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Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Threatens America and the World

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at paulcraigroberts.org

When I look at news reports from whichever country, I see no awareness of the two most ominous developments in US history. One is the conspiracy between US security agencies, the US Department of Justice, the Democratic Party and the American print and TV media to overthrow the democratically elected president of the United States. With “Russiagate” we have been experiencing a coup against President Trump and American democracy. Although the Democrats’ Identity Politics cannot conceive of it, it is possible to be opposed to President Trump without believing that a police state coup against him is desirable.

The other ominous development is the just released US Nuclear Posture Review, which calls nuclear weapons “usable,” legitimizes their first use, and sets the stage for spending trillions of dollars acquiring more nuclear weapons when massive public needs go unmet and 10 percent of the existing US arsenal is sufficient to destroy all life on earth.

I have written about these extraordinary developments. See, for example, https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/02/05/will-conspiracy-trump-american-democracy-go-unpunished/ and https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/02/02/nuclear-posture-review/

As for the effect it has had, I might as well not have bothered. No government and no news organization of which I am aware has sounded the alarm that the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Democratic Party, and the entirety of the American print and TV media have been caught red-handed in a coup to overthrow the President of the United States, and nothing is being done about it. The coup cannot even be exposed, because the security agencies, media, and Democrats shout down the hard evidence. Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were murdered on the basis of total lies, and now the President of the United States faces the same fate.

If the coup against Trump succeeds, the US will have made the full transition into a Gestapo Police State. America will have become the Fourth Reich.

As horrible as this prospect—courtesy of the CIA, FBI, Obama Department of Justice, Democratic Party, and presstitute media—is, the nuclear posture review is many times worse. During the long decades of the Cold War, no US government would have released a nuclear posture review that legitimized the first use of nuclear weapons against any opponent. The US did have some crazed generals, such as Lemnitzer and Curtis LeMay who were Dr. Strangelove figures, and there was a James Bond movie about an equally crazed, but fictional, Soviet general.

Even 55 years ago crazed generals such as Lemnitzer were too powerful to be fired. President John F. Kennedy was limited to reassigning Lemnitzer, who pressed JFK to adopt a 9/11-type false flag operation known as Operation Northwoods (look it up online) and to launch a preemptive nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. It unnerved President Kennedy when he realized that he had an insane Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but Kennedy stood up to him. President Trump failed to stand up to the neoconized Dr. Strangeloves of our time when Trump endorsed the Pentagon’s new nuclear posture review. Compared to JFK, Trump is milktoast.

The new American nuclear posture review is a neoconservative document that has within it the destruction of all life on earth. The insane people responsible for this document are those in the policy positions to implement it. It gives us the paradox that an American president elected in part by his professed intent to normalize relations with Russia has signed off on a posture review that tells Russia and China that Washington has a policy that permits a first strike against them. Clearly, this is not normalizing relations.

Already Russia has experienced a quarter century of American deceit and duplicity. President Gorbachev was promised in exchange for Soviet agreement to the unification of Germany that Washington would not move NATO one inch to the East. But the Clinton Regime moved NATO to Russia’s very border. The George W. Bush Regime withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile treaty. The Obama Regime placed ABM missiles on Russia’s border. And now the Trump Regime tells Russia and China that they are subject to surprise nuclear attack.

Never in the history of mankind has a more reckless, irresponsible, destabilizing act, one that threatens the entirely of humanity, been committed. It is difficult to imagine a government, even one as criminally insane as the US government, telling nuclear powers such as Russia and China that they are subject to US surprise nuclear attack.

Yet the American media is cheering. USA Today declares: “Trump’s plan for nuclear weapons makes sense.” https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/02/06/trumps-plan-nuclear-weapons-makes-sense-ohanlon-column/305390002/

The Hill, a Washington publication, thinks that threatening Russia and China with a first strike is a reasonable step: http://thehill.com/opinion/national-security/372301-trump-nuclear-posture-sets-forth-reasoned-steps-to-ensure

Presstitute CNBC, completely ignoring Washington’s provocative nuclear posture and provocative pursuit of even more nuclear weapons and delivery capabilities, focuses attention on North Korea as the real threat. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/06/us-warns-on-growing-nuclear-arsenals-of-china-russia-north-korea.html

When a country intent on world hegemony, as the US clearly is, has a media so compliant with its war intention, the rest of the world had better be on guard. There is no internal check whatsoever on Washington’s aggression toward the world.

Where are the protest voices of the Europeans, the Canadians, the British, the Australians, the Japanese, the South Americans, the Africans, India and Asia? Where are even the voices of Russia and China? If they exist at all they are hidden behind Russian pretensions of “our Western partners,” and Chinese greed for more profits.

The voices do not exist.

Truth is not good news. It doesn’t reassure people or make them feel good. People who don’t feel safe don’t go into debt in order to be able to spend money and make profits for the capitalists who own the news and the governments and the businesses.

Armageddon will bring debt forgiveness, thus reviving an economy that will no longer exist, as no one will be here to pay or to collect the debts.

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Washington is CONTROLLED by DUAL CITIZEN Israeli Ashkenazi ZIONISTS so to get to the TRUTH Paul – The FAKE JEWS of “REVELATIONS” are THREATENING and inevitably DESTROYING America and that part of the World , which does not officially belong to them….YET !

Washington is only a PROBLEM because of them. We cannot arrest and punish Washington BUT we can arrest and punish those FAKE Jews

As long as writers like you FAIL to mention the PROBLEM is JEWS, they will win and if their BOLSHEVIK WAR against Russian Orthodox Christians, was any example of what they do to people, especially Christians whom they hate, we are in for, what Christians refer to as, one HELL, on Earth.


“RichardD • 2 days ago “The neoconservatives are a small group of conspirators. Most of the neoconservatives are Jews allied with Israel. Some are dual-citizens. They created an ideology of American world hegemony, specifying that the chief goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any other power that could serve as a constraint on US unilateralism. As neoconservatives control US foreign policy, this explains US hostility toward Russia and China and also the neoconservatives’ use of the US military to remove governments in the Middle East regarded by Israel as obstacles to Israeli expansion. For two decades the US has been fighting wars for Israel in the Middle East. This fact proves the power and influence of the insane neoconservatives.”

I’ve been saying this for months and agree completely with PCR. These nut cases are simply living out their Satanic Talmud rabbinical ideology of Jew supremacy over sub human inferior non Jews. Judaism is an evil pedophile mass rape cult that should be outlawed to dejudify the planet to get this problem corrected.”




Thanks for your input, although we disagree on how much control by numbers that those Psychopaths have.


How do we disagree?


You will not drag me into a TROLLING argument so I’ll leave you to figure it out


You don’t have a rational answer, So you evade the question with negativity and belligerence. Your conduct fits the definition of trolling, not mine.


If northamerica people would be able to get rid of CIA and Pentagono, the World would be different and USA would be better.


Reminds me of a song of the “seventies”. by the Kingston Trio. So much truth to it.

They’re rioting in Africa, they’re complaining in Spain, There’s hurricanes in Florida, and Texas needs rain This whole world is festering with unhappy souls The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch And I don’t like anybody very much

But we can be tranquil and thankful and proud For Man’s been endowed with a mushroom-shaped cloud And we can be certain that some lovely day Someone will set the spark off…and we will all be blown away

They’re rioting in Africa, There’s strife in Iran What Nature doesn’t do to us will be done by our Fellow Man


The following has been taken after Scientific American’s letter to its subscribers,

” New Year, New View

2017 was grim. In the U.S. and the U.K, tribalism and anti-intellectualism seemed to triumph over facts and reason. The effects have rippled around the globe. Scientific American has fought against such ignoble social and political currents for 172 years by explaining in crisp detail how science changes our understanding of the world and shapes our lives.

… ” Can you believe this?


If there’s any truth to the reports of captive and injured humans and human remains being found on ET crash retrievals. Then I can see a first use of nukes under limited circumstances. There is negative ET interaction with people here, I’ve been through it myself. It’s pretty clear that the enforcement of non intervention is pretty robust. Or worse things would have happened so far. And that bad ETs are being offset by good ETs.

I’m in favor of a modern nuclear deterrent, provided that it’s administered responsibly. I don’t consider criminally insane Jew world order types to be responsible.

Leon De Elias

This was a big foff and stay at home message even for the Yanks who are curious now what the Syrians have that can shoot down an F16..?

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