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PayPal Blocked SouthFront’s Account (Important Update)

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PayPal Blocked SouthFront's Account (Important Update)

Dear friends,

The intrigue around our PayPal account (southfront@list.ru) has all the hallmarks of a cheap detective novel.

As you know, on May 15 PayPal was scheduled to fully block our account since that’s when its 30-day period expired. You can read about the chain of events and PayPal’s outrageous conduct here.

However, on May 15, 16, 17, and 18 the account continued to function in a limited mode. “As if by miracle”, the count-down vanished. We spent these four days, right until May 19, in a situation where PayPal could have blocked the account and its funds without any additional warning. At the same time, we started to receive “phishing” (fraudulent) messages seeking to access our account. These messages closely followed official PayPal notices.

Today, on May 19, we unexpectedly received a new request from clarification from PayPal which is as astounding as all of its previous actions. PayPal is requesting documents confirming the account holder’s address. This data was already provided earlier. Because how could have the account continued functioning for a whole year without a full identification, particularly after the expanded verification in December 2015. Moreover, as soon as we received the request for information the account was blocked without warning.

It is particularly intriguing that the account was blocked not in accordance with the warnings received during the 30-day period between April 15 and May 15 which stated the account would be deprived of its ability to send and receive funds.

We have only been deprived of the ability to send funds or make payments, BUT the ability to receive funds remains! It would seem that PayPal chose the worst possible option for us, since our supporters which don’t know of the situation will continue to send us money. These funds will be frozen and in effect lost to the project for a long period of time.

Dear friends, until further notice please stop sending funds to the southfront@list.ru PayPal account.

Instead please use the following methods:

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PayPal Blocked SouthFront's Account (Important Update)


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PayPal Blocked SouthFront's Account (Important Update)   PayPal Blocked SouthFront's Account (Important Update)   PayPal Blocked SouthFront's Account (Important Update)   PayPal Blocked SouthFront's Account (Important Update)   PayPal Blocked SouthFront's Account (Important Update)


Bitcoin: southfront90@list.ru
Adress for BTC: 1PvKhgVDoXp96Yyp7Pgs5uMPkChSMA2G5n

Please send letters and messages to PayPal requesting the pressure on SouthFront to be lifted.

I demand to explain why PayPal is going to suspend the account of SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence (southfront@list.ru). Why does PayPal ingore SouthFront’s requests and the answers? I confirm the project collects donations on a voluntary basis.

You can send your requests to PayPal via: https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/home

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paypal have been dodgy for a few years — taking people’s money with spurious reasoning is their forta.

Zuzana Rehakova

you have to do with nazis and their troops, like cia and mossad. u know it, so what ? they have to go to the hell.


Wait till ya got to take the Mark of da Beast to either Buy or Sell!

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