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Pentagon Gives Account of Last US Special Forces’ Operation in Yemen with Video of 2007

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The Pentagon has published a video, allegedly captured during the recent operation of the US Special Forces in Yemen, and then quickly removed it, as it was dated by 2007.

Pentagon Gives Account of Last US Special Forces' Operation in Yemen with Video of 2007

Photo: US Marine Corps / Cpl. Hernan Vidana / Released / Navy.mil

A video, allegedly captured during the recent operation of the US Special Forces in Yemen, was published on the official website of the US Department of Defense and then quickly removed from there, the Reuters news agency reported on Saturday.

As Adam Raisman, a senior analyst at the SITE group, which monitors extremists online, told the news agency, “the video clip that was posted and abruptly taken down was one of 25 videos that appeared [published] in 2007.”

According to Raisman, the only difference lies in the fact that US military added English subtitles to the video, filmed by Islamist militants.

Spokesman for the US Central Command, Colonel John Thomas, confirmed that the video was removed from the website because its content relates to the events, happened 10 year ago.

“We didn’t want it to appear that we were trying to pass off an old video as a new video,” Thomas said.

However, spokesman for the Pentagon, Captain Jeff Davis, believes that the footage have not lost its relevance.

“It does not matter when the video was made, that they had it is still illustrative of who they are and what their intentions are,” Davis said.

On January 30, the Pentagon gave an account of the military operation in the Yemeni province of Bayda, during which 14 Al-Qaida terrorists were killed, as well as a 36-year-old officer of the US Special Forces lost his life.

Local doctors also reported about the death of civilians. According to them, 30 civilians, including 10 women and children, were killed during the operation.

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Doom Sternz

Not fake video evidence, but alternatve video of what it might have been. Pure phantasy which sums up US foreign policy.


DOD: Lying about lying. duty, honor, country = bullsh*t.

Pave Way IV

Matthew Cole’s investigative report on SEAL Team 6 shows how worthless the JSOC intel and leadership has become, and how that has ultimately affected the lack of enlisted operators’ pride and self-policing. I always admired SEALs. Even for being so tough, they had a policy of refusing to shoot an unarmed person on a mission. Not that way today – they sound like they turned into a bunch of homicidal merc meth-head bikers looking for their next thrill-kill.

The Crimes of Seal Team 6

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