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Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Modernization And Expansion

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Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Modernization And Expansion


The Pentagon’s latest annual assessment of Beijing’s military power declares that China is planning to double its nuclear stockpile over the next decade, already operates the world’s largest Navy, is advancing rapidly in its space capabilities, and is embedding artificial intelligence technology in many of its weapons systems. 

The Pentagon’s annual assessment of China’s comprehensive program for the modernization and expansion of its armed forces is somewhat reminiscent of the ‘missile gap’ angst during the Cold War, and in this respect appears to have the same objective of justifying additional increases to the Pentagon’s already exorbitant budget.

Nonetheless, it cannot be disputed that China’s armed forces are steadily acquiring a very formidable array of weaponry and support platforms that are already capable of challenging the Pentagon’s objective of achieving and maintaining ‘full spectrum dominance’ in all potential battlefields against all prospective ‘adversaries’ or enemies in all possible theatres of war and confrontation.

Although the US still has a significant advantage in key areas, most decisively in long-range ballistic missile and nuclear attack forces, a US military attack against China is no longer guaranteed of success and would face the near certainty of a strong and extremely damaging counter-attack against US forces and ‘assets’ in the Asia-Pacific region (including any allied countries in the region foolish enough to join such an attack).

A large-scale military attack by the US would also prompt China to test the capabilities of its notorious ‘satellite killers’, which if they are as effective as many experts suspect could render inoperable much of the Pentagon’s military hardware not just in the Asia Pacific region but worldwide, and would risk a limited but still substantial nuclear attack against the continental United States.

Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Modernization And Expansion

Click to see the full-size image

In several key aspects the Chinese and US armed forces are pursuing similar objectives, such as rapidly expanding their naval and air power, moving towards more integrated joint force structures and operations to achieve greater interoperability and coordination in complex battlefield environments, and integrating emerging information technologies like AI into a wide range of weapons and operating systems.

The Defense Department’s 2020 China Military Power report estimates that China will “at least double” its nuclear stockpile to about 400 warheads and is placing great emphasis on strengthening its nuclear deterrence.

China is also making some adjustments to its operating procedures with respect to its nuclear arsenal.

“New developments in 2019 further suggest that China intends to increase the peacetime readiness of its nuclear forces by moving to a launch-on-warning (LOW) posture with an expanded silo-based force.”

A similar shift has occurred in Russia, where the incessant NATO war games with nuclear capable attack forces along Russia’s western and northern borders has prompted the government to revise its nuclear launch policies.

China is also working towards establishing its own version of a nuclear triad force, with air-launched ballistic missiles, in addition to ICBMs. Pentagon officials estimate that China will have 200 intercontinental missiles within the next five years.

“Combined with a near-complete lack of transparency regarding their strategic intent and the perceived need for a much larger, more diverse nuclear force, these developments pose a significant concern for the United States,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Chad Sbragia, speaking of the report’s key findings at a press conference at the Pentagon.

The Pentagon’s expressed concern over the transparency of China’s military program might be more convincing if it were to ever conduct a complete financial audit of its own operations for the US Congress as required by US law. Consecutive reports by the Inspector General have noted that somewhere between 15% and 25% of the Pentagon’s budget spending cannot be accounted for by its own financial auditors.

Even former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stated that $2.3 trillion of Pentagon funds could not be accounted for on 10 September 2001, the day before the Pentagon’s accounting department was obliterated by a suspicious terrorist attack which still has not been adequately explained.

Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Modernization And Expansion

Donald Rumsfeld. DoD photo by R. D. Ward. (Released)

The United States has also been trying to include China in discussions related to renewing the New START treaty, which governs the number of deployed strategic nuclear weapons and launch platforms that the United States and Russia can keep in their inventories.

China has said on numerous occasions that it isn’t interested in participating in a trilateral discussion with Russia and the US on nuclear arms control, pointing out the vast disparity in the three countries nuclear arsenals, force structures and capabilities.

Nonetheless, the US insists on trying to include China in the negotiations, which must be successfully concluded before February of next year if the arms control agreement is to remain in effect.

“The United States is willing to make progress with Russia while waiting on China to recognize its interests in behaving like a great power and a responsible nuclear weapons state by pursuing negotiations in good faith,” Sbragia said.

The annual assessment also states that based on quantity China has built up its Navy to become the world’s largest with 350 ships and submarines. That’s a significant change from last year’s report, which describes China as having the largest ‘regional’ Navy.

“In comparison, the U.S. Navy’s battle force is approximately 293 ships as of early 2020.”

Speaking to the conservative American Enterprise Institute, Sbragia added “the caution is always [that] numbers are one element, not the entirety… There’s tonnage, capacity, sophistication.”

Presumably ‘sophistication’ refers to long-range force projection capabilities and overall destructive firepower. For instance, China commissioned its first domestically produced aircraft carrier last year, with its second currently under construction, compared to the fleet of 11 US nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. China’s submarine fleet, while expanding rapidly, also remains vastly outgunned by the US fleet of strategic nuclear attack submarines.

For years, Pentagon leaders have boasted that despite China’s build up of new technologies and weapons, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) lacked the training and fighting experience in joint combat scenarios that synchronize land, air, and sea power, giving the United States tremendous advantage in any potential direct conflict. According to this year’s report, the PLA is working hard to change that.

“More striking than the PLA’s staggering amounts of new military hardware are the recent sweeping efforts taken by (Chinese) leaders that include completely restructuring the PLA into a force better suited for joint operations, improving the PLA’s overall combat readiness, encouraging the PLA to embrace new operational concepts, and expanding the overseas military footprint.”

The expansion of large-scale joint military exercises and manoeuvres with Russia is very significant in this respect.

Additionally, China’s space activities are advancing rapidly, the report says, noting that China wants to have its own permanent space station by 2022. “Beijing has devoted significant economic and political resources to growing all aspects of its space program, from military space applications to civil applications such as profit-generating launches, scientific endeavors, and space exploration.”

The People’s Liberation Army is also putting emerging technology, particularly artificial intelligence, at the centre of its efforts to modernize its military.

“The PRC is pursuing a whole-of-society effort to become a global leader in AI, which includes designating select private AI companies in China as ‘AI champions’ to emphasize R&D in specific dual-use technologies,” the report states. It’s part of China’s five-year plan to become the world’s dominant player in the technology by 2030.

“In 2019, the private PRC-based company Ziyan UAV exhibited armed swarming drones that it claimed use AI to perform autonomous guidance, target acquisition, and attack execution. During the past five years, China has made achievements in AI-enabled unmanned surface vessels, which China plans to use to patrol and bolster its territorial claims in the South China Sea. China has also tested unmanned tanks as part of research efforts to integrate AI into ground forces’ equipment,” it says.

Just as the United States says artificial intelligence is helping to increase the speed and accuracy of warfare, China is also operating under that assumption.

“The PLA argues that the implementation of ‘intelligentized’ capabilities will increase the speed of future combat, necessitating more rapid processing and fusing of information to support quick and efficient command decision making.”

Sbragia described the underlying strategy informing how China develops and fields weapons, and undertakes military operations, as one of ‘active defence’. China, he said, sees itself as constrained by the “requirement to safeguard national interests and not do so in a matter that would be catastrophic to long term (social and economic) aspirations… Use of force, bound by those two conditions… always in those terms.”

The US political and military leadership has been intent on confronting and demonizing China this year, sending a record number of warships and aircraft (including long-range nuclear capable strategic bombers) into areas adjacent to China’s extensive maritime borders this year and concentrating their efforts on the zones most likely to provoke and antagonize the Chinese – the strait between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and nearby areas, and disputed border areas in the South China Sea.

In June, Chinese state media and internet users accused the United States of making “another provocative move” as a warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait — the seventh such transit by the US Navy this year, possibly timed to coincide with the anniversary of China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. LINK

At the end of August the Taiwanese Defence ministry said that another US Navy missile destroyer had sailed southwards through the sensitive strait and would continue to sail south into the disputed South China Sea. Although the ministry did not reveal any details about the US warship, they said that it was on an ‘ordinary mission’ adding that the situation was ‘normal’. Earlier in August, the US guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin sailed through the strait, in a move considered extremely dangerous by China. LINK

Earlier this month, Taiwan`s Defence Ministry denied claims made on social media that it had shot down a Chinese military aircraft over the Taiwan Strait, condemning the allegations as an attempt to further inflame tensions at a time when the US and China are already pushing each other to the brink of conflict in a war of nerves that could easily get out of control as the two countries send their armed forces into increasingly dangerous and risk-laden confrontations to demonstrate their determination to ‘not back down’. LINK

Last week, China’s state media reported that the country’s two commissioned aircraft carriers conducted simultaneous military exercises at sea for the first time.

The Global Times claimed that the exercises will enable China to deploy a dual carrier combat group, which could be used for “possible reunification-by-force operations on the island of Taiwan,” as well as providing additional “resistance against US provocations in the South China Sea.”

The China based Modern Ships magazine also cited foreign commercial satellite images as showing that the Navy’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, has recently departed from its base in Qingdao for military drills. As early as September 1, ship spotters reported the Liaoning and China’s second aircraft carrier, the Shandong, heading out of their ports for training missions, while that same day Twitter user Navy Recognition reported that J-15 fighters from the Liaoning were conducting live-fire exercises.

Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Modernization And Expansion

Click to see the full-size image

Hong Kong-based wenweipo.com reported that the Shandong had departed from a shipyard on September 1 and was headed toward the Bohai Sea to carry out exercises. Also that day, Chinese Twitter user Jimmy Chan posted satellite imagery purportedly showing the Liaoning sailing in the Yellow Sea.

According to Modern Ships, this was the first time that China’s two aircraft carriers have conducted simultaneous exercises at sea since the Shandong was commissioned in December of 2019. Global Times cited a Chinese military expert as claiming that it is only a matter of time before the “PLA Navy gains the capability to simultaneously operate two carriers in multiple approaches, including a dual carrier combat group.”

The expert claimed that the two carriers combined will provide the PLAN a “significant boost in efficiency and capability,” especially for the deployment of fighter jets. He added that even if the two ships do not cross paths this time, it is a major step toward a “true dual carrier era” for the Chinese Navy.

The Global Times quoted Chinese naval expert Li Jie as claiming that the two carriers are operating at a time when China has been “facing military pressure from countries like the US in the Taiwan Straits and the South China Sea.”

He also mentioned India as a possible threat to China’s maritime transport lanes (particularly around the western entrance to the Malacca Strait between  Malaysia and Indonesia), and stated that the two aircraft carriers can “squeeze the island of Taiwan from different angles,” while the DF-21D and DF-26 anti-ship ballistic missiles can “lock down the island and deny possible US intervention.”

The appearance of the two carriers in September suggests there was a slight delay from the original plan which was widely reported in the media in May of deploying them simultaneously to participate in war games in August simulating an invasion of islands occupied by Taiwan. In addition, the location of their deployment is closer to their bases in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, rather than passing near the Dongsha Islands as had been reported by Japanese and Taiwanese media, as well as the South China Morning Post, in May. LINK

While it appears that China is acting cautiously with its newest aircraft carrier for the moment, possibly to carry out further training and testing of the vessels operating systems before it enters into full combat duty, recent large weapons sales from the US to Taiwan, including missile defence systems and the F-35 fighters, may be prompting China to calculate that it will be necessary to use force to reunify the mainland with the renegade island province, and that it will be necessary to do so sooner rather than later in order to pre-empt the deployment of the latest and most advanced weapons systems from the US on the island.

It is likely that the Pentagon would prefer a major military confrontation with China now rather than in five or ten years.


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Антон С

So much words and no single one about new shiny type 055 destroyers. 12000 tons, 128 missile in total. Plus 052D frigates. Both types will have big serie (tens of ships). Goodbye, naval dominance of yankees in western Pacific.




Japan can sink Chinese fleet in few hours.

Lone Ranger

In a Godzilla movie…


comment image

Lone Ranger



Indeed China is a joke compared to Godzilla.

Lone Ranger

There are dozens of movies to prove it :)


I bet you have a DVD colection of those.

Lone Ranger


Daily Beatings

Anyone that has a collection of Godzilla movies is okay in my book.


When one lives in hist bubble of own propaganda…pathetic!


China can sink Japan in few hours.


Could be but next day Chia will be desert.

Servet Köseoğlu

and unit cost 900 million usd..perfect…


China has 500 million more people than all of NATO combined, that’s a lot of potential for the development of military R&D and know-how, but the focus should be on breaking the terrorist Ziocorporte globalists financially and socioeconomically, since they’ve had since 1945 to develop a military superiority that can’t be defeated with a few powerful destroyers.


There is much stronger ship that can launch 174 Zircon hyper-sonic missiles(not counting anti aircraft tube launchers)

Admiral Nakhimov returning in service in 2022 to become the strongest ship on the planet

Антон С

But there are just 4 ships and 2 to be modernized. Project 22350-M (frigate) will have 48 launchers apart launchers of medium range (up to 100-120 km) AA system “Poliment-Redout”. Chinese fleet will be bigger in numbers. May be even the biggest in the world in 2030-2035. They are building 6 ships at a time at one shipyard! Temp of building is very fast.


2 battleships is already plenty !
They are total overkill in almost every situation except ruining in battle group against US carrier battle group fleet

I don’t know if Makarov will have “Poliment -Redout” I haven’t found single recent article that confirms that…If you can confirm that , that would be nice
China is building air-carrier the size of Kuznetsov in only ONE year while Russia would need at least 5 years if not much more for the air carrier of the same size.
Project 22350-M are enlarged Gorshkov frigates that will act as destroyers “which will carry on board up to 48 Caliber cruise missiles” that is much more than US destroyers!
I am so happy for the Russian navy that they decided for the cheapest and “biggest bang for a buck” solution again! The way Russia always does, by building not so big units but extremely well armed. Enlarging Gorshkov class is the best and most economic option because it will give opportunity to shipyards to switch easily on those destroyers from Gorsgkov frigates since very similar to them just much larger.

Антон С

“Admiral Makarov” is previous generation of frigates, it has no “Redout”. Its AA system is “Hurricane” with vertical start. The missile is similar to “Buk”.

You can do auto-translation to check this.

“Project 22350M frigates displacing about 8,000 tons”
6500 actually. +2000 to actual tonnage.


I know that Makarov like all 11356 models doesn’t have Redout,
Isn’t the new project frigates 11356 something that Russia has sold to India at the end ?
Because of problems with Ukrainian gas turbines?
They have sold 4 of them with TOT (transfer of tech)

And I suppose that they will not continue to build them without new upgrades, if they continue to produce them at all.

“Those 22350 with 24 missile has the same hull.”
It’s logical since it is only upgrade to bigger number of missiles and nothing else.
Strange for “8000 tons” inaccuracy…It was copy pasted from source which link you have in the comment underneath.

And it is not some cheap newspaper either but portal specialized on weapons systems.

Антон С

11356 is deep modernization of 1135 (anti-submarine patrol ship, no strike and anti-ship missiles on board). So it’s not new project.

Now the question about tonnage. Some sources say it will be +1100 tons. Another ones – up to 8000. Displacement of 22350 is 4500 tons. 4500+1100 = 5700, i.e. near 6000 tons – heavy frigate. 8000 ton ship is destroyer. No sources say about new destroyer, so I prefer to think about displacement near 6500 +- 500 tons. 8000 means double displacement (almost), too many things to change in existing construction. It’s easier to create new project than remake existing. That’s why I think that 22350M is not much bigger.

Tommy Jensen

We have our US Space Command with photonic lasers covering the entire planet and the space spheres too. These desteroyers are not exactly invisible.


This article is an attack on China government as it mentions Tienanmen.




Fuck you undercover CIA troll!


You call somebody “CIA troll” ha ha ha ha ha !
You aborted Ukrainian twat and US ass licker !


Better aborted than god forbid a little green from baikal


ask a Chinese, and they don’t care about Tienanmen. In China, this was a non-event, inflated by the western media only.


So you accept its existance. Another racist murican troll.

Tommy Jensen

Thats exactly why we sancion you.
Because you dont care about humanity and our feelings, and China think freedom is a non-event and peace a joke.

Lone Ranger

Pentagon is crying and raging…

Harry Smith

Yep. They are crying and raging to increase defense contracts. Pentagon generals fear they would live only on pensions payments after retirement.

Servet Köseoğlu

Assassin’s mace…


Pentagon Ziocorporate terrorist bloodsuckers already got all they need to wage war, what they’re after is more $$$ to have the means to very comfortably save their own asses just in case war does start.


US cunts are FINISHED !
China is growing from strength to strength and is already on equal footing as power with Russia and only thanks to the Russian nukes otherwise they second to none with their ground forces !

Band Itkoitko

It’s practically impossible to match the capacity of a 1.4 billion nation. Truly, the most valuable “asset” for each nation is its people. Russia has the advantage of its vast territory, which is impossible to conquer.

China itself has all the necessary human resource for research, development, production, and even consumption. The West serves as a market for them, but it’s not needed even for that. All China needs is natural resources and they are available from Russia and the Middle East (Iran is their friend). A smart person would seek friendship with China.


You are one man orchestra. Starting tune, creating melody and adding finale …
Giving me a graciously possibility to say stupid;
“Yes” as an answer…

Tommy Jensen

Nothing is impossible for an American. UK subdued China, India and Africa at the same time.
We are Americans and can do it triple as good as UK.

Band Itkoitko

You are joking, but some woeful people unfortunately really reason this way. Subduing other people is nothing to brag about, especially done by people who consider themselves Christian.


Please examine interests. Every neighbor of China is at risk: active and present risk. China is expanding: into India, and the maritime areas of Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan.

Russia fools itself if it thinks it’s landmass is a deterrent to China. Look at Putin’s eyes. Jungguoren been there; done that. It is only a matter of time before China needs and takes the resources Russia has.

USA is blessed with ocean borders east and west and friendly neighbors north and south.

While mutual assured destruction remains a reality should the great powers engage with nukes, there’s plenty of room to go a few rounds conventionally.

Band Itkoitko

I don’t think anyone here can actually predict what would happen. However, military logic is sometimes a bit different. Taking over and submitting a vast territory to the level of owning and using the resources is extremely hard and by itself consumes a lot of resources. It’s one thing to bomb and destroy and a completely different thing to take over a piece of land. Look at the super expensive US army failing to obtain control in the Middle East, even though it relatively easily destroyed several countries there with bombs. All empires fell when they over-expanded. China is geographically in a weaker position to Russia. It’s more reliable for them to just buy the necessary resources than to go to war. Of course, they can go to war if they lose their mind, but not if they are reasonable. Hardly anyone believes that China can possibly win a conventional war against Russia. Because of the territorial differences, China’s industrial capacities are more vulnerable compared to the Russian.

Moreover, the oceans are not a better protection for the US. US assets are almost entirely located in the coastal areas, making it very vulnerable. Having control of the entire World Ocean is practically impossible. It’s easier to send a warship (or submarine, or an aircraft) close to Washington DC than a military entity of any kind close to Moscow. It’s one thing to defend your territory and a completely different thing to control the ocean. See that China is developing its navy, not without a reason. It’s also important for its energy security and securing its economy and trading.

Does the Chinese nation have expansionist mentality according to you or they gave up a long time ago? It’s possible that they may be trying to resurrect it, but I doubt that would succeed. China alone is not an existential threat to Russia.


How do you know that you will be better off?


Just a fact that US will be destroyed (even if that lowers every-bodies standard of living will give me great personal satisfaction).
My heart will be in right place and revenge over savages and villains will be taken.


China is the prior enemy of the US. Both economically and militarily, no doubt about that. Most of the American navy is gathered near South China Sea to balance them.


What you get for blowing chinese embassy in yugoslavia,now the tables have turned,no stopping ccp!

Tommy Jensen

Chinese remember like an elephant.

Fog of War

I’ll be impressed when they blow up a US embassy by “accident ” , till then YAWN.


The Chinese are cowards.They can only touch weak countries like Vietnam.While India’s leadership is weak, our army is ready to kick Chinese ass as Chinese xmcowards rely too much on technology.

Fog of War

Then have your brave people blow one up by “accident ” .

Laurent Parodi

China and Russia are not punching balls. You threatened them they answer in kind.

Tommy Jensen

punching balls?


Them thar ball that you punch ’em and says no nothin’.
Freaky ball…

Fog of War

Examples please ?

Tommy Jensen

If China is not interested in in peace, we in the United State have the means to get them do it


hi united state nuke the world please

Peter Moy

Interesting analysis but the fact is that the US only feels confident when attacking small, extremely poor and virtually defenseless countries. The leadership in Beijing would rather remain uninvolved in any wars and let Americans exterminate each other by the bushel as they are already experts at doing so. (US murder rate in 2019: 5.35 per 100,000 residents. That equates to ~17,000 dead?). An American in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or a clueless, dumbed down tourist in a foreign country is safer outside of the great US of A than at home.

Lone Ranger

Actual murder rate is higher.
Real numbers are around 35,000

Potato Man

Most of USA’s (new) naval ships look like IPhone,

USS Zumwalt
Cost: ≈$3.5 billion to 4.4 billion
“Despite the well-known difficulties of developing next-generation military systems, the Zumwalt had been sold to Congress based on unrealistic minimum-cost estimates. Eventually, program costs exceeded the budget by 50 percent, triggering an automatic cancelation according to the Nunn—McCurdy Act.”

USS Independence (LCS-2)
Cost: $704 million
“In June 2009, the development and construction of Independence was 220% over-budget. The total projected cost for the ship was $704 million. The Navy had originally projected the cost at $220 million.”

LMFAO, they made some just to sell it in hollywood.
“don’t let greed get the best of you” ohhh wait we talking about US….

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans have always been gullible and fearful—fearing their own shadow—-‘The paranoid Style in amerikan Politics’. Richard Hofstadter

Daily Beatings

The Pentagon fears they can’t compete with China when paying for those $600 toilet seats and $3,000 coffee makers.


Those “$3,000 coffee makers” must be unsinkable !
For price of that China builds medium size air carrier.

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