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Pentagon Says 2,500 Americans Were Evacuated From Kabul As Chaos Continue At Hamid Karzai Airport (Videos, Photos)

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Pentagon Says 2,500 Americans Were Evacuated From Kabul As Chaos Continue At Hamid Karzai Airport (Videos, Photos)

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On August 21, Pentagon officials revealed that 17,000 people, including 2,500 Americans, were evacuated from the Afghan capital Kabul over the past week. At least 3,800 people were evacuated in the last 24 hours only.

At a press briefing, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that he does not have a “perfect figure” on how many Americans remain in Kabul and Afghanistan in general.

“We’re fighting against both time and space,” Reuters quoted Kirby as saying. “That’s the race that we’re in right now. And we’re trying to do this as quickly and safely as possible.”

The spokesman said that the US goal is to “get as many people out as we can as fast as we can. And so that’s what the focus is.”

A day earlier, US forces exited Hamid Karzai International Airport for the first time since the fall of Kabul in the hands of the Taliban around a week ago to retrieve 169 Americans. The Pentagon didn’t rule out the possibility of conducting similar operations in the future.

Despite the presence of more than 5,000 US troops and forces from other nationals, the situation at Hamid Karzai International Airport remains chaotic. The gates of the airport are still closed. Tear gas was reportedly used against the hundreds of Afghans gathered outside the airport.

Inside the airport, the situation is not any better. Afghan activists revealed that US troops have been distributing MREs [Meal Ready to Eat] containing pork, which is forbidden in Islam, to Afghans waiting to be evacuating without notifying them.

While thousands of Afghans are trying everything in their power to flee the country, others are determined to stay and fight the Taliban.

Resistance forces in northern Afghanistan announced that they had taken three districts close to the Panjshir valley where remnants of government forces and other armed groups have gathered under the command of Ahmad Massoud jr.

Afghanistan will not likely stabilize and overcome the shock of US withdrawal any time soon, despite the Taliban’s ongoing efforts to secure local and international recognition.


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How can these idiots no known how many Americans are still left in Afghanistan. I mean the military or the embassy supposed to have a data base which keep counts on how many Americans was in the country and how many was leaving ….These idiots are a waste of tax payer money for real.

Arch Bungle

The Taliban have the database, apparently:


“The Taliban have seized U.S. military biometrics devices that could aid in the identification of Afghans who assisted coalition forces, current and former military officials have told The Intercept.

The devices, known as HIIDE, for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment, were seized last week during the Taliban’s offensive, according to a Joint Special Operations Command official and three former U.S. military personnel, all of whom worried that sensitive data they contain could be used by the Taliban. HIIDE devices contain identifying biometric data such as iris scans and fingerprints, as well as biographical information, and are used to access large centralized databases. It’s unclear how much of the U.S. military’s biometric database on the Afghan population has been compromised.”

… Perhaps they can help, if the Yanquis ask nicely …

Marco Polo

I would argue the incompetence was very intentional.

S Balu

Marco Polo
Absolutely whiteman talk with forked tongue

ff ff

right. we don’t have a database of our own citizens in Afghanistan but somehow we are corrupting the world with the same beaurocrats!! I am not a robot

S Balu

Learn from HISTORY whiteman talk with forked tongue
Here USA is being devious wants to stay for longer period hence all bs
Remember their real target is China/Russia


Yeah and sometimes white men get butchered by indians. A lot of yankee traitors, selling rifles and munitions to the indians, were killed in the process by their own customers.

The same will happen to the US, when China will put its grip on Afghanistan. Let the american soldier go and you will see that China will start pouring PLA soldiers in the country.

Michel LeBlanc

Your out to lunch whitey, the point is, we western people have to stop interfering in other countries to give an unfair advantage to our various global multicorps and defense industry.

Its all about money stupid, the long usa stays, the more money these people make, clear as mud now?

S Balu

USA/NATO are basically evacuating spies and saboteurs drug mafia etc they must appreciate the large heartedness of Taliban. West didn’t allow this when the invaded Afghanistan, they slaughtered everyone they got their hands on in the name of Democracy.


Taliban have no use for drug lords and whores. This is why they are letting them go away. Same strategy used by Castro at Mariel Harbour, when he sent to the US all the drags of cuban jails.

It is faster and more efficient to dispose of criminal by sending them to make trouble in another country.

S Balu

Taliban are very right then ship the garbage out
zionist mafia and Mexicans cartels will be in trouble soon

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