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Pena Nieto Tells Trump Mexico “Will Not Pay For Any Wall”, Demands Respect

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UPD: US President Donald Trump says that if Mexico won’t pay for the wall between the two countries, “it would be better” to scrap his planned visit to Mexico.

Pena Nieto Tells Trump Mexico "Will Not Pay For Any Wall", Demands Respect

Image Source: telesurtv.net

Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto reiterated Wednesday in a pre-taped address that his country “will not pay for any wall,” but expressed willingness to work with the Trump administration.

Peña Nieto also said he had ordered government agencies to step up protection for immigrants, demanding respect as an autonomous nation, while admitting Mexico is negotiating new trade rules with US.

“I have ordered the Foreign Ministry re-enforce measures of protection for our nationals (inside the US).  The 50 Mexican consulates in the United States will become authentic places of defense for the rights of the migrants.  Our communities are not alone.  The Mexican government will offer them the legal counsel which will guarantee them the protection they need.  I call on the legislators and civil society organisations to join their efforts so as to back them and support them (migrants). Wherever there is a Mexican migrant at risk that needs our support there we must be.  That is where there country should be.”

“I am saddened and am against the decision by the United States to continue with the construction of a wall that for years, far from joining us has divided us.  Mexico does not believe in walls.   I have said time and time again: Mexico will not pay for any wall.”

“These Executive orders also occur at a moment in which our country is initiating talks to negotiate new rules of cooperation, commerce, investment, security, immigration in the North American region.  This negotiation is very important for strength, certainty, and future of of our economy and our society.  As President of the Republic, I assume, squarely, the responsibility of defending and guarding the interests of Mexico and Mexicans.  It is my duty to deal with the problems and confront the challenges.  Based on the final report of the Mexican officials that at this moment are in Washington and the prior consultation of the Senate chamber and the National Conference of Governors (Mexican), I will make a decision about the next steps to be taken. ”

“Mexico offers and demands respect. “

Finally, the Mexican president didn’t say whether he will carry out planned visit to Washington on Jan. 31.

While the costs of “building the wall” are largely unknown, estimates have been made by both political parties…

Pena Nieto Tells Trump Mexico "Will Not Pay For Any Wall", Demands Respect

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In a Monday speech, Peña Nieto said his government is prepared to negotiate with the US if Mexico’s national sovereignty is respected. He laid out economic integration and respect for the rights of migrants and the money they send home as his nation’s key negotiating points.

Trump has suggested some of the $25 billion in annual remittances that migrants return home would be retained to pay for the border wall.

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What exactly is the point of a wall anyway? If someone wants to cross the border they will easily find a way around the wall, either by tunnels under ground or by simply cutting through the wall or climbing over it. There are also sea routes to the US that bypass any would be wall.

Eze Enwereuzor

Like Isreal? Oh wait.


Yes like Israel, as you saw in their latest genocidal attempt against the Palestinians, the resistance forces were able to make it inside Israeli territory through underground tunnels, and that was in a war time situation and through a very short border.

Robert Guttierez

A very large percentage that are here enter legally with a tourist visa and over stay the visa. How is a wall stopping that?

If Trump thinks he can hold all or part of the remittance, the people will no longer send remittance back home or find other ways to send the money. If migrants can’t support their families in Mexico by sending them money, they might be forced to bring them to the USA.

Mexicans show no one respect. They do not even show other Mexicans respect.
Mexicans genocided the Indians in the lands. Till this day Indians march and get beaten in Mexico by Mexicans while demanding Mexicans to respect Indians.

Anyone who thinks walls do not work. Then unlock your from door at night, hang a sign on it at all times, and state that (This door never locks, and I do not believe in barriers. Because someone could just tunnel under into my house anyway) hahaha


Pena Nieto has just announced he has canceled trip to Washington. I recall last year Mexican ex-president fox said “We are not going to pay for any f###ing wall !” Quite a colorful discussion.

Tommy Jensen

A wall will ruin Nieto´s drug business, plus he is unwilling to use his wallet full of drug money to build it.


Mexico should call Trump’s bluff and join the BRICS (whatever they’re called these days). The Silk Road, OBOR (one belt, one road) – all that, Join a ‘win/win’ trading group as opposed to the ‘win/lose’ zero sum NAFTA trap they’re currently in.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Mexico doesn’t need a wall nor for that matter does the US.does the US.
Corruption on both sides of the border is the problem. Mexico’s 1% government (propped up by US entrenched power who are harvesting Mexican resources) doesn’t want to care for its people. US ruling elite don’t want to pay a living wage to theirs. You can’t build a wall around that.

I see you saw the movie Elysium too.


USA has the right to construct any wall it wants, even something taller than the China wall. The same right that we have to construct a wall in our house to not see our neighbor. What it is a mistake and out of law and out of one mind is that I collect the cost of the wall to my neighbor !! USA people can construct whatever they want, but they have to pay for it. Of course, drogs have always enter through the main doors. So, tehre is not problem with the supply of this very important medicine for the USA people.

In additon, for a very good wall there will always be a very good tunnel.

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