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Pentagon: Idlib Is “Hornet’s Nest Of Multiple Terrorist Organizations”. Russia, Assad Are To Blame

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Pentagon: Idlib Is "Hornet’s Nest Of Multiple Terrorist Organizations". Russia, Assad Are To Blame

Abu Mohammad al-Julani, a leader of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda)

On September 26th, US Department of Defense leaders discussed Syrian strategy at a House Armed Services Committee subcommittee hearing. Present were Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Robert Karem and Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Scott F. Benedict.

Among many things, Robert Karem was asked if the fact that US has threatened to respond to any attack on Idlib, not just a chemical one means that the US is actually protecting al-Qaeda and ISIS militants, among other groups named as “terrorists,” despite US military being there for the precise reason of fighting ISIS.

Robert Karem initially asked to answer the question in a closed session, not confirming the numbers of 20 to 30 thousand terrorists in Idlib, provided by Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Scott F. Benedict. Afterwards Karem commented: “There is no dispute that Idlib has become a hornet’s nest of multiple terrorist organizations. Regrettably, this is the product of the Russian and Regime[Bashar al-Assad’s government] approach to consolidating control on the ground in Syria. They have used de-escalation zones and local negotiated deals to purge areas in Syria and used Idlib as a dumping ground. And they have allowed the free transit of the worst terrorists to go to Idlib.”

Thus, accused of the alleged chemical weapons usage and blamed for the growth of the terrorist threat, without providing evidence. Both Damascus and Moscow have repeatedly denied any and all accusations of alleged chemical weapons use. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN earlier accused Russia and Syria of attacking civilian areas and dubbing them “terrorist,” while also providing no proof whatsoever.

Robert Karem also claimed that the Defense Department’s role in Syria is limited, with a small number of American service members in the country working by, with and through local forces. Those forces have driven ISIS from stronghold after stronghold, but that is only one part of the complex situation in the nation.

“While we are not intervening in the Syrian civil war, because our combat operations target ISIS, this underlying conflict inevitably affects our efforts,” he added, despite the US doing precisely that.

Also, he repeated other officials’ claims that US forces will remain in Syria until Iran departs, which contradicts the supposed mission of simply defeating ISIS.

The United States remains concerned by Iran’s significant military, paramilitary and proxy involvement in Syria, Karem said. This directly threatens Israel and Jordan “and risks dangerously escalating the tensions in the region,” he said.

“Iran is no friend of the Syrian people,” he added, “and if its behavior in Iraqi is any indication, its militia proxies and malicious agenda will only marginalize Syria’s Sunni population, inflame tensions and sow seeds of further radicalism.”

However, Karem said that the US is not seeking war with Iran, it just wishes to defend itself and its regional work with allies.

In his UN Security chairmanship on nuclear proliferation, US President Donald Trump accused Russia and Iran of enabling Bashar al-Assad’s government’s “butchery” in Syria, however he also thanked them for “slowing down” a new offensive on the Idlib province.

On September 26th, Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said that an agreement between Turkey and Russia to avert a Syrian Army assault on the Idlib province is a “last chance” for a political solution in Syria. “We should not miss this opportunity,” he said, after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif at the United Nations headquarters.

On September 17th, Turkey and Russia agreed to establish a demilitarized zone in Idlib, Syria’s last opposition stronghold, following a meeting in the Russian city of Sochi between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Turkey and Russia also signed a memorandum of understanding at the meeting calling for the “stabilization” of Idlib’s de-escalation zone, in which acts of aggression are expressly prohibited.

Under the pact, opposition groups in Idlib will remain in areas where they are already present while Russia and Turkey will carry out joint patrols in the area to ward off renewed fighting.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

US got a really hard sell trying to keep their terrorists safe, And SF report other day, on Turkey’s ambitions, shows that within idlib, if these armed groups fight each other, Turkey will emerge as the handler of the strongest group

Zo Fu

Well, I can’t find anything untrue on this particular statement:
“They (Russians) have used de-escalation zones and local negotiated deals to purge
areas in Syria and used Idlib as a dumping ground. And they have allowed
the free transit of the worst terrorists to go to Idlib.”
The only problem is, that it is a half true as Russians would kill “the worst terrorist” many years ago and don’t let them concentrate in Idlib if USA didn’t support them and didn’t scream like pigs about “civilian casualties” and “chemical attacks” and “Assad is the animal” whenever Russia and SAA attacked west protected jihadists.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

yup, Russia have done a great job in protecting civilians for the most part. The day when Syria regains control of the whole country again will come


That statement is correct, but the thing that this general seems to ignore is that they aren’t leaving them there. They are setting the stage to drive them out.


The Jews who own the US Government prefer that there is only one, strong, terrorist organization to paralyze anyone who would stand against the Zionist entity.


If it were not so serious, the explanations would be hilarious.


For the “indispensable nation” if you ask our politicians what is 2 + 2 the answer is always “Iranian bastards.”

You can call me Al



U.S. you are just protecting your Headchopper-Zoo because otherwise Your Al-Qaeda Species was driven to the Brink of Extinction… Filthy Cockroaches

Promitheas Apollonious

I think you are wrong in what you saying. The ones protected the terrorists in this case is not US, but the ones agree to send all of them there under the control and protection of turkey and arrange before hand turkey to have her outposts in Idlip and extended their occupation of afrin to idlip.

And it is where it gets fishy in view also of the new arrangements. SF keeps posting what every one says about syria and the decisions taken with out the syrians and imposed on them. I would like to also instead of all the time the focus be in what putin said or ertogan or donalt the duck says and his whore side kick in UN, to also report what Assad said and the syrian people.

I am certain Assad is dead against its country to be divided in 3 and the kurds and americans on one side holding all the natural resources of syria almost and the turks expending their occupation and solidify it, in the land they stealing from the syrians.


Assad agreed with the Negotiations made on Idlib….which was to seperate the Civilians from the Headchoppers through reconciliation…. the Turkish Headchoppersare on Erdogan’s side and are willing to join the program… Al-Qaeda (USrael) is against it just like IsraHell who decided to take down an Ilyushin as Revenge…and escalate the whole situation…I still think Turkey knows they need a good relationship with Syria, Russia & Iran for many reasons… Turkey & Europe ain’t going to work…Turkey is waiting since 1987 to become a respectedmember of the E.U….Syria can not be Divided…this will be High Treason….the Kurds will some day realise that if they keep working with the U.S. Turkey will keep hunting them…. further into Syria and Iraq…Because the U.S. won’t Attack Turkey….Turkey is an important Trump Card..what did they do wrong except Sending their Headchoppers..Whole Europe the U.S., IsraHell & Wahhabistan were in this Sceme…For which they paid a Very High Price in the Form of Refugees which already costed them Billions upon Billions…

Promitheas Apollonious

ok I never been in the habit to use your terminologies for people and to me sound kind of childish when others do it repeatedly, like it means something and explain everything.

No Assad has not agree with what the russians was arranging for his country with the turks and he never had a say in it. Reason been he is not an idiot not to know the results of such an agreement and tell me once when all this been decided for Syrians with out the syrians that once Assad was present and say his peace.

Turkey is the main country with israel, that organized all on the ground and supported and still do the headchoppers as you referring to them. You also missing the most important point which is, with the policies of the russians and turks syria is effectively divided into 3 and who allowed the jews to bomb syria at will?

So if you ever manage to put the dots together and see the picture peripherally and not take sides we speak again. Is action and result irrevocable, on the actions taken to syria by the russians. And if Assad was agree as you say with what is happening to his country will not have send all his army to retake Idlip and then free afrin. Beside the fact we do have direct contact with the surroundings of Assad. So learn first what Assad agree to and then come and tell me that he agree to f*ck himself up as well the people who trust him and recognize him as their leader, that be the people of syria.

Learn not to mistake a country going along with her division and eventual destruction that has no choice to agree with what the russians imposed on them to accept having no say and choice, in the matter, due to their predicament with what they really want.





The Idlib Deal will Divide the Headchoppers even more…let them kill eachother for a while…Idlib is only there to Prolongue the U.S. his Stay in Syria it’s a Buffer-Zone to Distract attention from the U.S….. once Idlib is Gone ISIS & Al-Qaeda are gone and the U.S. got no more reasons to stay…

Promitheas Apollonious

is this mean to show me that Assad agree for the division of his country? Sorry mate but we dont agree on this and I said it before I say to you again. What I suggest is not coming from media outlets that according who promote, write accordingly.

maybe is time you began to listening what syrians are saying and not the excuses they using why they been doing what they been doing and each of the aggressors who started the war against syria, each gets its own piece of the pie, in the name of politics and partnerships.


If that is the case then for me this War is over & done with…and I wish Humanity Good luck with their Leadership and the rest of their sorry ass lives as Servants….because then every single Leader is a Traitor… nothing more…to change things…things had to go different, if they don’t so be it…..Grab whatever you can boys….Iran will be next for Balkanization in your script…..

Promitheas Apollonious

k the headchoppers as you referring to are already in europe in force. All the need is the green light, that has not yet come. We been keeping tabs on every one coming via greece and the MKOs here who direct them and smuggle, them where their destinations around europe are.

90% of what passed from ME to europe from ME are young males in their majority army age and very well trained beside the fact that each has like couple if not more very expensive mobiles as well a lot of cash.

As for the leaders been all traitors have you any doubt about it that they serve their masters against the people and not the people? If you do remove it the game is global and each player try the best they can to position themselves against their opponents, for the tittle.

It is easy to look on the bright side from the relative security of your home and nothing it happens in ME effect you more than effect the population actually living in the war zone, just in a different way then they do. When you are in the front line of receiving the shit they created then is not that easy as you see what is coming and it may happen in a year from now for example but there is no IF it will happen but when.

In greece there is not a single politician that is not working actively, for the destruction of greece and the stupid people here go like sheep and vote for this scum of the earth with out fail so………….. same is happening all over the western world.

So I kind of have a different perspective than the one others have that for them is just something abstract, since have yet to touch them or influence their well being.


Well if the Leaders are Traitors & their Sheeple sign themselves up to be Cannonfodder then that is fine by me…even if they go by the Millions I’m only concerned about them Kids…they did not chose to be in the shithole called war..neither did they do anything to deserve to get their head Chopped off…For me personally it will be easy to head for them woods…I’m a Free man…and I will fight to stay a Free man…whatever the choices of others might be….I ain’t scared for a couple of Wahhabi Headchoppers…I say fuck’m…they are nothing…
comment image

Tommy Jensen

The 1-2% Wahhabis Extremists, returning ISIS warriors to all over EU are the new Gladio sleeping cells for NATO and CIA/M16.

A 2-3 truckloads full of machineguns, explosives, manpads and we can arrange any city to be occupied in Europe after the Libya/Syria scenarie……………..LOL.

But the best part of it, is the fear they impose in all EU´s citizens……………..LOL.


Well if the rest of Europe is shitting their pants for them.. it will say more about what has become of the Europeans in terms of character, than that it says about a bunch of Psychopathic Mental Patients with machineguns…


Islam in Russia is the nation’s second most widely professed religion. According to a nationwide survey conducted in 2012,[2]
Muslims in Russia numbered 9,400,000 or 6.5% of the total population.
However, the populations of two federal subjects with Islamic majorities
were not surveyed due to social unrest, which together had a population
of nearly 2 million, namely Chechnya and Ingushetia,[2] thus the total number of Muslims may be larger.

Promitheas Apollonious

Assad agree ? NO he had no choice because with out the russians will not last another day, because saying no means having the russians against him as well the turkish army that is waiting along with the mercenary army right on his door step so use your brain and more importantly listen to what Assad say in the interviews they make with him. It help you think base on reality and not what you think is reality.

Here for two years we have given hospitality to syrians that come directly from Assad’s environment and their children was here before the attack on syria began studying. They are family friends of us and the people went back to syria soonest their kids finish. We are in daily contact with them and we talk. So believe what you like and let me know what I know from the horses mouth.


But it doesn’t change the fact that Syria can’t be partitioned by some other countries… with or without President Bashar al-Assad….everything can happen and still everything is possible… Balkanization is possible…But Assad has said he will Conquer back every inch of Syria…If the Russians & Iranians back him up (and they have to more or less because otherwise they will be next on the Cabal’s List) this will become a reality… The Cabal is Dying…or it makes us believe it is Dying….50/50…


How do you know these decisions are taken without the Syrians?

Promitheas Apollonious

if you read what I wrote then you know how because I said it.


** free transit of the worst terrorists **

Hmm. Who else has provided that? Wait! Don’t tell me! It’s on the tip of my tongue.


If her Nikkiness is concerned about attacks on “civilian areas” in Idlib, perhaps she will provide Pres. Assad a map of all civilian areas in Idlib so he can know what areas are completely free of jihadi scum.

And why should jihadi scum be offered a political solution when they have pursued a military solution and lost?


Your last sentence says it all, well spoken.


Thank you, Sir. The US approach is distilled arrogance anchored in fantasies about Assad’s brutal nature, the “Shiite Crescent.,” and the nature of urban warfares against animals.

Did I mention hypocrisy? The US waged aggressive, illegal war on Syria from 2011 afterward and cries crocodile tears when they say Assad doesn’t follow civilized norms. “We” shelled and bombed Fallujah, Mosul, and Raqqah inflicting massive destruction but rend our garments if Assad fights the war we forced on him.

It’s repulsive.


this is getting sicker every day….but the best/sickest is trumps following qoute of yesterday at PC.
“King SALOMON of saudi arabia”…..wow….i´m about to write the white house where the fuck they get these drugs….must be amazing stuff lol

Concrete Mike

I heard king saruman for some reason ;))


Really clowns… If iran is to order US out , it means out
How the heck can US forces stay in Syria when Russia is there . Even if RissiR us out US also cannot defend themselves much less control Iranian forces

Daniel Miller

they cant be serious……

Richard M

When did Pentagon become a Comedy Club?

Promitheas Apollonious

since it exist?


The comments coming out of the US. government an their leader lately should be cause for concern for everybody they are getting more and more disturbing?


And there would have never been a war in Syria if the US and its terror allies had not funded evil head chopping bandits in Syria..


yet it is next to impossible to make the majority of the people to know this. mainstream media and puppet leaders of the west are too convincing for the ordinary people when it comes to seriously served crap news.

Carne João Pasta

I tried explaining to a younger Syrian teen about the truth of what’s been happening in Syria. She said Assad is a dictator, etc and that Russia, US, Iran, Turkey, et al are just using Syria as a tug of war of sorts. I shared with her a few sites and articles to research. I doubt she looked at any of them. So sad.


they say ignorance is bliss but in her case (as a syrian), I don’t think she’ll be happy either way anyway. Yes it is sad in that some Syrians go for Western govts’ rhetoric without knowing that they had destroyed their country.

btw I came across one Syrian on Quora giving me BS about white helmets’ rescues of Assad victims… he probably was a fake account though… you come across those paid manipulators here and there.

Tommy Jensen

They are not all trolls.
Ordinary Syrians look at their own life conditions and dont see the overall picture.

Compare Syria during 7 years with any Western country, and Syria look dictator and West look organised for a better life = whatever the West is doing it must be better since their society function.
This is the empirial purpose behind making destroying countries like Syria, bombing schools, weddings, etc.
Making the population lose confidence in their own government, own currency and leadership, longing for West to take controle and organise.

I met however 2 young Syrian refugee guys in EU lately, around 25 yrs old who said they loved Assad and had much respect for him.

This was in an EU country where MSM were speewing US/UK lies out every day.

northerntruthseeker .

So let me get this straight… The Russians and the Syrians are now to blame for these “terrorists” that are the creation of the US and Israel?

My, but we do live in one really fucked up world!

Concrete Mike

I know right, how fucked up is that.

US is acting like my PMS wife, doesnt matter what you do it wrong.


“While we are not intervening in the Syrian civil war, because our combat operations target ISIS,.bla bla bla.. ”

what about asking your proxy states to send arms and ammunitions and arrange jihadi trafficking to strengthen opposition forces in Syria?
what about helping kurds to occupy syrian and iraqi lands and also encourage their aim at turkish land?

ain’t that indluincing Syrian civil war? ain that helping destabilize the region in general at all? (I am ignoring that you created isis in the first place you dumb shite! )

what a two-faced fucktard!

Tommy Jensen

Exactly as I have said several times. We Americans are only there to protect America on its own soil.

bernie garland

You couldn’t make this shit up lol

Carol Davidek-Waller

Whose hornets are they DOD? Herded together they fight each other. Is that the U.S.’s real objection?
As if the situation could be even more ironic, it’s the US that has been frantically trying to slow down the inevitable mop up operation in Idlib by the Syrian government and it’s ally Russia.
There Is no consistent policy regarding Syria from the U.S. and not even a hint of responsibility for their ridiculousz, failed regime change policy, illegal occupation and support for ‘hornets’. To call it childish is an insult to children everywhere.


ya thats why i got visuals of terrorist training camps in syria funded under the obama admin??or when i seen vids showing american military heli’s dropping supplies to syrian terrorists and isis forces???YOU fckn made em u the fake jews france the saudi’s and the brits and u fckn know it trump regime!!!


Free as much land as possible so more Syrians can return to Syria, corner the terrorist scum in one area, then finish them off. What’s wrong with this plan? If they hole’d them up in Idlib and left them, I could understand the US spinning this as a negative. But they are actively trying to crush them.

Why is the US, who has never defeated a terrorist group in its life, who has spent 17 years in Afghanistan not defeating Taliban, telling others how to conduct counter-terrorism?


The problem for America, is its various terror armies are killing each other off. And without pay they are freelancing, pretty soon they will be killing American troops in Turkey, and heaven forbid but they might even start attacking Jews

Gregory Casey

And what will the Turkish attitude be when we get to October 15th and Salafist Terrorists of Jaish al-Islam & al-Sham & al-Qaeda & al-Nusra & ISIS/Daesh and all the thousands of others refuse to disarm? What then? Will Ottoman Turks really disarm them? No chance! They are Turkey’s and US-Saudi-Israeli Proxies but under this ‘agreement’ if there is no disarmament, Syrian Arab Army & National Defense Forces will be fully entitled to launch attacks inside Idlib wherever they are within that Territory: And that is precisely what WILL happen. We will then discover whether Erdogan does what he promised to Putin and if he does not comply with his agreement, what Putin will do in return.

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