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Pentagon On “Aggressive” Track To Quickly Develop Offensive Hypersonic Weapons

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Pentagon On "Aggressive" Track To Quickly Develop Offensive Hypersonic Weapons

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The US Department of Defense has taken a “fast-track, four-phase approach” to developing hypersonic weapons, in an attempt to catch up to China, and mostly Russia.

This was stated by Mike White, Principal Director of Hypersonics at the Pentagon.

The first phase consisted of concept demonstrations, test and evaluation and weapons system prototype, he said.

The second phase was in transitioning promising technology development to concept demonstration.

Phase three will be in accelerated fielding of capability and weapons system prototypes to warfighters, White said.

Finally, phase four, starting with the fiscal year 2022 budget cycle, will be buying hypersonic weapons in numbers and delivering prototypes to the warfighter for future production buys in programs of record.

It is an endeavor undertaken by NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Space Development Agency, the Missile Defense Agency and national laboratories partnering in the effort to move this along expediently and effectively.

Recently, the Pentagon ordered the Joint Hypersonic Transition Office to create a university consortium to aid in key science and technology aspects and to train the best and brightest for the next generation workforce.

The current focus is on offensive hypersonic weapons. The bulk of the investment is going to provide theater commanders with lethal, medium- and intermediate-range systems. These will be used to counter any enemy efforts for A2/AD efforts against US forces in the air, land, sea and space domains, according to White.

White said that the defensive side is much more difficult to predict and prepare for because hypersonic vehicles travel with unpredictable maneuverability at over five times the speed of sound at near space levels.

White said that the challenge is tracking and targeting those systems in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. There is currently no effective sensors for that, there are no intercept vehicles and there is no associated architecture.


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Lone Ranger

They should first develop supersonic cruise missiles, than hypersonic…
They are 30 years behind.
Russia already offered them to sell the tech, maybe they should go for it.
Art of deal…:)


Hopefully they will go bankrupt


The US is already bankrupt and the USS Fantasy Island is now haveing to stem the inrush of reality with bundles of ‘freshly printed’ dollars being stuffed into the ever increasing holes appearing below the waterline :)

johnny rotten

A facts still zero, to talk instead are the world leaders.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

These Yanks talk such shite!

Make the missiles, prove they work, and STFU until you do so.
Aggressive track my arse!


There were literally thousands of articles like this one ever since Putin’s announcements of hypersonic missiles entering production.
What is the point of keeping repeating the same story about “fast tracking” whole year?
The only “fast tracking” thing in US is panic that they will be left far behind in hyper-sonic tech.


Creating hypersonic technology will be the least of their problems. Creating a defence will be even harder.


hypersonic airdefenses are step abowe in development
US “Seasparow” missile defense is joke for mach10 Zircon or Kinzhal


They cant even stop their band of phaedo/homosexual anarchists,let alone 1.4b china?


The Pentagon does have the ‘Greatest, Biggest and Smartest’ fast track weapon procurement systems in the world.

The US world beating destruction of her ‘Non Zionist’ citizens wealth transfer to the Zionist US Military Industrial Complex has NO world rivals.

The boondoggle and ‘clinically obese’ US F35 ‘invalid’ aircraft is just one example of that.


“Greatest, Biggest and Smartest”are the words more suitable for promoting a dildo than hyper-sonic missile.

Zionist (Jewish) problem is always the same problem of parasite killing the host.
Once US super power is no more Islamic invasion will be only question of time
Israel is dead duck in desert already.


Only an American Duck would seek safety in a desert :)


the yankee-twats spent the money on aircraft carriers and some useless f35s adding to the pentagon get rich quick scheme while the other guys developed some capable aircraft-carrier neutralizers and some very good radars to locate the f35s if and when they fly. might say that brain won over brawn and the yankee-twats over indulgence in the stealth concept is just laughable. pity the poor twats helplessly hanging on to a straw to avoid becoming a third rate banana republic and with twats like trump in the white house the decline is inevitable.


Yep! USA TODAY: There’s their media for you folks,slaves of the slaves of the slaves:


Pffft, on the aggressive track to nowhere. They had decades to do this and now, they are going to churn it out in mere months? Baloney. Propaganda is all it is, Just like all the crap they have stated about Covid-19 testing and vaccines. The part about NASA is funny. NASA hasn´t been leading tech for decades. How come they bought all those rocket engines from Russia, if they were so freaking advanced? They can say anything they want as they whistle their way home at night, they still need to pass by the graveyard. My take folks. A good day to all.

Bill Wilson

The US DoD did develop scram jets and hypersonic weapons decades ago. The Russians and Red Chinese know that which is why they announce having hypersonic weapons even though none actually work.


Get you hand off it,incest! you cant even build an effective subsonic missile let alone,
you fake moon landing/fake x missions,and failed 26.5 trillion debts are proof of your incompetence,in short you are finished,your lies are profoundly proven,seeya incests!


All I see from the US are rockets and little evidence of scram and ram jets. Also it appears Russia is testing hypersonic defence technologies.


S-500 are that “hypersonic defence technologies”and Moscow has their hyper-sonic defense tech that is not mobile also.
By the time US gets their hypersonic missiles out in production Russia will have their S-500 waiting for them already.

Checkmate, game over.

Assad must stay

Hahahhaha america is in terminal decline


Wow, even NASA is involved. The same American organization that cannot do without Russian space boosters ?

Peter Moy

Yes when NASA (Never A Straight Answer) is involved, you just know that the US national debt will be viciously raped. It’s already more than $26 TRILLION and even the worst of the worst politicians are starting to be concerned.

Tommy Jensen

Maybe Russia has defenses against our new fast track hypersonics, but the rest of the world have not……………………LOL.
That means we can use our super fast hypersonic missiles against all other nations in the world and make they will bow for America, if not they are being destroyed.

Then it is the world with hybrid war, swarm techniques and Corona virusses against Russia who is now alone and isolated, and Russia cant defend itself against the whole world…………………LOL.
We won again!!


Usa can’t even defend their states there,how the fk they assumed to come out even?
They won eternal damnation,their cia/nsazi glory uphole days are done,definately no winners!
Thank clinton,bush,odummer,pompeous,cia,lgbtq,usa are weak and all broken up now(period)
Check the protests,no patriots with balls to take on limp wristed + obese anfita punks=game ova!


Yet not in the slightest are they bothered by their debt, it’s still full-steam ahead. Looks like they are frustrated they are falling behind with their plans.

jade villaceran

fast acceleration on this project that is so fast that the budget already drained in the MIC pocket, citizens wont see it

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