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JULY 2020

Pentagon Official Claims Iran Shot Down Spy Drone With Soviet Air Defense System


Pentagon Official Claims Iran Shot Down Spy Drone With Soviet Air Defense System

Syrian S-125 launcher

Iran used a Soviet-made air-defense system to shoot down the RQ-4A Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on June 20, not a domestic-made system as it had claimed, Newsweek reported on June 21, citing a Pentagon official.

The unnamed official identified the system as the S-125 Neva. The system is in service with 30 countries worldwide. However, Iran is not one them, which raises serious questions about the official’s claims.

According to the official, an Iranian S-125 site was among three targets the U.S. planned to strike on June 20, before President Donald Trump called off the attack.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed that it had used the domestically-made Khordad-3 air-defense system to shoot down the RQ-4A. The Guards proved its claims by released a video of the system launching a missile at the UAV.

It’s unclear why the Pentagon official made the false claims regarding the S-125. It may have been an attempt to undermine Iran’s domestic military industry, or simply a personal mistake. Iran operates a very similar soviet system, the S-75 Dvina.

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  • You can call me Al

    The old, cheap air defence system shot down a US $110 million top notch drone ?, meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, a full system of expensive US air defence systems Failed.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The Ansarallah guys in sandals have knocked off at least a thousand Americunt armored vehicles in Yemen with “Soviet” 1960’s ATGM too ;)

    • FlorianGeyer

      Ah , I understand now,Al.

      Its Russia’s fault in the blinded eyes of America.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        It is quite apparent that Americunts are a nation of shameless stand up comedians from Trump down.

        • d’Artagnan

          Mature and rational powers do not act like the US. America is only damaging its fading credibility with each new claim and counter claim. Not a very good look for a “superpower” in conflict with the world.

    • Pavel Pavlovich

      US air defence is vastly overrated, and this is logical, after all, the US is a colonial power. Its emphasis lies on air superiority. It is quite the contrary with the Soviet doctrine. The modern and even older Russian SAMs are ahead of their NATO counterparts.

      • d’Artagnan

        The Vietnamese shot down over 4700 US aircraft and helicopters with Soviet missiles. The SA-6 mobile (Gainful) did very well against the Israelis and their best US jets in 1973 as well. Soviet and now Russian aerospace technology in capable hands has no equals.

        • grumpy_carpenter

          True dat. In the ’73 war all Sadat had to do was be patient and keep his reserve force on the East side of the Suez to protect his air defences and Israel would never have been able to establish air superiority over the Sinai. He committed his reserve prematurely allowing Israeli armour to cross the Suez and take out the Egyptian air defences. Stupid move. He should have left the war to his generals.

          • Pavel Pavlovich

            That war was likely staged to give the US friend Saddat some reputation. Ofc they would later betray him.

        • Real Anti-Racist Action

          I do believe in general speaking, that Russia makes the best anti-air defenses.
          My problem is that Russia does not deliver the advanced stuff to the theaters in which people most need them.
          I do believe that the S-300’s day is behind. But I do believe that the S-400 is a super potent threat to any Israel or US aircraft.
          I believe that Iran and Lebanon and Syria need the S-400’s combined with Russia’s short range laser defense systems.
          Russian S-400 and S-500 and lasers I believe will be the very best air defense systems for the next 25 years minimum. Then we’ll have to see what others come up with or if Russia makes an S-600 in 20 years.

    • Brother Thomas

      Well said.

    • AM Hants

      Does make me giggle. How long did it take for the US $40 billion, Missile Defence System to enter active stage? Almost 2 decades. No wonder they are seriously cheesed off with the S-400, if old Soviet Systems can take down their very expensive junk.

    • goingbrokes

      Who would have thought that the Global Hawk is so easy to take down. Makes you almost think that it was there as a bait! ;

  • Zionism = EVIL

    haha this is hilarious as the dumbass ugly Americunts tell one lie after another. If that is the case then Soviet tech is so good that on one missile, it downed the most advanced and expensive Americunt dud drone at 50,000 feet. Americunts are a global laughing stock…..ROFLMAO…….this is beyond funny….

  • Rob

    The Trump big mistake they have sent spy drone not an ordinary drone to spy on Iran. What the fuck is this?

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The dumbasses did not have much luck with their spy planes either, with Russia shooting down the U2 and capturing Francis Gary Powers. Iranian air defences are far more modern and lethal now and can bring down anything up to 90,000 feet of stratosphere. The FACT is simple, the Americunt arseholes miscalculated and underestimated Iranian capabilities. They mistook Iran for Saddam’s weak Iraq.

      • Rob

        Saddam did many mistakes. He allowed Israeli Jews as UN officials to visit Iraq. Then Saddam on American pressure dismantled most of his missiles and nuclear laboratories, even he did not use uranium in his weapons. These was Saddam extreme mistakes. So then it was so easy for America and Israel to invade Iraq with out any threat. It was a clear message and lesson for Iran and other regional countries.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Probably an attempt by the dirty-tricks brigade people in Washington to set-up a false narrative for a future false-flag event action performed under the auspices of CENTERRORCOM.

    The equivalent of American human faeces are probably planning shooting down an airliner again and blaming those that they have a hatred of.

  • Pavel Pavlovich

    A very similar system, the S-75…
    that is bogus. The only similarity is the designation as given by the Soviet powers that were.

    The S-125 is very different in almost every aspect.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The Americunt arseholes are embarrassed and just telling porkies, good thing they did not get their F-35 junk blown out of the skies over the Persian Gulf or the Zionist scum losing one to the Russian S-75 “bird strike”.

      Documents recently obtained by Defense News reveal that the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter is troubled with more than a dozen issues that could either put the lives of pilots at risk or jeopardize amission outright.

      The report reveals that as the F-35 aircraft went into operational testing in the fall of 2018, it did so with at least 13 issues that were deemed as category 1 deficiencies, which are described as possibly causing death, severe injury or illness, loss or damage to the aircraft or that critically restrict the pilot’s abilityto be ready for combat, among other shortfalls.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    ISIS may have obtained a high altitude Russian surface-to-air missile system after recapturing the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria.

    Published on December 16, 2016 by John Sjoholm

    Media posted by the IS-affiliated news agency al Amaq, shows that their offensive in the area appears to have resulted in the capture of a Syrian fire base to the west of Palmyra. The base is believed to be just north of the government-held Tiyas air base, and part of its outer security perimeter. Various images show abandoned artillery pieces, machine guns and what appears to be an S-125 surface-to-air missile system and its associated targeting and tracking systems.

    The S-125, also known by its NATO name as the SA-3, is a Soviet-era rail-based surface-to-air missile system that can hit targets flying at approximately 60,000 feet, and has a maximum effective range of 17 miles, according to public U.S. military documents. If properly deployed it can pose a serious threat to any air assets operating in the area. However, it is considered an advanced system and complicated to operate without proper training. It also possesses a large and visible footprint that make it easy to find, and target.


    • Criticalthinker101

      And your point is what?

    • AM Hants

      ISIS may have????????

      Published in December 2016, so if they had, they would be singing from the roof tops, would they not?

  • d’Artagnan

    America should act maturely an accept responsibility for its illegal violation of Iranian sovereignty. Making confused and outrageous claims only undermines weak US global credibility.

  • cliff

    How they hell would they have known,they acting like they recovered debris of the missile. Some things is best not mentioning.

  • Tommy Jensen

    I urge US&UK to prepare a $150 million legal research report about what exactly happened, and distribute it to UNSC, MSM, all European governments in the free world, and to our Allies in sh.thole countries.

    Then the public will know what really happened and take legal actions against those who committed War crimes and pay compensation to the 6 mio victims families who were gassed in the act of war.

    • AM Hants

      So love satire.

    • James

      It must be Friday for Tommy, he’s slacking off.

  • BlueInGreen

    It is definitely a shameful attempt to downplay Iran’s domestic missile defense capabilities and give off the impression that it was some lucky hit with an old piece of hardware yet the video, multiple Iranian officials and other records completely back up the FACT that Iran never operated S-125 Neva. U.S. wants Americans to feel somewhat ‘safe’ in any future conflict with Iran by painting a false picture of a weak country that fields outdated machinery. Easier to lull an already stupid people into war if you can convince them that the opponent is a push-over so to say.

    3rd of Khordad is an advanced modern air defense system that is LEAGUES better than the antiquated S-125.

    Some info about the 3rd of Khordad:

    Here the Tabas system is significantly cheaper and I firmly believe that even the 15th Khordad is still cheaper than the 3rd Khordad.
    However the 3rd Khordad is a real killer…

    As shown a full battalion has 36 ready to fire missiles and 16 guidance channels. At a high threat first line a battalion can credibly protect a 200km circle and create a nightmare for the opponent.

    The Najm series has a different role: Bashir radar was specially developed to support the long range 3rd Khordad.




    • BlueInGreen

      How one can be comfortable in their own skin whilst blatantly lying to this magnitude about which Air Defense system blew the RQ-4A out of the air is beyond me. The very video PressTv put up of the 3rd of Khordad shooting down is evidence enough just based off of physical differences between 3rd of Khordad and S-125 Neva.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    “It’s unclear why the Pentagon official made the false claims regarding the S-125”

    Two reasons: 1) They’re habitual liars and, like the CIA, it’s highly likely they have classes for those not comfortable with telling lies. Most importantly 2) They’re trying to convince themselves that Iran has no independent capabilities and thus capable of inflicting heavy casualties on any who attempt the stupidity they’re aiming for.

    • Pavel Pavlovich

      With old Soviet systems. I dunno which is more shameful.

      • Abtin Do

        Yes, among other obvious, glaring flaws of its bankrupt and desperate nature, that’s the bottom line that makes the claim all the more laughable. even assuming for one instant that it were true (which every single experts and related-defense outlets recognize as it was, a Khordad 3), is that the fake story put forward is borderline ridiculous and pathetic. A top-notch, state-of-the-art, hundred million dollar + intelligence asset flying at high altitude with certified “stealth” attributes, taken down by a 50+ year-old, legacy Soviet SAM. WOOOW the relief, people !!! Their very defense rationale is plain pathetic. Now the operators and defense thinker can sleep better at nights, all is well and Iran is still as defenseless and naked as they once thought. Just like when some Graham senator claimed that they could never hack and made an RQ-170 on their own airbase, only to admit then it “could be possible” but that it sill means nothing more than a “Ferrari dropped in a oxcart culture”. 8 years later the Iranian military used 26 DoD-issued copies of those to destroy CIA/Saudi/Israeli-funded terrorist cells with ample video evidence. Man, the irony of our times and the end of an era of ludicrous impunity and media monopoly.

  • wwinsti

    *Ahemmm* The Khordad is somewhat derived from the buk1.2, but the Sayyad 2 missile it fires is inspired by the RIM66 missile, which was favored by the US Navy decades go.

    That would explain the Pentagon’s need to spread more lies.

  • AM Hants

    Glad Iran beat them to it. Well done Iran.

  • Sinbad2

    How could brown people do something that white Americans can’t do, it’s impossible mein fuhrer.

    • Ronald

      Iranians are Caucasian, not Arabic mein Sinbad2

      • Sinbad2

        OK I stand corrected, but my premise still holds.

        How could Asian people do something that white Americans can’t do, it’s impossible mein fuhrer.


    No wonder a state of the art porkistani f 16 falcon was recently blown to pieces by a 50 year old Indian MiG 21

  • denxerw2000

    Well, according to Wikipedia (yes I know… though it tends to be accurate on such simple matters) Iran never had this Soviet AA system.

  • José Xavier

    The S-125 is a 1960 decade soviet SAM. If the S-125 can do this with the most advanced american UAVs, imagine what the S-400 or the S-500 could do… US no longer has air superiority that it has in 90s, if it have anyway…just see the killings of old soviet sams in Yugoslavia war… Killing an “stealth aircraft”…