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Pentagon: More Than 800 Foreign ISIS Fighters Are Being Held By Syrian Democratic Forces

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Pentagon: More Than 800 Foreign ISIS Fighters Are Being Held By Syrian Democratic Forces

By: sdf-press.com

More than 800 foreign terrorists from over 40 countries are detained by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Department of Defense spokesman Cmdr. Sean Robertson told CNN on February 2.

According to the American TV network, U.S. officials believe that the number of detained foreign terrorists is likely to grow as many of those fighters remaining in the ISIS-held pocket in the middle Euphrates River Valley will fail to escape eventually.

The officials are reportedly concerned about the fate of those detainees following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria, especially that Turkey may launch a military attack on the areas held by the SDF.

These detainees are currently held in several prisons in northeastern Syria run by the SDF and funded by the U.S., as a recently report by the New York Times has revealed. The Kurdish-dominated group can’t hand the detainees over to their countries or charge them because it is not recognized as a sovereign government.

However, France has expressed its will to take back its citizens illegally. Many other countries, especially in the West, may opt to do the same if Trump carries on with the decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

My guess is that they’ll transfered to Afghanistan (or wherever else the US needs them to be).


” The ( US) officials are reportedly concerned about the fate of those detainees”

I bet they are. The US spent a lot of money on these terrorists :)

Jens Holm

For good reasons nobody wants them.

My best option still is, that they as prisoners should be regainers of religios monuments in Syria-Iraq-Afghanistan the rest of their lives.

Any other solutions might be better.

But those are the men. a couple of months ago it was told they had aprox 1700 women as well. Those after repatrieation ar released after anout 3 month in prison having learn repatriation.


“For good reasons nobody wants them.”

I am sure Denmark would like to be enriched by them Jens :)

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Sadly i think that that trash in the Danish government actually would recieve them with open arms..

You know, that multicultural/cultural diversity/political correctness shit…..


You will be amused to know, I think, that the Royal Military Academy ,Sandhurst, now has a female Royal Medical Corps CSM ( Company Sgt Major ) as a drill instructor etc for the Officer Cadets.

She has stated that shouting and bawdy comments etc are out of date in the UK military who only a few weeks ago advertised for Snowflakes to become soldiers. I jest you not.

She is married to another female called Gemma apparently and they have one child.

Oh how I laughed when I read about that today in the UK daily Telegraph :) :) :)

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Hahaha Oh my god!! ??

Sad times man, sad times….

Tudor Miron

Yes, Jens will educate them about european values and advantages of western democracy.

Concrete Mike

And flawless grammar and syntaxe as well!!


Tajikistan is the next war.


Ok, and USA-Israel-NATO will send them to Afganistan to prepare a terrorists activities against Iran and Russia.


Who finance, weaponize and distribute these ISIS idiots by helicopters in the world. Pentagon exposes their own mistakes in the world.




Let them rebuild what they have destroyed. That will keep them buzy for some decades. Returning them to Europe will just allow them to terrorise the place they come from.

Concrete Mike

There is a solution that makes sense. Returning them to europe would be justice for europe supporting those same terorists. Same applies for canada here. In fact we got a bunch ofnwhite helmets somewhere…havent found 1 yet sadly.

Álvaro Sarmento

They are called reinforcements.

Brianroysinputvideo .

ISIS fighters are NOT Geneva Convention protected? Then execute them all & stuff them with pork products, and incinerate them. According to their belief system, they are body & soul damned to hell. And that pattern of pork stuffing ought to be done to every ISIS fighter ever, so that no matter when they get it, they will know that they will be desecrated and “doomed” according to the Quran, and unacceptable no matter their deeds. Now if they live peaceable, and assimilate….they are left to be buried with honor in their natural state. That is the next level this new generation of Islamic terrorism needs to be treated with… whereby on or off the battlefield, if they are violent (especially deadly) they are religiously incentivized by extreme psychological duress to peaceable co-existence instead.

roger temple

For foreign terrorists detained in us-funded prisons read useful idiots in us-funded training camps. Big question: where to use them? Venezuela?

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