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Pentagon Linguist Spied For Hezbollah, Exposed Assets Involved In The Assassination Of Iran’s Soleimani

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Pentagon Linguist Spied For Hezbollah, Exposed Assets Involved In The Assassination Of Iran’s Soleimani

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A linguist for the Department of Defense has pleaded guilty to passing information about US human intelligence sources to an individual with ties to Hezbollah, the Department of Justice announced on March 26.

According to court documents, Mariam Taha Thompson, who held a top secret security clearance, began sending information to the Lebanese group after the United States killed Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s Quds Force commander, in an airstrike in early 2020.

Thompson was stationed at a Special Operations Task Force facility in Iraq from mid-December 2019 until her arrest a few months later.

The 63-year old woman was introduced to a Lebanese national on social media via a family member, according to the statement of facts that she agreed to as part of her plea. The man showed interest in marrying Thompson and having her move to Lebanon. The two communicated frequently from 2017 to 2020.

According to court documents, the man had a nephew who served in the Lebanese Ministry of Interior. The man also claimed to have contacts with members of Hezbollah.

Prosecutors said Thompson did not tell the man where she was stationed and said he had not asked for classified information before January 2020.

The situation changed after the assassination of Soleimani. The man became “very emotional” and asked Thompson to provide “them” with information about the human assets that had helped the US to target the Iranian commander. The court documents said Thompson understood ‘them’ to be Lebanese [Hezbollah].

Fearing that the man would not marry her if she doesn’t cooperate, Thompson began accessing defense information that she did not have a need to access or know and showing notes containing the secret information to the man.

Thompson handed over true names, personal identification data, background information and photos of clandestine human sources. She also passed on details of US targets.

“Thompson had used her access to classified national defense information to provide her co-conspirator with the identities of at least 10 clandestine human assets; at least 20 U.S. targets; and multiple tactics, techniques and procedures,” court documents read.

In response, the man told Thompson that “his contacts were pleased with the information” and he would introduce her to a Hezbollah military commander when she arrived in Lebanon.

“It’s astounding that an American working for the U.S. military overseas would abandon her country in favor of terrorists,” Alan Kohler Jr., assistant director for the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, said in a statement.

Thompson has already pled guilty to one count of delivering national defense information to aid a foreign government. Her sentencing is scheduled for June 23. She faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Hezbollah is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the US. In the last few years, Washington stepped up its efforts against the Lebanese group by sanctioning some of its leaders and offering rewards for information about others.

Thompson’s case is large blow to the US intelligence community.


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johnny rotten

Questi pazzi americani non sanno più cosa inventare, chissà da quale copione di Hollywood l’hanno copiato, ma quanto sono ridicoli?

namulit emperor

“In response, the man told Thompson that “his contacts were pleased with
the information” and he would introduce her to a Hezbollah military
commander when she arrived in Lebanon.”
This part sounds especially fishy. Did they set this up to create fear in their civilian contractors?


A horror film … ‘Night of the Living Dead’

The Shia are the Zombies … but the living always defeat ‘the dead’ … eh?


only in bollywood doc…….hendu-pak zombie/ camel jockey no?……ghareeb meskeen type?


Censoring me again huh? don’t worry, she will get what she deserves. Too bad she didn’t come to Lebanon in the end, would have been great to see her vaporized by a drone.

Band Itkoitko

You are clearly not a very loving or kind guy. How did you become such a bitter person?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

It’s built into his genes.

He’s a natural born inbred. Comes from an incestuous background.

Emad Irani

just a wannabe warrior on the web without any knowledge about policy military stuff.


the whole and complete threat of the zionists towards iran is intelligence threat and iran is dealing with this issue for a long time now in a fashion which will be crushing to them and meanwhile just look how the zionist officials whine about all the hot air of zionists damaging the zionists since they are like i said hot air


freelance journalist pretty much commenting on the issue and how zionists are a tiny nobody in a military sense but again irans and zionist war which is serious is intelligence based and that is an actual hot war going on behind the scenes


i have very very high doubt nowadays that zionists were behind martyr farkhizadeh assassination but either way they took guilt and they will be punished but i expect pretty much a different party being involved which isnt zionists nor americans directly but more like an outsourced job done by a third party like european or asian like rok for example but i guess its going to take more time til the issue is ended with all strings leading to the assassination having been located


the more and more i see about the zionists the more and more i think them to be utterly incompetent besides their ability to lie through their teeth nonstop without hesitation in a complete ruinous fashion they are pretty much clawless and teethless indeed just like their behavior shows them to be


zionists are like an annoying fly or like a super tiny dog barking loudly to annoy you from the side like a tiny rat they are


Must have to do with the small brain. Maybe not fed well when a child?


Ask your friends.

Band Itkoitko

These circumstantial excuses, Mr. Iron.


Shabat shalom, Pessakh samekha, Daniyel. Al tishete yoter miday, okey?

Censoring you? Paranoid much?
Are you conspiring to murder an American citizen? Yeah, too bad she didn’t “go” to Lebanon, “come” isn’t the right verb for you to use. Or is it!? . She would be safe there,
Do you realize you sound like a bloodthirsty bunny?


Thanks Garga, I spend the holiday with my family.
About her – she’s a traitor, and you know how I feel about traitors.
Helping Hezbollah with intel is the same as Vanunu did when he helped our enemies and went to the press. As far as I care, they both need to die.

Anyone who endangers American or Israeli operatives on purpose for money or other reasons, is not even considered human to me. So yeah, if I’m a bloodthirsty bunny then so be it, I don’t apologize. You only get the truth out of me Garga, no need to hide it.


You care about American lives so much, do you? :)) So do you feel the same about Pollard (which I mentioned earlier) who did the greatest treason to the US? Do you hate him? He was a traitor.

The thing is, bloodthirsty bunnies aren’t very scary. A bloodthirsty man on the other hand…


A traitor is a traitor on both sides, however Pollard did not risk American lives by giving us info, she did. Small difference is it not?


The intel that pollard stole ended up in the Chinese hands by your own regime. We received some of that too. He dealt a sever blow to the American security, and for what? Money and jewels.

Espionage world is a strange one, isn’t it?
Hopefully we later exchange her for one of countless American, Canadian or in general western spies we currently have. If this happens (fingers crossed), she’ll be received like a hero (Needless to say IF the whole thing is legitimate and not another one of the US intel apparatus childish schemes)

On another note, can you guess why Gantz didn’t endorse Lapid? It seems to me none of your politicians have the best interest of your regime in heart, they all put their own personal gains and ego above all, and every time you (not you personally) fall for their lies. Just like us and our Reformists. I told you we are practically siblings!

It’s really ironic that now Arabs became the king-maker. Talking to Arabs or g-d forbid, trying to form a coalition with them will turn into a saw in the backside of Lapid, a lot in his block will be displeased.

What am I doing? Talking politics in your holiday, where’s my manner?
Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to help. A happy wife makes a happy life!


Thanks Garga :)
About Gantz and Lapid, sure there is a bad blood between them after Gantz joined Bibi, but he won’t make the same mistake again. I don’t mind seeing an Arab party in the government, maybe it will show Israeli Arabs they do make a difference adn they are not class B citizens. I am proud living with my Arab friends, not all of them ofcourse but most of them who want to be part of our society. I welcome them, and they can and should be part of decision makers. You won’t hear any racism from me against them, I am not like the Likud supporters. To me they are equal, as long as they stay loyal to Israel and don’t work with Hamas (some of them did, majority oppose to that idea). Bottom line – Israeli Arabs are a part of us, and I would be proud to serve with them, Druze, Jews or any other religion.


Anytime. Since you answered the politics part I continue:

No, you’re not like many of Likud supporters but still there’s a part of you that can’t get enough of bloodshed and carnage. I was hoping this part to get a bit smarter.

With Lieberman I doubt if Lapid can form a coalition with Arabs. His somewhat secret meeting with them caused a lot of whining in his block. There’s a high chance that the Satan successfully plays Mansour Abbas and pass well above 61, which is not good if you ask me.

It’s not surprising that people still vote Likud after all they did and they are still the largest single party with most seats. We too have a comparable phenomenon in our system, their playbook is very similar to that of Likud: Scare tactic. Hopefully this time (in a couple of months) we get rid of them like we did in the parliament.

It’s awful and a very bad sign that forming a government turns into this cloak and dagger game which we see. Politicians with enormous ego and large heads putting everything second to their own interests. Not that I’m complaining but the part when they resort to creating international crisis to further their agenda and still nobody in your society is able to see it is worrisome.

Now the fun part: What news of my future love interest? Still nothing Lazybone?

Jaime Galarza

The “brave” man at it again. You must think that just because your words are so violent, people are afraid of you. You sow fear in the heart of the defenseless only. In 2006, Hizbollah gave you a good whipping. You went crying to Uncle Sam, and they obliged with enormous quantities of airlifted weapons. To no avail. It’s one thing to massacre women and children and another to fight against gallant young men who don’t talk trash like you but do what they must to defend the weak.

Oliver Eitel

a murderer of women and children, wow the glouriouse army of Israel…..so mighty that its shitting their pants…..


She’s not a human to me.

Band Itkoitko

The story really sounds quite artificial. But lets not be cynical and take it at face value.

I feel sorry for that woman. True or not, this is not unrealistic, since
it very much reflects the current sad state of US society. This
really is the most terrifying truth about the US, not the wars or the
poverty. It is plagued by loneliness, pride, solitude, individualism,

This unnatural push of people towards career, worldly success and service to a fiat monetary system,
being contrasted and used as a lever to separate them from the natural
human calling for family and parenting.

This is especially true and bad for women, who under the disguise of being
freed from “oppression” are oppressed more than ever, who instead of
following their genuine drive for life and fertility by building homes,
families, mothering children (i.e., following a God’s calling), they now
under denial to “serve” their husbands, end up serving an employer and
an empire.

They don’t only serve, they pay
an extremely high price, because they sacrifice their own being under a
tyrannical slavery over their minds and souls.

This is an important lesson but a very hard and expensive one.


americans are more ruinous than anything so ruin will come over them again and again and again until they are pretty much a dark age mess like its victims used to be america will become a huge victim itself and it will scream foul nonstop and nobody will listen even if some other party is victimizing america because they cried wolf for many many decades while doing worse

Tommy Jensen

Very true. Good comment.


“It’s astounding that an American working for the U.S.
military overseas would abandon her country in favor of terrorists,”

Alan Kohler Jr., assistant director for the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division

Not at all. If the story is true, she’s probably originally from this region, perhaps even Lebanon. What she did was helping his own region (or country) of origin against the real terrorists. I hope her sacrifice wasn’t in vain and the culprits of that cowardly assassination face justice for murdering a great man, a man that the world owes a great deal to.

Ofcourse it will be painted very negatively, after all she didn’t pass information to Israel, did she?
According to Pollard (and I’m sure the majority of congress and US admin agree with him), there’s no problem with “dual loyalty” whatever the heck it is and if it is possible in the first place. Can we please apply the same standard here? No?


Sounds like she grew a conscience as well, even some Americans can see how unjustified and evil Uncle Sam’s crusade against Iran and it’s allies is. Most of world doesn’t buy their BS classification of Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization” either.

Tommy Jensen

Everybody signs deals. comment image

Shia man

Interesting timing on this deal.
Looks like more countries will have to rely on Iran for their energy needs because Iran’s competition have a rough time getting their oil out to the market lately I wonder why?


We need to ensure that the three remaining wahabbi/ Al-Qaeda republics are dismantled pronto. Otherwise we playing slack ass merciful. I’m getting tired of this mercy being shared around. We need to act and wrap up this drama in turkey/ Sawdi and Pakestan.

Shia man

Allah is with the patient my friend.


Anything is valid in this geopolitical landscape after the terrorist Ziojews got not just huge tech and money transfers and trade privileges but a nuke arsenal to freely interfere in the Middle East. At least it should be, but China and Russia are still playing shaping the world order in very terms degined by those same Ziocorporate terrorist globalists sentencing the woman for revealing some of the terrorists’ information.


these globalists are miscalculating quite alot when they believe that they can control everbody else like they did to this crucible multi culti backwards mess of europe and america


when it comes to this fake imposter entity of the zionists it doesnt do well either its “high tech” is pathetic parasitical and even the software based part is simply to small it doesnt compare to the super projects in china russia and even iran


eurasian integration doesnt need zionist parasitism and this will become more clear the more he ruinous nature of these jews plays itself out in zionist usurped palestine


there is an incompability between these jews and the great asian civilization states of today and all of them solve the issue in their own way


globalists could not rule a single democratic nation state in the modern age when the people had the knowledge and choice about their leadership but in asia these modern concepts arent as valid as they are in the west therefore the globalists have to deal with clan cooperative groups conglomerates or elite cotteries and that doesnt work well in asia either so zionists dont have it as easy as they have it with the west which is why they seek to make both sides clash with eachother which is a ruinous game only their utter lackeys are part of


globalists wanted pakistan wiped out already and its still there they wanted palestine gone and the zionist usurper entity grown by size both democratically aswell as geographically after 70 years and its still there a tiny failure their plan to burn out iran in a secterian conflict failed their plan to have nazis take over russia failed and their plans against china to control it largely failed which shows that nobody likes their games anymore and that quite some parties are aware of what they do

Just Me

This is least of the dumbass American and the cowardly Zionists problems. Iran and China has just signed the biggest strategic, economic and security deal in history of the region and the world will be changed for the positive for good.

China, With $400 Billion Iran Deal, Could Deepen Influence in Mideast and put Iran is paramount position.

China agreed to invest $400 billion in Iran over 25 years in exchange
for a steady supply of oil to fuel its growing economy under a sweeping
economic and security agreement signed on Saturday.The deal could deepen China’s influence in the Middle East and ruin American efforts to keep Iran isolated.

comment image

Tommy Jensen

The deal is illegal and in breach of the International Rules of Order as Iran is sanctioned by the free and civilised world the US/Nato and its Inherent Resolve Freedom Coalition of 70 buffer nations.

Emad Irani

If the story is true, she was not the first one and she will not be the last one. There are many more like this person…

John Brown

If its true its not surprising. Murdering another states official when asking them to come to a peace conference is a war crime. Even their as Kissenger says dumb animal beast slave soldiers will begin to see it. All top officials in the zio empire should realize they have put a price on their own heads. I would never again go to any type of meeting whatever in the empire. Look how the empire kidnapped Meng Wanzhouof Huawei. etc.

Soros Rothdhild’s Adelson’s etc. will probably start to have many fatal car and airplane accidents, heart attacks, fatal cancers etc.

The Objective

Iran must spend as much as possible on spies, since its too afraid to fight. Intelligence can help Iran’s terror leaders go underground to avoid U.S drones.

Potato Man

Hmmmm, no.
Every powerful country have spies in any country, be it friendly or enemy – the most stupid thing you said was “since its too afraid to fight” – Zion “state”, yankees, British apes spend the most of their money on spies which get cucked anyway…don’t spit on your face.

“Intelligence can help Iran’s terror leaders go underground to avoid U.S drones.”
Wtf are you trying to say? Hahahah Ah Yes, intelligence “can” help Iran’s terror leaders go underground to avoid US drones….the fuk you smoking. That is if those drone could entre Iran in the first place LMFAO.
You moron when was the last time US drone entered Iran again? Iran hacked US drone in Iraq and Afghanistan and US had to destroy it….it seems you forgotten some important events buddy.
BTW before you became an Army general…please cut me the BS that US or Zion can do this or that…nah fuk off if they could they would do it.

I’m starting to think you sound like someone else here who think he/she/it/them/etc have balls and can fight Iran one on one. Buddy Iran never see Zion as a country that can do anything to Iran…They laugh at Zion and Zion cry so much, Iran goal is to stop Zion government in their region, Zion are not Jews they are outsiders to so many people in ME. On the other hand US/British put them there and want them to be the police of ME which the most stupid thing LOL, and yeah how that when?
Like think maybe, why would Iran start all out war when they are winning?
Also fight who? Zion LMFAO or US that lost war games against Iran – that war game was back in 2002.
Morons that can’t think to win in other ways cry for war…you want to fight Iran, go buddy don’t talk out of your ass here. Go join ISIL, US and Zion would support you 24/7.

Jaime Galarza

He thinks he’s very smart just because he calls himself “Objective”.

The Objective

U.S drones didn’t have to enter Iranian airspace before they nuked Soleimani’s convoy. Get real man. Iran’s militia commanders and commanders of the Qods force have largely gone underground since the assassination in Iraq.

Before you brag about Zion not doing anything to Iran, please remember Israel’s 200+ nukes – basically enough to kill almost everyone in Iran. You Iranians will be foolish to laugh at an enemy armed with such weapons.


but mr hendu-pak of islamabad, do you remember the Republic of South Africa? they too had nukes……many nukes. However, that Pretoria regime is long gone now. Same will happen to your pindostan…….yes…..right out the back door. And you will be left standing at your door looking outside cursing your heenb brew/ camel jockey god no?….lol…..only then I’ll introduce you to a certain Parsi fella here…..he’ll show you where to go next. That’ll be your demise no?

The Objective

Because much of what you say is utter nonsense, I’m going to block you now. But I’ll unblock you in the future when the looming disaster descends on Iran. Then I’ll remind you of the things we’ve talked here.
Until then, happy dreaming.


man….., pindostan might not even be around next time you unblock me. And neither would turkey. Then you’d disappear no? lay low out of disgrace no? ghareeb badbakht end up like this. A no show. FYI, you need to admit that China passed you over in favor of Iran, cuz you couldn’t cut the mustard. The Chinese know you, don’t they? The gauged you right as incompetent.

Potato Man

“U.S drones didn’t have to enter Iranian airspace before they nuked Soleimani’s convoy.”
You poor boi, where was he in first place? Syria. Did he planned go to Iraq? No
SA and US planned a trap buddy, that got nothing to do with “spies or intelligence” what are you taking about?
BTW Iran have all the names of those who agree to assassinate that god blessed man that killed ISIL/Zion gays in Syria-Iraq. Also what happened to that US pig in Afghanistan? LOL

“Qods force have largely gone underground since the assassination in Iraq.”
“Get real” LMFAO what? Brig. Gen. Esmail Ghaani went to Syria right after….and he was in Iraq later. What are you talking about again?
That show how much you know.

Yes, you are a oxymoron – “200+ nukes” Zion use one and they signed their death.
“kill almost everyone in Iran” Ohhh Yes Iran is alone, it is not like Hezbollah not fuking Zion. You fool, Iran laugh because they have weapon to ground Zion “State” without nukes, and BTW you bitch, right now Iran can make nukes in months 5-7. Also “Kill everyone” that far off kiddo, one rocket fire from Zion and 1000s hit Zion from Iran, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon buddy, remember Iran have early system warning in Lebanon and Syria.

Also, they might have it, remember what they said? They not gonna use nukes that doesn’t mean they can’t have it. :)

The Objective

No point in getting off high horse buddy. I just wanted you to know that you don’t laugh at a nuclear-armed enemy even if you are nuclear armed too. It’s pure folly and a sign of foolish pride. The Israelis never laugh at Hezbollah or Iran because of the danger they pose to Israel.

Ghani himself operated largely in the shadows before assuming his new responsibility. America needn’t target him because Iran was still mourning Soleimani. Soleimani was my hero once, but that was before I discovered his role in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He may be a godsent to you. But to me, anyone who harms Sunnis deliberately is the devil incarnate no matter his status in his country. He got the proper punishment from Allah for his hand in the death of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, including civilians, in Iraq and Afghanistan. He died at the hands of the same people he cooperated with in 2001 – 2003. What can be a better worldly justice for the blood of those innocent Muslims? The Iranian regime itself will not escape Allah’s punishment. It has already began for those who can see. To me, Allah has set up his enemies to mutually punish themselves by a devastating war. This war is coming, and it’ll destroy much of the anti-Islamic forces in the Middle East, which includes Iran, Israel, America, Saudi and Emirati rulers and the other Arab puppets of America. Countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, and a few others will likely be spared as they take no sides in the war. The intensity of disputes between these enemies of Islam makes it next to impossible to find a diplomatic settlement. the most likely final outcome of this dispute is war. And all are arming up like never before. Reminds me of a hadith narrated by Ali (R.A) that 1/3rd will die, 1/3rd will be killed, 1/3rd will remain. I really feel concerned for the innocents on all sides. But our evil actions will bring about such catastrophe. It’ll certainly be the most difficult time for Muslims, but there’s no escaping it.

Potato Man

Why do you think Zion or Iran would use nukes? Zion NEVER fight by themselves, they hide like rat and Iran like I said don’t see Zion as a country or enemy to fight…it has been Iran vs US for years. No US aid = death of Zion….you have no ideal how much Zion loot EU and US, and they still poor.
Pak and India which stupid government never want to see nuke war between them.
It is so moronic of you to think Zion would give green light to die…they would be no war between Iran and Zion.
Zion can’t laugh at them because they know how fuk they are…Lebanon nor Iran don’t get billions of dollars each year…those countries were under stupid sanction and still growing…remember it was Zion and US plan to dry Iran-Syria-Iraq-Lebanon and that failed.

I don’t think you understand how about Iran buddy, what are you trying to say?
“Ghani himself operated largely in the shadows”, You stupid fuk.

“Soleimani was my hero once, but that was before I discovered his role in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.”
Cry more you fuking pig, “my hero” go to Hollywood you sure can get role there you fool LOL, buddy don’t talk out of your ass here, Afghanistan have Shia and Iran support them, fuk Taliban and the now Afghan “government” they have much more blood on their hands than you think buddy, those fukers killed more civilians than anyone in Afghanistan. There are part of Afghanistan which are save and that because Shia groups protect them, in no world you can say Taliban wouldn’t start killing Shia in Afghanistan that BS…they have done that from start of the war to now.
Iran WON (Iraq-Iran) thanks to stupid fuking moron Saddam. Iraq is also Shia and have Sunnis which change colour right after ISIL/ISIS/Daesh failed thanks to IRAN. Do you dare fuker US killed 1 million Iraqi before they invaded them.
You think Iran is “bad” I agree to some point but when you took at as whole FUK NO, you forgot US and Wahhabi and Zion and Kurds-isis+Turk-isis now.

I read what you said – You are Sunni or so you claim to be, as some-one who doesn’t follow Islam – Sunnis are fuking morons (Arabs) for that matter.
You sold and fuked yourselves, in Syria – Iraq – Afghanistan – etc… No just tell me, how many Shia join you ISIL/ISIS/Daesh groups?
You saw what Sunni did to Shia just because there were SHIA, you Sunnis started all of this BS…you play behave of Zion and US. You now cry and blame Iran for what…protecting themselves from the same Sunnis that yelled they would come to Iran to kill all the Shia. I remembered those days…

“Countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar” Turkey is NOT a Muslims country go to Turkey and see for yourself they want money (Which country bought Daesh/ISIS oil from Syria and Iraq? Turkey)…LMFAO Qatar really now, ohhh I forgot who paid millions to Daesh/ISIL in Iraq and Syria…. Pakistan LOL do I have to say anything? I do have friends from Afghanistan and Yes they are Shia and one thing I can tell you they hate Pakistan more than US/Taliban. Pakistan support and aid terrorists like Taliban.

At the end you sound like Zion, I end my BS here, Iran is Shia country and would let others bully them, they sure as hell wouldn’t let some Wahhabi Sunnis terrorists do the same…I say here I’m more pro-Shia as I can talk to them like human, Sunnis no matter where they came from seem angry and attack you and THEY NEVER agree they have fuk up and blame others…you sound the same, you never once said anything about those ISIS/ISIL/Daesh SUNNIS that killed Shia JUST because they were Shia. Also, if you think Iran is the only bad guy here you can kiss my ass.

The Objective

If your attitude in this comment is similar to that of most Iranians, then you sure as hell deserve all the treatment America is giving you now. Imagine such outburst of anger over an online conversation! I noticed you seem desperate and doesn’t fully understand your opponent’s position before you reply.

Get it into your thick skull that I wasn’t talking about ISIS/Arabs/Amer or any other country but IRAN. How the hell do you know my position on these countries when I didn’t say anything about them?

These Arab regimes and ISIS are all that you claimed and even more evil than you described. I would love to see those regimes fall because they are the true cause of Arab backwardness. I’m not an Arab, but I’m well informed about the middle east. I don’t give fuck about tribalism – All true Muslims are brothers regardless of their tribe, and I know that among Arabs are the good and bad, just like among Iranians. But the subject of our conversation was Iran, not Arabs or ISIS. You don’t seem to know much about the Sunnis because you are caged in Iran. But just note that less than 20% of Sunni Muslims live in the middle east.

I’m not crying over Soleimani’s actions against Sunnis. That’s history and Allah’s to judge. I only thank Allah for handing out a befitting punishment to him and soon others.

Turkey is not a very Islamic country by their practice, but there are true Muslims in Turkey and those are the ones running the country right now. The present generation of Turks have a lot of worldly people among them behaving like the Europeans. But the children generation are being prepared to be different. Islamists now dominate the politics and soon the military. That should permanently put Turkey on a path to a conservative Muslim society in just a generation. The Mullahs of Iran had more than 40 years to indoctrinate Iranians into this deviant sect of Islam. Erdogan had less than 20 years to do so and never had absolute authoritative power like the Mullahs did.
Bottomline: Good change comes slowly.

Iran’s actions against ISIS is justified and I don’t blame Iran for it. I consider both Iran and ISIS as different sides of the same coin: terrorizing Sunni populations. ISIS was an American project.

You claimed that Israel won’t use nukes against Iran in a war. You claimed that Israel is too weak an opponent against Iran. Yet you fail to explain why Iran never retaliates against Israel or order its militias to do the same. You know very well that the Israelis will escalate until you are forced to back down (which you eventually will). I have studied the Iranian regime long enough to be able to predict its actions in most cases. So fuck you an your cowardly terrorist regime which only knows to bully civilians through its network of terror militias. I’m waiting to see how you solve the current problems you are having with America and others.

Potato Man

Moron I’m not Iranian how the fuk did you came to that conclusion?
Also, no I don’t live in ME in first place but I sure as hell have a lot of middle eastern friends (mostly Shia – Iraq-Syria-Afghan).
“outburst of anger over an online conversation” You are one of these, 1. You are young 2. You are new to internet buddy. No, I have been on internet far too long, but you speak like child and I hate that. If I hurt your “feeling” you can kiss my ass buddy I don’t give a fuk. BTW read what you said…most of the time you spit on your face and change subject, read what we first talked about from that you just when on and on. You seem VERY one sided, again you don’t see what Wahhabi Sunnis did to Shia and etc etc etc…My point again Iran have it’s hands in Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria because of ISIL/Daesh that cry for death of Shia around the world.

Countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, and a few others will likely be spared as they take no sides in the war.
How the hell do you know my position on these countries when I didn’t say anything about them but IRAN ?
You don’t need to say more about them just read what you said, Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan support terrorists Sunnis groups…get that in your skull, you did talked about how those were gonna be spared or what not, and I said BS they are as bad as the other Sunni countries in ME, you don’t get my point do you.

Who talked about Iran being in Iraq and Afghanistan killing civilians?
My reply was for that.

“I’m not crying over Soleimani’s actions against Sunnis” I said what I said, Soleimani killed Wahhabi Sunnis terrorists the end, he is not the “bad” guy here.

No, Turkey is not Muslims country at all, we are not talking about people here BTW – government – Turkey is not a country to fan girl over…Armenian genocide – and you mean Erdogan that fuker? Killing Syria-Iraq Arabs is okay…have you been to Syria? Also, killing Kurds Arabs who are Muslims is okay as well isn’t?
“But the children generation are being prepared to be different.” That is the most stupid shit I heard from you so far….you sound super hyped, the world don’t work like that, again you see how one sided you are? Remember Turkey got a lot of problems on their own hands and we don’t know what gonna happen in future, sure they going that way…but that is long way and so many things happens by then.
“The Mullahs of Iran had more than 40 years to indoctrinate Iranians into this deviant sect of Islam.”
LMFAO, I can tell you never been to Iran have you. NO, I don’t know, how much you know about Iran but you don’t seem to know much…I have been to Iraq-Iran-Syria-Lebanon with my friends, but I’m gonna say this about Iranian they are chill people and they want to be more “western” just talk to them. Iran is safe go there and you see how much BS you saying…Yes, they are mostly Shia and they follow it but not fully like Sunnis hardcore. Also, you missed some history there buddy…Turkey never had to deal with Zion/US looting them and changing their culture. Iran went of hard change…

You don’t get it, Iran have their own goals like any other country in the world…why Turkey supporting HTS? Those are terrorists…Turkey goal is their wet dream of Ottoman shit hole believe it or not. Again if Turkey is “good” why they supported ISIS/ISIL/Daesh? It is a fact that Turkey bought oil and send weapons to ISIS/Daesh in Syria. BTW ISIS/Daesh wasn’t only US buddy hold your shit…SA/Qatar/Turkey/EU/Zion all have their hands on it. The US couldn’t do it with out Wahhabi Arabs country and Turkey+Zion.

“Why do you think Zion or Iran would use nukes? Zion NEVER fight by themselves, they hide like rat and Iran like I said don’t see Zion as a country or enemy to fight…it has been Iran vs US for years. No US aid = death of Zion”
US is the backbone of Zion, it is not hard to understand that. Hit US and you hit Zion 10x harder…
HAhahahahaha you want to cry baby? Iran is bad bla bla bla Turkey is my hero bla bla bla moron.
The fact is Sunnis join terrorists groups and they would kill each others for money and power, like in Iraq and Syria….remember kiddo it is not only in ME, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/etc have been around the world, FUN FACT, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh only live in Sunni countries…
Iran doing god work fuking killing terrorists like Russia and China, in Syria and Iraq, if you care about Muslims Iran is not big deal….like you said only 20% of Muslims are in ME. Iran bully other LMFAO, US put clown government of Iraq and Afghanistan not Iran. They are doing fine and moving forward, don’t worry about them, they are not clown like you.

The Objective

You are just one of the angry Shiite ignorant fools thinking that you know something. Read about Erdogan’s domestic policies and see why Turkey will be 70% or more pro-Islamic hardliners in the next two decades or even less. The Western hype and propaganda is not for nothing. You obviously don’t take any time to research Erdogan’s domestic policies, otherwise you won’t spew dog shit like that.

Iranians are less Islamic than Sunnis, that’s because Shiism is largely not Islam.
“If I hurt your feeling” Who are you ignorant devil to get me angry? I get pleasure from busting fuckheads like you. I’m gonna keep doing that as long as I can find your type.

Your head is so full of shit that you can’t even understand that I never defended the Arab monarchies of the gulf. These Arab regimes do a lot of harm to not only Shiites, but Sunnis as well. The war in Yemen and Libya are good examples. But I wasn’t talking about these people, idiot – understand before you reply.

“You don’t get it, Iran have their own goals like any other country in the world” You made a truthful statement here, but I doubt you’re smart enough to tell me what exactly Iran’s goals are. Tell me what Iran’s goals are and I’ll show you just how stupid you are.

I don’t give a shit how many ISIS or other so-called Jihadists are killed by Soleimani or whoever. They are actually doing the West’s bidding. But Soleimani is the same like them and he deserved that punishment from Allah. It wasn’t martyrdom, it was a punishment from Allah.

“The fact is Sunnis join terrorists groups”, whoever does this is out of Islam and can only claim to be a Sunni.

Iran is doing fine? You’re are an imbecile. Read about Iran’s economy and the number of deaths it incurred over the years in Syria and Iraq to know why I called you an imbecile.

I’m waiting for your reply.

Potato Man

comment image comment image

The Objective

Just the coward that I guessed you are. Blocking me straight after leaving a lengthy reply? Makes me laugh. You chickened out cos you knew I was about to give you a rough ride.
Well, your type always unblock me to see if I’ve left any comments. So when you unblock me out of curiosity, just note that I’m out for dorks like you. I would have given you a tough treatment had you not backed out.
If you want to avoid my treat which I reserve for Iranian cretins like you, don’t reply to any of my comments when you see them. And if you do, be civilized in your reply and I won’t rise your blood pressure.

The Objective

Israel can still damage Iran beyond repair even without American support. If you dispute this fact, then tell me how Iran intends to neutralize the at least 500 nukes in Israel.

Potato Man

It was 200 nukes now it 500 nukes what next ? did Zion just made 300 nukes in one day? :)
One rocket attack against Iran and the whole “Zion State” would be gone with all Satanic children. The fact you don’t think about those two countries size is stupid.
You telling me you didn’t hear what Iran and Hezbollah side about attacking Zion unclear factory? and Zion military base which might have nukes?
Iran and Hezbollah both now where Zion hide their nukes (it is not hard to find out really), and that is a bomb to blow up Zion within, if Zion rat dig far down those attacks would close off those sites.

Why do you think US/Zion/Wahhabi crying so much about Iran? it is because of Iran rockets and air defence system, Iran is powerful country – you CAN’T ignore that, stop thinking like child, there are so much more shit happens under covers.

cechas vodobenikov

writes no intelligence pervert

The Objective



He’s pakestani wahabbi islamist. His days are over, yet he continues to talk. We’ve seen many like him talking yakkity yak all day, but there ain’t no substance there except suicide bombing. This is his reality, yet he talks here like a typical hendu-pak wahabbi al-Qaeda cheer leader……lol

Jaime Galarza

By your logic, your masters the Americans must be extremely afraid to fight since they spend untold amounts on intelligence and spying. The CIA even has a budget which is larger than many countries’ GDP. It’s disgusting to read how, because of your twisted ideology -religion is an ideology-, you’re willing to betray a fellow Muslim country. Traitors are the scum of the Earth.

The Objective

I am willing to betray a fellow Muslim country? Are you kidding me?
Yes, some Shiites In Iran are Muslims and our brothers. But those Shiites are not the ones ruling Iran. An evil regime rules that country and I’d be glad for Allah to remove it whether by war or peace.

America picks its fight that’s why it uses different means to fight its enemies. But when you openly kill a U.S general, then you can be sure of a disproportionate response. Iran clearly isn’t in that league yet.

I can’t call the Iranian regime Muslim, despite the fact that I’m the most ardent supporter of Muslims on this blog.



thomas malthaus

One man’s terrorist organization is another man’s sovereign.

“It’s astounding that an American working for the U.S. military overseas would abandon her country in favor of terrorists,” Alan Kohler Jr., assistant director for the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, said in a statement.”

Michael Flynn exposed Obama’s cooperation with ISIS. Did Kohler slip and hit his head on a Russia gate?



Obama cooperated with IS/Daesh?

How by not defeating them because he wanted to complete the Iran Nuke Deal?

Remind me ..


“It’s astounding that an American working for the U.S. military overseas would abandon her country in favor of terrorists,” Alan Kohler Jr., assistant director for the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, said in a statement.
What an arrogant and insanely idiotic statement, but one that’s well expected from zionist piece of shit murderers.
USA government are the worst terrorists on the planet. Mariam Taha Thompson only showed that she isn’t a complete tool for the imperialist terrorists and she acted out on her own feelings of what’s right and what’s wrong, and she had the moral compass and sense to acknowledge that what her government was doing was PURE EVIL. She also had the courage to do something against that and for that I have great respect for her! For such people there is a place in Heaven. Meanwhile the heartless murderers that work for the US government, “only doing their job” can only await an eternity in Hell.


Is wish her a short pain filled life …


May she and Hezbollah suffer all the days of their short life … and that includes all the nights … eh?


Fog of War

What do you make of this Tzarzy boy ?

” Pollard: Jews ‘will always have dual loyalty’ & should consider spying for Israel ”



No replies … ah?

What do YOU make of this Fog of Warfare?

Fog of War

Nice deflection, but what are you talking about ?


His opinion … after all he was a convicted traitor

He’s merely expressing his own views … justifying his actions

He’s mad … he spent 30+ Years in jail … hello?

Fog of War

I wonder how much information ((( Alan Kohler Jr., ))) has already transferred to a certain Khazarian outpost ?

Jens Holm

You should come there as a tourist. The goat will feeel lass alone. And sheep too. comment image

cechas vodobenikov

nice photo of jens Penta-gone LSD linguist

Fog of War

How about I visit you in Denmark ? We’ll have alot to talk about. My fist would like to meet your face.


At this point anyone who is helping Hezbollah against the US is similar to German scientists defecting away from the Nazis.

And the thing about Hezbollah being a terrorist group grew old a long time ago. Lebanon is very secular country with nightclubs and girls in miniskirts, and Lebanese women aren’t tainted by western feminist attitudes. Probably the closest we can get to 1900s Levant as the go to place during the winter months before western interference ruined most of the places.

Jens Holm

He should have died many years before he did.

I dont care about explanations for what happend for that murder apart from that.

cechas vodobenikov

jens claims he is pentagon linguist

Jaime Galarza

Lol. He is actually one. The Pentagon has found out that employing an army of idiotic zombies, they will bore their enemies to death.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

He’s good with his tongue.

He don’t mind the brown stuff, lol.

cechas vodobenikov

working for the great satan it is expected that some will develop a conscience


She is a true hero.

Fog of War

Whats the big deal? The Khazars dont even apologize for their spying.

” Pollard: Jews ‘will always have dual loyalty’ & should consider spying for Israel “


Tommy Jensen

Thats different.
Israel is the only democracy in ME, an Island of freedom. All the other countries are dictatorship countries filled with terrorists and monsters. comment image comment image

Icarus Tanović

Is this a fairytale of a sort?

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