumption.


No Thanks United States of America We don’t need you anywhere with your Help ….You have done more than enough…. go solve your Problems at Home & please stay there…latersss

Lena Jones

What happens if israel gets wiped out in a handful of years? Would staying for “decades” still apply?

Does anyone in their right mind think that the dollar has “decades” of top shelf-life remaining?

That the Al-Saud will remain in power and in oil and petrodollar for the next “decades”?

That America will remain the ONLY superpower in the world in the “decades” to come?

‘Houston, we gotta realism problem’ here.


That is the rub, isn’t it? Those uber planners at the Pentagram and the WH better fix the world economy and deal with the minuscule debt load first. That should happen …ohh, never. I doubt the US economy, fake as it is, will last another 5 years. I’m being ‘optimistic’…or is that myopic?


The White Israelis can return to their EU/Russia/US homeland, and Arab Israelis will morph into Palestinians. Problem solved. Shalom.


Israel won’t get wiped out. Most Israelis will simply leave, as soon as the free handouts from the US end. It’s the US that will get wiped out.


Yes correct


After the terrorists have been settled then Assad will ensure US is out.

As long as russia and iran are behind Assad, US has no chance to remain in Syria. They will quietly leave as US forces in there are no match even against HEZbollah

Val Shadowhawk

More jewMerica bullshit. They’re supporting ISIS/Daesh for ‘israel’.


It’s a tacit admission that US infantry is sub-standard, and despite nearly two decades of counter-insurgency operations, the US military, for all the money spent on equipment and personnel is insipid. As long as it’s only a matter of bombing and shelling the shit out of a civilian population, the mighty United States can get the job done, but a battle-hardened and determined band of guerilla fighers with light weapons can keep them busy for decades.

In that case, the USA should pack up all their gear and head back to America. There are others who will get the job done once they are out of the way.


Counter insurgency my a$$. Are you clueless enough not to get that the USA is the terrorist state.

They fund the terrorism, alongside their allies.


I have written about it enough to make my position clear. Yes, the USA is the leading sponsor of terrorism, followed by the KSA followed by Israel. They are the “axis of evil”.

My point is that the US military has spend billions kitting out their forces in Afghanistan and Iraq with vehicles and weapons better suited to the situation where, whenever they leave their secured compounds, they face hostility from the locals and militia. They get rocks (stones) thrown at them, shot at, and IEDs are a daily hazard. Now that they have better vehicles, their chances of going on patrol and getting back to base alive are better than before. Despite all the efforts and expense, the mighty US military is unable to defeat a lightly armed opposition that has far less money and Americans are still arriving back in America in coffins and minus body parts and the tally of young people who have PTSD and other mental illnesses as a result of “serving their country” or “defending the Republic” is growing daily.

Admittedly, the situation where American forces are in a perpetual conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria (and possibly Iran too) suits Israel. It’s one way of keeping the Arabs and Persians occupied while they grab all of the Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank and guard the prison called Gaza. However, any support that the US military had from the American public when they attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq is evaporating. How long they can continue to do what Israel wants and get away with it remains to be seen.


I think it does not matter, what the public wants. Overtly, or covertly, the globalist wins.

money power rules.


Do you hear this Russia ? Pentagon is really saying that they will keep terrorists for decades in the middle east !! It is after you if you want to stop this plan.

Kilgore Trout

Really?? I think a lot of ameri3kan assholes be going home in BODY BAGS!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

yes until they kick them out they not going any where they have the better part of the deal up to now.


Surprise Surprise the US military and its government sucking its citizens dry.


Right now America is a Jew terror state, similar to what they did with Russia last century. Americans are being slaughtered at home with entirely preventable Jew mass shootings. And is terrorizing victim states like Syria and many others around the planet, and has been for decades. The final solution to this problem is extinction grade dejudification, both in the US, Israel and planetary. By outlawing this evil pedophile mass rape cult that felony statutory rapes 1,000 children worldwide every week. And closing and demolishing the Synagogues and yeshivas so that there are no more Jews.


Jew msm control, click on the image to see a readable version: https://i.4pcdn.org/pol/1519407912147.jpg


“When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America”

– Who Controls America? –


“Banking/Finance Who Controls the Economy? Who Controls Wall Street? (Part 2) Who Controls Wall Street? (Part 1) Who Controls Goldman Sachs? Who Controls American International Group? Who Controls the Treasury Department? Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 1) Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 2) Mass Media Who Controls Big Media? Who Controls Hollywood? Who Controls Television? Who Controls Music? Who Controls Radio? Who Controls Advertising? Who Controls the News? (Part 1) Who Controls the News? (Part 2) Government/Politics Who Controls the White House? Who Controls the Senate? Who Controls the Congress? Who Controls the Supreme Court? Who Controls the State Department? Who Controls the Justice Department? Who Controls the Defense Department? Who Controls the Treasury Department? Social Engineering Who Controls the Ivy League? Who Controls the Think Tanks? Who Controls Professional Sports? Who Controls the Anti-Defamation League? Who Controls the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who Controls the American Civil Liberties Union? Who is Behind Gun Control? Who is Behind the Climate Change Hoax? “New World Order” Who Controls the Group of Thirty? Who Controls the Bilderberg Group? Who Controls the Trilateral Commission? Who Controls the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 1) Who Controls the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 2)”

R Trojson

Translation, 1. US will establish a new country loyal to and owing it’s existence to the US. The name of the new country is Kurdistan. US will arm and train Kurdistan into a leading military force in the Middle East. US will fold parts of Iraq and long term Iran into Kurdistan. Eventually Kurds will take part of what was once Turkey. The 35 million Kurds living across Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey will worship Trump as their savior. 2. In addition to Kurdistan US will maintain a presence in what is left of Syria until Assad is gone. Russians will eventually tire of the billions of dollars it takes every year to keep Assad in power. Russian mothers will never understand why their sons lives were given to keep Assad in power. The Russian people have suffered enough for Assad. 3, Us will stay in Syria until Iran leaves. Iran will not leave until after it is destroyed first financially, second economically and finally militarily.


Do you support this, and if you don’t, what is your solution?

R Trojson

I am anti-war. After Obama-Hillary started this war that has killed 500,000 Syrians and counting I will settle for stopping the bloodshed even if the solution is less than perfect. The US solution will further transform the middle east, reduce bloodshed and may someday stop Syrian bloodshed. The perfect solution must come from all the parties involved not US alone. At this point most of the parties involved believe this never ending war is a way to gain advantage including advantage over their enemies. Not sure even one of the countries involved wants peace… maybe Jordan truly wants peace.


“The US solution will further transform the middle east, reduce bloodshed and may someday stop Syrian bloodshed.”

What you’re describing is the Yinon plan of perpetual regional war for the Jews. The last thing that it will bring is peace.

R Trojson

Never heard of that but do understand middle east perpetual war. Been going on for over a 1000 years so far with no end in sight. Suspect the underlying problem is few if any elites in power in middle east want peace. Who do you believe wants peace? What is your solution?


Dejudification. If you’re not familiar with the Yinon plan, and you’re interested in the cause of most of the middle east conflict. Read up on it. Most of the region wants peace, except for the Jews and the Saudis.


You have a lot of nerve claiming you are “anti-war”. The Americans that I love are Hillary’s deplorables, the ones who said “Hell No We Won’t Go”, the ones who chanted “Hay hay LBJ, How Many Kids Have You Killed Today”, the ones who marched in the millions trying to stop Bush from taking the US into Iraq. Perpetual war in the ME is the US “less than perfect” solution.

Big Oil above the rights of sovereign nations.

Iran had their elected government replaced by the CIA with the Shah. Iraq certainly had no WMD’s. Syria certainly didn’t ask for McCain and Company to arm and finance Al Qaeda and ISIS. Who wants peace, the people who voted for Trump because he promised to withdraw the US from Syria, and even more the people who live there, who don’t want any more US “transformation”. Yanky Go Home.

Jim Bim

Dream on, delusional as always.


The Isis area on the east bank is certainly a ripe opportunity for the Syrian government coalition to clear and expand it’s foot print and move the front lines forward into SDF occupied territory. Failure to do so gives the US the opportunity to justify it’s illegal pretense. Maybe it’s a trap set up as a lose lose situation for the Syrian government. If they don’t move, they play into the accusation that they’re soft on terror. And if they do, they risk air strikes from the US.

Which is why the Syrian air force should be strengthened to deter attacks and provide additional air cover for ground advances. A combined Syrian Russian air campaign would be a powerful deterrent to US aggression. I doubt that the US is going to risk a major air confrontation with a combined state of the art air force of Syrian Mig 29s and 31s and Russian SU fighters. Supported by a robust air defense system.



– Syrian Air Defense Force –



– Syrian Air Defense Force –




Maybe this could be some air force art: http://wrestlecrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Yosemite-Sam-holding-two-big-guns.jpg


This is what the US doesn’t want to see the Syrians flying, Mig-31s:



And if Soleimani and the PMU’s can close the Syrian – Iraqi border up in the SDF held north, halting the US weapons feed to ISIS disguised as arming the Kurds.


Makes sense. Ideally the Iraqis will scale back US access across the board to stop the partition attempt and Kurdish expansionism.

AM Hants

BS – not invited, not wanted. They need to go.


Oil Oil Oil !!!! the rest is f*cking lies

Albert Pike

Yepp MAGA – keep the Oil.


nope usury first, oil second.

Tommy Jensen

I said it. In fact I was the first one who found the real reason and told you. I predicted it and I was right….again! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ec335b4a2654b0759651aa274eb72578e36887b2c6cb2d8d6e852adcfda9b5c6.jpg But everybody refused to listen and Alt media remained silent suppressing my freedom of speech.


Yes, this is all about you Tommy. :D


Exceptional arrogance, or exceptional delusion. Pretty sure both Syria and Iraq can and will now send them packing … it may take some years, but packing they will be sent.

Kristina Rain Mcleod

Staying in the area for decades was the plan all along wasn’t it?


Pentagon Says US Military Presence In Korea To ‘Defeat Communist Korea’ Will Be Needed For Decades.

Pentagon Says US Military Presence In Japan To ‘Defeat Communist China’ Will Be Needed For Decades.

Pentagon Says US Military Presence In Europe To ‘Defeat Soviet Union’ Will Be Needed For Decades.

Always the same BS, just a different smell.


Talk is cheap.


The United States is both arsonist and firefighter. Only a guerrilla force like the Viet Cong will defeat the US in Occupied Syria. Shalom.


After fighting the USA for 10 years the Viet Cong mounted the ’68 Tet Offensive’, taking all but Saigon. There were some VC camped in the old Imperial Palace in Hue, the US immediately bombed it without regard to its historical value, just as they bombed Raqqa, total destruction rather than a siege. Despite the US draft and 6 more years of losses (500,000 US troops), Ho Chi Minh in 74, in another Tet Offensive took the day, including Saigon.


We ara in Syria because Israel wants us there. Why? To protect their stolen land, the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Shalom.

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