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JUNE 2021

Paul Craig Roberts: Trump Is A Disaster

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Paul Craig Roberts: Trump Is A Disaster

Photo: AP

Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

Trump is a disaster for the environment, for wildlife, and for human life.

Trump has handed over to polluters oil and mineral rights in US National Monuments. Mining will now deface what was before Trump protected national monuments, and oil drilling will destroy the Arctic National Refuge. He has appointed polluters to run the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and he has waived rules in order to comply with the polluting industries’ wish list.

Trump wants to cut EPA funding by 23 percent and to cut funding for restoration programs for the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay by 90 percent. He wants to pay for the upkeep of national parks by expanding oil and gas exploration on public lands. But he doesn’t hesitate to send the equivalent of the annual environmental budget in war criminal missile attacks on Syria and plans for attacking Iran.

To be quite clear, Trump is privatizing national property and allowing a small handful of polluting corporations to plunder public assets while he builds a case for war against Iran.

The assault on the environment started with VP Dick Cheney, but Trump has unleashed private plunder of public assets to an extreme degree.

No one has ever explained how assets owned by the American people can be turned over to a few friends and supporters of the ruling elite in Washington. In what law does the power exist for a president or federal agency chairman to expropriate public assets for plunder by politically connected friends?

The way America works, thanks to the Republican Supreme Court that legalized it, polluters bid with their campaign donations to be given permission to loot and despoil national monuments and refuges. The Supreme Court called the corporate purchase of the US government a constitutionally permitted exercise of free speech.

Existing law prevents the environmental looting, but law means nothing to Washington. We have experienced the entirety of the 21st century so far with Washington being in total noncompliance with international law, instead behaving consistently as a war criminal as defined by existing international law.

Trump has now escalated Washington’s war criminal behavior. He has unilaterally pulled out of a multi-nation agreement that ensures Iran’s nuclear non-proliferation, and he has imposed more illegal unilateral economic sanctions on Iran that punish US companies such as Boeing and corporations in numerous European countries. Trump’s foreign policy is under the control of Israel. Trump is unable to act in America’s interest or in the interest of Washington’s European, Canadian, and Australian vassals.

Trump’s stupid decision has caused rebellion among Washington’s usual compliant and well paid vassals—UK, France, and Germany. Europeans are saying that it is long past time that Europe represented its own interests instead of Washington’s. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/merkel-europe-can-no-longer-rely-on-us-protection/ar-AAx4AwV

The silver lining in Trump’s stupid decision is that it might cause Europe to become independent and to cease being a chorus praising Washington’s war crimes. Will we see a rebellion of European political figures, essentially Washington’s whores, that will break up the Empire and lead to an independent Europe?

Such a development would justify all of Putin’s hesitation to put his foot down.

As matters stand, “the coalition of the willing” is reduced to Washington and Israel. Not even a majority of Americans support Trump pulling out of the multi-nation Iran agreement, nor do they support his appointment of a war criminal, Haspal, as director of the CIA, nor do they support Trump’s permission to Israel to continue the war against Syria and to attack Iran.

But the people everywhere in the western “democracies” are powerless. They are never allowed to elect anyone who would do the right things. Invariably their votes put in office those who exploit them and peoples of other countries. This is why the other part of the world views the West as a plague upon all mankind, including the western peoples themselves.

Trump was expected to be a disaster for the environment. The hope was that the liberal/progressive/left would rally to his intent to withdraw from Syria and to normalize relations with Russia. By supporting Trump against the neoconservatives and the military/security complex, the liberal/progressive/lt would have gained some chips that could be used to moderate Trump’s assault on the environment.

Unfortunately, the liberal/progressive/left aligned with Brennan’s CIA, Comey’s FBI, and Hillary’s DNC and committed to the orchestrated “Russiagate” allegrations that were intended to discredit Trump and to force him out of office. I was very disappointed to see the environmental movement join in with the orchestrated “Russiagate” conspiracy against Trump.

As a result, Trump owes environmentalists and the liberal/progressive/left nothing. The consquence is that the environment, civil liberty and peace have been lost.

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Floyd Hazzard

I think Putin has been a bigger disaster for Russia the way their economy and international reputation had been decimated and ruined with no gains whatsoever to show except Crimea seized from a defenceless Ukraine.


putin gets orders…just as merkel,trump and the rest of the slaves of their jewish masters….after 2000 years the jews have now acomplished the masterplan all over again………”The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”………..the fairy tale holocaust and all its following consequences…..NAZI….people use it..but dont understand it…..NAtional ZIonism….one cannot be a NAZI, without being a zionist.One cannot be a zionist, without being a jew, and living by the Talumd (all non jews are GOJIM, all non jewish women are whores)
U see to create a “jewish state” u need to accomplish the most important step first.Make sure that jews from all all over the world travel to a desert area, with no infrastructure what so ever.But how?who would give up his life in europe..in Austria,Germany,France,Italy,Hungary,poland etc… and travel to a fucking desert area with absolutely nothing.You have to make them want.So make the life of jews as miserable and terrible as you can.Make them sing their halleluja once they step on to that desert area.Thats was the deal, between the NSDAP and Zionism in Germany, finanzed by London and New York Banks.The agenda of WW2 was the creation of Israel,the creation of the UN, and the creation of the soviet union, all under jewish control.
ofcourse there is a ton of detail info..in all directions….
ps. it was the stupid germans in WW1 that allowed the takeover of Zsar Russia by the jews, thinking that would end the war in the east…..it did end in the treaty of breslovsk 1917…but the price was germany 28 years later..1945.


Paul Craig Roberts needs to start naming the Jew more often instead of using politically correct kosher words like “Donors”, “Elite”, “Lobbyists”, “Corporations”, etc.


spot on 100%

northerntruthseeker .

I have sent many personal messages and comments to Paul for the last two years asking him to get over this bullshit “elite”, “lobbyist”, and even “zionist” bullshit, and start calling these Jewish bastards for what they are…

I am still hoping that Paul wakes up and does what is right!


New Chairman for the Intelligence advisory Board…..what a fucking surprise…his name is
Stephen Feinberg..lol … a jew ..i´m soooo surprised lol(sarcasm)… before that…hedgefund/banker/insurance…..what a fucking surprise!!!!


I am sure he will desapear as soon he name someone, as usual.


At least it appears he has refound himself a bit… after his last posts… we can fill in the Zionazi part ourselves…


Yes, it is time for nortamerican people to known who are ther internal enemies.

northerntruthseeker .

First, there is NO “Iranian nuclear proliferation” as Roberts inaccurately states.. Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons ambitions before the Iraqi war of 2003 and its public knowledge documentation proves that as fact…

Second, Drumpf is only doing exactly what his Jewish overlords want.. And he will do everything possible now to do as he is ordered by these maniacal pricks to get their nice little war against Iran off and running..

You can call me Al

“The Supreme Court called the corporate purchase of the US government a constitutionally permitted exercise of free speech.”…….to me, this says it all. The whole rancid US administration + ties, need eliminating.


Do any of you remember just before the SC voting on Citizens United that stories appeared in the MSM about SC Justice Roberts having a “serious heart condition” and that he could die at any time? He was questioned about the stories and was completely taken aback saying he had no such condition. I believe it was a Deep State warning to him that how he voted could mean his life. He voted for it, no surprise there.

You can call me Al

Sounds like it, + no I didn’t know that.


PS Some sick people over in the US.


USA is shit. USA stole what was protected by the Natives for millenium (the Nature). In 3 centuries, Americans destroyed the Nature in America. They also go in others countries and destroyed their countries too.

The worst part is that most of the people like USA and follow their madness. Will come the time when Nature will be totally destroyed in the world by corporations.

After that, people say that socialism is very bad whereas liberalism will end the world soon.

Alejandro Bonifacio

I agree


The rich destroyed the Nature. Then, with the money they make by destroying the Nature, they buy big houses surrending by trees, they play golf surrending by trees and plants, they buy houses near the unpoluated sea by earning money by polluating seas, ….

The poors live in big cities surrending by concrete.


It seems Mister Roberts has found some common sense again… for today…


I want ot make an auto critic. We, consumers, are pushing the corporation to behave badly with the nature in all nations, and we must accept that we also have some responsability on this ..why ? We have accepted gladly the economical model the corporations have made us. They have created us some need, for example, cars (the fundamental element which has been destroying the nature). We have a car for ourselves, our wife, our children, our grandparents, our granddauther, almost even for our dog. Even more, many of us have accept the plan of changing our car every year !! Let us make some calculations: Assuming there are 150 millions car in USA which spend a full tank of gas a week (average capacity of 20 gallons). Then, 3 billions of gallons are required a week to move USA cars., or about 150 billions of gallons a YEAR !! We can not claim that we (normal people who has a car) is not guilty of what is going on in the World, we must accept that we are part of the problem. We can start helping solving the problem of our environment by a) having a family car, and not more. b) having a lot of bicycles. c) request to the government to put local close store to our home to avoid to use the car to travel long distances. If it is necessary to change our economical model to save our environment for future generation, LET US CHANGE IT. Of course, this will affect giant corporations.

Harold Smith

It seems Roberts has one more “mental block” to overcome: he must at least consider the possibility that orange clown’s campaign was a calculated bait and switch fraud from the beginning, and that orange clown was actually the candidate that was supposed to win.

Harold Smith

The movie “Back to the Future II” seems to predict two things: 9/11, and the ascendancy of orange clown
(Biff Tannen = orange clown; what Tannen did to Hill Valley, orange clown is doing to the U.S. and the world).


(Close the nagging pop-ups that advertise a newer version of the video).


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