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Pendulum Swings Back To War

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Pendulum Swings Back To War

Seaman Kenneth Mathison, an airman, stands watch as an EA-18G Growler from the Electronic Attack Squadron 140 launches from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Mediterranean Sea, April 21, 2019. JEFF SHERMAN/U.S. NAVY

On April 23, the USS Abraham Lincoln and USS John C. Stennis strike groups of the US Navy started dual operations in the Mediterranean Sea. The two strike groups include more than 10 ships, 130 aircraft and 9,000 Sailors and Marines.

“The CSGs will complete high-end warfighting training as they work multiple scenarios integrating the two air wings and surface ships with key allies and partners in the European theater,” the official US Navy release says.

This deployment is the first time two U.S. carriers have operated in the Mediterranean Sea at the same time since the Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman carrier strike groups were deployed to the region in 2016.

US Ambassador to Russia, Jon M. Huntsman Jr. met Naval Forces Europe and Africa commander Adm. James Foggo at the U.S. Navy base in Naples and make several remarks regarding the current state of the US-Russian relations.

“Each of the carriers operating in the Mediterranean at this time represent 100,000 tons of international diplomacy,” Huntsman said. “Diplomatic communication and dialogue coupled with the strong defense these ships provide demonstrate to Russia that if it truly seeks better relations with the United States, it must cease its destabilizing activities around the world.”

The simultaneous deployment of the two carrier strike groups is the demonstration of the US military power and an attempt to pressure Russia over its support to the government of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro. According to circulating reports and even statement on high diplomatic level, the US is openly considering a military action in Venezuela after its attempt to overthrow the Maduro government with ‘soft measures’ failed.

Another goal is to demonstrate the US influence to “key allies and partners in the European theater”. Ukraine issues became especially important for the Washington establishment after comedian Volodymyr Zelensky achieved a decisive victory over Petro Poroshenko in the second round of the presidential election last weekend. While there are reasonable doubts that the real policy of the recent elected President Zelensky would differ significantly from those of Poroshenko, the high level of support gained by Zelensky apparently concerns Ukraine’s “Western partners”. In this situation, Washinton and its allies from the current government moved to make oneself safe from possible “unexpected changes” in the Ukraine policy.

Right now, Poroshenko-linked factions in the Ukrainian Parliament are garnering support for a parliamentary bill to weaken the presidency. In the event of success, the presidential power will be reduced significantly and Zelensky would less tools to influence the Ukrainian foreign and even internal politics without support from the Parliament, which is in a de-facto opposition to him.

One more goal of the large-scale drill is to secure the US interests in Libya. Washington seeks to prevent posible expansion of China or Russia in the region even if the Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar gains control of Tripoli.

While the situation in Syria remains relatively calm with almost no signs of possible escalation, the pressure on Iran is among the key priorities of the US foreign policy in the Middle East. In some scenarios, the US public rhetorics towards Russia may appear just a cover operation for agressive actions against Iran. In this scenario, the US forces are concentrated in the region to be ready if the White House decides to order an attack on Iranian objects and Iran-affilated organizations in the Middle East.


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They are hiding there from the mighty Kuznetsov


first it is no place to hide not only in Mediterranean, but any where in the globe, they position their fleet. If shit hit the fan they do very good aquariums unless they just vaporize, from what it be hitting them.


Possible, they could die of laughing if reading your silly witchcraft curse


they will die alright but it will not be from laughing, fartmouth. Tell me the truth is your parents suicide after seen what a slug they bring into this world, or celebrated of achieving to create one of their own kind, a sewers slug.


They have no idea that making mentally handicapped persons mad on the internet is my thing


We have crossbows, your crossbows are rubbish.

I mean really, carriers are so WWII, I served on Australia’s last carrier, it was decommissioned in 1982.

They are great for attacking spear throwing natives, if that’s what your into, is that what your into?

Jens Holm

Haha – good joke. The same simplified argumentations as around the Israelians dome.

If they sit in their armchairs knwing nothing about it and only wearing an umbrella, its possible. But they and we are not.

dont see, we are hiding. You blame us for being in Syria, Iraq, Jordan,
Bahrein, Somalia, Niger, Mali, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan …

Thats hiding….

Its heard they are putting wheels on Kuznetsov, because they have not enough aircraft to cary it with :)

Frióm Kursk the Russian admirals probatly still hear singing : What shoulkd be do with a drunken sailor :(


I have no idea what are you talking about.


You are too dumb to live. Please go fuck yourself and die.


Kuznetsov is old and less dangerous aircraft carrier than US ones. But Kuznetsov also has antiship misiles, which US carriers dont. But the biggest difference is that Kuznetsov was used to fight against terrorism, while US carriers are used to support terrorism.

Wolfgang Wolf

2 x 100.000tons = 2 x extra big target…. so what…. no need to be proud of F-18 (first flight 1978, in service since 1983, which is 36 years already….)


dont forget the meat loaded on them. The fish and the crab, will be partying for months.


Don’t be an ass.


did I touch a nerve kid? as for the ass part go see your self i the mirror and there you see a perfect ass.


And a radioactive Med would bring the tourists?


tourists are an anathema to any country and all they bring is destruction of natural resources as well destroy all the beauty of it in order hotels to be build and not only, especially on islands. As for radioactive I think if you remember the radioactivity released into the sea with the nuclear testing as well on land then you may understand that radioactivity is over rated. As well dont forget the pollution created by the gulf of Mexico “accident“ as well Japan accident and then tell me what you think.

Here watch this animation and tell me what you think about radioactive seas and lands.



“radioactivity is over rated”

Yes but the knuckle dragging public is conditioned to respond with fear.
Fish sales will plummet and the beaches empty.


hopefully at least the emergency reactor shut down works on US navy large ships…..


Yeah sure, just shut it down, the big fkn hole the missile put in the reactor it means nothing, and the crew don’t mind working in fires.

Rhodium 10

But we dont know if behind the Air carriers.. there are 2 Oscar class nuclear Subs with total of 48 P-700 supersonic antiship missile( 750 kg warhead)…and in front there are 2 improve Kilo class submarine with 16 Kalibr Nk antiship cruise missile…

Joe Kerr

But we know that there are Russian subs stationed on rotation near the Eastern U.S. ready to vaporise every city east of Denver in the blink of an eye.


Why would Russia bother, they would be tracked by satellite 24 hours a day, and a firing solution would be ready to go.


First we need to establish our Axis (Countries that will continue to buy Iranian Oil).

Then our Axis will fight to the death all the kikes and their allies (americunts and eurocucks).

Jens Holm




Jens Holm

We wil send some axes for You :)


You better buy Iranian oil or youre a cuck.

Joe Kerr

Did Russia summon the U.S. ambassador and ask for an apology and warn him of what would happen to the U.S. should it ignite war with Russia? Incredible that this warmonger hasn’t been carpeted.


Look 2 carriers, we told you we weren’t broke, can you spare a buck for a cup of coffee.

Just typical American swagger, as if a couple of WWII type weapons would scare Russia, they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a shooting war with Russia.


1. north america and europe control 2 thirds, thats 66.6% of the worlds resources, realistically more like 80% coming on 90%. Average GDP per capita is hitting 60k a year.
2. Conversely, China, India, Africa, LatAm, SEA, make up 80% of the World, and historically hate nato and what theyve done. Average GDP per Capita is not more than 10k a year, most places are at 1k a year, where some Families are happy to get by on 30 to 50 usd a month.
3. The only way to confront this income gap is to permanently stop nato, and while antizionism has now hit mainstream, the secular cucks who live in the west (mostly Islamophobes), dont help the antizio movement. In fact fighting for secularism in the Middle East is a failed cause and only spurs sectarianism as weve seen for the past 10 years. So thats why I insist you cucks stfu and join Russia and China or Islam in earnest, not from your cucked out homes in cuckmericunt (a kike stronghold thats slated to be crushed).

Jens Holm

The main parts are Your own fault.

You do forget we get children in school, give them education, and pay them pr hour for hard work and skills.

In most parts of the world, You descriebe, women by definition are even more dum then You, and therefore are birthmachines in the kitchens – if You have kitchens.

As long as You dont understand You at least has to copy our good parts, You will remain as You deserve.

How comes so many muslims are comming here prefaring to be poor amang Christians and infidels. How comes most refugees aree muslims. So go home, where until we came, oil only could be used in lamps by the most advanced of Yours.

As long as You are in the porimitive thinking of Muhammed Economics of 650, You only deserve to stay as You are. I will send less and less money to people then I once did. You just get lazy and the only growth seen is, that You becommes many more poor, which I should send food for in addictions.

You have to change radically if You want to improve anything. Its so cheep to blame others changing no vital parts of Your own qauqmires.

Syria is the best example of any: The only ones having any plans for the future to change them from the poorest there are the SDFs by the PYD programme, but it is met by 4 countries, which say NO CHANGE.

A simple analyse of those 4 socalled countries only can conclude, that Nato, USA and EU – west – is NOT Your mainproblem.


Listen, phaggot, Europe will be taken by Islam. Islam will pown you for being a nato phaggot, InShahAllah(swt), capiche?


Syria was a secular country before the war and one of the succesful ones. The war was financed by the West, Turkey, SAudis and Israel… so you can’t blame the syrians for what happend.


no one cares for your garbage so fuck off


Why on earthe is the US Amabassador to the Russian Federation on a US carrier in the middle of the Med? He is such a hunt!


The Freedom of Navigation Agreement needs to be changed. At present it simply allows US Navy being used to pursue gunboat diplomacy wherever they want. Freedom of Navigation should only apply to merchant and other civilian shipping.


Huntsman was Chair of Atlantic Council. His motives are NATO’s motives, diplomacy be damned.

Joe Kerr

A mormon as well, like his co-hypocrite Romney.

Kelli Hernandez

I hope Iran is ready to rain down their missiles in Israhell.

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