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Paul Craig Roberts: “Washington Resurrected the Arms Race”

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

The meetings in Beijing during January 30-31 between Washington, Russia, China, France and the UK apparently failed to preserve the commitment to prohibit intermediate range nuclear weapons. Washington stuck to its determination to withdraw from the historic agreement of Reagan and Gorbachev to destroy all land-based intermediate range nuclear missiles. This US withdrawal from a nuclear weapons reduction agreement follows the George W. Bush/Cheney regime’s withdrawal from the anti-ballistic missile treaty. Indeed, since the Clinton regime, every US president has produced worsening trust between the two major nuclear powers.

No good can come of this as Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the Beijing meeting.

The intermediate range nuclear missile treaty (INF) does not involve US security. It protects Europe from Russian missiles and Russia from US missiles stationed in Europe. Trump’s announcement that he is breaking free of the treaty tells the Russians that they are going to have missiles on their borders that allow them no response time. The Europeans are crazy to go along with this as they will be targeted by Russia in turn, but the Europeans are Washington’s vassals.

Ever since Clinton broke Washington’s promise not to move NATO eastward, Russia has known that Washington seeks military advantage over Russia. By leaving the ABM treaty, the George W. Bush regime told Russia that Washington intended to gain superiority by constructing an anti-ballistic missile shield that would negate Russia’s retaliatory capability, thus subjecting Russia to nuclear blackmail.

Russia responded with new hypersonic ICBMs that cannot be intercepted and now holds nuclear superiority over the US, but does not exploit it. The US response is to tear up the INF treaty and put its missiles back on Russia’s borders.

Another way to look at the INF treaty’s demise is that the Obama regime committed one trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money (in addition to the annual one trillion dollar budget of the military/security complex) to build more nuclear weapons, none of which are needed as the US alone has enough to blow up the world several times. Breaking the INF treaty is a sure-fire way to initiate a new arms race which would provide justification for the trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money that Washington is handing over to the military/security complex for more nuclear weapons.

Yet another way to look at the demise of the treaty is that Washington wants out of the treaty so that it can deploy intermediate range missiles against China. Washington has actually drawn up plans for war against Russia and China and has conducted simulations of what the outcome would be. America wins, of course.

The dangerous idea that a nuclear war can be won has been pushed for some years by the neoconservatives who are committed to US hegemony over the world. This idea definitely serves the material interest of the military/security complex and is very popular among the power brokers in Washington.

Washington’s excuse for breaking the INF treaty is that Russia is cheating and has violated the treaty. But Russia has no interest in violating a treaty that protects Russia. Russia’s intermediate range missiles cannot reach the US, and the only reason Russia would target Europe would be to retaliate for Europe hosting US missiles on Russia’s borders.

The beneficiaries of a renewed nuclear arms race are the stockholders of the military/security complex. Washington is feeding their profits by placing humanity at greater risk of nuclear Armageddon. Weapons are piling up, the use of which would destroy all life on the planet. This makes the weapons the very opposite of security. Trump whose goal was to normalize relations with Russia is now under the thumb of the military/security complex and has announced US intentions to withdraw from the last remaining arms control agreement—the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

The situation is serious. Very little is reported in US media of the resurrection of the nuclear arms race, and what is reported is blamed on Russia and China. Americans hear that it is China, not the US, that is militarizing the South China Sea and Russia that intends to restore the Soviet empire and that these intentions are threats to American national security. The evidence consists of assertion. The Russians have offered proof that they have not violated the INF treaty, but Washington doesn’t care because Washington is not leaving the treaty because of Russian violations.

Washington is leaving the treaty because Washington wants military hegemony over Russia and China and a good excuse to hand over another trillion dollars to the military/security complex. In the end capitalism does more than exploit labor. It ends life on earth

Traditionally, an aggressor paves the way to war with constant propaganda against the country to be attacked. The propaganda creates public support and justifies the attack. The constant stream of provocative accusations out of Washington against Russia and China (and Iran) in order to justify treaty breaking and higher armaments spending sounds to Russia and China like they are being set up for attack. It is reckless and irresponsible to convince nuclear powers that they are going to be attacked. There is no more certain way of producing war. Russia and China are hearing what Saddam Hussein heard, what Gaddafi heard, what Assad heard, what Iran hears. Unlike these victims of Washington, Russia and China have substantial offensive capability. When a country is convinced it is targeted for attack, does the country just sit there and await the attack?

Washington might be setting up America for a first strike with the extraordinary stream of accusations and provocations issuing from people too stupid to be in possession of nuclear weapons. In the nuclear era, it is reckless for a government to replace diplomacy with threats and coercion. Washington’s recklessness is the most dangerous threat that the world faces.

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And so say all of us…….


Is it any wonder in polls taken the US come out on top as the greatest threat to world peace.

Jens Holm

Well, its Russia, China and others, which actually produce the type missile it was an agreement, that Russia and USA should not.

You should be burried vertical with the head down too.,


Actually it was a treaty only between USA and Russia. Other countries can freely build this types of weapons, especially China. Russia should say thanks to USA for ending it. China is closer to Russia than USA and on long term they are eyeing Siberia.


There weren’t much in the way of limitations to this treaty. It really only dealt with the situation in Europe with the Russian SS-20 and the US Pershing missiles.

The USA was free to build as many intermediate range missiles it wanted as long as they weren’t land based. For example the Tomahawk cruise missile met the treaty an air launched or sea launched missile just not on land based missile.

A US sub or Aegis surface ship can still hit Russia with a TLAM from the Baltic, Black Sea, Barents Sea or Pacific. The same goes for China.

Land bases Intermediate range missiles based on US soil are only going to be effective against Mexico and Canada ….. you might be able to pick off a few reindeer herders in Russia from Alaska. You’re going to have to place these missiles in other countries like Korea, Saudi Arabia or Germany and those countries are not going to be happy to find there is a nuclear bullseye painted on these launch sites.

Russia OTOH can target all of Europe and most of the ME with these missiles from within their own borders


Not Germany but more Eastern countries from Europe will be happy to host them. Also Japan and Saudis. Maybe Georgia? :)


Sure but what do you accomplish strategically?

Missiles are a mature technology and if anything Russia is better at missiles than the USA. Todays missiles are too fast and dodgy for ABM system to intercept. Russia can match you tit-for-tat until the cows come home in numbers.

You aren’t going to bankrupt them this time because they are no longer rebuilding the destruction of WW2 at the same time as fbeing in a cold war arms race and supporting the Warsaw pact nations …. in fact at the moment the Russian look to have a more sustainable economy than the USA despite being under sanction.

All you accomplish is cutting down the reaction time allowed between detecting a potential first strike and retaliation ….. and all that does is put yourselves and everyone else on this planet at risk.

As far as putting missiles in countries like Poland …. the first missile the Russians launch will be targeting the launchers in Poland followed closely by missiles targeting every military base in NATO. You want to break up NATO and get the USA kicked out of Europe this is the way to do it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1983/10/23/more-than-a-million-protest-missiles-in-western-europe/9d703245-36fa-40ce-8714-e281f796a472/?utm_term=.2169fd29f10d


By any chance do you speak with Donald Trump in your dreams?


Yes but he’s in a diaper crying for Ivanka because someone mussed his hair while Subutai, Napoleon and Von Clausewitz drink beer and watch the hockey game ….. the Leafs win the Stanley cup …. that’s how come I know it’s a dream.


Good, because there isn’t any american reading your comments.


breaks my heart


Yeah, I could be the one


I’m easily seduced by bacon …. so maybe?


I could accomplice bankrupting your arse before pulling out my missile.


I’ll bet you say that to all the boys


Don’t be silly, only your ass is more breakable than NATO


They treat America like mob treats it’s gambling den victims:

Initially they are very friendly towards the victim, treat him with respect and prepare whatever he wishes. This goes on until he starts losing (and they all lose, in addition to the nature of gambling, they’re dealing with mob), they become even more friendly up to a point where the victim has to pay and of course he can’t afford to pay.

They start with a weekly interest on the “loan”, then take some of the victim’s assets, like car, boat, electronics, jewellery, whatever; and the victim still owes a great deal. Then they start using the victim’s business for their own gain by becoming “partner”. do all kinds of nasty things in his place, stashing illegal things, moving, selling, the whole nine yard. The last phase in creating debt for the business, by ordering the things they can easily sell without trace. It goes to the point the business is forced to file for bankruptcy and everything is liquidated. The mob squeezed him times and times of initial debt, another life ruined.

That’s what they are doing to the US, but they are in a hurry. Dollar is losing it’s value very quickly and in no time, whatever they squeeze out of the system doesn’t worth anything so they need to step up their game and suck everything they can before that, while they can turn Dollar into real valuables.

I think that’s the reason for all these breaches of agreements and treaties. They don’t care if the US loses it’s reputation and nobody trusts it anymore, because they don’t need these things when they are done. They start a trade war, pull out of all kinds of treaty from JCPoA to environment, NAFTA and TPP with deregulations that severely harms ecosystems and whatnot, then move to huge spending for military, where they can invent numbers easily, by breaching even more treaties.

They also don’t forget mining and energy, by all means in their disposal from invasion to coup, to keep the price of oil (and steel, and Aluminum, etc.) high enough so shale oil and fracking is profitable. Nevermind it destroys land, water and air and harms the population. Deregulation, baby! (chances are, the current state of Venezuela -with Bolton’s bull$hit “5000 troops to Columbia” sign- is directly linked to oil price and profitability of shale oil and fracking. A confirmation would be not extending wavers to Iran’s crude customers which results in even higher prices, now that the mid-term elections is no longer an issue.)

All these when there’s no attention to infrastructure, health, education, pension, the things that affect normal people. To keep people quiet, they gear up censoring and police state.

It will continue and speeds up, we saw nothing yet, it’ll become worse with each passing day we get closer to the point where Dollar is worthless.

Mob mentality at it’s purest. With a president with numerous bankruptcies and extensive dealings with NY mob and Russian Mafia (which in fact is Jewish).


It is me or the site got prettier than the past and I don’t about the Inf treaty we humans have destroyed our planet at least we will kill ourselves so save the earth and others left species.

Tommy Jensen

US did it again and we were crying they did it again.

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