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Pentagon Admits It Can’t Track Ukraine-Bound Weapons

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Pentagon Admits It Can't Track Ukraine-Bound Weapons

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At least since April, US military officials have been expressing frustration that Ukraine-bound “lethal aid” shipments were entering a big “black hole” once they crossed the border.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The United States has been supplying weapons systems to the Kiev regime for nearly a decade. This so-called “lethal aid”, paid for by using the country’s dwindling foreign exchange reserves and gold, has been expanded significantly in 2021 and 2022. Western, particularly American weapons are receiving constant praise and are being hailed as supposed “game-changers” by the Western state-run propaganda machine.

However, the truth isn’t just that these weapons are largely inconsequential on a strategic level, but are also nearly impossible to track. The Kiev regime forces have an infamous reputation for deeply rooted systemic corruption and there is ample evidence that much of the weapons end up in black markets across the globe. This smuggling doesn’t only include small arms and general issue infantry weapons, but even advanced systems, such as attack drones, loitering munitions/kamikaze drones, ATGMs (antitank guided missiles), etc.

At least since April, many American military officials have been expressing frustration that Ukraine-bound “lethal aid” shipments were entering a big “black hole” once they crossed the border. The US military seems to have given up on any oversight or accountability in terms of arms and serial number tracking. The Kiev regime officials have been doing everything possible to try and convince their Western sponsors and mass media that they are “carefully monitoring the weapons and munitions provided from allies, also to ensure they don’t end up on the black market or in the hands of unauthorized militants or terrorists.”

However, there are now multiple reports confirming that there’s indeed a near complete lack of mandatory oversight. On Thursday, August 25, the Pentagon’s acting Inspector General Sean O’Donnell told Bloomberg that while he believes the Kiev regime forces “are using up all that they’ve been given by the US, it remains that there’s little fidelity as to where the weapons actually end up.” IG O’Donnell explained that “this is in large part due to the Ukrainians tracking external arms via hand receipts.”

O’Donnell claims that for this reason he’s looking to “trace, test, and audit whether the Ukrainians are properly logging US-supplied military hardware.” He says the Pentagon is “on alert – looking evidence of gaps, missing weapons, and lack of oversight in the system.” Speaking of the US military’s multi-billion dollar “military assistance program,” O’Donnell was quoted as follows in Bloomberg:

“NATO officials seem confident that the security was sufficient for the transfer of weapons and as far as we can tell, right now, everything that is supposed to shoot and go boom, they are using every bit of it. But this needs to be tested through auditing.”

IG O’Donnell stated that the system had to be tested because the Kiev regime officials “do their accounting of American equipment with hand receipts, it’s all paper.” Once equipment gets to Ukraine, “I don’t think they have much fidelity as to where it ends up,” he said.

The Pentagon IG further explained that “we have developed a universe of thousands of Ukraine-related contracts that come in under $2 million each. That’s more than 7,800 contracts valued at a combined $2.2 billion, even before an approaching deluge of bigger-ticket orders for advanced weapons such as the long-range HIMARS rocket systems prized by Ukrainian troops.”

The US, UK, NATO and EU have all been providing weapons to the Kiev regime through various means, including the usage of grain shipping to smuggle in weapons for the Neo-Nazi junta forces. It should be noted that the US is infamous for arming various radical groups, whether Neo-Nazi ones, such as in Ukraine or Islamist ones in various Middle Eastern countries. The rise of monstrosities such as the so-called “Islamic State” is a direct result of US policies and aggression. In order to overthrow democratically elected governments, such as the one headed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the US has been arming various terrorist groups, which then spilled over to the rest of the region and beyond, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties and tens of millions of refugees, as many of those weapons went straight into the hands of the Islamic State or other al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups.

In Ukraine, especially after the 2014 Western-backed Neo-Nazi coup, openly Nazi groups such as the infamous “Azov Battalion” have not only been trained and armed by NATO forces, but have also been officially incorporated into the Kiev regime forces. In an interview several months after Russia launched its counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe, even President Volodymyr Zelensky, himself of Jewish ancestry, was asked about the presence of these Neo-Nazi groups within the Kiev regime forces. He insisted they are “only defending the country,” adding a controversial explanation that “they are what they are.” Still, the United States and its numerous vassals keep sending large quantities of weapons systems and accompanying military hardware to such groups.


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“look out” is all we can do. But you can actually find the bbq’ed Ukrainian Nazis all over the battlefield.


Funny you say that but it is UA soldiers that are selling those weapons on black-market and to Russia.

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That should give you a clue about UA buddy.


Sounds like here in USA


Hasn’t changed in 30 years. Just under new management that have to dip their beaks now.

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Joe Bidet Is A Senile Pedo

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Who care ….USA wants only to sell weapons, that is the good business. USA-OTAN military industries need wars to be able to sell weapons and keeping going their economies.

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can’t wait for the USA to start losing civilain jumbo jet planes to their own weapons as the terrorists around the world start shooting down American jet liners, and using the USA weapons against the USA themselves just wait until this start happening the USA will then cry and whine about oh poor us we got attacked (by their own weapons lol) the fall of the USA is already underway and by the end of this month their economy and most of the worlds are going into the dustbin as they collapse. =Z=


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Pentagon: Our audit trail ended in 1953.

Can’t track its weapons in Afghanistan, can’t track them in Iraq, can’t track them in Libya, can’t track them in Ukraine, hell – can’t even track them in the US.

The Army Navy Store

They’ll all end up in Moscow’s Voentorg.

Old Ukie Habits Die Hard

When I was a kid, we used to buy P-Coats in the Army/Navy store in NY’s East Village where lots of Ukrainians settled. Basically, a Ukie ghetto back then.

I think that’s when they first learned to sell off American war materiel.

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