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Pentagon Presents Plan of ‘Swift Victory’ over ISIS

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The White House has received a plan of “rapid defeat of the IS” by the Pentagon.

Pentagon Presents Plan of ‘Swift Victory’ over ISIS

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis (Photo: AP / Evan Vucci)

In accordance with an instruction of US President Donald Trump, the US Department of Defense presented a new draft plan for the fight against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq to the White House, spokesman for the Pentagon Capt. Jeff Davis said on Monday.

Reportedly, shortly after taking office, the President ordered the Pentagon to develop a specific plan in 30 days in order to fight against terrorists in Syria and Iraq, focusing on speeding up the process of their total destruction.

According to Davis, the new draft plan, which provides “rapid defeat of the IS,” was presented by US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to the White House.

“We’re charged with leading the development of the plan, but it absolutely calls upon the capabilities of other departments,” the Pentagon spokesman said.

Experts believe that the draft plan may include proposals to build up US military contingent in the Middle East.

Earlier, describing a threat, posed by terrorist organizations, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of the US Armed Forces Joseph Dunford said: “This is not about Syria and Iraq, it’s about a trans-regional threat. In this particular case, we’re talking about ISIS, but it’s also Al-Qaeda and other groups that present a trans-regional threat.”

The General noted that the armed struggle against terrorists must be combined with diplomatic efforts.

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Behold a Pale Horse

Here we go. Same old same old.

John William

Well one thing that needs to be done is tell the CIA to quit trying to overthrow governments.The CIA needs to focus on preventing terrorist attacks on western shores.And that would be bullshit to put US troops in more danger to fill Trimps campaign pledge.Far too much US blood has been spilled in the Middle East

Scarooni Recruit

Our blood and money spilled in the Mid East doing Israel’s dirty work. Need to stop. we have made Israel the super power of the Middle east they can do their own dirty work.


If they want quick victory, just send lots of support and supplies to Russian airmen in Syria, that would help, maybe some good Mexican food for example.


“other groups” huh? You killed Saddam. You created the Shia cresent. It’s time you learnt to live with your mistakes.


They predicted swift victory over the Taliban… 15 years ago.

Doom Sternz

The Saur Revolution, 1978 brought the People’s Democratic Party (PDPA) of Afghanistan to power. The Revolutionary Council started a provisional democratic program that guaranteed the legalisation of trade unions, equal rights for women and the separation of church and state. The revolutionary leadership also canceled the massive debts that the poor peasants owed to the loan sharks and landowners.

The PDPA constructed schools and hospitals across the country, and trained doctors and teachers, a female Afghan doctor, recalled in the Observer in 2001, “Life was good … Every girl could go to high school and university. We could go wherever we wanted and wear what we liked.”

Unfortunately the ‘mujahedin’ (or holy warriors – the name that the bands of the khans, mullahs and Islamic clergy gave themselves) started a counter revolution that sought to preserve their positions in society. The U.S. saw an ally in the ‘mujahedin’ and through the CIA began sending them money, guns, bombs and special agents. The people of the ‘mujahedin’ included people like Osama bin Laden.

At this point in time, the revolutionary government requested military assistance from the USSR. The USSR first sent only military advisors before finally sending in some 100,000 troops but in 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Union.and withdrew troops from Afganistan. By April, 1992, the ‘mujahedin’ entered the capital city of Kabul, and President Mohammad Najibullah was overthrown.

In 1996, one particular Islamic fundamentalist militia, the Taliban, was able to take control of Kabul. The rule of the Taliban, which enjoyed the support of the U.S. was extremely brutal. However in 2001, the U.S. used the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center as justification to invade Afghanistan and overthrow the Taliban, which had refused to bow to their demands.


Good historical condensation .


The Soviet leadership really hesitated about getting involved, many in upper military and political echelons has deep reservations – in contrast to the dominant US narrative in west at time, of aggressive Soviet expansionism. The Soviets were right to have those reservations, as they understood Afghanistan is a deeply tribal clan-based society, and allegiances there are not permanent, they gravitate as the power base shifts, as a matter of course.


same lies, same begginings for much more child blood! USA, the most brutal killer of the world history! because there is no one like hitler, like another else.. we can’t think about that it will finish after him. because it’s politics that will go on forever supported by lots of lies and money..

Scarooni Recruit

Hitler did not atomic bomb cities full of women, children, men, hospitals etc. But the USA did it twice

888mladen .

Now you are singing Zio favorite song. Mosad has done a good job on your mind mate


skip theories and lies.. but agreee with you about greatest enemy of the worlld. we just prefered to sing justice song. but Every nation, every society, every poeple may lose to right way. it’s not about being turk english or jewish, it about being human.


first, they need to ask assad for permission to come into their country. but how do we know they are really sincere in defeating isis and not assad? if they are, then they should be in a support role at first.


Victory over ISIS is pretty easy. Go after their financial backers and their suppliers. But I haven’t heard of one case against people backing them so this is just more hot air.


…(cough) Saudi Arabia….(cough)… Quatar…Turkey…(cough).


go on to believe this stupid lie on your TV. most of people dead in TURKEY by DEASH with live bomb on big cities and with direct bombs from border of Syria. Turkey lost most of tourist and the economy is getting worse, losing image day by day.,,SO say me one reason to support ISIS for turkey ? what do you know about this subject more than all turkish people from Thousands of kilometers away? i am near war


Hey, Turkish Ali – your government has sponsored and benefited from terrorism in Syria for six years: -Turkey allowed and created on its southern territory the establishment of Qatari/Saudi/CIA sponsored base camps for anti Syrian militant armed organizations. A range of them – fully knowing their Syrian component was made of Muslim Brotherhood militants and the foreign elements were Libyan/Tunisian/Moroccan followed by many others. – Turkey also allowed southern territory political and media base for NATO’s hand picked, self proclaimed, FSA provisional government made up of pro US/Israel (give up Golan) Syrian exiles. – Turkey created an open border for free flow of weapons and munitions transfers that continue to this day. Saudi and CIA purchases from Bulgaria/Ukraine/Czech/Croatia all arrive in Turkish harbors or Turkish NATO airfields and Turkish intelligence facilitates their transfer to trucks sent across border. – Turkey absorbed all the plundered infrastructure from Aleppo and elsewhere in north Syria that could be loaded onto haulage trucks – from entire factory’s machinery plant to public hospital wards of medical equipment – all bought up in Turkey from organized terrorist looting. – Turkey aggressively sought to annex 35km deep strip of Syrian territory as a buffer zone and militarized zone, with NATO air protection of terrorist operations to be out of reach of SAA defending against them – ‘safe zones.’ – Having failed to get ‘safe zones’ Turkey has fully invaded its sovereign neighbor both with intent of carving out occupied zone for its proxy FSA so they are a fact on ground in any peace negotiations, and to launch a campaign against Syrian ethnic Kurds in their own country. Attempting to ethnically cleanse them from border towns and replace them where possible with pro Turkish ethnic Turkmen. Yet in spite of your government’s illegal indirect war against your neighbor, you claim Turkey is somehow the victim in all of this narrative, and complain about the inevitable blow-back that comes from allowing masses of terrorists free sanctuary an movement in your country? Meh.

Jonathan Cohen

They may have learned their lesson, or they may be learning it now; which is why they seem to now be going for direct Turkish control and annexation rather than theocratic proxy control. And Annexation means abortion rights in Al Bab


oh, the whole game should be planned by Turkey! ABD, Essad, Russia, İran and kurdish terrorist groups are completely innocent. what happened in Iraq? what is the result of all game? who won in the end of the war? How was the Demographic structure before war, and what about now? can you compare it? Where is Sunnah arabes? Please don’t tell me demographic structure because i don’t think you don’t have any idea about Syrian demographic history. Please, Research it in true documanteries. especially after 1946, Essad Family started to govern with the support of france. The essad family were not even 10% of total population with total Christians. It took 70 years. They were not allowed to manage someone else’s. other than this, there were %7-8 kurds, %5-6 turkish, but the real problem, there were %75 sunnah and arabes that fooled during 70 years. At the point of arrival, %7-8 kurdish took the half of country support of USA and ALL WEST (the reason of the support will emerge in the future but i know why). %10 Essad and his family took rest of the country with the support of Russia(Balance policy to all west) ..

Let’s talk about Sunnies, Jackal US, firstly created a new terrorist group(ISIS) with a lots of lie and with lots of mise an scene. bullying, cruelty, blood, torture on the stage.. And Gathered the hatred of the whole world on this group. and They restarted to islamofobia again. and They started to tell same stories and lies to the world about supporter of this group. Turkey also was one of them. But however America threw tons of guns from air :) oh sorry, by mistake. And went on tell same stories about turkey. At the same time, the situation worsened in turkey because of “parallel deep state organization who support CIA”. ( You know, They tried to coup and tried to take over to management of turkish military but they couldn’t. great members of the organization are still in USA). Lots of fake news and tricks spread to the world by the organization about links of turkish government and ISIL. but from the beggining RTE and government ‘ve just supported to real owners of Syria who are %75 of population. But now, everything changed. You can find 4 million people in TURKEy, but i am sure that you can’t find more than 3 million in Syria. Please say me, Where is Syria? There is a Region in İstanbul where call Damascus, and another part where call Aleppo.

And the most crowded kurdish poeple live in turkey. we have a very long history together but All west think there are some racist problems between kurdish and turkish. but it’s another lie. basically our problem is not about kurdishes. Our problems are with Terrorist groups like PKK(HPG, YPG, TAK, HDP, SDG all of them is same. they are continious changing their name because of Perception management. And they are the biggest barrier of the piece in Turkey.) even so, Turkey open the door all kurdish syrian during ISIS attacks from kobane. And some of them are still going on to live in turkey.

888mladen .

Surely you both Turks and Kurds participated in Armenian genocide and now you are at each other throats. This is a mirror you should look at yourself in, you both as nations. And you would like to rule ME and you can’t rule your own hearts full of bigotry and hatred breathing death to all who differ from you? You need love of God in your wretched hearts but you won’t find that in Koran. Your nations exterminated Christians just out of fear that you might become better men. https://twitter.com/Souria4Syrians/status/837034942857097217


men of my country were making war on “World War 1” at the 8 different fronts, againts Russia, Great Britain and France.. Lost of people killed each other. more dan million turks killed. much more ottoman citizen killed..

you should talk about the truth, armenians attacked to women and children with the provocation of russian while ottoman men making war.. and most armenians were killed by the kurds due to self defense.

Armenian genocide and 1.5 million poeple and other stories is completely lie. There is no scientific study and proof yet. many times and many government officials invited to historians to work neutral. but Armenian diaspora insistently prefered to provocate.

888mladen .

Mate photos can’t lie but you can as you do. Your murderous government killed Orthodox patriarchs Paul and John in Aleppo. http://theorthodoxchurch.info/blog/news/the-abduction-of-aleppo-metropolitans-paul-yazidzhi-and-john-ibrahim-turkish-involvement/

888mladen .

Enough to say that Turkey was a German ally in both WW.

888mladen .

Your leaders Turkish and Kurdish alike have been handled by Zionist entity.


Ali, I am sorry that you must be close to such violence. I was making the connection based on the many articles put out by South Front that showed the continual supply of oil rolling into Turkey from ISIS territory until Russia cut it off, and on the evidence which showed US arms being allowed to funnel through Turkey (from Lybia, and other area) into Syrian territory held by ISIS or militants allied with them. I could have just as easily included the US in that list. Turkish goals seem to continually shift (at lest it seems that way), but you are right, I do not have all the facts.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

There we go again: the US trying to remain as an occupying force in the ME. When will Americans understand that imperialism is dead? How many more victims do we need in order to understand that the role of the US outside its borders is over? We do not need American troops anywhere, we do not want them interfering with our lives and our sovereignty. Please go home!…

Jean de Peyrelongue

The shortest way to get rid of ISIS is to have a regime changes in Ryad and Doha which have been the main sponsors of ISIS and Al Qaida. They should also make a detour to Ankara to get rid of Erdogan, a very devious man. After that they could tell Israel to stop killing the Palestinians, end the blockade of Gaza and return the Golan to Syria. I am afraid Matis’s plan is not my proposal so we will have to forget peace. The US is going to expand the Chaos to Lebanon and to Iran. Israel and the Devil will be satisfied


im hoping russia and china stop them butt cold!


They have been in Afghanistan for years, fighting against people wearing sandals and armed with AK47. And they talked about a swift victory against their own creation funded by their own sponsors???

Not A Russian Spy

Our Israeli overlords are beating the war drums again, calling us to a pointless war that will have a negative effect on everyone involved. Except Israel of course.

How do people not see who is really behind the destabilization of the middle east? How do people not see it was CIA/Clintons/Israel/Saudi Arabia that created and armed ISIS?


fuck them all, and israel, may them all vanish from existence for eternity

Scarooni Recruit

We need to stop supporting Israel. We have made them the superpower of the middle east and the only one with nuclear weapons.

888mladen .

You should stop supporting Vatican the source of all evil at first place. You’ve got Jesuits completely in control of all the branches of you government and you are so blind that you don’t even see it.

Scarooni Recruit

If so I guess the jesuits did’t need nuclear weapons or a strong modernized military subsidized by tax payer money

888mladen .

No they didn’t need it to take over US government and make US constitution null and void. It’s all done by deception. However in order to deal with Russia and China they do. But they don’t need to do it themselves they’ve got a army of willing Americans to render them a perfect service. They just need to control it. After all they both fight against Communism and they are brothers in arms. And remember that Poland would have never seceded from the Eastern block without assistance of US. They both need each other however Vatican is the brain and US is the muscle. And I hope you know who controls whom.


Americans seem to know no other ‘diplomacy ‘ than bombs and bullets. US bombs and bullets kill and maim civilians in great numbers and cause more hatred for the US.

Bombs and bullets cannot ‘kill’ an ideology.

888mladen .

But the love of God in the Bible can.

Pave Way IV

Here’s a better plan for defeating ISIS: Nuke Riyadh and Doha. Send out kill teams for anyone in any capacity in their military and intelligence organizations that survived. At the same time, round up Arab and UAE royals – every last one of them. In London, mostly – because none of them actually live in their hell-hole countries, Extradite them to special prisons in some other hell-hole Middle East country. Yemen might be a good choice. Then fill their remaining days with either ‘enhanced interrogation’ or solitary confinement, never to have contact with the outside world again.

ISIS problem? Solved…

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