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Paul Craig Roberts: Trump Declares War Against Iran and North Korea

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at paulcraigroberts.org

Trump’s UN speech makes it clear that Trump’s presidency, in terms of his campaign promise to remove Washington from the “policeman of the world” role, exit the Middle East, and repair the damaged relations with Russia, is over. The CIA and the military/security complex are in full control of the US government. Trump has accepted his captivity and his assigned role as the enforcer of Washington’s hegemony over every other country. Washington uber alles is the only foreign policy that Washington pursues.

Paul Craig Roberts: Trump Declares War Against Iran and North Korea


At the UN Trump actually threatened to wipe North Korea off of the face of the earth. He added to this threat threats against Venezuela (http://stephenlendman.org/2017/09/trump-threatens-venezuela/) and Iran. He demonized these countries as “rogue states,” but it is Washington that is playing that role. Washington has destroyed in whole or part eight countries in the young 21st century and has 3 to 5 more in its crosshairs.

One question is: why did not the UN audience shout Trump down, a man standing before them telling obvious lies? The answer, of course, is money. The US taxpayers pay roughly one-quarter of the UN’s annual budget, leaving the other 130+ countries a light load. Washington is succeeding in driving the world to Armageddon, because the world’s leaders prefer money to truth, to justice, to survival. The UN diplomats see in their cooperation with Washington the opportunity to make money by sharing in the West’s exploitation of their own countries.

Washington, absorbed in its effort to destroy Syria, left it to its Saudi Arabian puppet to destroy Yemen. The Saudi autocracy, a major sponsor with the US of terrorism, has done a good job, thanks to US supplying the weapons and to the US refueling the Saudi attack airplanes. This totally gratuitous war has helped to maximize the profits of the American military/security complex, a collection of evil never before present on the face of the earth. UNICEF reports that one million Yemeni children will be the victims of “American compassion” of which Trump bragged in the CIA’s UN speech.

One wonders if the Russians and Chinese are so absorbed in getting rich like America’s One Percent that they are unaware that they are on the list of countries to be eliminated for not accepting Washington’s hegemony. Really, where was the Russian government when Washington overthrew the Ukranian government? It was at a sports event. And I call Americans insouciant. Where was the Russian government? How could it have not known?

To be frank. The point is this. Unless Russia and China can take out the US, the US will take out Russia and China. The only question is who strikes first. The only way to avoid this is for Russia and China to surrender and accept Washington’s hegemony. This is the firm undeviating path on which the neoconservatives, the CIA, and the military/security complex have set the United States. The entire point of North Korea is US nuclear missiles on China’s border. The entire point of Iran is US nuclear missiles on Russia’s border.

As far as I can ascertain, hardly anyone is aware that Armageddon is just around the corner. There is no protest from the Western presstitutes, a collection of whores. In the US the only protests are against ancient “civil war” statues, which the ignorant rabble say are symbols of black slavery. There is no peace movement and no peace marches. In London the transgendered and the radical feminists are protesting one another, engaging in fist fights in Hyde Park. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4891484/Fists-fly-politically-correct-rally.html No one seems to have any awareness.

In US online propaganda websites such as Americans for Limited Government—funded by who? serving who?—endorse Trump’s destabilizing UN speech as a non-threat to world peace:

“President Trump has provided a cogent and inspiring defense of America and the American constitutional system of governance to the world not as imposition but an example to be followed, while at the same time respecting the sovereignty of other nations. However, the President also made it clear to those nations that threaten humanity with nuclear destruction [which Washington has done to N. Korea and Iran] that the United States will not be held hostage, and continuing down their current paths guarantees their annihilation. While many will focus on Trump’s threat to North Korea and Iran, the real focus of his speech is that it is a call to all nations to embrace their own sovereignty without threatening world peace.”

I have never in my long life read such a misrepresentation of a speech. The United States has become the complete propaganda state. No truth ever emerges.

It is only the US government, which is not a government of the people, that has ever threatened another country with total destruction as Trump did to North Korea in the CIA’s UN speech.

This is a first. It trumps Adolf Hitler. The US has become the 4th Reich. It is doubtful that the world will survive the foreign policy of the United States of America.

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Dod Grile

“Looks like THE DONALD is going hunting for some pesky Rabbit.”

comment image

Here is his hunting partner.


With Cheney for a third we could place bets on the last man standing.


If only he was hunting Wahhabitts…


Some wabbit huntews end up shooting themselves ih the face.

MD Ranix

trump the dumb, the zio slave, has just pressed the self annihilation button for the illegtimate entity – root of all evil on earth

Cheryl Brandon

If, you were to take out all references of Iran and North Korea and, instead replace it with USA and Israhell/UK and EU, you will come out with a more factual situation; USA cannot continue to threaten any country, which Washington and Israhell does not like! USA is the PROBLEM alongside CIA+Mossad+ the Military Complex and the U$ Congre$$!I am not get up every morning in the Uk and worry about North Korea; I worry more about the destination USA has been taking the world in since the collapse of the Soviet Union! It’s believing like sheriff’s in the 1800 USA??


The author does not seem to understand that the US, Israel, UN, Russia, and China are controlled by the same people who play this global game of chess where the common man suffers greatly.

George King

Then you do not understand the author or his history.
Research maybe? http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/


Well can you show me where he does state that he has knowledge of this? I’m not going to read all the articles he ever wrote.

Solomon Krupacek

first you put here the list of men, who control US, Israel, UN, Russia, and China.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just not all countries wealthy are all interconnected , just a fantasy illusion they give so don’t be impressed by them. The truth they are only a handful and can be easily eliminated targeting them would be no problem as they all like to hang out together. That’s why they have bomb shelters built for them at taxpayers expense.

Jean de Peyrelongue

I think you are wrong. Trump is making a show to collect money for the military complex but I don’t think that you would find many people within the pentagon willing to star a nuclear war with Russia and or China. I don’t think that the US would be able to destroy Iran without having Israel totally destroyed. Trump is bluffing, he is just a sales man.
On the other side China and Russia don’t want the collapse of the US. China has large investments and most of his customers in the Western world. Both China and Russia are afraid of a world becoming unmanagable if the western economy collapses therefore they are very soft with their western partners.
I think they are wrong. The US is probably more dangerous in his ability to corrupt people than to win a war. Their propaganda acts like a virus and there is no antidote. Almost every man watching TV in the world is contaminated; that is why China and Russia should fix the US by inducing its economy to collapse. Switching off the awfull hollywood’s propaganda might help the world to recover from that virus.


I disagree with you on only one point, Mr Roberts, this one: “the US government, which is not a government of the people” because the US govt IS the govt of the people – they elected it. THEY ELECTED TRUMP. And they got what they always get – more of the same.

You see, they weren’t limited to Hilary or Donald. At all. They had another option. They could have, to the last man and woman, have gone to the polls and elected the first name on the list not either of those two. They didn’t. They are useless, spineless, dumbed-down fools and that too, is their choice. Sanders could have gone independent and won. He didn’t – he just caved

So if it’s Armageddon then … bring it on.
But that Empire must and will DIE!
And if every single one of you goes with it – then so be it.


It really wouldn’t matter who got elected, the estabilishment made sure of that. You can see the extreme change of behaviour in Trump himself – he’s a completely different man now from the one that was in the office during the first month.

The richest people in the world have an interest in controlling one person, and thanks to previous administrations, all the possible means to achieve it. You could place a living saint in the Oval office, and even he would eventually either become their puppet, or become impeached, as the estabilishment threatened Trump with incessantly. As we could see during recent months, fabricating a scandal out of nothing isn’t difficult if you control all the media, so a pretext for it would be simple to get.


I am sick to death of people making excuses for Americans.
They have had more of and better from this world than any other people and yet Every Single Day THEY KILL Other People in faraway countries that have NEVER EVER threatened them. Every single day for 16 years non-stop now. They do it with a will and despite being a people that protest absolutely anything they have never had a protest against it. Never.

It’s their establishment.
They must stop – or be stopped.
Either. I don’t care which any more.

Right now. They are currently bombing seven (7) countries and still more than half of them are frothing at the bit to go and destroy North Korea. No talking involved. Just … annihilate NK. Sorry, but they aren’t people, humans, any more. They’re a scourge. And a scourge needs to be eradicated.


The Presidency is nothing but a puppet status position run by the DEEP STATE.

Awhile back, I saw a video produced by comedian Bill Hicks check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMeBgcmTyKA. Spot on, the American people long ago lost control of the government; The propaganda is deafening!

ps. The EU isn’t fairing much better… I still hope that the masses will wake up, but I fear it will be too late.


All of the Media in the West promotes the propaganda of the DEEP STATE which controls the US while the EU is nothing but vassal client states! Morgan Freeman, a popular Hollywood actor, has now produced a video claiming that the US IS AT WAR with Russia through a group which is supported by other clueless actors and lying people like Clapper. When what people hear everyday in their lives is only the demonization of others as rogue states, despots and dictators killing their own people and threatening the US, they begin to believe they actually are thinking when they line up in support of said DEEP STATE and sadly, support for Armageddon and WW3. Notice now, hidden in the massive 700 Billion dollar defense bill in the Senate, is a clause to remove actual and real news reporting in the US by RT and Sputnik. All of those bases ringing Russia and China, combined with the incessant propaganda and attempts to control everything Americans hear and see is in preparation amid the steady drumbeat to prepare Americans and Europeans for WW3; a war which the generals believe they can win for the Oligarchs against Russia and China.


US presidential elections aren’t democratic.


Tell that to the Americans.


Tell them yourself, they only have to look. the Senate and the H of R aren’t democratically elected either.


Why would I tell anyone else your nonsense?


As usual, Paul manages to, more or less, see the problem, and then extrapolates it to completely fallacious consequences. The US corruption, arrogance and meddling, which had been ever present ever since the end of WW2, is not going to lead to world war 3, it’s going to lead to the 2nd American civil war. The people in the US are gravitating towards vastly differing world views and are eager to slaughter each other, sure, but there is one thing both camps have in common, and that is heavy dissatisfaction with the government. Both sides still seem to think that they can get their way by voting and protesting and being loud, but when they realise that that is not so, the country will be torn asunder with few backing the “legitimate government” simply because it has made no effort to be to anyone’s benefit, save for the extremely rich. The ridiculous amounts of military spending and waging foreign wars that are of ZERO benefit to the american people are just another spit in the debt-ridden populace that, despite living in the supposed #1 coutry in the world, has lower quality of life than most first world countries and has a ridiculous chunk of its populace living a few paychecks away from poverty.

General Surena


Dennis R

Jeeeezus, you people….I see these sadly misguided comments and TOTALLY factless presumptions etc about what Trump’s “internal war/conflict campaign plans for the future” lol and I can’t help but just laugh (in a sad way really.)
NOT ONE NUKE WILL HIT THE DPRK UNLESS THE FIRE, AND EVEN THEN, CHINA HAS MORE INTEREST (AND HAS SAID SO ABOUT ELEVEN TIMES NOW TO TRUMP ON THIS, I’D SAY?? I MEAN HELLOOO!). >>—–i AM NOT A FAN OF TRUMP. I DON’T SUPPORT ANY OF HIS “BUILDING WALLS” CONCEPTS OR EVEN REMOTELY, LET ALONE OPENLY, THINK THAT HE IS PLANNING AN AMERICAN LED APOCALYPSE!!—-<Point is, VOTING for Rubio does NOT mean I side with Reps over Dems, I actually had hope that maybe another candidate would appear. In fact, I would’ve gone for Jeb Bush at one point! I’m a right leaning Independent with a small handful of liberal sensibilities and beliefs (I believe abortion is legal, that homsexuality is not a crime, as I have met several and they are just the same as you! And everyone knows that but…whatever i digress).
My ideal choice (w/all the conflict today) would be to have a truly objective leader take over and that would be a Mattis-type veteran leader in the military. Ryan Zinke from Montana (ST6 Commander for years) would be perfect. This would’ve gone very differently. Stan McChrystal? HAAA! People think JSOC is just simple a mindless killing machine, they have no idea.

Ok…not happy here but..THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE SOME TS/SCI CARD TO SHOW YOU ON A COMMENTS SECTION. Basically, though, the point is I literally PERSONALLY KNOW AND HAVE KNOWN FOR OVER TWO DECADES a large number of people on the intel side of diff colors in JSOC (TF Green and Orange)….I don’t normally announce that online but I can tell you YOUR BEST CHANCE TO AVOID AN APOCALYPSE ON THIS EARTH IS TO HOPE TRUMP’S AIDS KEEP HIM QUASI-IN CHECK, SOMEWHAT STABLE, MAYBE THRU A MEDICATION WE COULD TRICK HIM INTO THINKING IT’S NOT FOR BILLIONAIRE DEMENTIA! LMAO If we allow Russia to continue Zarpat war games with Belarus SOF already breaking the rules of the borders, or the DPRK to continually shoot missiles, or Iran to assist the boys in “the Hez: (Hezbollah)–as my acquaintances formerly with JSOC and the contracting firms attached to them (who did nothing but SIGINT and that was it, like Snowden, just not a fame-seeking traitor…sorry, what he wanted was not transparency and “helping the American people know what’s happening”….DO ANY OF YOU FEEL CONFUSED ON WHAT THE NSA SCS/ESS DOES? i’M NOT AN EXPERT AND EVEN I KNOW. He dumped everything, got about roughly 140 intelligence assets killed, most were “lifers” I was told. Assets who aren’t there to find reasons for war but to do CTR (close target recce) in areas like Pakistan, Yemen, Russia’s upper echelon of officers, and same with N. Korea. The hermit kingdom is not NEARLY as mysterious as the NatGeo docs you watch would have you think…

I know ALL THIS FOR A FACT AND IT CAN BE FACT CHECKED AGAINST EVEN OUR ENEMIES’ MEDIA!!—>>> GO WATCH RT UK, RT anywhere really…Or Al Jazeera like I have for the last decade. I watch VICE news, I do anything I can that’s at least CLOSE to unbiased (because nothing online, in terms of geopolitical conflict, is trustworthy more than it ever has been before) and that we are not imperialistic villlains. I’m an independent. I would happily protest if I was UN-happy with how people like Mattis (who knows he’s an apologist, but that’s part of the shitty job description…so what?) I mean…. He’s a legendary WARRIOR…think about it for a moment…A REAL LIFE TRUE WARRIOR. Read about Mattis before you sit on your fat ass after work and watch him apologizing for something Trump tweeted and judged him. HE, himself, had every Marine in the entrie Corps cheering before the invasions of Fallujah (which took their lives etc, and if asked, 99% would do it all over again). I know plenty of vets, as I said, in the US Special Operations community here in South Carolina/Georgia border area) and, through them, have known for over a year we have CIA/DIA “long-loiter joint task units that are under cover, alongside the infamous ST6 Black Sqdn”–their recon side of their wheelhouse– and “they have been there in the peninsula for the last half decade, especially Langley’s Maritime GB (ground branch) and SOG (their military arm, the ones who REALLY did the leg work in Afghanistan from ’01 to a few years back) and not to mention inside the less known ISIL sub units! YES,,,,This is TRUE!!! We have put people in random places in Eritrea, Kenya, Ukraine, Lebanon/Syria AO–Afrin, and elsewhere–, then Somalia’s SNA, their militias? Yep (thanks to our own assets long time friendships and bonds with such groups) that have lead to the strikes against dozens of BIG name terror org commanders throughout Africa and, not only that, but even in places like Pakistan innocent (HA! yeah right) ISI…they blame the CIA drone programs when they kill ten times more people. In Fact, I know they blow up structures, place Hellfire missile parts on-site and just claim it was us….A “false flag” type deal, right? Not just in the usual border areas, and it’s tribals, but even in the capital!

I mean, we do the same thing we do with narco operations. We have spies like Mossad does, and we work with the “Jordanian GID’s Tac-Teams (long with the MOST ridcoulously amazing and unparalleled HUMINT operational assets that they have ALONE! Let alone the other Gulf State intel agencies who feed us whatever they feed us). The Jords are good guys, despite whatever you hear about how they treat certain people in certain areas…It doesn’t hold a candle to Iran/Saudi Arabia/etc’s treatment of their people/human rights issues etc and the way they treat ideal threats to fundemental Islam.

Of course to many of you who read this, you’ll ignorantly think “well….then why did you vote for one?”. Why??????????? Because I wasn’t (unlike some who are reading this) sitting on my ASS like a schmuck, know-it-all moron who believed FOX and yep, DID NOT BELIEVE THE SMEAR CAMPAIGNS OF CNN EITHER!!!! I was never into listening into fake news while the fate of the world could end up in Hillary or Trump’s hands (both were a living nightmare to me). Christ, at least Trump though has the pchsychotic, neuroligical issues that scare our enemies…THINK ABOUT IT. That’s the ONE good thing that happened.

THE U.N ONLY APPLAUDED DURING HIS WAR-WARNING SPEECH, NOT BECAUSE OF TRUMP PROMISING SOMETHING HE COULDN’T DELIVER, BUT THE OPPOSITE. I’ve watched the world leaders, reading lips, reading body language (like the Sudanese president? Yeah…I saw that too. He was scared because unless he and his issue with the South doesn’t keep turning into cleansings, he’s in BIG trouble…His corruption is out there now for the world to see, and same with the leadership of all the random paramilitary groups in S. Sudan).

We are in deep, deep trouble…I don’t think Trump is THE GUY who will save your skins at the last moment, but he won’t run either. He and Mattis have only THAT ONE THING IN COMMON. He doesn’t back down and when he does (like he has several times w/ the DPRK/N.Korea) is because he had back channel discussions with Pres Xi, Putin, and others nearby like leadership in the ROK and Japan etc. He was fed everyone’s opinions, and made a plan. SAME WITH ISRAEL. You can be anti-Jewish if you wish, I don’t care….That’s your problem. You aren’t gonna wipe anyone off the face of the Earth today, tomorrow, or anytime soon.

Point is, if he invades Venezuela, hits Iran with US SOF, and sends what he has left in US AFSOC, as well as the leading orgs in JSOC to the DPRK and the Ukraine to stop anything getting TOO crazy, then I am behind him.



Solomon Krupacek

i see, you are living on extasy


I don’t agree with the President on Iran. He did an about face on Israel after getting elected and made overtures to North Korea and was clearly threatened with impeachment for that and the rest of America First.

I voted for the first time in 35 years to vote for Trump and America First because it was the first real option away from Jew world order control of the US Government. And the anti American Jews responded with Jew Sherman filing impeachment articles and Jew Rosenstein appointing the witch hunter Mueller.

Now Trump needs to defeat the impeachment attempt and witch hunt and get back to America First without the evil Jew constraints. And pry the Jew’s filthy fingers off of the legislature that most Americans hate.

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