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Pentagon: Ground Invasion Is Only Way To Locate And Secure North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Sites

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Pentagon: Ground Invasion Is Only Way To Locate And Secure North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Sites

A screenshot from the video

US President Donald Trump has said that America stands with Japan against the North Korean “menace” during a news conference in Tokyo. President Trump reiterated his notion that “era of strategic patience” was over, and that the two countries were working to counter the “dangerous aggressions” of the North Korean regime.

He said that Japan would shoot North Korean missiles “out of the sky” after completing purchases of US military equipment. Japan’s policy is that it would only shoot down a missile if it were falling on Japanese territory or if it were judged to pose an “existential threat” to Japan because it was aimed at a US target.

“Most importantly, we’re working to counter the dangerous aggressions of the regime in North Korea,” Trump said, calling Pyongyang’s nuclear tests and recent launches of ballistic missiles over Japan “a threat to the civilized world and to international peace and stability”.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the same news conference that Japan backed Trump’s stance that “all options” are on the table when it comes to North Korea, saying the two countries were “100 percent” together on the issue.

Trump has previously exchanged fiery rhetoric with North Korea over its ballistic missile tests but aides said earlier this week that he would not visit  the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on the border between the South and North. He is, however, to visit Camp Humphreys, a US military complex south of the capital, Seoul.

North Korea marked Trump’s arrival in Japan by warning the “spiritually unstable” president not to make “reckless remarks” about the regime in Pyongyang. The Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of the ruling Workers’ party, claimed that US voters were pushing for Trump’s impeachment out of fear he would bring “nuclear disaster” to the US mainland.

This comes after North Korea had accused America of attempting to “ignite a nuclear war” after two US strategic bomber planes carried out drills in the region on November 2. Pyongyang claimed the exercises, also involving South Korean and Japanese fighter jets, were a “surprise nuclear attack drill” simulating an attack on key North Korean targets.

A top Pentagon official reported in a letter to US lawmakers that a ground invasion in North Korea is the only way to locate and secure all of North Korea’s nuclear weapons sites “with complete certainty” in case of war. Rear Admiral Michael J. Dumont, the vice director of the Pentagon’s Joint Staff, wrote in the letter that Pentagon leaders “assess that North Korea may consider the use of biological weapons” against the invading force and that the country “has a long-standing chemical weapons program with the capability to produce nerve, blister, blood and choking agents.” Even calculating the best- or worst-case casualty estimates is challenging, he added. The Pentagon repeated that a detailed discussion of how the United States would respond to the threat could not be discussed in public.

North Korea has not launched any missiles since 15 September, the longest lull this year.

Military exercises of the South Korean Armed Forces:

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So basically, unless the US and ROK launch a full ground invasion there’s nothing that can be done against the Norks. So it basically boils down to using lots of harsh language and blustering to impress the folks back home, and to sell as much military hardware to the ROK and Japan. Also to impress the folks back home.


that was the plan you go to the head of the class

Tommy Jensen

I would look forward to see Rumsfeld leading 200 000 American Marines claiming he can “take over NK in 3 month”.


They are dreaming this is not Iraq or terror group that has no air defense or poor trained forces, NK has everything from artillery to air force to air defense systems everything.


If this is the only way then it will not happen..North Korea will make Vietnam seem like a drive by shooting for American soldiers


A ground invasion against North Korea would mean heavy casualties for US and S. Korea; a ground invasion would play well for the North Koreans since they are heavily fortified and have significant firepower assets along the DMZ.


Pentagon planners played this wargame out 8 yrs ago and estimated in the first 2 weeks 300,000 dead minimum N Korea would loose but over a million dead minimum. That’s just conventional not nuclear…but assuming the North would shell S Korea with bio and chem weapons if attacked by ground forces


The US Evil is still day dreaming with Hollywood nonsense. They have been unable to defeat the Taliban since they began their opium war and now they believe that taking North Korean wealth will be a piece of cake?

Please start a ground invasion! The whole world is just waiting to see the US been light up and burnt down like a xmas tree.

Jan Turoň

Japan: USA used two nuclear bombs against our civilians, killing hundreds of thousands, a couple of years ago Fukushima produced some contamination and today we miss the nuclear pollution, so we will support USA in making some around. This is the only logic I see in that.

Tudor Miron

Japan is under US occupation since WWII – that’s the only logic. I never imagined that Samurai nation would be so spineless for so long. Same with Germans and the rest of nations that are OK with vassal role. What a shame.


Japanese were smart …..but putting in all the nuclear power was not a japanese idea…the US and its dept of energy runs japanese nuclear power…..always have. Japanese knew it would be a inevitable disaster on a country laying on so many earthquake faults


I’ve never been able to understand why a nation such as Japan, with a proud Samurai heritage would allow itself to be subordinate to a scum based country like america.

Jan Turoň

I think Japanese culture faces the same fate as Aztecs: once proud, and look at the pop-art now. Compare bushido codex to hikikomori and anime. The brief modern history of USA is genocide, then civil war, massive immigration of thugs, still slavery, racism, imperialism, exploitation of subdued Germany, oligarchism and warmongering. They sell it as freedom and democracy, but they mean american exceptionalism and dictatorship. Russia and China have the experience of beeing in defeated position, unlike USA which still believe that they can conquer the world with power. We need to isolate it and let it learn and heal. Or rot.


sadly japanese are similar to all others they are sheep and the people in power are corrupt.

Tudor Miron

NK “crisis” is nothing more than “smoke and mirrors” – diverting “folks” attention from actual problems. It will calm down just as it did several times before this latest farce.


fingers are crossed


Absolutely. Glad some can see the real picture here.

Mickey Dee

Is the USA going to slaughter 2 million Koreans like last time?

Jaime Galarza

3 million and that was only in NK.

Tommy Jensen

4 * 10 million will die this time, and this is only around the Koreas.

Raptar Driver

Japan being a former colonizer of Korea should have no say over any matter and Korea’s current colonizer should F- the Hell off!


Before the USA goes to war with NK, it must take care of its real enemies. The enemy of the US is the left wing,elite, globalists who have sold out America. They have pitted citizens against each other, created hatred and bankrupted the country. America has allowed politicians to bankrupt the country while the people fought about which bathroom to use.

Tommy Jensen

US have been barking the last 4 years but no result nowhere.


You would rather us burn 6 million N.Korean women and kids ??


You yanks are too afraid to do that…. you only attack tiny, backward countries… THIS time, again, you are totally, absolutely IMPOTENT. Fire and Fury? Destroy NK? In your dreams yankee assholes.


Says the pretender wearing a fake name and mask.


the US will fight to the very last S korean and japanese

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