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Pentagon Considers Ground Forces Deployment To Syria. Russian, US Top Military Officials Meet In Baku

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Pentagon Considers Ground Forces Deployment To Syria. Russian, US Top Military Officials Meet In Baku

Source: nationalinterest.org

The Pentagon is considering sending conventional ground troops, additionally to US Special Forces already operating in northern Syria. “It’s possible that you may see conventional forces hit the ground in Syria for some period of time,” one defence official told CNN on February 15. The possible deployment of ground troops are clearly linked to the ongoing campaign to isolate and to retake from ISIS the group’s self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah.

The US-baсked Syrian Democratic Forces, predominantly Kurdish YPG units, have little chances to retake the city without heavy casualties and time expenditure if they even can do it without massive supplies of heavy military equipment and other weapons.  These supplies will clearly deepen the rift between Washington and Ankara which sees Kurdish insurgency as a threat to its sovereignty. In turn, the Pentagon’s idea would significantly alter US military operations in Syria if approved and could put troops on the ground within weeks.

Last friday SouthFront reported:

While the new US administration is considering a new plan of the Raqqah operation, SDF representative, Rojda Felat, has already claimed that the SDF will need more heavy military equipment, including battle tanks, to storm the city. In other words, the YPG wants to get more equipment to increase its military capabilities. But this doesn’t mean that the group will throw all what it has to storm Raqqah.

Indeed, the fate of Raqqah depends on the decision of the US administration on the issue. Earlier this month, Lieutenant General Jon Davis emphasized that the US would need not only additional airstrikes.

There are already between 300 and 500 US Special Forces troops and unknown number of French and German special forces. This number will likely be increased to retake the ISIS capital in Syria. It could indicate that the Pentagon is going to involve US and NATO forces during the operation, repeating the Mosul case. The real role of the SDF is now unclear. In any case, its goal will be to show that its “local Syrian forces” storm the ISIS stronghold.

On February 16, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford and Chief of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov was set to hold a meeting in Baku. The agreed agenda included discussion of the military cooperation between Russia and the US, as well as issues of prevention of incidents related to the military activities of the parties. The possible deployment of US ground troops to Syria, a military situation over al-Bab and the Kurdish-Turkish tensions were also clearly set to be a part of the agenda.

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Red Tick Alert

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Daniel Apaza

Exactly, too many cooks in the kitchen

Trustin Judeau

They already have ground troops in Syria.


There is a singificant difference between some units of the US Special Forces now in Syria and a real deployment of the Ground Forces


Who invited the US to play in Syria? So why do they think they can send ground troops to a sovereign nation, with no invite?


Russia is half in , this is not the way to play with the USA . US claims Raqqa is the target , but their objective from the beginning has been to create “Sunnistan” .
Raqqa , and Deir Azzor together , along with the already developed oil infrastructure would be that ideal , self sufficient (financially) state . The previous US bombing in Deir Azzor , breaking the C/H , and the follow up bombing of the city’s bridges , should make the American objective clear .
“You may see conventional forces hit the ground , for some period of time”
If Putin does not immediately take Deir Azzor ,and the surrounding oil feilds , he is giving the US their objective , a fragmented Syria .
Russians play chess , Americans play poker , in Texas Holdem , you play “All In”, or fold.


Personally, I would not give them an inch, before you know it, they have taken over. I seriously cannot wait to see the Qatar to Europe Pipeline Project fold and very publicly.


Raqqa by itself , would be difficult for the US to turn into their dreamed of “Sunnistan” , but Raqqa and Deir Azzor , two cities to the far east of population centers that are government held , would be easy . A connecting river , with a mini-state from which they could keep an endless war going, on with their endless supply of “true believers” . The oil could be connected via Iraqi pipelines , lots of revenue for air force etc. With just Raqqa they only have the “Kurdistan” play , which pits US interests against Turkish , not an easy play . Syria is Russia’s long time ally , while Putin has stepped up to the bat , Aleppo is just the first home run , if you play , play to win . The neocons have not given up in DC , so they sure are not going to give up here. If Putin lets them , they will “claim all that desert as they beat ISIS” .


Thanks for the informative and interesting reply. Wishing Syria and her friends all the best.

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