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Pentagon Denounces Reports On US Forces Withdrawal From Syria, Says They Are Just “Rumors”


Pentagon Denounces Reports On US Forces Withdrawal From Syria, Says They Are Just "Rumors"

US President Donald Trump – source of the “rumors”

The Pentagon has described reports about a possible US forces withdrawal from Siyra as “rumors”.

I’ve heard rumors of people talking about withdrawal.  I know the president said “very soon,” because we have been very successful with defeating ISIS.  But it’s not over, and we are committed to ensuring the defeat of ISIS. We have always said that our mission in Syria is the defeat of ISIS.  That is nearly here, but it’s not done.  And the activities in northern Syria have distracted the SDF from this fight. But we continue to be focused on the defeat of ISIS, and ISIS remains a trans-regional threat, and the 71-nation coalition that’s fighting ISIS is committed to ensuring that we combat violent extremism wherever it is.” Pentagon spokesperson Dana White told reporters at a press briefing on April 5.

Meanwhile, reports are coming that the US is further expanding its military presence in northern Syria, especially in the area of Manbij where it is establishing two new military facilities.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump triggered a shitshtorm in the mainstream media (MSM) and among anonymous “officials” often quoted by the MSM in its articles by a series of statements clearly showing Trump’s will to withdraw forces from Syria. It’s clear that the US establishment does not support Trump’s decision. So, there are notable chances that Syria may become the second Afghanistan for US forces.



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  • Zainab Ali

    ameritards in action as always with their lies/deceits

    • MeMadMax

      Says the wannabe camel jockey…

  • Claire Langoulant
    • greatndit

      Donald Bean

    • russ

      Ah yes Madeliene, the bridge troll. Great photo btw.

  • Merijn

    Lots of Rumors these days…the Russians poisoned a Dubbelagent…the U.S. is Leaving Syria… NATO is Leaving Turkey….the U.S. is Staying in Syria…. I Heard a Rumor too: The West is a Bunch of Pathetic Lying Psychopatic Clowns that Soon will Learn that they are Nothing…..

  • 1691

    Oh, please, dana white. Come on, we are not that stupid!

  • Sakaramanga

    Pentagon: Who the f*ck is Donald Trump?


      The one responsible for FOREIGN POLICY, by US constitution, :-(

      • Ivan Freely

        PENTAGON: Constitution? Useless. Charmin was much better.

      • Lupus

        Thats just a rumor

      • Merijn

        Trump wanted to get out of Syria… one Satanyahu Phonecall and all of a sudden things change…..

      • Sakaramanga

        so far just a puppet…he is only allowed to stir the world up, not to calm tensions down.

    • Merijn

      The Men Hidden behind Donald Trump

    • Rafael

      He is just Mr. Rumor Trump.

  • Daniel Martin

    Well now we at least officially know who’s really in charge of the swamp.

  • oldenyoung

    What soulless liars these guys are….Pay attention to what they do, not what they say…pretty sure NATO(USuk, France) is going to tell Turkey to pissoff and go back to Turkey…Then NATO will take over Syrian oilfields….not good

    • Ivan Freely

      Now we’ll see if Erdogan really switched sides or not.

      • oldenyoung

        yes…this is going to be an escalation that Syria does not need

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Erdogan hasn’t as he refuses to return Afrin , so we will see how things play out at the next talks in Astana.

    • Merijn

      Then that will be a pretty Good reason for the Rest of the World to Help the Syrians…. by Any means necessary

      • oldenyoung

        Im supposing NATO thinks it doesnt have anything left to lose…”defeating ISIS”…what a joke…ISIS is new NATO proxy force…

        • Merijn

          NATO doesn’t have Clue how many People in the West know how things exactly are…they are in the middle of the Ocean…surrounded by Sharks…would be very Wise if they Realised that….even in their own Ranks there is Division… hehehe

    • Ronald

      Sorry, they ( US , France , UK ) are about to partition Turkey as well as Syria.

  • Sinbad2

    I don’t know why people are surprised, the US still wants total control of Syria. They will use the areas they have seized to train up more jihadists to attack western Syria.
    War is America, and America is war. You can’t deal or reason with them, the only cure is total destruction of the USA.

  • Rob

    I surprised, how ISIS is a threat to America.
    Somewhere, Washington is not playing with Syrians and taking their land on pretext of fighting ISIS and then that land could be used to recruit, conscript and train more Syrians for terrorism in the world.

    • oldenyoung

      ISIS is the new NATO proxy force…USuk has been photographed moving ISIS commanders around in a helicopter

      • Merijn

        As early as the war in Iraq… ZIONATO is ISIS’ Head-Chopper-Sevice

  • Joe

    Americans are just dreaming that Assad will allow them to stay in Syria.

    Wait first when the Terrorists are taken care off

    • velociraptor

      Their presence is independent upon Assad.

      • Joe

        Well the war is not over yet. Assad is busy finishing off the real bad guys unlike some just pretending.

        Fact is Assad has far more fire power in Syria with his allies and let’s see if Assad allows US to stay.

        Just be patient and continue dreaming

        Where on Earth any sane people allows another to steal his country and cause perpetual trouble when he has the power to evict the Americans militarily and legally.


        • velociraptor

          this war loses syria for 45 years. at least. never won against IL. and will not. arabs are shit soldiers.

      • Bob

        No – when the militant pockets are eradicated and majority of Syria is again peaceful under central Damascus government what political rationale will US have to remain sitting in al-Tanf and east Dier Ezzore? To lead a minority Syrian-Kurdish attempt to overthrow a majority Arab republic? Lol.

        • Boris Kazlov

          Since when U$AIPAC needs a rationale?, they make them as they go: chemical attacks, raping of babies, etc. The underlying motive is always the same one: world dominance.

        • AJ

          I dont think the Kurds have any interest in trying to overhrow Assad for the benefit of the US. They will be seeking to consolidate areas they already control in the east. Its likely the US will use those areas they control to keep training up new jihadi groups to attack the government

      • Boris Kazlov

        velocidiot, their presence is the same the world over, aiming to subvert democracy in order to pillage countries of their resources, imperialism needs resources to keep their economic farce going.

  • Rob

    After elimination of Israeli brutal migrants from Palestine the next number will be to eliminate Wahabi Kingdom from holy land of Arab that misusing Islam. For this Turkey could unite all Muslim states army. Wahabi Kingdom have close diplomatic relations with Israeli brutal migrants, Washington and UK.

  • Claire Langoulant

    The fact is that USA did not reach yet the quota of killing 500.000 kids to make it worth it like in Iraq, didn’t they bloody jewish yankee slut Madeleine Albright ???

    • Sinbad2

      Did you know that Australia’s Ambassador to the USA(Andrew Peacock) had to service her.
      That’s valor above and beyond the call of duty.

    • clairelangoulant ):

  • Rodger

    Wow! That’s great news!!! ‘Rumors’ is the highest affirmation the US military has when it comes to news they are ashamed of.

  • Ronald

    The President is the Commander an Chief f the United States Armed Forces.
    He gives orders, not “rumors”.

    Unless of course a coup has occurred, which may be the case.

  • Fred Dozer

    Trump has the authority to get out of Syria. If he continues down the path, and speaking out, he is putting himself in grave danger. ( like him or not, he is brave, to say the least) The neocons will stop at nothing to take over Syria.
    President of USA: Commander in chief definition. The role of the United States president as highest ranking officer in the armed forces. The Constitution provides this power.

    • Sinbad2

      The way I see it, is they plan to blame the American economic collapse on Trump, and the war they plan to start to recover from the collapse.
      If he starts shooting his mouth off, they will kill him.
      There was a movie (7 days in May) where the US generals plan a coup, because the US President wanted to do a peace deal with the Soviet Union.
      President Kennedy read the book and said the plot was feasible. Kennedy was killed before the movie was released. Kennedy was a much smarter operator than Trump, and was ex military.

      Trump is only alive today, because he is the fall guy, the Lee Harvey Oswald, and Kennedy in one package.

  • Rodney Dezarn

    Why would the Kurds’ or any of the Arabs in northern Syria allow a U.S. military presence to remain there knowing that they will withdraw once Turkish forces enter in?

  • Shakesvshav

    Are these American deaths just rumours or do they explain Trump’s cold feet: http://www.pravdareport.com/world/asia/syria/04-04-2018/140605-syrian_guerrillas-0/

  • Sinbad2

    We’ve got the loot(oil) and we’ll fight to keep what we stole.

  • NeoLeo

    American military/int.agencies – a (rogue) state within state.

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    Why does Trump in this photo looks like he had a “Brain Fart” his facial expression seems to look it to me.

  • Christian Gains

    Trump IS the COMMANDER & CHIEF…What EXACTLY is it that those WAR MONGERING dipdunks do not understand about his Authority??? There are only a FEW matters where the CnC has UNLIMITED POWER…WAR management is ONE of them! {Truman / McGarther?}…

    DANIEL & SAKAR, it CERTAINLY LOOKS as if you’re both right! The President is yielding to those who WANT WWIII!!!……..MAYBE!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………BUT!

    Just keep in mind that the KEY factor is “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE Donald Trump!”…Fools have been doing that for a year & 1/2, and they’ve lost EVERY TIME!!! Trump does NOT WANT WWIII…BUT!

    He DOES NOT intend to over play his hand…he’ll give’em ALL THE ROPE they NEED to hang themselves…(sound familiar? hint: Lenin)…Where McMasters? AND! Watch Bolton…IF he’s REALLY the HAWK I’ve been hearing he is…Trump will drain his brain, learning ALL that he can about what Bolton is best at, and then Bolton will be gone too…MAYBE! We’ll see…

    As of NOW, I agree, it IS looking like you’re BOTH RIGHT…I think we’ll SOON see…