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Pentagon: Multination Force To Establish Safe-Zone In Northeastern Syria


Pentagon: Multination Force To Establish Safe-Zone In Northeastern Syria

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

Pentagon spokesman, Commander Sean Robertson, revealed on February 23 the 200 US troops who will remain in northeastern Syria after the supposed pullout will be a part of a multinational force which will establish a safe zone in the region.

“The multinational observing and monitoring force will be made up primarily of NATO allies, who along with U.S. forces will maintain stability and prevent an ISIS resurgence in Syria,” the Anadolu Agency quoted Cmdr. Robertson as saying.

Citing a military source, the Turkish state-run agency said that Turkish and Kurdish forces would not be involved in the planned safe zone, which will be established along the Turkish border, east of the Euphrates River.

The plan to establish a safe-zone controlled by a multinational force was first confirmed by U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, who said last week that Washington will ask its allies in Europe to commit hundreds of troops to create the zone.

Beside U.S. forces, hundreds of troops from the UK, France and Australia will likely form the core of the multinational force, according to previous reports.

Cmdr. Robertson also confirmed to reporters that another 200 US troops will remain in the area of al-Tanaf in southeastern Syria. Washington hopes that its military presence there will block a key highway that links Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut.

Last December, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he will withdraw “all” US troops from the war-torn country. However, the pressure from the mainstream media, politicians and even officials within his own administration has apparently forced him to make a U-turn.

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  • daniel

    As long US and NATO are in Syria the country cant see peace, it can turn to frozen conflict country,

  • Brad Isherwood


    Have posted this map several years concerning Syrian conflict.
    The recent call for multinational/international force*
    Could be path for the International Administration zone in the Rand Map.

    Rand/Israel’s intentions in Syria have been derailed. ..and can be blocked by Open Legal confrontation in the UN.

    The Euphrates is Key in the Rand map land grab.
    UN can be scammed to use Water Security as reason to maintain international whatever in Syria.

    Question now..

    Will Putin and Assad set more dinner plates…. for all the Illegal
    Trash staying and planning to occupy Syria?

    • Tommy Jensen

      The Manbij question is still not over, as me and Bolton are still working hard for US influence and leverage in the city.
      Trump dont understand all our problems in Manbij, but the city is our baby folks.

  • gustavo

    WOW ! with the permission of who ? This is Syria country and is not Oklahoma state, should north americans know this ? USA official notifications:
    We are leaving Syria.
    We are not leaving Syria until Iran leaves Syria.
    We are leaving Syria soon.
    We will have some ñhundred brave and heors soldiers there to take care of some ISIS fighers.
    We have won the war to ISIS.
    Well, it is not possible to defect ISIS, and we need to stay in Syria.
    ISIS has the psosiblitiy to become stronger in Syria and we need to stay there to protect freedom and deomocracy.
    We will leave Syria, Irak and Afganistan.
    We need to keep our army in Irak, Afganistann and Syria.

    AND SO ON.

    Any similarity with a mental institution in any parrt of the world is just a coicidence

  • RichardD

    Everything is back to square one before the withdrawal announcement. There is no withdrawal, just a force reconfiguration to keep the Turks from attacking the Kurd terrorists, and to keep the Syrian government coalition out of the occupied areas so that the partition continues.

    The no fly zone needs to be extended over all of Syria and Syria’s neighbors need to be told that any attacks from outside of Syrian airspace originating from their territory will be reciprocated to their territory. With the possible exception of Lebanon, which has no control of it’s airspace. And the escalation management upgrades to deter both Israel and NATO need to be put in place as well.

  • John Brown

    Once Turk stream and North Stream are both finished and Turkey gets its S-400s, Turkey and Syria will jointly drive out this zio Yinon plan invasion force.

  • Since there is a legitimate government in Syria and the Americans are not invited this is an act against international law – there is no way to change that.
    I am truly curious what the French banker-to-go with a passion for African Men and Old Woman will do .

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    “Beside U.S. forces, hundreds of troops from the UK, France and Australia will likely form the core of the multinational force,”
    Aka sitting ducks. Will this ILLEGAL invasion of NE Syria be debated and approved by the respective Parliaments or will this be sneaked in while the Plebs are kept drugged-up to their eyeballs with football and Kardassian gossip???

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    -“Beside U.S. forces, hundreds of troops from the UK, France and Australia will likely form the core of the multinational force, according to previous reports”-.
    Sounds like less than a 1,000 peacekeepers to keep the peace along this whole border region, double LOL again. This sounds like a load of crap to me, there has to be 5,000 to 10,000 peacekeepers here to keep the peace, not just hundreds, and not from the UK, maybe troops from France and Australia would be acceptable, but not the Brits, let’s see if they’re involved in any way shape or form, triple LOL. that’s nearly as funny as hearing the Saudis were going to have peacekeepers here too, LOL LOL LOL.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Our US/Nato 70 Countries Inherent Resolve Freedom Coalition will take care of Israel´s security in NE Syria.
    For freedom folks!

  • Piglet (Lawrence of Bavaria)

    Will this be a safe zone to protect anti-Syrian terrorists?

  • Ambricourt

    An Empire continually expands, using vassal-state troops wherever possible.

  • Marshalldoc

    I am so tired of Trump apologists pretending that he’s somehow involved in a titanic struggle against malign NeoCon/Neoliberal/Deep State forces against which he’s repeatedly beaten into submission rather than just straightforwardly admitting that he’s a naive, arrogant, ignoramus who’s decisions are based upon whom he last talked to or which Faux[NOT]News commentator had his ear at breakfast. He’s as much a part of the international financial elites running & benefiting from the destruction of our planet as Soros, Clinton, Bush, Macron, and all the rest. I’m continually amazed at the willingness of otherwise perceptive observers to be repeatedly gaslight by Trump.