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PayPal Threatens to Block SouthFront’s Acc in 3 days

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PayPal Threatens to Block SouthFront's Acc in 3 days

Today, there are 3 days until SouthFront’s PayPal account will be frozen (more detail about the case here). Yesterday, we received comments about the essence of PayPal’s requests. Being transparent, we provide the project’s reply to PayPal.

Requests and replies originally were in Russian because the owner of the account is the resident of the Russian Federation.

This information was sent to PayPal on April 16, 2016.

SouthFront’s answer to Paypal:

At your request on April 15, 2016.

PayPal request for additional information PP-004-750-857-672 RXI000

First of all, I would like to note that I have already replied to similar questions in detail. See your requests PP-004-412-447-193 RXI000 on December 13 and 17, 2015 and the answers to them. All questions to the project were removed. It was confirmed in a phone conversation.

As to your questions as a matter of fact:

PayPal Question: “Are your transactions connected with a business?”

No, transactions are not connected with a business. The detailed explanations were provided in my answer to your inquiry PP-004-412-447-193 RXI000 on December 17, 2015:

All funds received are voluntary donations that are received for the development and maintenance of public analytical project SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence ( http://southfront.org/).

Project does not sell any of the goods, does not provide any paid services, does not set a paid access to information.

The project is supported by voluntary. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a non-profit initiative. The project activities are provided by a group of volunteers and contributors from around the world. Additional information about the project, its principles and activities can be found here: http://southfront.org/about-southfront/.

Profit and commercial activities are not the project’s aims.

The key principle of the project is a free creation and distribution of analytical information about the international issues, providing an alternative point of view. Today, SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is accorded wide recognition. For example, you can see the evaluation of the project activities here: https://youtu.be/hSAGl9exc-E  or here: http://thesaker.is/southfront-needs-help-now/ or on many other websites.

The project team creates about 60 unique videos per month; the number of info graphics, analytical reviews and the unique materials is about 300 items per month. All the information is distributed absolutely free of charge.

The project funds allocate for:

  1. payments for hosting, domains and traffic;
  2. payments for soft and external services;
  3. servers and website administration, website upgrading and improving;
  4. hardware equipment;
  5. spends for design and production of content;
  6. the project development.

PayPal Question: “Please provide a list of goods and services”

Please look at the answer above.

Project does not sell any of the goods, does not provide any paid services, does not set a paid access to information.

PayPal Question: “Please confirm that your account will not be used for the purpose of doing business in the future. According to our data, you may not live in the country in which your account is registered. Please provide comments on your place of residence”.

I have already confirmed and confirm once again that the account is not used and will not be used for the purpose of doing business.

The second part of the question is really puzzling. What are your data? My account is registered in the country where I live (you have all the docs that you have already verified). If you have any other information, please specify your question. You can also ask your technical team, which will provide data from where I get into my account.

PayPal Question: “Copies of the documents under which funds were received (contract, invoice, etc.), as well as an explanation about the purpose of these transfers.

I believe that the answer to this question is abundantly set forth at the beginning of this letter. All funds received are donations.

It is easy to check by looking at my account (type of income, payments methods, donator’s comments and other relevant information) and information on the site southfront.org

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Vido Dasler

Told you before, they will block the account for political reasons, get the money out ASAP, have seen it done before., the internet is full with paypal horror stories.


Southfront should get a bitcoin wallet and convert the bulk of the funds to bitcoin until the situation is resolved. Donations could and should be accepted in bitcoin is it guarantees the anonymity of the contributor if he or she wishes. I know bitcoin is a fringe currency but it would solve the short term worries while you shop for a new donation account for conventional fiat.


You can find our info for bitcoins here https://southfront.org/donate/


Good bye Paypal, write me off as well. Let me be clear with Paypal, if you want to be a world-wide company, yet you want to promote politics of USA? Then you will loose all those clients that don’t support USA politics.



Dagwood Bumstead

Use the Patron service or promote it better. That’s what I use. I had Paypal for close to 10 years and last month decided it was of no use to me. Too much political interference, and like another commenter suggested – If Paypal wants to be a truly worldwide company, they have to forgo US politics.
In terms of Bitcoin – many people won’t use it. I know I won’t use a fringe currency like it.

This is why Bitcoin was invented. To get around the Zionist-banking institutions which dominate the dialog to maintain the Rothschild’s and Goldman Sachs grip upon the globe. They like to control what the populations know. Southfront is not operation in the Zionist interest. Thus Israelis are complaining day in and day out to shut it down financially.
BELOW: I provide the link on how another super large website has gotten around Paypals ban.
They now receive thousands of dollars through three different ways. All of them free ways for people to donate money..

Jonathan Murray

Why don’t you just set up a business PayPal account? All of these issues are legitimate concerns for PayPal as they can claim there are the tax implications for donations. I can’t see this will make any difference for you and it will remove these blocks by PP. There is no need to get into a fight with them over this, you guys have more important things to be working on – and no need to get paranoid about PP who do this s**t to everyone believe me!

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