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Paul Craig Roberts: “Will Putin’s Policy of Concession Succeed?”

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Conference last weekend shows the Russian government’s ensnarement by neoliberal economic policy. Putin defended globalism and free trade, and he warned that crisis will result from the breakup of the global system.

In fact, crisis is the result of globalism and neoliberal economics. For Russia neoliberal economics means both economic and political crisis. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/05/25/americas-fifth-column-will-destroy-russia/

Neoliberal economics produces domestic economic crisis, because it diverts employment in high-productivity, high-value added activities, such as manufacturing and tradeable professional skills such as software engineering, from developed economies, such as the US, UK, and Europe, to economies where wages are much lower. Neoliberal economics is also the basis for financialization, which diverts the economic surplus from real investment into debt service. Together these devastating impacts of neoliberal economics kill economic growth. Just look at the no-growth experience of the Western world in the 21st century, where growth has been limited to the prices of financial assets while well-paid employment disappears.

The problem is not only that neoliberal economics is a device for financialization and the ruination of populations for the benefit of oligarchs and global corporations. The larger problem is that The Russian government’s belief in neoliberal economics makes Russia impotent to withstand pressure from Washington. Russia cannot stand up to Washington or even to Israel, because the government believes that Russia’s economic success depends upon being integrated into the Western economic system. To keep the door open, Russia continually accepts provocations which encourages more provocations.

There are situations in which this is statesmanlike and commendable, but not this situation because the crisis goes beyond economics. Putin’s prudent diplomacy is perceived in Washington as weakness. The neoconservatives who control the US government are committed to US hegemony. They are already over-filled with hubris. Each time they witness Putin back away, they become more confident that they can with more pressure force Russia into submission.

For example, the neoconservatives read Putin’s standdown in the face of Trump’s missile attack on Syria, an attack based on an obvious fake news event, as a lack of nerve. Putin’s acceptance of Washington’s attack was very damaging to Russia’s credibility with Washington’s neoconservatives. What they saw was Putin accepting an attack on an ally to whose defense Russia had committed armed forces. What is the point of clearing Syria of American supported jihadists and then allowing Washington and Israel to attack Syria?

I have explained Putin’s standdown as his gamble that Washington’s aggression could break apart Washington’s European empire as long as Russia does not exercise force in a way that would scare the Europeans. In other words, Putin is behaving carefully, not rashly. This is admirable, especially as Putin has superweapons against which the West has no defense.

My concern is what happens if Putin’s bet doesn’t pay off, and the effect of Putin’s restraint is to convince the neoconservatives that Russia can be bullied into submission. I do not think Russia can be bullied into submission, but the neoconservatives will have Russia in a corner where Russia has to fight or surrender. Russia will fight, and it will be the end of us all.

In other words, if Putin’s admirable strategy fails, the neoconservatives, who are already more full of hubris than was Hitler when he sent the Wehrmacht marching off into Russia, will push Russia to the point of war.

Therefore, I have suggested a different strategy: that Putin put his foot down. For example, he could stop accommodating US and Israeli attacks on Syria. These attacks are illegal under international law. They are the actions of war criminals under the Nuremberg Standard established by the US itself. Putin could supply Syria with the S-300 missile defense system, but at the request of Washington and Israel Putin has not fulfilled the contract, another example to the neoconservatives of Putin’s lack of nerve, a misreading that encourages Washington in its provocations.

A foot-down strategy carries the risk of scaring the Europeans about Russian aggressiveness, which is the way the presstitute Western media would report it. However, this strategy does not carry the risk of convincing hubristic neoconservatives that Putin is a pussy. The effect on Washington could be positive and push Washington back to the time when the US was respectful of the Soviet Union. The effect on Europe could be to make Europe aware that the conflict that Washington is initiating is what threatens Europe, not a threat from Russia.

The evidence is clear that the neoconservatives are discounting Russia as nothing more than a short-term obstacle to US world hegemony. Let’s attempt to weigh some of the evidence in behalf of Putin’s diplomatic strategy. French President Macron, Washington’s puppet, who has French troops in the US-occupied part of Syria, is toasted by RT for going to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum with the mission of “keeping Russia in the European family.” https://www.rt.com/news/427820-putin-macron-russia-europe/

Is Macron, who has French troops in Washington-occupied Syria, breaking with Washington, or is Macron playing Putin along by encouraging Putin in his belief that Europe will break from Washington and welcome Russia into the “common European home,” thus encouraging more concessions from Putin.

Is the Russian government being deluded into making more concessions and accepting more requests that serve the agenda of Washington and Israel instead of Russia and her allies? Washington’s latest request is that Putin encourage Iran to withdraw its military contingents from Syria. Putin did as requested, but Iran refused on the grounds that, unlike the US, France, and Washington’s mercenary jihadists, Iran is in Syria at Syria’s requests. The result is that Washington and Israel, both of which continue to attack Syria, have succeeded in creating tensions between Russia and Iran. http://tass.com/pressreview/1005664

To avoid a rift with a necessary ally, Putin might instead have told Washington that Russia and Iran would withdraw after Washington removes the forces it has placed in Syria. Washington was quick to take advantage of the rift and has informed Putin that Washington does not approve of Russia fulfilling the contract to deliver jet fighters and the S-300 air defense system to Iran. If Putin accommodates this Washington request as well, it will make it much easier for the US and Israel to attack Iran.

Washington has won again. Dispute between Russia and Iran leaves Iran more vulnerable to a US military attack, an attack that a number of commentators see in the works. If Iran is destabilized, the easier to destabilize Russia.

What did Putin get out of again acquiescing to Washington? More threats to Syria from Washington and Israel. On May 28 Washington informed the Syrian government that if it attempts to clear Daraa of foreign invaders who are occupying, with Washington’s support, Syrian territory, Syria will receive a “firm response” from Washington. https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201805261064839163-syria-leaflets-reaction-daraa-ceasefire/ Israel informed Syria
that Syria is not permitted to use its air defenses to protect its territory against Israeli aircraft operating within Syrian territory. https://sptnkne.ws/hAhP

In other words, Washington and Israel have rewarded Putin’s concession by forbidding Syria to defend itself.

The neoconservative Washington regime is confident that it has Putin locked into the backdown mode and will even be able to negotiate Russia’s withdrawal from Syria. If that occurs, Washington will restart the war to overthrow the Syrian government.

With Russia on the run, Putin can expect a Washington-ordered Ukrainian attack on the breakaway Russian republics that Russia has left hanging and also Washington-organized ISIS attacks on Russia through the former Soviet central Asian republics. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/05/24/putins-peace-efforts-coming-naught/ The Ukrainian attack could occur during the World Cup when the Russian government will be focused on the prestige of hosting the World Cup and not on its foreign policy.

When Russia is incorporated into the Western economy, it will be as a vassal state.

But for now Russia is celebrating, pointing to the large attendance at the St Petersburg Forum, including that of the French president, as evidence that Russia is not isolated and is hoping for another prestige gain from the World Cup.

Perhaps someone in the Russian government will remember that it was its focus on the Sochi Olympics that delivered Ukraine into Washington’s hands.

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PCR might consider the difference of taking a bait at an inopportune time and a his perception of a concession.

Tudor Miron

Wow. It seems that PCR is in dire need of those shekels. He’s fabricating this pathetic pamphlets at alarming pace lately. There’s also an opinion that both him and Saker are paid “per word” – I tend to agree seeing ever increasing volume of their latest “analyses”. “Washington has won again”(c)PCR.., No, I mean Seriously?

S Melanson

Yes, I agree. The ‘opinion’ peices are coming so fast and heavy with the same theme that it certainly suggests being bought and paid for. PCR should acknowledge his benefactors in every article he writes just as research articles,are,required to do. In fact, I will provide PCR the prose to save him the effort:

I want to acknowledge those,that sponsored my research that made this opinion piece possible: CIA, US State Department, NATO, Mossad and last but not least the Teletubbies.

Pavel Pavlovich

Washington THINKS that they have everything under control. PCR works for the establishment, the monopolar world,

contrary to appearances. The Saker is just an opportunist

who ekes out an existence by his sensationalist nonsense.


Ad hominem much? And if somebody is critical of the US govt, do you then also accuse them of having their hand out for the rubles? A lot of that going on lately. Yes PCR sometimes gets stuck in a repetitive pattern; so, unfortunately, does the Kremlin.

You can call me Al

You may have your view of course.

John Mason

Not wrong Tudor, it does look like he has lost the plot.

You can call me Al

With you there.

PS Maybe they get a bonus for every time their readers use profanities whilst reading the book, sorry articles,


PCR is right : “Washington has won again”.

PCR is right again : “When Russia is incorporated into the Western economy, it will be as a vassal state.” The reason is very simple. If you keep making concessions because you can’t compete with the west, once you are in the west economical system, you are dead.

That’s why you better fight with Americans. They understand better what is going on.


When israel massacred 100s of Palestinians last time, only in the west, you have seen real protestors. Not in muslim countries, not in Russia, not in China or whatever.

In Netherlands, a TV show made a parody of the israeli Eurovision winner. Go see it, it’s a masterpiece. In Scotland Georges Galloway, very famous. In USA, Kenneth O’Keefe, an american vet who undertsands what is going on. The american woman who died in Palestine, killed by israeli bulldozers protecting palestinian homes. The Germans. Everybody knows why they are parying for now. The Belgium deputy who said that it was a massacre and that Belgium expell israeli ambassador. Is it a coincidence that a “terrorist” attack happened in Belgium today ??? XD.

Nor Sunnis, nor Arabs, nor Chinese, nor Russians, nor Africans, …. will help Palestine. only the west can. That’s why israel is making sure that Europe hates muslims, so that they hate Palestinians.



Poor Paul, he apparently is in great need for holidays! He thinks too much, talks too much and writes too much garbage, these last months … A bit of rest and relaxation might be good for him. A little paw bathed in the Dead Sea for example, where he can lounge with his zionist masters. Like Chomsky, he begins to cite certain mechanisms and geopolitical events backwards. For example, it is not the Americans or France who control the Israeli but just the other way around!

Luckily, Paul Craig Roberts is not a Russian, and his opinion isn’t really important. He plays the game of divide and rule between the alternativos, understands nothing of the ancient Russian traditions and Eastern restraint. The concept of time is always regarded as a scarcity in the West, and therefore one always wants to take the initiative regardless of whether one has a plan, Yes then no. That while in the East one sees time as a wealth and especially has to let it do its work. Karma is a terrible fate and nobody escapes it. For the Sake(r) of PCR, … ! ;-)


PCR is an American. So, he surely understands better how to win than Russians. That’s why is made several good points.

Like as said, the antidote is in Europe, no outside.


Wow, Serious?! So tell me which war the Americans did won? World War II, thanks to the Russians … World War I, again thanks to the Russians … What did they do the last 70 years? Did they won something, did they bring some more freedom, democracy somewhere in the world, … ? They never really ended a war, they create continuous chaos, terror, enslavement and occupy whole regions. They steal the resources, oil, gas and gold of each country they visited. There is no land where the population loves the occupiers, the thieves and traffickers … Americans are the most hated people in the world, they’ve lost every piece of faith. It’s influence is waning … The more people like Putin rule from the conscusus idea, the more influence the East will gain over the whole world. The West is a losing game … For lack of love, pride and identity.


I think your assomptions are wrong. People don’t love freedom nor democracy. People love to kill, to rob, to cheat, to enslave, …. Unless you are from high level people like the Nordics or Swiztzerland, high probability ypu fall into the category I previously mention.

Once I said that Americans do wars for fun and people laught at me but I can tell you that Americans love to make wars. They like to shoot 1 million bullets in a piece of wood. Then, they laugh.


Something which makes me always laugh is the fact that people think that israel is strong. XD.

You know, israel has been destroy twice because it is a very weak country and can’t even survive alone.

israel is strong because USA and Europe support israel and USA and Europe are strong, especially Europe, the most powerful area on the planet.

S Melanson

The title of the article poses a question PCR has already answered. PCR has in prior articles made it abundantly clear that to him, concessions, or appeasement, does not work. So why is he asking this question in the title? To give the impression there will actually be a debate? The article provides no debate, only a platform to repeat PCR’s views he has expressed many times in prior articles. Once again, tell a lie and repeat over and over again.

PCR makes huge sweeping statements such as Putin’s misguided belief in Russian integration into Western economic system that is based on globalism and free trade. PCR does not go into any depth to back up these statements or address inconvenient facts that would not fit his worldview. Free trade? The US strong arming the EU to drop cheap Russian gas to buy expensive US LNG is a fine example of ‘free trade’.

The long tirade on the evils of neoliberal economic policies is not evidence to support PCRs thesis that Putin is another Neville Chamberlain. The tirade is a diversion of the reader from thinking too hard about his premise and pondering the many holes that sink it. The tirade is also intended to give the appearance of being knowledgeable of the subject when it is mostly tangential to the topic and rehash of the countless opinions expressed elesewhere on such economic policies.

Southfront should set a higher bar for opinion such that the article thesis is supported adequately with evidence from credible sources and does not overlook glaring factual inconsistencies, but instead addresses them honestly.

As it stands now, it seems opinion can be pulled out of a hat, no need to worry about citing supporting facts or addressing inconvenient facts that get in the way of a good story. I thought maybe I should start a series of opinion pieces where I propose Putin is controlled by the Queen of the Cylons. It has about the same level of credibility.

Why is Southfront giving such a generous stage to PCR to spout disinfo?

Pavel Pavlovich

And to this blithering fat suitcase called SATANOVSKY.

Tudor Miron

Such a telling name :)


Also, when Russia will be integrated in the west economy, russian will also lose the credibility of being the “resistor”. This fact will destroy Russia better than any other weapon.

Bernd Herzog Römhild

Menschen wie Du. Mit dieser Denkweise. Sind Verantwortlich für all das Elend und die Kriege auf dieser Welt. Oder will das jemand Bestreiten.


Anyone who thinks that Putin is an “AntiZionist” is an idiot and lost his mind. Large parts of the russian economy are controlled by jewish oligarchs. Putin’s close jewish friend Rotenberg was given the contract and built the bride to Crimea. Putin adored his jewish teacher and bought her an apartment in Israel.

“Putin’s jewish friends”


“At Putin’s side, an army of Jewish billionaires”


But the funniest idiot is the Saker. Claiming that Russia is against zionists, lol.


I first talked about Rotenberg !! XD.

Wise Gandalf

“Large parts of the russian economy are controlled by jewish oligarchs.”

Almost all. :(

And the problem is not with jew, but with oligarch.


Same with Tommy Robinson. Associated with jews but that doesn’t protect him from the System.


This article is highly presumptuous and nonesensical, 1. Russia does not see any need to integrate with G7 countries for economic and financial benefits. 2. Neoliberals are a group of psychopaths, highly delusional and irrational unable to understand the Russian thought and logic. 3. Russia does not dissolve or weaken alliances, as US does. 4. Current US actions are causing a rift between the “hegemon” and its lap dogs. 5.if individual lapdogs would approach Russia for economic ties, outside of the G7 context, Russia can deal with each case based on its own merits.


I think you are wrong.

1. Russia does need the west. Russia can’t make a car. 2. They understand very well russian thought and logic. That’s how they gain Alaska, then, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, … and now Syria. 3. Wrong. See Ukraine or Syria. 4. It’s the opposite. Russian non actions are causing a rift between Russia and Russia allies. 5. Russia will never create economy ties. Russia doesn’t have an economy unless selling oil and gas.


“””Russia does need the west. Russia can’t make a car.””” Same old tired nonsense, yes Russia makes cars they are 16th in world wide production numbers. Under communism, consumer goods and their availability was controlled by the government, cars were not high on the list. Russia does not need the western culture and influence with its abnormal and and anti Christian values.

“””They understand very well russian thought and logic. That’s how they gain Alaska, then, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, … and now Syria. LOL, Poland and Romania joined NATO, as it expanded east, Ukraine was at crossroads of deciding between EU and Russia, they made the wrong choice and presently they are a failed state. US is blowing hot air in Syria, they without their own boots on the ground their goals are always going to be limited.

“””It’s the opposite. Russian non actions are causing a rift between Russia and Russia allies.”””

Says who? If Putin makes a concession he gets something for that concession that works within the grand scheme of Russian strategy in Syria.

“””Russia will never create economy ties. Russia doesn’t have an economy unless selling oil and gas.”” More uninformed BS, oil and gas sector account for less than 15% of the GDP, maybe you need to research and see what segments of the Russian economy account for the 85% of the GDP.


Who the fuck buy Lada cars ??? Do these cars still exist ???

USSR made concessions with the west, then lost everything. Putin will lost everything at the end. Very very high probability.

What products Russia does to compete with the west ??? Cars, trucks, processors, computers, planes, ….. ??? Explain me.


Many Russians buy cars made in Russia, Putin’s is not Gorbachev, Putin knows he cannot trust the west as Gorbachev did, only to find out he was dealing with psychopath liars. Putin is not going to trust the west, whatever deals or concession he makes is for Russia’s benefit, without endangering its sovereignty. You are asking me what products Russia makes to account for 85% of the GDP? You need to study and find out, so that next time we talk, you will not make ignorant statements.


These people know that they’re lying. Trying to conduct a rational debate with them is a waste of time.

You can call me Al

“RichardID” beat me to it, you must make your own choice, I did and blocked him / it.

You are wasting your time, trying to converse.


Some of the lies being floated by liars around here need to be discomfited.

You can call me Al

OK fair play – I’ll catch you later and find your opinion then.

Dušan Mirić

I got impression he is thinking different about ordinary people separately from the political elite of the country of their origin

Dušan Mirić

Georgians are buying Lada cars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfjMXOi63Xg


Of course, PCR is a zionist nobody knows why but Putin isn’t !!! XD. The proofs are irrelevant. Welcome to the time of non logical reasoning. XD.


The problem with Putin and Trump is that they are not meant to be leader of a nation. Instead, they are little gangsters.

When you represent a nation, you don’t do what you want, to please your wife or your friends or whatever, you do what you have to do. Putin offers house for this or whatever for another with russian money, give this to his friend, … Trump daughter is jewish.

So, the gangsters Trump and Putin are bad leaders. Americans and Russians may be start to understand. I told you that you always be deceived by Trump and Putin.


Trump : “I make jerusaleme captial of israel because my daughter is jewish”. Trump : “I bomb syrian soldiers because my jewish daughter told me to do so”. XD.


I liked this observation: What is the point of clearing Syria of terrorists (supported by Israel-USA-NATO), and then allowing USA-Israel-NATO to attack Syria ? I will answer…..to avoid a WWIII.


Wrong answer. You can’t fight terrorism if you don’t fight terrorists. Worse, Putin even doesn’t say that the west created and is sponsoring ISIS, …. which has nothing to do with “avoiding WW3”.

Nevins Harding

And as we speak, ISIS is headed to Palmyra to take it for the third time. The last time, Russia was sleeping and it took Russian blood to retake it.. I can see that Roberts is correct in that Russia loses its focus. It may be a national thing because Russia no longer produces world class chess champions.


Putin is the chessmaster. XD.


Also Saudi Arabia made a deal with YPG. Saudi Arabia is american best friends. SA even betray arabs or sunnis to please USA !!!

Don’t wait that long for a clash between SA and Turkey where SA will say that Turkey is a “terrorist state”.


WHo remember when former french president Chirac said to netahyahu “I trust nothing coming from your mouth. All you do is provoking the Palestinians”. XD.

Well, netanhyau is Trump and Putin best friend !!!! XD.

I told you, the liberation is in Europe. Expect nothing from USA, Russia, China, sunni states, Africa, ….


Russia, Iran and China must stand together as a united front against the Empire. It’s the only way. Russia must remove itself from the Western controlled financial system and create it’s own system for the sake of national sovereignty.

Jonathan Cohen

Russia can use any major middle eastern conflict to sell arms at full price to all sides while securing the Donbass and economically integrating with both Europe and China while US is too busy with the Middle East to do anything about it and Europe is estranged from the US over Iran. Neutrals usually prosper in war and Russia is in a good position to do just that in any US vs Iran conflict.

Hard Hawk

and what gains will bring russia, acting like the whore who change her price according to the size? That is what means doing it the zionist way and play both sides one against the other. What will be russians differense from the rest of the zionist controlled nations?

Everytime russia had to take a clear cut side all she did was to compromise the last 5 years, not to go back farther and their habit to call all her partners dont show a nation with a strong will but one who is willing to discuss and compromise. They starter good in the negining but them all neginings are dead easy to achieve as well give the impression you are different than the others.

You show your real face and intentions when the hard get harder. And wewhat I seen is their choices if they really wanted to be a leading force and change things are not what expected of them. And I dont mean going head first or starting a world war. I think Putin lost his steam and he compromised one too many times the princibles he been preaching he stand for as well change one too many times his red line, so none take him seriously any more at least his opposition for the tittle.


If you want a world that is fully developed – all 7 billion people, then you will need trade and job mobility. Neoliberals push trade through war and unfair terms. Putin and Xi push trade through fair competition.

Globalisation is neither good nor bad, it gains such terms – as with guns, alcohol, roses or cake – subject to the process and purpose of the end user. Choose smart humans who offer considered policy. It’s the only way to develop this pathetically backwards planet. 200 years industrialization has been around for, yet 75% are barely starting.


good article…..but like always the conclusion is totally wrong/disinfo……..putin allows israel and nato to attack SAA because putin …… putin does not sell S-300 or S-400 because Putin……….. hilarious seriosly….its so obvious what is happening that if somebody comes to a diffenrent conclusion than that the Jews control putin its typical jewish disinformation……OVER 100 strikes by israel and nato against SAA in Syria……period…..


To answer the question from the title, I think we’d first need to know Putin’s definition of success, i.e. what his goals are. I see much learned discussion “Syria has to suck it up getting screwed a bit, Russian soldiers in Syria can only be expected to fight for Russian interests”. Maybe so, but which Russian interests have been advanced by the Kremlin’s double game? Few allies flock to Russia’s side if they see that the Bear can’t/won’t protect them, or just give them the tools to protect themselves *even if the relevant contracts were already signed*. Does Putin hope that, when the time comes, his soul will be welcomed in the bosom of Abraham? The Chosen don’t believe he has one.

I’m not being facetious, I can’t figure this one out. Russia was kicked from the Olympics, sanctioned up the ass, on the retreat in Armenia, and is made to acquiesce in its consular buildings getting raided (an act of war of course). Is the present where they hoped to be four years ago? Will more of the same get them to a happy place four years from now?


I use to respect commenters here but in reality the are similar to MSM idiots.Just the other side of the coin. I have realize that if you dont literally worship president Putin here then you are labelled anti Russian. Its like to them Russia has done everything right in Syria. Syria is a new venture for Russia and I am sure there are things that Putin wished he had done differently. Secondly I have said this before. Russian decisions about Syria are not made by one man(Putin) but by multiple actors behind the seen. Some of these actors are Zionist just like the American version. Some of their ideas will filter through into Russia foreign policy.


He ignores the quiet economic integration going on with China, as the US empire is appeased in the west. I think Putin is playing for time. That said I hope he’s got some S300s in Syria to blow the zionist filth away, when they try to sabotage the liberation of south-western Syria.


PCR is simply wrong with a lot of his statements. I used to have a lot of respect for him. But he’s lost most of it with his constant Russia bashing based on false pretenses.

The Syrians have missiles and planes now that they can use to take down enemy aircraft and they choose not to. S-300s wouldn’t change that, and there are multiple reports that the Russians have already provided Syria with S-300s. Iran has the latest version of them.

Russia has supported the Donbass and breakaway republics in Georgia. And reintegrated Crimea back into the Russian federation. Russia is clearly winning the war in Syria. And has one of the planet’s best run economies with the highest oil production and gas reserves on the planet.

Raptar Driver

Interesting to read some comments here as anything that is slightly critical of Putin’s government is perceived as anti-Russian or anti-Putin and this is not tolerated. Dr. Roberts mild criticisms are valid and his record or truth telling and analytical thinking is top notch, so to just dismiss them as attacks by an American on the god-like figure of our savior Putin is automatic and complete. To these commenter’s I say without criticism your views are incomplete and therefore not valid at all and are devoid of intellectual spark for without the negative the positive cannot function.


If you really believe that. Then all that you have to do is disprove my comment below. You could start with the obvious. How is providing Syria with S-300s going to stop attacks on Syria? There are a dozen or more false statements in this article. S-300s is just one of them.

Raptar Driver

It will make the attacks much more dangerous and difficult and if Putin was not so in love with the Western war criminals he would say an attack on our ally is an attack on Russia just like NATO’s article 5. Western war mongers can protect their allies but Russia cannot? Can’t believe you asked such a question, why not ask me what would happen if you stop breathing, I mean really?


I guess that you’ve missed all of the reports that the baby rapers are staying out of Syrian airspace since their F-16 got shot down with an S-200 because it’s to dangerous to violate it. Are you aware that S-200s are faster and have a longer range than S-300s and that S-200s can be upgraded with S-300 electronics providing them similar capability? Or the reports that Syria already has S-300s according to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Air_Defense_Force , The Saker https://thesaker.is/syria-sitrep-how-the-russian-general-stuff-is-fooling-the-us-and-israel/ , and others.

Answer me one question. If Syria can easily take down Israeli aircraft outside of Syria now with Mig 29s, S-200s, Buk and other systems, but chooses not to to avoid escalation and expanding the war. What makes you think that they would use S-300s outside of Syrian airspace?

You sound like another sand box commander playing with your green plastic army men with your Rambo plan who doesn’t have a clue about real life military matters.

Raptar Driver

No need to be insulting Mr. Dick. My point is less about the S-300’s and more about the fact that Syria is being attacked without much consequence and yes I knew about the upgraded S-200’s but that is like the difference between an upgraded T-72 and a T-90. I would rather have the T-90. I am no Rambo but a former military (U.S. Air Force) police man so it could be said that I have kept up with and extended my basic knowledge of military strategy and equipment.


I asked a reasonable question and you started with the antisocial behavior, not me:

“Can’t believe you asked such a question, why not ask me what would happen if you stop breathing, I mean really?”

The T-72s and S-200s are paid for and will get the job done. The T-90s and S-300s aren’t. And the Syrians don’t have the money for them at this time.

Please war game out how you’d stop the US and Israeli attacks on Syria. Providing S-300s obviously isn’t going to do it. When the Syrians may already have them, and if they don’t and did receive them would be unlikely to use them outside of Syrian airspace at this time, where almost all of the missiles are launched from. Show us your Rambo plan of how you’d put the baby rapers and NATO in their place to stop the attacks. And provide estimates of what it would cost in additional money, lives and lost domestic political support.

The strategy is to win the war, not please incompetent key board commanders like PCR. Look at maps from years ago and today. The strategy of winning the war is very successful.


Raptar Driver

I already told you, the Russian equivalent of Article 5, this will stop all attacks when the war criminals know that there will be real consequences for going at Russia’s allies. Until then the S-300’s or even 400’s are already there but what good is that without the will to act? Is that Rambo enough for you since you seem obsessed with him? The only good movie was the first. How is Russia being surrounded by NATO or their puppet governments even in former Russian lands success? There you go again saying I started it but you are calling others “incompetent” or “Rambo’s”; well Dick D what are you if not a keyboard apologist for obviously failed policies? Who cares about debt when the world supports your unlimited printing, no end in sight? Until an alternative, completely separate system is fully implemented none of this debt matters whatsoever.


And I told you:

“Please war game out how you’d stop the US and Israeli attacks on Syria. …

And provide estimates of what it would cost in additional money, lives and lost domestic political support.”

Which you’ve refused to do, beyond some vague Article 5 dodge. Amatures talk strategy, professionals talk logistics. I’ve seen sand box commanders with their plastic green army men talk stupidity. Let’s see if you can do any better. Show us your Rambo plan of how you’d stop the attacks by NATO and the baby rappers.

What would be your response to an attack from Israel and NATO, and what would their likely response be, and what would your response to their response be?

Raptar Driver

Do you think I have that much time to give such details? I am not a think tank, that does not negate my comment. “Estimate” it out yourself, will they attack if Russia says it is an attack on them? The answer is simple, what else do you need, for me to hold your hand?


Just as I thought, a stupid answer from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about with their Rambo plan. You choose to keep your mouth shut and let people think that you’re a fool, than open it and remove all doubt. You’ve negated your comment with your evasion, just as I said that you would. You’re no different than the other anti Russian shills that I’ve run down on this topic over and over again. You have no plan, you’re just a bs artist like all of the others who can’t back up their idiotic bravado with something that actually makes sense in the real world. Go back to playing with your plastic green army men in your sand box.

Raptar Driver

I am sorry for having a civil conversation with an idiot like you. I gave you a definite answer but you want to stroke yourself into orgasm. If Russia declares full protection of Syria there would be no attacks whatsoever and you know this. I was in the military and can tell you the only thing they fear is a fight against the Russians which is why when attacking Syria they go out of their way to avoid such. That is the answer but you want a “Rambo” war simulation, get a life you clueless hack, were you even in the military? I would guess not loser.


Like I said, you’re a bs artist living in your Rambo fantasy land peddling disinfo:

“If Russia declares full protection of Syria there would be no attacks whatsoever and you know this.”


The Russians would never make a statement like this, and you know it. NATO, including the US, doesn’t do it for Israel, what makes you think that the Russians would do it for Syria? The short answer is, they wouldn’t.

And even if they did make this type of statement, how would they enforce it in the event of hostilities, and what would the cost in lives, money and political support be? Answer those questions, if you’re even capable of it, which from your self admitted limited knowledge of military, political and economic matters is questionable, and you’l know why the Russians would never make such a commitment.

Which is why, unlike all of the incompetent sand box commanders here, I don’t make these types of foolish, bombastic and idiotic statements like you and the rest of the anti Russian no mind bobbleheads are.

Raptar Driver

Nobody knows anything for sure, we are all just guessing and mine is a good one based on past actions or lack thereof. How is NATO not joining an attack against Iran the same as defense from an attack? Going round in a lack of logic circle again, I tire of this.


I know for sure that you have no rational plan to stop NATO and Israeli attacks against Syria beyond what the Syrian government coalition is doing. You refuse to describe what any military engagement would consist of, because you don’t know what you’re talking about. And you don’t want to look like a complete moron by providing some stupid Rambo plan.

Your strategy of:

“If Russia declares full protection of Syria there would be no attacks whatsoever and you know this.”

hasn’t and isn’t going to happen for obvious reasons. You’re no different than Roberts and all of the other idiots here posting this nonsense.

Raptar Driver

I have a rational plan if it mattered to anyone and that is to avoid a war between nuclear powers so I can see my grandchildren but it is you who want a ‘Rambo’ scenario. Why should I take your baiting me? I have military planning experience in real life not war-gaming in the virtual world. What is your plan slick, holding your genitals while singing a victory song like a dirty politician? If it comes to all out war it is too late and game over so why put energy into that when it should go into prevention and that means the defensive side must be more pro-active so as to stop the escalations which Russia is currently doing poorly. There is your solution but you don’t want that, you want to play like a child, go ahead and play without me.


You’re a liar and a moron. Russia is obviously winning the war. I’m fine with that. You have no plan, you admit it yourself. You sound like a confused senile old fool.

Raptar Driver

Dumb ass Mr. Dick, you have nothing, I admitted to not taking your bait, piss off loser.


You admitted that you have no plan to stop Israeli and NATO attacks on Syria. And your only “plan” for stopping the attacks is for Russia to exercise some fictional NATO style section 5 intervention when Russia has no such defense pact with Syria and is highly unlikely to enter into one. In other words you have no realistic plan for stopping the attacks. So who’s the loser, loser?

Russia is winning the Syria war for Syria, that’s all that matters. Keeping incompetent sand box commanders living in some alternative reality military fantasy land happy isn’t Russia’s concern. Why don’t you just admit that PCR is wrong, that S-300s aren’t going to stop the attacks, and that you’re wrong, that you have no realistic plan for stopping the attacks that has the slightest chance of ever being implemented?

What you’re calling for is a massive escalation on Russia’s part to stop some nuisance attacks that have almost zero effect on Syria’s ongoing victory over foreign regime change terrorists. That would involve Russia getting involved in hostilities with both NATO and Israel that are completely unnecessary for victory in the Syria war. As the maps that I just provided clearly illustrate.

The bottom line that you don’t want to get through your thick head is this, there’s no need for Russia to attack any foreign military in the Syria war, and escalate the conflict considerably, when it’s winning the war without doing so. And without the additional cost in money, lives lost and domestic political opposition.

Russia has almost $500 billion in foreign reserves, aka cash in the bank. It’s costing Russia about $1 billion a year to win the Syrian war. Why should it spend more money, lives and political capital to keep idiots like you happy, when it’s winning the war just fine as it is?





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