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Pentagon Report: China Has More Warships, Missiles And Air Defense Systems Than U.S.

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Pentagon Report: China Has More Warships, Missiles And Air Defense Systems Than U.S.

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On September 1st, the US Department of Defense released its annual “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China” report.

The 200-page report [pdf], in short, summarizes that China is now, actually, ahead of the US in numbers of Ships, Missiles and Air Defense.

Below are some of the highlights from the report.

In terms of over-all national strategy, Beijing aims to achieve “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” by 2049.

The US understands that as a determined pursuit of political and social modernity that includes far-ranging efforts to expand China’s national power, perfect its governance systems, and revise the international order.

In terms of defense policy, The PRC has stated its defense policy aims to safeguard its sovereignty, security, and development interests. China’s military strategy remains based on the concept of “active defense.”

China’s leaders stress the imperative of meeting key military transformation markers set in 2020 and 2035. These milestones seek to align the PLA’s transformation with China’s overall national modernization so that by the end of 2049, China will field a “world-class” military.

However, there’s really no definition of what “world-class” means.

By around 2050 China is likely to develop a military that is equal to—or in some cases superior to—the U.S. military, or that of any other great power that China views as a threat to its sovereignty, security, and development interests.

Now, how does China plan to achieve that.

The PRC’s strategy includes advancing a comprehensive military modernization program that aims to “basically” complete military modernization by 2035 and transform the PLA into a “world-class” military by the end of 2049.

The PLA’s evolving capabilities and concepts continue to strengthen the PRC’s ability to counter an intervention by an adversary in the Indo-Pacific region and project power globally.

The worrisome thing about the US, and it admits it, is that Beijing has already achieved parity, or surpassed the US in several areas:

  • Shipbuilding: The PRC has the largest navy in the world, with an overall battle force of approximately 350 ships and submarines including over 130 major surface combatants. In comparison, the U.S. Navy’s battle force is approximately 293 ships as of early 2020.China is the top ship-producing nation in the world by tonnage and is increasing its shipbuilding capacity and capability for all naval classes.
  • Land-based conventional ballistic and cruise missiles: The PRC has developed its conventional missile forces unrestrained by any international agreements. The PRC has more than1,250 ground-launched ballistic missiles (GLBMs) and ground-launched cruise missiles (GLCMs) with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. The United States currently fields one type of conventional GLBM with a range of 70 to 300 kilometers and no GLCMs.
  • Integrated air defense systems: The PRC has one of the world’s largest forces of advanced long-range surface-to-air systems—including Russian-built S-400s, S-300s, and domestically produced systems—that constitute part of its robust and redundant integrated air defense system (IADS) architecture.

The 20th annual report on China by DoD noted the “staggering” improvements in China’s ability to build, coordinate and project power since the first report was issued.

“DoD’s first annual report to Congress in 2000 assessed the PRC’s armed forces at that time to be a sizable but mostly archaic military that was poorly suited to the CCP’s long-term ambitions,” the report said.

In 2000, “the PLA lacked the capabilities, organization, and readiness for modern warfare,” the report said. But the CCP, it added, recognized the shortcomings and set about with determination to “strengthen and transform its armed forces in a manner commensurate with its aspirations to strengthen and transform China.”

“More striking than the PLA’s staggering amounts of new military hardware are the recent sweeping efforts taken by CCP leaders that include completely restructuring the PLA into a force better suited for joint operations” and for “expanding the PRC’s overseas military footprint.”

In its commentary on the DoD assessment, the American Enterprise Institute noted that the report also stressed that “The PRC has likely considered locations for PLA military logistics facilities in Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, Angola, and Tajikistan.”

Regardless of these advancements, the situation is note dire, according to the report.

For these Chinese military “major gaps and shortcomings remain” in readiness and operational capability.

“Of course, the CCP does not intend for the PLA to be merely a showpiece of China’s modernity or to keep it focused solely on regional threats,” the report said.

“As this report shows, the CCP desires the PLA to become a practical instrument of its statecraft with an active role in advancing the PRC’s foreign policy, particularly with respect to the PRC’s increasingly global interests and its aims to revise aspects of the international order,” it added.


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If you add weapons from Russia, Iran and Venezuela then the US has a major problem. best advice for the US is to stay within your own borders, mind your own business, abide by international law, stop believing that you are ‘exceptional’ which leads to the false belief that you are invincible which you are not. Follow those simple objectives and you will be safe from destruction.


If I was USA I’d be very scared right now.


We saw that mentality with the Nazis,they were under the ridiculous delusion they were the master race,”Ubermench”that delusion ended in the rubble of Berlin,for the US it might take a couple of aircraft carriers being sunk.


Are they weapons or toys lol

Ashok Varma

Abay dalit kalvey chutia, yahoodi ki choot chaat raha hai.


Chup or bhdwe


Translation of the BS “We want/need MORE Money” as if 700 billion USD isn’t plenty enough while the US taxpayers + peoples impoverishment rise on a daily base, the entire infrastructure + society are in shambles and the corrupt Elites/Oligarchs Financial Mafia-Cartels and the MIC keep on looting plundering robbing them blind.

John Tosh

Why worry, we simply print whatever money we need! Our printing press is so good at printing Dollars buddy! Print away!


They not even literally ‘Print’ money, the head honcho of the FED admitted it, they simply cook the books digital, that’s THE definition of ‘Currency Manipulation’ and they always accused China of it but the AmeriCunts are the Masters of fraudulant currency manipulation, the whole USD is one big fraudulant ponzi scheme.

John Tosh

Idi Amin Dada of Uganda once asked his financial Manager….”What do you mean we have no money?” …..”Print more”


That was back than, today just ONES and ZEROS.


USA has ability to print/cook the books infinitely without economic consequences so long as their currency is the largest medium for trade in the world. Enforcing this is the main objective of the US armed forces. Once this changes a lot of circulated dollars will come back home, inflating the economy and crushing it under the mega size debt load, unable to refinance it.


Americans will get poor very quickly


The majority of commoners already does!


The problem is that they can’t “enforce it’ any longer since they are for very long time not even among biggest buyers of oil let alone anything else. They can’t enforce on countries that are protected by Russia and China also And every day more countries are turning on use of local currencies and dollar is slowly but surely becoming more TOXIC bubble.

John Tosh

We now print $100,000 notes and $1,000,000 Dollar notes we call Treasury bills…. the Chinese and Saudi Arabians gobble that stuff up…Heh heh…. when are we printing One Trillion Dollar notes? I just want to see a treasury bill of one trillion dollars….Just see it!!!


When ”treasury bill of one trillion dollars” comes out that will be not only end of the treasury but of all global market of paper valued products. Dollar and global economy will implode and losers of that game will be counted in billions of people.

John Tosh

But but …..you need Dollars… Lol Like a crazed addict… you need dollars… why you may ask ? To buy petroleum… but China has a petroleum exchange and Russia has lots of oil… so why do you need Dollars???

YOU DO NOT KNOW WHY YOU USE DOLLARS….because you are a Dollar-addict.. Lol

Do not worry your Dollar addiction is about to get trillions of Dollars printed..

Print away I say….print print print… the Dollar addicts out there have nothing they can do… like all addicts.. they do not know why they need dollars…

Dollars good…..yeah…. goood….. get more dollars….Lol Dollar addicts….Lol


“digital” printing….typing zeros when they need few trillions extra…. US always accuses others of something what they do!


Your printing press is about to get stroke and DIE ! One or 2 years max with all miracles included. Dollar can implode even today if they decide to “pull the plug”. By simple common sense dollar was suppose to be dead already but since EVERYTHING is rigged no economic principals apply any longer.

John Tosh

Like a crazed addict… you need dollars… why you may ask ? To buy petroleum… but China has a petroleum exchange and Russia has lots of oil… so why do you need Dollars???

YOU DO NOT KNOW WHY YOU NEED DOLLARS….because you are a Dollar-addict.. Lol

Do not worry your Dollar addiction is about to get trillions of Dollars printed..

Print away I say….print print print… the Dollar addicts out there have nothing they can do… like all addicts.. they do not know why they need dollars..


You are making a story out of very simple thing. Fiat currencies including dollar have become just another ( worthless paper ) “product” on Wall street for endless malversations and manipulations of global (worthless) paper market “products”. everything is based on TRUST ONLY and backed by NOTHING (= worthless)

Ivan Freely

I’m not so sure about the PLA-Navy being larger than the US Navy. But, the Chinese Navy is more diverse in terms of types of vessels. Their biggest weakness is submarines and ASW capabilities.


I agree with you about the Navy. China is actually about to take over 2nd place from Russia while US is still far above. They are also far behind in number of carriers. China is still far from producing 100 000 tons super carriers. But they can build one 50 000 tons carrier in ONE year only! That is much faster than US or any other nation and that is their biggest strength by far! In the case of war they would dominate any enemy by their huge industrial capacity (much higher than US in 1941-45 WW2)

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls will cry and rage :)

Zaphod Braden

And China is just getting started. China has money in the Bank. America has maxxed out creditcards. China has a huge manufacturing base. America shipped it’s factories overseas because American “youth” all play video games and don’t want to get dirty.

Ivan Freely

Organized labor is why Wall Street shipped factories overseas. They got far too greedy but the Suits are also to blame.

Concrete Mike

organized labour was penetrated by the mob decades ago.

The same.mob that also runs wall street. 2 sides of the same loonie my friend. I remember in the 90’s , when all the factories were closing, all we heard was globalisation is the greatest thing and bla.bla.bla.

Globalisation really fucked rural canada and contributed greatly to the now greatly inflated rural urban divide.

Its real.in new brunswick!

Ashok Varma

That is why India needs to make peace with China as PM Nehru and Congress has envisioned, two great Asian powers.


India is taking the red, white and blue US dick up the arse. Can’t think for themselves.


And North Korea has more than China

Ashok Varma

And the evil western imperialists want India as cannon fodder to fight China, while they are scared scared themselves. How insidious and hypocritical.


Yup and China doesn’t need to attack, only defend. USA would need to attack. So China can utilize 100% of its weapons to the defensive fight while USA cannot utilize 100% of its alrready fewer weapons to attack.

Potato Man

China also have more people and the country is bigger than US….no shit.

Fog of War

Are they going to swim across the Pacific ?


The US spends more on its military than all other nations combined. I think they are crying wolf here.


Yeah but the amount spending doesn’t intrinsically mean anything. A powerful lobbing arm might mean more billions every year for the defense industry, but it also means more inefficiency, corruption, gradual decline in technical design talent and hence degradation of weapon quality, for all intents and purposes, less bang for the buck. Secondly the US basic school system has been on a long term decline, reducing knowledge in basic fields such as math, physics and chemistry, which are needed to build weapons. This makes the US industry rely more and more on exported talent. This is completely vice versa, say, compared to Russia (and probably China as well).

johnny rotten

The comparison is much more merciless to the detriment of the Amerikans if we consider that the Chinese is a defensive force while the Yankee is doomed to attack, forced by the US imperialist model based on continuous expansion.

chris chuba

Maybe another $500B a year for the Pentagon will smooth things over.


Doubtfull, they can’t get enough for their pockets coffers and secret offshore accounts but it doesn’t equals any serious accomplishments and that’s by design at their shady schemes.


China need more ICBMs tho, and more nukes in general. Right now they depend on Russia to defend them in case of full-scale nuclear war with America.


It’s only natural that China will assume the position of global top-dog again. They’re the world’s biggest nation, have advanced technological industries and have a pretty united people (excluding the Uighurs, whom they have firmly under their grip). Except for the ‘century of shame’, China has historically always been the world’s most powerful civilisation.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly as I have pointed out. Our usual warfare with US air-fighters and US bombers wont work in China with all these modern anti-air systems. A land war against China, Barbarosa III for Freedom Resolve, with nuke subs as back up in a D-Day surprise attack is the only feasible winner strategy. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b778183fe2e61dc1ab08c2a72886e09019f16e8bbcec1853173053ee0d879032.jpg

cechas vodobenikov

the US military is a pitiful employment agency for the stupefied semi-literate obese idiots that r too incompetent to flip Big Macs at burger king—despite that the semi human murikans murdered 4 million in Korea, the chinese/koreans pushed them from the Yalu river to the 38th parallel where they surrendered….India removed Uk imperialist–now they are a US colony….when the rotting empire collapses in the next few years they will narcotize them self w marijuana and settle for eating sawdust burgers

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