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Pentagon Furious After Turkey Leaks U.S. Base Locations in Syria: “Hard Not to See This as a F-You”

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Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

So much for NATO-alliance members working for the common good.

In a move that has angered the U.S. for obvious reason, Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu Agency has leaked the precise locations of U.S. bases in northern Syria. The move – which exposes the exact locations of American soldiers on the front lines in the war-torn nation – has sent the ongoing feud between the two NATO allies to new lows. As Bloomberg details, in reports published in both Turkish and English on Tuesday, Anadolu provided detailed information about 10 U.S. bases in northern Syria, including troop counts and a map of the U.S. force presence in the Turkish version.

Without citing specific sources, the state-run news agency unveiled the ten US outposts located in areas controlled by “terrorist” Kurdish militias in the provinces of Aleppo, Hasakah and Raqqa. The reports said that the military outposts are “usually hidden for security reasons, making it hard to be detected.” It said they were located “in the terrorist PKK/PYD-held Syrian territories,” a reference to Kurdish groups that Turkey’s government considers terrorist organizations.

While locations of two of the bases, in Rmeilan district (in Hasakah province) and Harab Isk village (near Kobani, in Aleppo province), had already been widely publicized, the others had been mentioned only in outside reports, or were completely unknown. Anadolu’s story also provided systematic and detailed information about troop numbers, equipment, and US operational procedures at the outposts.

Needless to say, the Pentagon was furious.

According to the Daily Beast, Washington was so incensed that it even tried to prevent US media from reprinting the story, after it had already appeared in the Turkish media.

“The discussion of specific troop numbers and locations would provide sensitive tactical information to the enemy which could endanger Coalition and partner forces,” Colonel Joe Scrocca, director of public affairs for Operation Inherent Resolve, reportedly wrote to the New York-based Daily Beast, which was the only major US outlet to pick up the story by Wednesday morning.

“Publishing this type of information would be professionally irresponsible and we respectively request that you refrain from disseminating any information that would put Coalition lives in jeopardy,” Scrocca added.

It is no secret that over the past few years Turkey and the U.S. have been at odds over the U.S. backing of Kurdish fighters in Syria who are affiliated with separatist movements inside Turkey. The Turkish government probably leaked U.S. troop locations to Anadolu as retaliation, according to Aaron Stein, a fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

“The U.S. takes force protection seriously, obviously,” Stein said by email on Wednesday. “The Turkish government knows this, and still decided to leak the locations of U.S. bases in Syria. Hard not to see this as a F-you.”

Indeed, on Monday, Turkey’s National Security Council proclaimed that the Syrian-based YPD is the “same organization” as the separatist PKK that operates inside the country, and which Turkey has branded as terrorist. Turkish officials said that weapons freely flow between the two groups, and last month accused Washington of arming “terrorists,” saying that “some allies” apply “double standards.”

Meanwhile, the Pentagon said it had conveyed its concern to the Turkish government.

“While we cannot independently verify the sources that contributed to this story, we would be very concerned if officials from a NATO ally would purposefully endanger our forces by releasing sensitive information,” Major Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, a Defense Department spokesman, said in an emailed statement. “The release of sensitive military information exposes Coalition forces to unnecessary risk and has the potential to disrupt ongoing operations to defeat ISIS.

According to Bloomberg, Levent Tok, an Anadolu Agency reporter on the story, said the information about U.S. troop positions wasn’t leaked. “The story was based on field work by Anadolu’s Syria reporters and some of the information on bases had been broadcast on social media by Kurdish fighters”, he told Bloomberg on Wednesday. “The U.S. should have thought about this before it cooperated with a terrorist organization,” he said.

The Anadolu report claims that the US operates several types of facilities in the Kurdish-controlled territories. Some are “field-type military points” which are “usually hidden for security reasons, making it hard to be detected.” The most prominent of these is Rmeilan, established in the Al-Hasakah province in October 2015. It has an airfield through which cargo planes deliver weapons to the fighters – one of the two major arms routes into the country, along with a land route from Iraq, according to the news agency. Another is Harab Isk, a helicopter base set up near Kobani in March 2016.

Apart from the more traditional facilities, the US-led coalition “uses some other places which are hard to be detected like residential areas, PKK/YPD camps, easily transformed factories.” Eight of the facilities are staffed with officers responsible “for airstrikes and artillery shelling, military consultants, training officers, [and] operational planning officers.”

“The equipment in the military points includes artillery batteries with high maneuverability, multi-barrel rocket launchers, various mobile equipment for intelligence and armored vehicles such as ‘Stryker’ for general patrols and security,” the report adds.

* * *

The incident was the latest to strain relations between Turkey and a major NATO ally.

Last week, a senior Turkish official told Bloomberg that Turkey had agreed to purchase a missile defense system from Russia, a move that could jeopardize Turkey’s relations with the Western security bloc. Germany is in the process of withdrawing from Turkey’s most important NATO base, Incirlik, after Turkey repeatedly refused to allow German lawmakers to visit troops there.

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Jan Tesarik

:-D it is fully fair to publish all the terrorists’ militant bases

Graeme Rymill

The “helicopter” base near Kobani has been recently expanded to handle C-130 and C-17 cargo planes. The Tabqa airbase presumably can handle helicopters maybe more.


Exactly, those bases are used to RE-SUPPLY all of their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS, controlled by the UNITED STATES/ISRAEL.

r jva

I believe you are confusing two different bases. There is the airfield and there is also a helicopter base a few miles east of the airbase. Both are near Kobani.


“Terrorist command furious that their terror bases of operations locations revealed”.

Steve Dent

Someone needs to point out to Major Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway that illegal invaders have no expectation to Rights or privacy.

The Law is not optional based on fire-power.


The US terrorists have no legal right or mandate to be opening bases of any kind in Syria, just like Turdistan don’t have a right to carve a country out of Syria and fill it with US bases, so they shouldn’t be whining so much, Erdog simply drew a map, that’s all.




Interesting article.

Most of the commenters comment based upon an anti US view and voice an opinion based on that. This is in a way very short sighted, but if it makes them happy, so be it.

In fact it is a disgrace. Turkey and the US do not see eye to eye on the subject of kurds in Syria, this is clear. US actions in Syria as regarding to the SDF and YPG do not hurt Turkey in a factual way, it only hurts Turkeys sensibilities and its kurdophobia, which are not responsabilities for the US.

This Turkish action is meant to hurt an ally outside both of Turkey and outside of Nato territory. This goes against both the charter of Nato and against the behaviour of an ally.

Like mr Stein said, this is a f*ck you signal, Chances are that the US will not feel restrained by Turkish opinions anymore and make their own statement by supplying SDF with even heavier arms like manpads, sam’s and artillery.

Way to go Erdogan.


Reality check – the US’ open dissemination of vast stocks of small arms to Kurdish SDF forces is in reality a direct problem for Turkey. Small and medium arms have incredible legacy periods – the rifles, field mortars, RPG’s etc being wholesale trucked into the SDF canton will still be fully active decades from now and will be traded, sold or seized many times over in that same time frame. It is a reasonable basic assumption that in future many of these weapons will eventually find way into hands of YPG forces and as such represent a problem for Turkey.


I realy hope that all these weapons will be used some day against faschist AKP troops. ;-)

Jens Holm

YPG dont operate´in Turkey.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PKK does so vicariously the US have been supplying arms to terrorists in an attempt to further destabilize the region.


From YPG in north Syria it is a few hours drive to PKK in Turkey.


Sams for SDF AND PKK would be wonderful!

SAM Song Gerry O’Glacain

“Well I have been a Provo now for 15 years or more with armalites and mortorbombs I thought I knew the score But now we have a weapon, we’ve never used before The Brits are looking worried – and their going to worry more!

Tiocfaidh Ar La, sing Up the Ra SAM Missiles in the sky

I started off with petrol bombs and throwing bricks and stones With a hundred more lads like me I never was alone But soon I learned that bricks and stones won’t drive the Brits away It wasn’t very long before I joined the IRA

Then there came Internment in the year of ’71 The Brits thought we were beaten, that we were on the run On that early August morning they kicked in our back door but for every man they took away, they missed a hundred more

I spent eight years in the cages, I had time to think and plan for though they locked away a boy, I walked out a man and there’s only one thing that I learned while in their cell I lay the Brits will never leave us, until they’re blown away!

All through the days of hunger strike I watched my comrades die while in the streets of Belfast you could hear the women cry I can’t forget the massacre that Friday at Loughgall I salute my fallen comrades, as I watch the coppers fall”

These lyrics may or may not be copyrighted!

It would take not very long to translate his great Irish song into Kurdish….


You obiviously lack information about “Kurds” in Syria. Kurds in general, in Syria, make, according to different researchs, approximately 7% of the population. And here are the areas they are majorly populated.


Despite this fact, they are controlling a huge junk of Syrian territory with US support. If US’s real aim is to defeat ISIS, then they should’ve cooperated with the Syrian goverment, not “Kurds”.

The second thing is, which “Kurds” you are talking about. Are they the Kurds that came from Iraq and took senior positions in PYD and YPG? Are they the Kurds that came from Iran? Turkey?

Or are they the ones(300.000) that got kicked out of Northern Syria because they don’t support the other Kurds’ ideology. Which one are you talking about?

3rd thing is your idea of this YPG presence not hurting Turkey is awfully wrong. Looking at this from a very, very unbiased point, Kurds will ask for federalisation and wether they admit it or not, sooner or later for independence, just like Barzani. Such actions will encourage the Kurds inside Turkey for either federalisation or independence. So It is in Turkey’s national interest.

Also, YPG’s ties to PKK is very clear. Only Kurds that support YPG/PKK will say that they are a different entity. Even the recently delivered AT-4 atgms ended up in the hands of PKK.(So far I’ve read at least 10 to 15 news about AT-4 being captured from PKK members.)

I am not even gonna mention the M-16 rifles that was delivered to YPG. PKK has like hundreds of them.

And all of this are happening under the pretext of fighting “ISIS”. Who the fuck invited US to fight against ISIS anyway?! WHO, THE, FUCK?!

They just, on their own, decided to settle in northern Syira and use these lands, that belongs to Syrian people, as they wish. That is a direct violation of Syria’s soverignty.

US, together with its seperatist terrorist YPG, must leave Syria. Same goes for Turkey as well. Turkey too either needs to leave Syria, or recognise that Assad is the legitimate president and its administration is the legitimate goverment.

Jonathan Cohen

We USians couldn’t cooperate with the syrian government against ISIS because the Syrian government violated abortion rights, like ISIS. That left only the Kurds and Turks to work with. Cooperating with the Syrian government would violate Roe.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That is a bullshit cop out about abortion rights and they are no different under Kurds either , just another bogus reason. This happens in many societies the debate is never really about abortion but when life starts. The opinions are still mixed where it exists but soon they will have it so a person can kill another and consider it a late term abortion.


Why didn’t they work with SAA who preferred to focus on areas where no ISIS existed? SAA abandoned areas to ISIS and only really fought hard was at palyma and deir ezzor until around 2016 where they took advantage of ISIS decline caused by ES and SDF who you labeled terrorist because they don’t back your fascist neo nazi ideals. Why work with a regime who let ISIS flourish and traded with them?


so stupid arent you? before 2016..SAA fought all front north south east and west side lack of manpower..all front..and on the verge of being defeated before Iran came to give SAA a longing defensive stand and russia come 2016 to enhanced and revamp SAA offensive through force and diplomatic manouver especially when there is a serious risk from Idlib Al Nusra.

are you just recently taking notice of Syria war? OMG? go home and continue play your counterstrike kids.


First of all, SAA was fighting in ALL FRONTS, literally, in ALL of them. But SAA had to retreat from most of them because gulf states together with Turkey, US and EU brought tens of thousands jihadists and put them into Syria to fight the SAA.

So US, actually tried to fuck SAA even though they were fighting against ISIS. Later on, they allied with PKK(then named as YPG/SDF) and started their plan of partition of Syria.

Jens Holm

Thats very old data of the worst kind. Its not including urbanisation in 40 years. Its not incliding where 8-10 mio. refugees are and where. 5 millions of them are not even in Syria.

Your estimate of 7% is the enemy number and Im sure its not including the stateless kurds approx 200.000. Much worse is if those many non-kurds will ever come back. As longs as they are out, the % is much higher.

Those 3 nice green fields represent almost nothing of the real world. As I recall it, its proposed autonoms. They only say 51% are kurds but 49% might not be.

Furthermore its ignored kurds – as the map is made in its primitivity – that in the rest of Syria – all over -. they COULD have up to 49% of the total population.

When I observed SDF taking Raqqa a lot of information came and old and older maps of that. Turkmens and other said no kurds in Manbij – which wasnt even true more because of no rain in 2008. It also Ignored the rest of Manbig County telling est. 20% in it was kurds – beacuse there was/were many kurds in the low populated rural districts.

So too many manipulations.

If I should estimate after “feeling” as objecktive, I would say 9% – BUT many, many might never come back, and they are mainly NON KURDS. So You have to raise the kurds part a little more.

Tha longer the war goes on the fewer will come back and they are certainly not as the map even Assads deported many of them to the green.

Jonathan Cohen

It is a real problem if YPG is smuggling significant arms to PKK in Turkey when those arms are meant to be used against ISIS. US may need to deploy it’s own forces on the border to prevent smuggling and also limit arms quantity, though not weight, so that YPG does not end up with surplus arms to give away to PKK. They should get only what they use against ISIS and no more.

Jc Plancarte

Who the hell cares about the NATO charter, or US/Turkish relations!!!!!???!!! All these parties are the criminals, that, together with the wahabi terrorism sponsoring gulf arabs, invaded Syria with armies of islamist terrorists!!! The islamist dictatorship of turkey should have been expelled from NATO a decade ago, after there was no more doubts that the Turks had abandoned secularism and had gone Islamist!!!! Why is criminal NATO still painting Russia as the evil enemy while maintaining an alliance with an islamist totalitarian dictatorship which never has had freedom of religion, even during its secularist period, continues to expropriate the last Christian churches, and was dealing with ISIS with stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil???!!!!! The legitimate purpose of NATO ended back when the Soviet Union collapsed. Since then, it has been acting like a rogue international criminal bully destroying independent countries and killing millions in its criminal spree!!!! Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and others, have been the victims of the dirty wars perpetrated by these criminal organization. NATO should focus on protecting Europe from the real enemies that threaten Western civilization, identity and freedom. It should protect Europe from unchecked mass immigration and from islamist immigrants who refuse to assimilate!!!!! First of all, they should destroy the zionist bankster families of the Rothschilds and Soros who are the ones orchestrating the demise of Europe!!!!

Weldon Cheek

Again with the US/nato/alliance on “terror”(lol)can do no wrong stance! As has been the number one point amongst all the constant to ing and fro ing on these matters THE US IS NOT LEGALLY IN THIS COUNTRY,SO BY THAT LOGIC THESE BASES ARE ILLEGAL! JUST LIKE ISIS BASES AND SO ON! Now any other arguement FOR the continued US aggression in this country are also ILLEGAL which means all options are open for the attack and removal of these forces.


First of all US has no business being in Syria, AT ALL. Those guys who sawed the heads off children, were funded by US Deep State assets. The ‘Free Syria Army’ bullshit is a cover for CIA to say they ‘accidentally’ passed weapons to the world’s worst terrorists. The attack on Green Berets at a Jordanian army base and the subsequent cover up of their deaths, and leaks from Brennan’s office indicated it was anything but a deliberate goal of getting Assad out and the end result is a destroyed Syria the same way as they destroyed Libya.

‘Most of the commenters comment based upon an anti US view and voice an opinion based on that. This is in a way very short sighted, but if it makes them happy, so be it.’

Anti-US views are justified given what the United States (again the Deep State as part of the Anglo-American empire specifically, not the citizens, although the latter’s ignorance is increasingly harder to excuse with the widespread information on the internet) has given the world:

-taking down of over 30 democracies who refused to be Anglo-American vassal states since the end of WW2 and replacing them with genocidal thugs who will maintain US Petrodollar hegemony,

-keeping the world limited to oil as an energy source by suppressing alternative fuel sources so we do not progress to becoming a Type 1 civilization, and then turn around and blame us for polluting the Earth and imposing carbon taxes while riding in limousines and corporate jets, i.e. neo-feudalism agenda that will ultimately reduce the working class back to landless peasants living in an apartment room the size of a cell,

-being the military arm of the western banking cabal to destroy countries that refuse or minimize the debt-based inflationary monetary system that makes basic needs more and more expensive and squeezing out the middle class and increasing the poverty base that can be used as a hotbed for radicalism and destabilizing force in the society they are in,

-flooding of the lowest dregs of the Middle East and North Africa with military age males who commit sexual assault crimes on locals unprepared for their violence, in places like your country of Netherlands as part of an engineered collapse of Europe.

and countless other ‘gifts’ best explained by Dr Jim Willie in his interviews.

Solomon Krupacek

hm. hungary is on blacklist, in nato can gat sensitive information. now turkey will be in such position. interesting.

John Whitehot

the question is, why Southfront did not publish the information?

Graeme Rymill

The English language version: http://aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/us-increases-military-posts-supporting-pkk-pyd-in-syria/864274

John Whitehot

thanks dude


Oh they have taken it down, anyone get a screenshot?

Graeme Rymill

Half way down this web page is a screen shot of the map in English. Below the map is the text http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/us-increases-military-posts-in-kurd.html

Graeme Rymill

http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/us-increases-military-posts-in-kurd.html Half way down this web page is a screen shot of the map in English followed by the text of the English language version of the Anadolu article.

El Diablo

Escalation between Turkey and US is a great thing. I hope in a big invasion of north Syria by Turkey. Assad and Russia have all to gain by this. Can happen everything, in the best scenario Syria will be freed by both US, SDF and USA :D And Turkey by Erdogan :D


The US is an evil warmonger, they have no right to be in Syria. It is obvious that the filthy Yanks are sponsoring ISIS along with Israel. I hope once Assad finishes off ISIS they start hitting these illegal bases.


So that’s 10 in northeast and 2 in southeast confirmed – 12 known US militarily bases inside of Syria. It would be interesting to have estimates of operational US personnel currently inside Syria from SOF to the logistics support crews for supplies and airstrips. Not even counting the various other NATO SOF operating from these bases, it would suggest quite a lot of US boots on the (Syrian) ground.

George King

The key phrase here is, “Washington was so incensed that it even tried to prevent US media from reprinting the story, after it had already appeared in the Turkish media.”

In the Syrian theater and the ME all of the alliances and their public know this, it is the exposure to the American public that has the pentagon, neocons, neoliberals and the us politicians rattled. Americans overwhelmingly do not want boots in Syria or the ME draining their Treasure, Commons and depriving them of their Inalienable Rights. This was evidenced by Congress refusals to do so openly in the halls of Congress. Of course behind closed doors they have given their approval and appropriations for such actions.


There you have it. The reason why the US was grooming the Kurds all these years. So that they would be the useful puppets they could manipulate to invade Syria. I told you guys the US was planning to establish US bases or “posts” as some call them in the SDF-captured land. SDF Kurds are real useful goys for the Israelis. While the throwaway ISIS is waved in front of the goys’ faces to distract them, they maneuver the SDF around to capture Syrian land.

Assad after six years has not succeeded in gaining much. When the dust blows over, Syria will be partitioned. The US will not listen to UN/Russian pleas to get out of sovereign state of Syria. Israel won’t let them.

Once they’ve got their claws into Syria, they won’t budge. The parts they own will be used as the basis of operations against Iran and Lebanon. The conquest of the Middle East is almost complete. Assad should really hang his head in shame. SIX YEARS!

Graeme Rymill

The reason why the US was grooming the Kurds all these years? Mosul had fallen in mid 2014 with barely a fight. There were fears that Baghdad would be taken or besieged. By September 2014 Kobani was under attack. ISIS controlled 100,000 sq km of Syria and Iraq by the end of 2014. This was an area the size of Jordan. Neither the SAA nor the Iraqi Army had been able to halt ISIS’s remorseless advances. The Turks stood and just watched ISIS attacking the Kurds. ISIS seemed unstoppable. At Kobani the Kurds showed that ISIS could be fought to a standstill. The Americans chose the only group that seemed capable at that time of rolling ISIS back. Ever since Kobani that is exactly what has happened.


You should know by now the Zios fund both sides of any war. They control ISIS and they control SDF. What makes SDF better than ISIS? Nothing. They’re both Zionist-created entities designed to help Israel conquer Syria. Like comparing Useful Puppet #1 to Useful Puppet #2 … meaningless. A victory by SDF is the same as a victory by ISIS. Both play their fake roles. The genocidal terrorist Kurds who have been destabilizing the Middle East for decades, funded by NGOs, are now playing the good guys, in whose mouths butter wouldn’t melt.


They are now the poor victimized Kurds, homeless, citizenless, dispossessed of their land, nationless – everyone is against them – forced to take up arms and bomb innocent people in protest …

The ISIS’s role is to be the bad boy Islamist, everyone’s nightmare, fulfilling everyone’s worst fantasies of what these jihadis are like – even their flag is malevolent – black, evil, menacing.

https://sarahabed.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/101910373-453481654-530×298.jpg From: https://sarahabed.com/2017/03/08/empire-uses-kurds-as-pawns-in-its-imperial-pursuits-in-syria/


Straight out of Hollywood – well, out of Mossad headquarters actually – Mossad is also known as I.S.I.S. by the way.

Kurds are playing it up to their hilt. Their new besties are Israelis. They hold signs that thank the USA.

We should give the Oscar to the Kurds next, for their great acting.

Kurds, the poor man’s Jews. They are destined to be Wandering Forever. They have decided to be the eternal whiners, like Jews.


They’ve grown to like the taste of Soros’ shekels. No more honest work for them, unlike the poor SOB goys – they will make a living out of being “persecuted”. Being victims of persecution will gain them free entry to European countries and other Western nations as asylum-seekers. Scandinavia and Germany and other socialist nations are favored destinations for these asylum seekers because they can live from cradle to the grave off the taxpayer.


They will learn to tell Big Ones about the Persecution they experienced at the hands of the Big Bad Arabs, Turks and Persians. Like being forced to learn in school in Arabic – the horrors! The abuse!

Like the Jews, their story-telling will get more vivid, more laced with lurid details. Maybe the Jews can give them some tips. They’ve also made a successful empire and career out of telling fibs – you can call Jews experts at being “persecuted”. https://papermacheworld.wordpress.com


Kurds, the Jews’ little brother – actually, genetic studies show Kurds are the closest genetically to the Ashkenazim.

Kurds, the tool the Jews use to sell out the Arabs, Persians and Turkish.

Professional victims, careerist whiners, perpetually “persecuted ones”.

Stupid weak Assad, sell-out selfish Kurds, two-faced Russians … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Qw5xVn7c0 Fable of the Ducks and Hens


Your wiered stuff didn´t get any better if you continue to answere yourself. Please, for your own good, try to get some therapy. ;-)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Wow you need more help than I thought have a real good specialist in your area can have them talk to you.

Dustil schmit

I seen plenty of arabs act the way you describe jews.

Dustil schmit

Just as much as Palestinians ohh wait you back that cause reasons that make you a hypocrite. At least I have the macho to admit Israelis and Palestinians are both parasites with causes that are equally cancerous.

Dustil schmit

Hey I know you love turks Turkey continues to pursue a wait-and-see policy on the Democratic Union Party (PYD)-held town of Afrin in northern Syria, stressing that any threat or attack will be retaliated in kind as Ankara still rejects the idea that the town should be handed over to the Bashar Assad regime rather than local elements. https://www.dailysabah.com/war-on-terror/2017/07/20/turkey-maintains-defensive-position-toward-pyd-held-afrin


;-) מזל־טוב


What a big big conglomerate of rubbish… Do you really belive this? Unbelivable! I think you need professional help, really…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You live up to your bogus name troll go get some help yourself and ask why you are such a terrible dissembler.


All of your stupid conspiricy stuff is for the bees and the birds – but okay, everyone can have some hobbies… Troll? LOL – seems like I am one of the few real UNPAID humans here… Go on with you crap, but I will always interfere as I like. Tiocfaidh ár lá! Biji communist-anachist Kurdistan!

Анрэс Суарэс

Come on. The US backed ISIS since the every begging. If they had any interest in ending that terrorist group they would have punished Saudi Arabia and the likes, for armoring and supporting the terrorists.

Or do you think that Allah paid for those nice toyotas, portable rockets, and ak-47? Come down from your dream.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Praise Allah for the Toyotas and ManPads and the jizya from the infidels !

Dustil schmit

I love debunking you https://www.dailysabah.com/war-on-terror/2017/07/20/turkey-maintains-defensive-position-toward-pyd-held-afrin

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What does that have to do with ISIS or are you just being a troll , can tell you they the Turks killed 54 PKK terrorists last week and recently been shelling in some areas already. They took up defensive positions when they started Euphrates shield too , doesn’t mean a thing.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They chose the Kurds long before that and have been grooming them since the 80’s just think of them as another form of Al Qaeda. The Kurds initially ran from Kobani and disarmed all the militias and said they would fight ISIS.The US stepped in to help their proxies early with training and arms , but had them create the Humanitarian crisis in Northern Syria. The US even engineered the attack at Quimshli on the SAA , why do some not follow all the happenings in that area since before Saddam’s rise to power.

Talk about a short attention span and long term memories issues among people today.


dream on…



Miguel Redondo

Why does Turkey still allow the US to use Turkey for the provisions via road to the SDF? If Turkey cuts the roads to Syria for US-trucks and provisions, the SDF is plain dead in a short time for a lack of equipment. Because provision by air is far much compromised and you cannot bring in any heavy equipment.


Trucks are coming from Iraq.


Interesting, trouble in paradise it would seem.

gfsdyughjgd .

We all know all bases of USA/NATO before this report.All USA/NATO enemies are aware of this isis supply bases.Trump Putin meeting was just a eyeblind world billboard show.

gfsdyughjgd .

There USA/NATO sleeping cells in Homs,Idlib,Hama and Damascus.Including Alepo were Turkey.,Jordan and Israel are operating.


The poor relations between the us and turkey is entirely the fault of the us.

They could have invaded Syria with Turkish army, its NATO ally, instead of Kurdish mercenaries, an inchoate state. It would have been far more successful, and it would not have ruined relations with Iraqi Kurds.

Some of These Kurdish fighters include members of a terror group on America’s own terror watch list. It poisoned US Turkish relations.

The strategy chosen by the US is fascinating in the scale of its ineptitude. American foreign policy failure is Russia’s gain.

In this case, it also benefited Assad and led to total mission failure. That the US hasn’t acknowledged this yet, and are holding out for bargaining chips, is a classic case of failing to cut your losses due to sunk costs.

Jc Plancarte

Well, these group of regime-change criminals did not want to be so obviously seen as aggressive, invading bad guys in the eyes of their citizens. That is why they opted to go with the clandestine, indirect way of training, arming and paying islamist, mercenary, terrorists to do the dirty work!!! Besides, what makes you think that Russia would just stand by and let the islamist Turks invade their ally, friend and clint, Syria???? It was a risk the NATO/USA? EU criminal plotters were not willing to take!!! The USA/NATO should have dumped Turkey 10 years ago, anyway. Why would they want to have as ally this islamist dictatorship whose muslim brotherhood citizens( a majority, it seems) showed that they are as savage as ISIS beheading young soldiers in the streets during the attempted coup!!!!


So go and lick whatever body parts you like of Barzani. But beware, he might had been in Erdogans ass befor, not with specific parts! As a whole person! Biji Kurdistan!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

International law breakers and terrorist have no right to privacy under the law and should expect none, this is just the rule of thumb all should follow. Why the hell would the US Major expect privacy when they came their uninvited by the legitimate government unless they had nefarious intentions and schemes in place that would be the only reason for the secrecy.


Look up international law, no law is being broken.


The US bases in Syria is an act of war, and acts of war, are illegal under international law.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Which ones to want to be shown first , which the US violated, just because the US didn’t amend the Rome statute doesn’t mean they are exempt from prosecution.Then again you are correct privacy of these bases are not covered under international law, since that kind of privacy is restricted when they were not invited by the Syrian government. Let’s just look at the UN charters and Resolutions or did the US no longer become a signatory member there too , good their seats can be given to someone else.


hahahahah i love it :))) USA GET OUT OF SYRIA!!! HANDS OFF SYRIA!!!

solomon mlambo

What we see here is hypocrisy at its highest order by the US Military. These guys have bases in almost all the 200 UN recognised countries and have gone a step further to preempt international law by recognising the arrival of a ‘new state of Kurdistan’ in Syria and Iraq. Remember Korea in 1953; the immature creation of a defacto State of Kurdistan without express approval of Turkey, Russia, Iraq, Iran and Eurasian countries is a replay of Korea at best and the Israel-Palestine scenario at worst. It is a perfect example of the Israeli-USA’ unwritten policy of (perpetual exploitation through fluid perpetual chaos” . Korea in the making!! What is Russia’s game plan?


It is indeed a big F-you. Turkey is fed up since the failed NATO-sponsored coup and the US supporting what it sees as terrorists.

The way I see it Turkey just gave the United States Deep State a taste of its own medicine. Since the SDF+Kurdish backed alliance against Islamic State is its latest sneaky attempt to recover their failed ‘Syrian rebel’ project that would have turned Syria into another Libya, this further scuttles the US Deep State plan, whatever it is they hope to gain by having Syria north of the Euphrates.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this is the real ‘Russian hacking’ with Russia secretly telling Turkey to do this as an act of vengeance ‘for both of us’ against the US coalition for being two-faced with its past ‘ceasefire’ bullshit deals that got scuttled as soon as they were agreed upon. Since both Russia and Turkey have been betrayed by NATO before.

Also telling that Turkey is already considering, if it hadn’t done so already, to give part of its Incirlik air base to Russian aircraft.

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