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‘Peaceful Protesters’ In Kazakhstan Reveal Their Origin (Video)

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'Peaceful Protesters' In Kazakhstan Reveal Their Origin (Video)

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The counter-terrorism operation in Kazakhstan continues for the third day in a row. According to the Kazakhstan’s military officials, it will last until the “the complete elimination of terrorists and the restoration of security in Kazakhstan.”

The counter-terrorism operation was launched on January 6, following the violent clashes between the armed rioters and security forces. Earlier on the same day, the armed rioters seized the airport in Almaty, as well as the building of the National Security Committee, including the weapons storage.

Having put down the armed crowds on the streets, security forces of Kazakhstan are now detaining militants throughout the country.

According to the press service of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, about 6 000 people were detained during the riots, 125 criminal cases have been launched so far.

It was stressed out that a big part of detainees were foreigners.

At the beginning of the year, a large number of “peaceful protesters” were brought to Kazakhstan from neighboring countries. They were offered “New Year’s gifts” – $200 – for participating in the riots.

Many of them tried to cross the border with weapons and loot to avoid arrest in Kazakhstan.

On January 9, it was revealed by the Interior Minister of Kazakhstan that about 300 armed men with money in tenge and foreign currencies were detained while trying to cross the state border.

The videos showing the confessions of the foreign militants are shared by the local media:

“On January 1, I got a call from unknown men who offered me to take part the rally. They offered 90,000 tenge (about $200). Since I am unemployed in Kyrgyzstan, I agreed. They bought me a ticket. On January 2, I arrived in Almaty, and I was taken to an apartment. There were also citizens of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. I didn’t understand what they were talking about. When the rally started, I got scared and went back to the apartment, spent the night there. The next day I decided to go home and I was detained.”

While the Kazakh opposition, supported by the Western officials and the MSM are trying to blame the “cruel Tokayev’s regime”, the “peaceful protesters” reveal their real face.

While the Kazakh security forces continue fighting terrorists, the CSTO collective peacekeeping forces completed the initial stage of their deployment. CSTO forces are guarding military, state and social facilities in Almaty and the areas adjacent to the city. Despite the fake news on their involvement in the counter-terrorism operation, they do not take part in any detainment or clashes.

CSTO troops will stay in Kazakhstan until the full stabilization of situation in the country.

At the same time, Kazakhstan is mourning the victims. January 10 has been declared a day of national mourning for those who died in the riots.

On January 9, the Health Ministry claimed that 164 people were killed during the riots: 103 in Almaty, 21 in Kyzylorda region, 10 in Zhambyl region, 8 in Almaty region, including three children. The numbers were later denied. The report was claimed to be the technical error. The real number of the dead is yet to be revealed, while the number of victims, including those wounded in the riots, amounted to 2,265 people.

According to the recent claims by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 16 police officers, servicemen of the National Guard and the Ministry of Defense were killed, and over 1,300 more were injured. Earlier, it was reported that the number of casualties among the security forces was 18 servicemen.

'Peaceful Protesters' In Kazakhstan Reveal Their Origin (Video)

Click to see full-size image

Meanwhile, the United States wants to hear from Kazakhstan an explanation of why the authorities decided to seek help from the CSTO to stabilize the situation in the country, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on CNN.

“We have real questions about why they were forced to turn to this organization, which is dominated by Russia. We ask for clarification on this matter. But what is most important now is that everything should now be resolved peacefully and with respect for the rights of those who want their voices to be heard.”

Blinken considers he has a right to demand “explanations” from the sovereign state of Kazakhstan, thereby denying its sovereignty.

Blinken’s statement looks particularly cynical and insulting, given that the United States does not have a single meter of joint border with Kazakhstan, the United States is not in any military or political alliance with Kazakhstan.


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JC Denton

Counter terrorism by terrorists? Terrorists are the ones who implemented biosecurity fascism.

Normally the typical Soros NED color revolution does not kick off that fast, they need weeks to months to get the people going like that, in Kazakhstan that happened in mere days. No one was interviewing protesters to make us hear their desire for “democracy and freedom”. Of course that doesn’t mean our favorite alphabet soup agencies aren’t involved…

This color revolution without color actually benefits Russia more than the west, if Russia will secure more influence now and reverse the russophobic policies of the last decades. This is an opportunity to kick out western resource extractors and bioweapon labs.

Last edited 1 year ago by JC Denton

Ironically, thanks to USANATO actions, Russia reasserted its position in Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Last edited 1 year ago by Max

The major, regional, US controlled bio-weapon lab directed against Russia is located in Georgia. There they pay poorer locals to get access to Slavic DNA and gene samples, the US’ research intentions with this facility are most certainly not good.

Last edited 1 year ago by Robespierre

False Flag revolution? I can see Russia doing that.


I cannot bear looking at this poor American fella´ Blinken. Looks like German generals in Berlin minutes before the capitulation to Zhukov, except his has no dignity, looks like half-insane. . Poor soul. God have mercy on America, if this their best.

Arch Bungle

It’s the adenochrome.

It turns your eyes black after a while ..


My eyes are perfect. Now I can clearly recognize two losers instead of one.

CIA bot

$200 x 10.000 terrorists = $2.000.000

Bargain. CIA spends that much every day for ice cream in Langley.


We know !! They waste money in Ice Cream and Terrorists. They lost in North Korea, Yemen, Siria, Venezuela, Nicaragua…. Keep wasting money and effort Dimwits.

Let's go Brandon


classic 👍

Last edited 1 year ago by Let's go Brandon

that blinken guy looks like a guy about to be hanged. well his time has expired.


I didn’t expect such a vitriolic response. My comment was similar to the opinion piece by Demitri Trenin in the Moscow Times: Russian forces in K runs the risk of galvanizing local sentiment against Russia. The other “Stan’s” to the west will likewise be alienated further by the deployment of Russian paratroops in K.

I do not hate you for your opinion which may be contrary to mine. Why should you react so hatefully because of my opinion, which I was not even able to post. Hence I posted my frustration at being censored.

There are many moving pieces right now. Let’s hope for a peaceful outcome soon. Deconfliction. Deescalation.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

You are mixing up Russia with the crumbling americant empire. You make the mistake that you believe your own CIAisis propaganda.


Welcome to the internet honey! Insulting any different opinion is sacred basic law, something like the UK constitution that nobody saw but is honoured vigorously anyway.

The forum is awful but there’s no point talking about it, believe me we tried! you can’t post a lot of things and sometimes comments get deleted without explanation. Next time when it didn’t accept your comment copy the text, write a single word, post it and immediately hit edit (the cog on lower right corner of your posted comment which will appear for a brief time). Alas I have no solution for deleted comments, yet.

Now I’ll wait to read your opinion. So far you whined, I’m curious to know what else have you got?


Glad to see you here again. You know me and my opinion. Believe me, I have had my comments blocked many times since they have gone to this format. I do not think they control their own platform. If they do, then they have a very strange reasons to block. ALL the comments of mine that are blocked are not pro west. They usually are blocked when I discus the world-wide scams we are subjected to. I am also very careful of keywords, foul language, etc. Even with the massive troll brigade that invaded discus, it was better than this, as I was never blocked from posting.


Hi, thank you. And you probably know mine, yet a considerable number of my comments also get deleted and I don’t post many, so every one deleted is a big loss!! ;) I couldn’t make sense of these changes, can’t understand why they don’t do anything about spams while it’s very easy and costs nothing, why registered Zionist propagandists get a column and “editor’s choice” tag here and a couple of more things. Together these changes made so many active and good readers to leave, some people who were able to teach us new things. I don’t know, maybe SF team thought good riddance since they didn’t “contribute” enough? I also didn’t read any explanation why SF no longer uses Disqus, I just assumed the stop was from Disqus and not this side. I welcome anybody who knows the reason for this.

Maybe all of these just boil down to the usual reason, IDK.

Chris Gr



I do know that the SF team can block/ban email addresses, “Shadowbanning” for a fact. This is the 2nd fake email address that I use and that is due to my other fake email address is banned. With my old email address, I could see my post get uploaded onto the page but it would just get deleted in a sec.

NGL, I did bitch about the SF comment section change for a good long time and I did say a lot of other crap things to them.

Disqus – I believe Disqus cut itself from SF, as you well know SF in the US and EU is seen as a Russian propaganda website. August 2020, Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem – GEC Special Report. SF is right there.

That is just one case, ofc there are many other EU/US-based groups/organizations that also claim SF is just another Russian propaganda website.

It is very likely that Disqus stop providing services to SF. “Disqus is an American blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities that use a networked platform.”


You can’t write some words with some other words here. I can also guess you’re mad bro, but welcome to SF.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Surprise, surprise, it is not. CIAtrolls are crying and raging 🤗

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Another failed coup, another embarrassment for the crumbling americant empire.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Blinken is channeling his inner Homer Simpson.


This literally what a department of CIA does – recruit foreigners and mercenaries to stage riots, and sabotage, in targeted countries, to foster chaos aimed at generating regime change conditions. In Syria, in 2011-12 many of early armed insurgents were imported Libyan jihadists and mercenaries. In Ukraine, the ‘snipers’ that fired on rioters (and equally on the state police, to maximize confusion and tension) were Georgian mercenaries. In Venezuela, the periodic rioters and more common infrastructure saboteurs are Colombian mercenaries. Of course, the command to do it all comes from State Department – totally dominated by Neo-Conservatives since at least year 2000, doesn’t matter which of two party system wins Presidency, the Neo-conservatives have infiltrated, and dominate, US foreign policy advisory roles, and State Department branch roles.

Last edited 1 year ago by Robespierre
Chris Gr

The thing is that many nations are still friendly to US.


True. Though, in reality, there’s an implicit international understanding, that openly challenging the US (sans your own defensive nuclear arsenal) will ultimately receive the attentions of the CIA regime change squad – starting with soft power through to hard power.


This shit in Kazakhstan is very interesting. Putin is poised to invade Ukraine. Southfront is in full propaganda mode. They won’t post my comment in response to an article claiming the Russian paratroopers in Kazakhstan show how solid the former Soviet socialist republics are with Mother Russia.

“This helps Russia? Are you kidding?

What this shows is that Russia can intervene to stomp local insurrections in any of the former Soviet states that have not allied with the west.

The Kazakhs and their Turkmen neighbors westward through Central Asia know that CSTO equals Cheka. Although they dare not articulate their true sentiment they will not return the “kiss” they have been given by the Kremlin.

This doesn’t help help Russia. This shows why the Ukrainians won’t ever rejoin the Bear.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Jon

Blinken’s statement is just a reminder of that the US ses itself above international laws and norms.

JC Denton

Turns out SouthFront’s terrorist is a freakin jazz musician.


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