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URGENT: PayPal Blocked SouthFront Account

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URGENT: PayPal Blocked SouthFront Account

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On February 12, PayPal has blocked SouthFront’s account (southfront@list.ru), which has been used by us to collect donations for over the past years. Now we cannot receive direct donations or transactions through our PayPal account (southfront@list.ru).

The formal reason is that there were signs of alleged commercial activity on our account. Obviously, this is false.

This claim is nothing more than a formal pretext. SouthFront has not made any new transactions or unusual activity via this account. All activity was completely transparent and typical, as in all previous years.

The blocking of the PayPal account is a one more example of the unprecedented pressure that SouthFront Team faces. As this case shows, in recent months, this pressure evolved in new forms.

As you know, in 2020, Google Ads already blocked SouthFront’s account used to run ads on southfront.org to support our monthly donation budget. Then, the system also frozen the funds collected for about 1.5 months.

On top of this, in 2020, mainstream social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) launched a coordinated censorship campaign against SouthFront. They blocked our main accounts and even banned links to southfront.org on Facebook and Instagram.

The US State Department and then Secretary of State Mr. Mike Pompeo also presented a lengthy report, “Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem”. At least 13 of the 77 pages of this report were dedicated to SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence as a “pillar” of Russian disinformation and propaganda.

Roughly speaking, SouthFront work and independent coverage of topical questions of the international agenda were causing a strong butthurt even among members of the previous US administration. The scale of hysteria of the current neo-liberal/globalist leadership of the US over our work can be easily imagined.

Despite the unprecedented pressure from the powerful foes, SouthFront was not destroyed. Yes, we lost a part of our audience reach and suffered a particular damage. However, we were able to continue our work thanks to your support.

Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world read, watch and share SouthFront content. The ongoing censorship campaign contributed to the strengthening of SouthFront credibility as an independent source of coverage and analyses. Expectedly, this causes a concern among our ill-wishers.

The blocking of SouthFront’s PayPal account (southfront@list.ru) became an expected development in a long series of hostile actions against our team.

Nonetheless, this move still damaged our organization. The amount blocked on the account includes all the existing SouthFront reserves.

On February 15, we had a phone conversation with a PayPal Support Team employee and the situation became fully clear. The decision to censor SouthFront was politically and ideologically motivated. It was not related to any SouthFront activity in the payment system.

In particular, PayPal declared that it will not allow us to refund donations of people that supported SouthFront. This happened regardless the fact that PayPal takes a notable fee (~8%) for every donation.

This goes contrary to PayPal’s own policies. Furthermore, the information that SouthFront should be able to refund received transactions was officially provided by PayPal in an email regarding the suspension of our account. It was said that in our case PayPal will not follow its own terms of service without any additional explanation.

Also, during our phone conversation with PayPal employee, the PayPal representative accidentally leaked information that the formal pretext to impose limitations on SouthFront’s account was not the real reason but the kind of ‘approximation’ to the real reason. PayPal declared that it will take no actions in response to our appeal and will reject any legal claims.

In this difficult moment, we urge you to support SouthFront in all possible ways.

We ask people who donated to SouthFront via PayPal in the previous months to create tickets demanding the immediate removal of all the limitations from SouthFront’s PayPal account (southfront@list.ru). The draft text of the appeal that can be used for this:

I, Name Surname, demand PayPal to immediately remove all the limitations from SouthFront’s PayPal account (southfront@list.ru). 

All the funds that I sent to southfront@list.ru were free-will, irregular donations. I did not require any actions from the account’s owner for these funds. My donations were sent to support the group of authors united by the brand of SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence.

Dear friends, we temporarily lost the ability to receive direct donations via PayPal. Nonetheless, you still can use PayPal to donate to SouthFront via our Donation Alerts page: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/southfront

We ask all concerned people that want to support our work to make donations via Donation Alerts, Patreon or cryptocurrencies.


PayPal: southfront@internet.ru



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BCH ABC: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq

ETH: 0x9f4cda013e354b8fc285bf4b9a60460cee7f7ea9


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URGENT: PayPal Blocked SouthFront Account



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URGENT: PayPal Blocked SouthFront Account

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Ilya Grushevskiy

If you use crypto add nano, it’s 0 fees. Using BTC or ETH and paying $20 per transaction is just dumb, sorry.

Nekoime Nekoprezime

Ilya. Dont teach this RETARD. He is here just to provoke.


Afterpay is another method,linked to factual economys.

Fog of War

Why are you suing paypal SouthFront ? Havent you learned by now ?


comment image?W=300
This is what happened to American Herald Tribune, a website
that I used to like and used to visit quite often. There was
no reason for it – none – except to show support for
Mileikowsky and his team.


California is irrelevant,what is far more of significance and importance remains eg counter news,to know the enemy is to exploit each and every traitor to get a grasp of the realm,in better or worse,yet here,they may try but they have no power here,ha’ha’ha the fools!


Icarus Tanović

California is abomination.


I don’t think any of us are surprised by this, as Big Tech serves the globalist cabal. They’re clearly on the attack since Biden took over, and they’re getting more aggressive with the censorship every day.

The Russians and Chinese will have to get innovative and basically form their own parallel internet, but at the same time they should avoid the temptation to overly censor it. It’s clear that humanity is on the brink of a profound civilizational rift; with the nations of the globalist cabal / Jews / Europe / “The West” on one side, and the Russian-Chinese axis on the other. It’s time to give up on the Western internet and form their own.


Your my favorite carnivore on YouTube! You said in another video that you “Never cheat”. Like, ever. I find that fact to be the most fascinating aspect of anything you discussed.

Can you do a video where you just talk about how you’ve completely mastered your food intake, to the point where you never cheat. I’d like insight into the process of mental mastery that has allowed you to attain this level of control.

I find that with any diet, being immune to food cravings is the hardest part. How do you do it?


Time for the Russian-Chinese axis to get serious and just completely give up on being part of the Western/globalist/Jew controlled Internet. They need to form a viable Internet of their own.

Trap Is Not Gay

Or call out the Jews.

Cindy Myer

Time to join the crypto coin gang and allow crypto coin payments. If it is good enough for Elon Musk, Apple, MasterCard and more then it must be good enough for south front

Trap Is Not Gay

Invisible money is never good

Jack Bauer

Dumb as rocks fools using the empires platforms and applications and then crying when they lock you out of them. Here’s a clue. Use BITCOIN. Putin always gets caught with his pants down by NATO are all Russians this dumb?

Ilya Grushevskiy

Name when Putin got caught with his pants down?

BTC is a shitcoin – almost 1 MWh electricity per transaction – how does that work outside of a type I or type II+ civilisation?!

Jack Bauer

Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Armenia, Belarus, Venezuela, French heli carriers. You can’t be serious. Hahaha. Putin be taking it like a champ though. He used to call them partners Remember Vladivostok to Lisbon ???. I could go on. He really really fcuked up in Ukraine. Always waiting until it’s too late. I was born in the Soviet Union. Im not trolling.

Your electrical cost argument is outdated. Costs will go down. That’s not a major problem. Remember almost all BTC has already been mined. It’s a store of wealth and for large transactions. If you want to use crypto for commerce ETH XRP LTC XLM are much better. You’re gonna miss the boat buddy. Forget national currencies. They will be debased. Forget stocks ( us stocks, Russian stocks are good, for now ) the bubble will eventually burst. BTC has finite supply and can’t be debased. Put it in cold storage and you’re good. No energy needed.

If you are arguing against investing your capital in BTC you’re an idiot. Put simply.

If this site would have asked for donations in BTC they would have been out of reach of Elon Musks PayPal. Not only that BTC has gone from 4000 usd a year ago to almost 50000 today.

BTC hits 100K in 2021.

Hope you get a piece of that.

Ilya Grushevskiy

The store of value thing is only being parroted because BTC failed as a digital cash. I have nano, it works like Satoshi wanted. BTC can go wherever, it’s a prototype demonstration and was good for that, but nothing else. It’s going up just cause people are herd animals sometimes. That’s not my cup of tea.

Jack Bauer

Wow buddy. You’re clearly not that smart. 1 Trillion dollar market cap. You know most of that is held by hedge funds whales and corporations right? Retail is just starting to dip their feet. Next come the central banks and city government’s and more corps. Miami Florida is going to start paying it’s employees in BTC and investing it’s city funds in BTC as well. Trying to tell someone who purchased BTC 5 years ago for a couple hundred bucks that’s it’s not a store of value while it’s currently 50K is pretty idiotic. That’s the definition of store of value. Anyhow. Believe what you want. All the bitcoin millionaires are wrong. All the hedge funds are wrong central banks are wrong city and state governments are wrong. You must be right. ? ? ?.

Ilya Grushevskiy

It’s a store of value but nothing else. It is hard limited to 7 transactions a second. It will not be used by states to pay anyone. They pay 1000 employees once and that’s almost 1GWh of electricity. Enjoy your electricity prices if this thing is used even for 1% of transactions.

You have to look at more than just price – BTC is a demonstration tech that will never be used to buy anything worth under $500/1000 – even now.

Try nano-faucet dot org and see what BTC (when it was still sold as digital cash) wished it was like. (And luckily it is still dirt cheap because of BitGrail)

(And good on the people that bought BTC and made money)


1 BTC will be worth 23 million Eur in 2023. My simulations have never been wrong.

Jack Bauer

Depends on market cap. 1 Trillion market cap 50,000 USD per BTC. If the hedgies really go long along with pension funds and corporations it could go to the moon. I’m more conservative in my projections. I think it reaches 10 Trillion Market cap by 2022 target price 500,000 USD. There are about to be some newly minted Bitcoin Billionaires by 2023 that’s for sure.

Ilya Grushevskiy

Discuss the tech please. I am not a BTC hater, it was an epic demonstration of the possibility of crypto technology. But it is so so flawed as a digital cash. Store of value? Dog sh*t stores value from the atoms inside of it. Nobody will use this for cash, it is too flawed. Other crypto? Sure. BTC won’t get adopted in the third world, in the second world, it won’t work for most transactions in the first world because of the transaction fee. And because crypto is a young persons’ tech, and they’re all about the green economy, BTC will fail with that part of the first world.

It’s just a prototype. Research nano, tell me what aspect of its tech is inferior to BTC. Because people don’t use brick phones any more, nor dial up modems.

Jack Bauer

I’ll look into nano. Might buy some. As far as BTc, you can believe what you will. I won’t be selling my bitcoins any time soon. Almost at 52K right now. About to make another 10% this week. You can discuss what you consider flaws in the tech while the rest of us make money. More power to you. I don’t disagree with your criticisms. I’m just saying they are irrelevant. Stocks and their valuations are all make believe. Fiat is toilet paper. Bonds? Lol. Derivatives even worse. BTc could be the same at some point but for now. It has been the best investment of any asset class in the last decade. That’s just a numerical fact.

Ilya Grushevskiy

I get your point – I’m just a bit of an idealist often. I traded crude oil futures for 10 years, made good money (George Bested it even better! :p ), so know the stupidity of the market pretty well imo.

Can’t knock BTC as a light in the tunnel, it is at least a demonstration tech that pushed money forward from the BC to the modern era.

Good luck with your investments, the crypto-tech revolution (not just the digital cash upgrade) will change the world! :D

Jack Bauer

Up 15% since we spoke. Still time to double your money brother.

Ilya Grushevskiy

(as for Putin. dunno, he plays a hell of a long game – I don’t think we are used to it in the West!)


I don’t understand wht would anyone keep more than $1000 on a paypal account. There are hundreds of business accounts blocked every day for fake complains, Paypal blocks the account AND THEN verifies complain veridicity, since their very beginning.


so when was the decision made to not use Bitcoin?

Jim Allen

I recall urging SF to disassociate itself with PayPal a few years ago.

Europa Erwache


use the Rouble version boiz!


Julia Roels

Again ? You had the same problem a few years back. Why do you keep using paypal if it screws you over again and again.

The Objective

SouthFront also censored some of my comment, even though I didn’t violet any rules.
What goes around comes around.

Arch Bungle

That’s because you talk bullshit all day.

The Objective

I guess PayPal blocked them because they talk a bigger bullshit.
that comment was too powerful to let people read it.

Arch Bungle

It can’t be bullshit since you’re on the site commenting 24x7x365.

Having watched you comment for more than 6 months I’ve never seen you say anything powerful.

The Objective

I don’t need your approval. I come here to dispel the lies told by South Front writers. Many reply to me about how they appreciate my inputs. I don’t fear or worry about your downvotes or negative comments. Because I can tell black from white, and I’m always willing take whatever insults just to displease liars like you.

Arch Bungle

I never offered you my approval.

I come here to dispel lies of people like you.

Only twatz and iron zionist or other hasbara trolls appreciate your ‘inputs’.

What you fear or do not fear does not concern me.

What concerns me is to highlight your lies wherever I see them.

And I will highlight your lies wherever I see them.

The Objective

I like that. But when you highlight my lies, you should prove it. If you can prove it, I’ll admit being wrong.
I don’t argue subjectively. What I say, is what I really believe to be true. You can change my perception of things, but only true valid and respectable argument. I like it when people link to authoritative sources to backup any claims. But hardly does any Iranian commenter do that. Which means they lack proof.

Arch Bungle

The burden of proof is upon you when you make claims.

You constantly make straw man claims then demand proof when your claims are dismissed and disputed.

You should support your claims with factual references if you don’t want to continue being recognised as a known liar as you are now …

The Objective

Never mind. I’m in the process of preparing all the proofs you guys would ever need. You’ll know when I’m done.
Any claims I make is grounded in reality. I don’t bother to present proofs until I’m asked for them. And some people do ask. But I’ll get everything in one place. so that when anyone challenges my claims, I’ll simply link to one article to clarifies everything, instead of typing a lengthy reply.

Arch Bungle

If that is the case it would be a departure from your usual behavior.

As we say: The leper never changes his spots.

The Objective

My beliefs about Iran, Russia, America, and the Shiites that support Iran are still the-same, unless I’m proven wrong, in which case, I will certainly change from this critical view point. I always ask people like you to search my Disqus comments prior to March 2020 and you’ll know that I was one of the biggest fans of Iran, promoting the regime wherever I had the chance, praying for them and even asking friends and neighbors to pray for the Iranian regime and its proxy fighters. Some of my close associates were even suspecting me of being a Shiite, but I always tell them that regardless of whether the Iranian regime is Shiite, I’m still going to support them with whatever I’ve got. I even thought of having my Master’s Degree in Iran. Then I made some critical discoveries that shocked me, made me feel disappointed, and madly angry at the Iranian regime. I have prove for all these things, and I’ve setup a blog to discuss them with other Muslims. Here are the discoveries I made:
1. Soleimani was instrumental in aiding the U.S invasion of Afghanistan which killed hundreds of thousands of my Muslim brothers, men, women, children, old, sick, non-combatants, etc. I can give you the details of this with undeniable proofs.
2. Iran aided with intelligence in America’s invasion of Iraq, which killed over 1.5 million Muslims, more of them being civilians.
3. Iran’s attempt to invade Afghanistan over sectarian issues in the late 90s
4. Iran’s prohibition of a Sunni mosque in Tehran while allowing multiple churches. That doesn’t sound brotherly. It’s the actions of one who considers you a mortal enemy. Even America doesn’t prohibit the building of mosques, whether Shiite or Sunni, and neither does Azerbaijan (a Shiite country)
5. Iran’s support for Christian Armenia over Muslim Azerbaijan and Turkey
6. Iran’s creation of violent Shiite groups which treat Sunni citizens with open disdain.
7. Ruhollah Khomeini’s main goal as stated by him to establish a global Muslim caliphate. I’m not opposed to the idea of a Muslim caliphate run the right way, but certainly not by the fanatical Mullahs. If they can prevent the building of mosques, imagine what they can do if they are made Caliph of the Muslim world.
8. Finally, Iran’s grand and apparent schemes towards taking Mecca and Medina from the Sunnis. I’m currently writing a lengthy article on this, and will notify you if you want when I publish it. In the article, you can get all the proofs you need, but they are too many to list here. Proofs even you, cannot deny.

So, my friend, I know very much what I’m talking about. You’re not chatting with some ignorant brainwashed fool or a liar. I don’t deliberately lie about issues affecting the Muslim world. Because Allah will hold me accountable.

After I publish my article, anyone is free to comment and challenge whatever they think is not right. It’ll be an open platform. There is nothing hidden and no comment would be censored, because I’m running it with an open mind. The only comments I may delete are those that only insult without including any valuable information or viewpoint that contributes to a beneficial debate.

If you want to be notified when I publish this 4000-word article, say so, and I’ll remember to let you know.

Servet Köseoğlu

come on stinky animal..be a good shia boy and lick nassraallah massalahs dirty rectum..noone gives flying fuck to your opinion…son of whore….lmaoooooooooo

Arch Bungle

Oh my, you’re such an intellectual.

Servet Köseoğlu

actually you deserve such a nice talk since you started with joo-sucking sessions…now eat it …worry not dear ı am not pro-israel and ı dont have any problem with iran just passed by to examine you…xD

Arch Bungle

Bla bla bla. Time to remove kebab:


Servet Köseoğlu

wow..thats intellectual indeed…xD

Arch Bungle

Trying to step down to your level. Hey, here’s something more appropriate to your age and intellectual level (or lack of it …):


Servet Köseoğlu

who cares man?lmao..do you really think you make sense?…just passed by dear…go on trolling..noone buys your shit..yawn….

Arch Bungle

You care, apparently, judging by your frantic responses.

Here, have a downvote, jewball sucker :-)

Servet Köseoğlu

lmaoo..jewsucker mighty arch bungle….same mouthpiece ranting about how turks shot-down su-24 now demonstrating putin resital…fear from israel blew your mind up…irani quantum computers roflmao..intellectual my ass..

Arch Bungle

Dafaq u blabbing about, kebab?

I’d appreciate it if you stopped mangling the English language and instead stuck to kebab language or whatever gibberish they speak down in Erdoganistan.

Servet Köseoğlu

shiaaaaaa my ass…..double-bagger trying to figure out now about something he wrote decades ago…spineless short-pants..what can ı expect?

Arch Bungle

Are you drunk, kebabnik?

Servet Köseoğlu

sure troglodyte..xD


Violet my ass ..

Jack Bauer

They do it because they are monetizing their website and their sponsors demand it. Once you accept government currency f on corporations or banks, you are beholden to all three.

Crypto donation’s ftw.

Arch Bungle

This is what happens when you let Jews handle your money, SF.


I don’t believe the Russians one word. They are poisoning killing and jailing political opponents. Russia = Putin mafia.

He who laughs last laughs best

That’s why I hate when right wing politician don’t talk about this censorship, I don’t know if it’s because they are scared or they think that being polite will save them.

They don’t understand that what they are doing to Trump and his followers, Big Tech will do that to all its enemies.
Being polite or moderate will not save anybody, remember the story of the lamb and the wolf?
If you don’t give them a reason to do it, they will simply do it.

Anyway I feel sorry for you guys, but you were supposed to predict it, you guys should have put all the money on a bank account.
Never leave your money on Paypal.

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