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Pentagon Plans to Send 5,000 Troops To Middle East To Deter “Defeated Iran”: MSM Reports

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Pentagon Plans to Send 5,000 Troops To Middle East To Deter "Defeated Iran": MSM Reports

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US Department of Defense officials are expected to brief US President Donald Trump’s national security team on a plan to send thousands of troops to the Middle East to further deter Iran, several MSM outlets report.

The rumor of the deployment comes a day after Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan announced that Iran’s possibility of attack on Americans was defeated.

Unnamed US officials told CNN’s Barbara Starr that no official decision about the deployment have been made.

“They also say all the troops might not be needed at once. Some could be sent quickly as a deterrence measure, others might only be sent if tensions rise to the point the US believes an attack is imminent.”

The alleged increase request was made by US Central Command, which was designated as a terrorist organization by the Iranian parliament.

According to CNN, in addition to the troops, other military capabilities would also possibly be deployed to the Middle East. These include, “additional ballistic missile defense systems, Tomahawk cruise missiles on submarines, and surface ships with land attack capabilities for striking at a long range.”

CNN previously reported that US officials calculate more than 100,000 troops would be needed for a comprehensive strike against Iran. In that scenario, the US would try to destroy Iran’s air defenses, warships and missiles before striking nuclear targets.

And it also followed rumors that the US was planning to deploy 120,000 troops to counter Iran, which have since been rebuked.

Reuters reported that the number of troops possibly to be deployed is 5,000.

The Pentagon declined to comment.

“As a matter of longstanding policy, we are not going to discuss or speculate on potential future plans and requests for forces,” Commander Rebecca Rebarich, a Pentagon spokeswoman said.

According to the Associated Press, the number of troops to possibly be deployed is 10,000.

AP tried to confirm its information, but received the exact same response Reuters got, but from another individual.

Air Force Col. Patrick Ryder, spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, declined to comment, saying, “As a matter of long-standing policy, we are not going to discuss or speculate on potential or alleged future operations or plans.”

Democrat Senator Seth Moulton told Task & Purpose after being briefed by Shanahan and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on May 21st that he was even more concerned that the Trump administration was looking for an excuse to get into a fight with Iran.

“Everything I have said to date about how concerned I am with this administration’s push toward war – the fact that there are certain people in the administration who are pushing for regime change in Iran – was reinforced by this briefing,” said Moulton.

Around the same time as the deployment rumors, former US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis cautioned against war with Iran in his first public remarks since he left office. He called for the military to buy time for diplomats to reach a solution with Iran, rather than undertaking aggressive action.

“The United States should buy time to keep peace and stability and allow diplomats to work diplomacy on how to keep peace for one more hour, one more day, one more week, a month or a year,” Mattis said.

“Iran’s behavior must change,” Mattis added, “[but] the military must work to buy time for diplomats to work their magic.”

In a speech that, in fact, had a lot of common sense in it, Mattis said the following:

“We’re going to have to work together as nations to respect each other’s differences but throughout this terrorism that is growing, it is not going away; it’s growing in the other direction, we see it spreading in North Africa, and we see what’s going on now as it spreads deeper into South Asia.

We’re going to have to figure out how to do this. We don’t have to be perfect nations, each one of us. We’re going to have to protect what we have and we all work on our own nations to make them better. But I’m going to be spending a lot of time studying how do we get more nations to work together and see a way for the world with less disparity. If this terrorism continues, eventually there will be a time that the terrorists get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. And we must not let that happen.

We need to hold fast to each other. We need to engage more with each other.”


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120,000 of these losers also “defeated” Afghanistan for the past 20 years :)


yeah and Iran will be yet another ‘victory’ in a long line of ‘victories’ the disintegrating states of america can be proud of.

klove and light

and the dices Keep on rolling…..


I think the US is retreating, and they have made up all this stuff to hide their retreat from Americans. I know a lot of Americans say bring the troops home, but they show their true feelings at the ballot box.

Any President that invades or bombs another country, no matter how unpopular gets reelected. Examples are Reagan Clinton Bush Jnr.

Any President that refuses to kill is thrown out of office and is ostracized. Examples Nixon and Carter.


Bush Sr. won a massive war, causing Americans to go F*** yeah! And the specter of Vietnam to be laid to rest and to be forgotten. And he lost his re-election. And Nixon heavily bombed and fought in Vietnam, and even invaded Cambodia. If anything he waged the Vietnam war even more brutal then Johnson did and he got impeached over lying over Watergate. And Johnson even lost his chance of re-election over Vietnam.

In the end its not the wars that matter to Americans. Not since the draft was ended. In the words of Bill Clinton, it’s all about the economy, stupid! Under all those presidents you listed the economy did well by the time they were up for re-election. And Bush Jr. massively played the gay marriage card to rile up his conservative electoral base. Americans don’t vote based on how many countries their presidents invade or blow up. That’s just a momentary rush or outrage. Those fade rather quickly. When he launched cruise missiles at Syria the MSM and Washington establishment hailed Trump as presidential. And within a week resumed bashing him again like nothing had happened. Americans vote on the economy first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and a whole lot more. Wars, they don’t matter that much, as most Americans are not impacted by them thanks to the all volunteer army.


2 exceptions, body bags and the price of gasoline. Of which would happen depending on the depth of strikes. War by proxy and unilateral economic sanctions are all they have.

Concrete Mike

gasoline, you nailed it.

you think iran will.just roll.over and die?

No aramco would become craterco, and world oil prices would explode!! then we in the west would notice.

im glad i dont have a ram or silverado


It’s a 2 edged sword, voters want cheap oil, but the oil companies want expensive oil. The oil price would be a lot lower if Trump had not blockaded Iran and Venezuela. The US objective is to keep oil as close as possible to $70, to keep voters happy, and the oil companies profitable.


Bush Sr correctly did not invade Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein, so he was punished by voters. Nixon ran on a platform that opposed the Vietnam war, but to win the election, he needed the war to continue. He won the 72 election because he increased the war effort, but was then shunned when he withdrew from Vietnam in 1973.

Americans love a killer on the throne, and hate peaceniks.


Bull. Bush Sr. rode a electoral high after winning the Gulf War. And then the economy tanked and he had to raise taxes, which Bill Clinton expertly exploited. And Americans were fed up with the Vietnam war and wanted it to end. As long as it doesn’t impact them (Vietnam did because of the draft) Americans don’t give a fuck about wars, they care about the economy. The high of winning a war, or blowing something up in another country fades within a weak. A bad or good economy impacts Americans every day.


I agree the economy has an influence in voters perceptions, yes they want free wars.

Kelli Hernandez

Americans are war weary. It’s why all of this warmongering toward Iran is being met with backlash. No more wars for ISRAEL. Trump is playing to 35% of his base. The rest be damned. They would need 500 000 to be remotely sufficient..also Iran has the S-300

Jens Holm

There is nothing in Iran besides toomany unimployed Iranians. If the world need more camels, we can get them from Australia.


Just as Denmark has far too many pigs ,Jens.

If the world needs more gay vikings , we can get them from California.

Jens Holm

We dont have far too many pigs. Its like other products in the world market. You sometimes need, and the price goes up and too many are produced a.s.o.

The future seemes fine for the farmers because th chinese like our qualituy as well as pigs in several parts of the world are ill.

Gays are fine people paying tax to the poor and their children.

Every country in the world has the same % of gays. California is known for gays and other minorities because several states in US has the same kind of tolerance as You bastards.

Concrete Mike

fascist pig.

Irani people.have as much a right to live as you and I do.

Whatever another proclamation from the king of BORK!!

Jens Holm

Our pigs and the rest in world already has complaints about You in UN.

I agree. Iranians and especially the women has the same rights to live, but they dont.

Concrete Mike

Fair points sir

Lets factor in the zionist media aspect to it now, war is as good for the media as it is for weapons manufacturer.

The media’s hold on the public psyche is an interesting factor to look at.

Donnie was one of the rare people to get elected that the media hated.

But who knows…its probably all rigged anyways!!

Jens Holm

As long as You put zionist into everything blocking everything, You are like dentists putting stones in bread Yourself.

You rig so much Yourself and even conclude on Your constructions.


engulf and devour is the unfulfilled ambition of the disintegrating states of america, which has pursued it with a vengeance during the last 70 years, starting with Korea and Vietnam and so on. it would be better for fatso (akin to herman goering) and bedbugcrazy bolton (akin to heinrich himmler) and abrams (akin to reinhardt heydrich) and dunny the dunce (akin to any ass) to watch the film by Mel Brooks and stay at home rather than attempting whole sale murder and destruction in their quest to be the hegemon. it won’t work.

and 5000, yeah that will do the trick, unless the criminally corrupt and certified insane neo-nazis are planning to nuke the place, in which case it ought to be open season on any american anywhere and at any time! and open season on any jew as well.

Xoli Xoli

USA barking as usual it will never ever defeat Iran.Show weapons carriers is long outdated threat.You cant sail around with graveyard. It is a open target cemetery. Single messile can take down USA warships with all jets and terrorists soldiers to mother sea floor.Gone are the days when villagers, farm workers used to ran away if their see USA planes,soldiers or warships.Even baboons and monkeys are not scared of USA oil leaking weapons carriers.

chris chuba

So like where would these troops go, Iraq? It would be nice to ask their permission, or one of the Gulf States.

Jens Holm

Its up to 5.000 as being proposed by Reuters for hard-harware handling.

Some people here think USA will let americans get killed for Iranians even calculating soldiers.

Very much will be from Joystick in USA as well as satelites. Maybee they this time put some cruisermssiles on speed.


The US troops would need to go where there is a plentiful supply of prostitutes of all genders and age groups I suspect.


Imaginary threat, imaginary attack, imaginary defeat of ‘declared’ enemy…all good. Now we have to defend this hard fought victory with 5,000 pieces of fodder…if we can find a place to park them. But they have to be close enough for another FF, just in case. One never knows when a war of opportunity will arise.

Jens Holm

They hardly will be fodder being in contact with iranians.

Looking at Assads some 5.000 could take Damaskus by Basra and Al Tanf even hard to keep -haha.

Concrete Mike

oh really? if thats the case how.come deir ez zor survived?

Even with Danish airstrikes o Thurdah mountain was not enough to defeat SAA there.

20000 and more were exterminated by the SAA!

Your friends will never get closer to Damas then they were. You know why? Because they do not have the support of the people! The people dont support them because there basically terrorists there to rape and pillage thats it.

So while you sit in your Ivory tower deploring human right abuse by the “assadists” with your other hand your helping al nusra.

Another 5000 whores will not change a damn thing, except less money to fix american infrastructure, real jobs for real americans!


5000 soldiers can conquer Denmark in two hours. Germans did with less.


It will be an attack on Syria and russias air port! the turks are now studying the tech behind the S 400 and than sell it to the USA! that strike group will attack syria and uses jordans airspaces for it!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

thats why i would not sell S-400 to turkey, why do they want it for?

Kelli Hernandez

Meanwhile, the perpetrator to all of this, Bibi Nutty Yahoo sits back watching events unfold popcorn in hand.


not at all, netanyahu is frantic since he sees the enemies of israel gather around with strength and determination to end israel and the reign of the squatters. and rest assured, it will happen and we can always hope the ever evil netty chokes on the pop corns

Jens Holm

Aprils fools day is not this week.

Maybee this one by JensHom magic news bureau as true as Danes are Muhammedanes believing in Muhammed in stead of Allah.

ISIS men selfdetonate themselves, because they hardly can handle being married with one wife.


Only Allah and Buddha know wtf that even means… you somehow managed to misspell even your own name “JensHom” ?

Jens Holm

So now this is a spelling contest…

Obvius You dont understand its a joke and JensHom magic news bureau dont exist, and thats why “my name” is not my username here :)

Joao Alfaiate

I guess the Iranians will run up the white flag just as the Taliban have…oh, wait….

Jens Holm

They wont meet a single American. More likely they should start swimming and skating lessons for Lake Tehran.

Concrete Mike

They will never attack Iran, attacking iran is death to israel.


but we all wish an early israeli demise and if such an end to the squatters is the consequence so yeah, go for it, 5000 will do the job hehe


Could this be a Saving Face Operation for the US Military and also the possibility that Trump is reining in the war hawks such as Boulton and Pompous ?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

come, send your entire military there america, iran will eat them up :)))

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

LOL the only one defeated is the US and its terrorist buddies. you gonna need waaaay more than 5k soldiers, not even your entire military can conquer iran lol

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