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Pentagon Is Concerned That About Half Of US Troops Does Not See Russia As Enemy

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Pentagon Is Concerned That About Half Of US Troops Does Not See Russia As Enemy

In this photo taken on Friday, Jan. 11, 2019, a sun ray illuminates St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square during a cold winter day in Moscow, Russia. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

DANGER DANGER! The Pentagon is concerned  that ahe 2nd annual Reagan National Defense Survey, completed in late October, found 46% of armed services households questioned said they viewed Russia as ally. Furtyermore, the survey found 28% of Americans identified Russia as an ally, up from 19% the previous year.

The Pentagon is sure that this is a result of the complex Russian disinformation campaign. You know, these Russkies are right now preparing to nuke the US, but hide their plans behind propagnada.

“There is an effort, on the part of Russia, to flood the media with disinformation to sow doubt and confusion,” Defense Department spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Carla Gleason told VOA.

“This is not only through discordant and inflammatory dialogue but through false narratives designed to illicit sympathetic views,” she said, adding, “we are actively working to expose and counter Russian disinformation whenever possible.”

Despite this, the situation seems to be still under control of the Washington establishment. 71% of all Americans and 53% of military households still views Russia as an enemy. Nonetheless, the position of armed services households that apparently see ‘evil Russkies’ more often then their civil counterpart will likely become the reason of a new wave of censorship and propaganda by mainstream media outlets.


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Hasbara Hunter



Not likely but most all would be delighted to shoot folk like you dead, AH…

John Wallace

So you are one of those with no brains and all you can think of is shooting and killing people.

Hasbara Hunter

His poor style of grammar betrays Hell Aviv influence

Jens Holm

Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel.

Hasbara Hunter

No worries…not for long anymore


Damn, you can’t even make a functioning suicide vest for yourself. What a loser…

Hasbara Hunter

I prefer a Sniper Rifle they are way more effective in the right hands…& there will be less collateral damage…pin point accuracy to take Vermin out…


LOL…your unending Vodka ration makes you such a brave one, Igor…or is it Adolf? Hard to tell the difference anymore…

Hasbara Hunter

Bang! Got ya….


What you got, kid?

Hasbara Hunter

I was waiting in patience for you to show up…one shot…one kill…

Joao Alfaiate

The world is littered with eternal capitals, unsinkable ships and 1000 year reichs.


You learned to tell that in your Moscow English class, Igor? Maybe you confuse Israel with my sunny California? They kind of look the same and both have lovely Mediterranean climates. Sure don’t wish you were here. Anyway, a poor Russian dreg like you couldn’t afford it here.

Hasbara Hunter

Sunny California…oops I think you are in the wrong spot at the moment boy…I would emigrate if I were you



California is quite nice and the smart Russians come here to get away from the dregs like you.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahaha….a shitstorm is comin’ for you Khazarian ZioNazi Epstein Paedophiles

Jens Holm

No realisme in Your socalled comment. Some % probatly is changed.

The old after WW2 base was USSR with nukes and millions of soldiers all the way to Berlin. No wonder people there was more worried and insticktly for good reasons support Your USA/Israel.

You do forget the oppinon also say, they feel more safe.

John Wallace

Learn to speak English Jens so we can understand this gibberish whatever it is. Can you get someone o translate into English because this is just dribble.


Only Putz Putin the Poisoner Trolls are Grammar and Spelling Nazis on these sites. How’s your Vodka ration holding up, Igor?

Hasbara Hunter

Be a bit more original….

John Wallace

Well when you are sucking Jens dick can you translate his gibberish so we can understand. It is not about grammar or spelling but utter gibberish that he writes. Spelling and grammar I can handle , https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e831d4c5bebc621d5f7d8c9b5c159495de61fc20e82fdd6978e3c2538a649f3c.jpg nonsensical gibberish is another story.


You’re wrong as usual.

John Wallace

Whatever you think … but of course that doesn’t really matter in your case does it. In other words I don’t give a fuck what you think or say as it is all verbal diarrhea ( VD ) Back under your bridge Troll. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/77ef41ab8eee91e2268e931a4ad58c073d342d441bc9e47adb6a01743dc47b47.jpg

Jens Holm


Hasbara Hunter

Jens can you quit PAGE-PAINTING


Hmmm…bigger problem seems to come from political ‘allies’ like KSA, judging from events in the Florida panhandle recently.

john smith

Shit happens as even the own army doesn’t believe it’s government propaganda

Martin Benitez

a part of that is americans wanting to pull back from the world stage focus on its own ppl and problems and stop all the foreign involvement to americans the threats to peace are countries like turkey saudi arabia exct muslim countries that support terrorist groups countries that are supposed to be allies but have been behind its enemies for decades when we hear about russians bombing jihadis in syria there the good guy doing the job america seems incapable of finishing leaving the middle east mess to russia is a increasingly attractive possability america has no idea what its doing and policy changes every couple years while putin’s ben in charge for a long time and will continue to be thus there isnt gonna be constant policy shifts every time congress has a election or the president its never ending campaign cycles

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hahahha tough shit pentagon, that number of soldiers who view russia as an ally will keep going up inshallah and you will be SCREWED HAHAHAHA!!!!


I have writen a lot about history thru the years, but one thing Americans, if there are anyone left over there, must never forget is that time changes, people changes, demographics changes, and Russia to day is not Sovjet, forget that, the Russians whom is groving up to day are and have nothing in comon with what once where, and what Sovjet was the ear of Bolshewiks as by large thrown into the dustbin of history, with of course its consequencess where as the Russians to day is and dont know much anymore, and their own history, like the true history of the USA is been by large covered over, like the attack on Perl Harbor, etc, to the fact USA have been in constant wars for over 250 years, attacked 250 countrys, some several times, and just thru the past 50, I have lost count on whom and why, but Russia, since the fal of Comunism have done nothing, defended their land, lost wast regions with the downfal of the previous regime thry the drunkard Yeltsin etc, is like China, been on their knees for half an century, and is just thru the last 2 decades began to rise, and now, taking up their rightful place because of their sice and wast resources, Russia after all, is 11 time zones and Europa is what, 2.

The truth is Americans, its YOUR Gov that is the problem, and I mean it dont have jack shit to do with what and whom is in chagre, demonCrauts or RepubliCONs, the effect and result is the same just look at your history, even the revolution is 100% bullshit and had nothing to do with slavery what so ever, that is just an flatout lie, and the Gov have lied about everything since. The fact is, your Gov is run by an elite, an tribe, witch owns the system, they own the FeD, they own basically everything of large corps, they own the MSM, they own the politicians, they have Trump the Chimp by His balls, and gets its orders in foreign policy from mainly tow directions, the Brits and ISISrael. And the sad thing is, we warned you, have done so for years, that your country is becoming the largest open consentration camp humanity have encountered thry our history as man, and the reason for the tribes sanctions, the attack on China thru trade and so on, is not to hurt China or Russia, witch for them this was an gift from heaven, it forced them to be self sufficient and think outside the box to keep the nation intact, this was to crash YOUR eCONomy, whom is it that will take over all this farms, whom is crashing Main Street, whom is the monopolys, that will sone be all you have and millions will be affected the worst, Americans, isnt here right now, its going to be much, much worse and I think its coming down to two majore paths, either you become an waist land, or your Gov will start ww3. I am afraid the last one, because they have no other options left, the reson for instigating Patriot acts is to take our the last remnants of opostiton, why do you think Trump havent done jack shit against the ANTIFAs, the various Tribes members attacks on your life and history, crashing the familys, etc, etc, and their best tool is, your children, its there they have the ultimate weapon, while you may have resisted, your children is been branwashed, and I am afrad its to late, Americans, and the Gov. have become insane, the Impissment saga is deliberate to hide the truth, you are under attack, and there isnt anyone outside, not Russia nor China, but the one inside, like Cancer, eating you up, bit by bit, until they have total control.

I have known about this for over 30 years, Trump is the angle of death, along with the Triibes men whom He bows to ( I could tell you more but this have no relevance, because its not the issue) and is the last one, before you go down in flames, and thru the years I have antisipated this, warned you, but now, I really dont know, but I know one thing, after the next election, nothing will be the same again, Trump is nothing but an Conman, period. There is an reason I havent moved south ward, and I know to day why, maybe it was an coinsident, or done thru destiny, but the war that comes will wipe out most of the European lands, there is an reason the elite buys houses/farms in New Zeland, and Patagonia etc in regions witch lies off line of “civilisation” and other regions witch I dont bother to talk about, but whom on earth will waist bombs on this places, thats why they have invested there, just pay atention to what they do, not what they say, bomb shelters are for idiots, when the surface is wiped clean.

WE have an window, but that window is closing fast this days of darkness because YOU did nothing, and WE all will bleed for that. YOU better wake up or you will die sleeping.

May the lord have mercy upon us all.



This is significant! It indicates that much of the military sees the real enemy as internal (quite correctly), and that in confronting the internal enemy Russia is actually an ally. It is really not that surprising as the US military is treated abominably, particularly the veterans, whose main guilt is that they know too much, having partaken in imperial operations of all sorts, most of them nothing to do with national security or defence of America. Plenty to do with protecting the elites and ensuring their dominance and control of key market sectors (arms, oil, illegal drugs, people trafficking, terrorist transfers etc. and of course control of foreign governments) as well as creating mayhem.

Neil Hallett

Nail on the head. Nicked and shared.


Exactly, that’s why Tulsi Gabbard, the Democrat who knows the truth from serving 8 years in Iraq is sidelined by Fuugle and the rest of the “Steady State” – big oil, pharma and “intell”. Not to forget the KSA and ‘friends’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1wYuAUTs3w End Our Unholy Alliance with Saudi Arabia – YouTube

Jens Holm

I dont believe in those numbers. Facts are Russia by the USSR now are reduced to its correct seize and is less in the horisont. Instead they see China improving mattering a lot for their economy.

I also dont believe much about those numbers, because the americans are not learned much about the rest of the world apart from things, thay cant avoid. So the “dont know” rate is much higher.

Tempting to compare with Syria. Some 10 million of 20 dont support Assad as well as others and therefore are passive waiting.

Thats the bad side of being only for peace and grow Your own garden. No active opposition against the horrible things is made. They are not learned to have skills and hard work.

I have just written about it. A lot in USA are poor because they dont grab the school and insist in learning and education and having good and well paid jobs. Should the rest pay for that??

No, its accepted they – as here – import cheep labour and by that has given up in investing in that passive staying stupid making not even improvements for themselves.

In my Younger day I worked several years as porter at a hotel. The americans was sharp divided in 2 – 1) I dont care, we are here only for tourisme and see You have good food too and 2) The ones reflecting about good and bad things here compared to theirs. They prefared their own country but could see we here and there had solutions better then theirs, so theere actually was small “Sanders” even they also today are minorities.

Thats how I often see rapports like that. They ofte are biased a lot and You have to have learned to see through some filters to get at least the main parts more correct.


The article says that “The Pentagon is sure that this is a result of the complex Russian disinformation campaign.”

I suspect the converse may be true.

It isn’t that there is a reduction in the number of military personnel who believe Russia is an enemy because of a “complex Russian disinformation campaign”. It is much more likely that any military personnel who do believe Russia is an enemy, believe it because of an effective and complex US MSM disinformation campaign.

Hasbara Hunter

Telling the Truth turned out to be way more Effective & Damaging than Constructing Lies….And whenever AngloZioNazis write stuff…you simply gotta Rotate their original Lie 180 degrees you will find the Truth…

Jamie Clemons

If we can be trade partners with China, one of the most authoritarian communist regimes out there, there is absolutely no reason to consider Russia an enemy.

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