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Paul Craig Roberts: “The View of Russia in the West”

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

The upcoming Trump/Putin summit is hampered by the crazed portrait of Russia painted by presstitutes. Jonathan Chait, Amy Knight, Max Bergmann, Yaroslav Trofimov, Roger Cohen, and the rest of the conscious or de facto CIA assets that comprise the Western presstitute media have turned Putin into a superhuman who controls election outcomes throughout the West, murders people without rhyme or reason, and has President Trump under his thumb doing Putin’s bidding. Who could imagine a more extreme conspiracy theory?

Jonathan Chait in New York magazine writes that “the dark crevices of the Russia scandal run deep,” so deep that “it would be dangerous not to consider the possibility that the summit is less a negotiation between two heads of state than a meeting between a Russian-intelligence asset and his handler.” http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/07/trump-putin-russia-collusion.html

So here is Chait, who brands truth-tellers “conspiracy theorists” coming up with the greatest conspiracy theory of our time that President Trump has been a Kremlim asset since 1987. Chait provides a ”crazy quilt of connections” to illustrate his absurd conspiracy theory that “it’s not necessary to believe that Putin always knew he might install Trump in the Oval Office to find the following situation highly plausible: Sometime in 2015, the Russian president recognized that he had, in one of his unknown number of intelligence files, an inroad into American presidential politics.”

Chait believes that Russia is also behind the UK’s exit from the European Union. “Driving Britain out of the European Union advanced the decades-long Russian goal of splitting Western nations apart, and Russia found willing allies on the British far right.”

Chait gets even more conspiratorial. He admits that Paul Manafort’s indictments for alleged white collar crimes are not related to Trump’s election, having occurred years previously in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Chait is certain that Manafort is shielding Trump even though according to Chait Manafort is facing many years in prison. Why would Manafort shield Trump? Chait’s answer:
“One way to make sense of his behavior is the possibility that Manafort is keeping his mouth shut because he’s afraid of being killed. That speculation might sound hyperbolic, but there is plenty of evidence to support it. In February, a video appeared on YouTube showing Manafort’s patron Deripaska on his yacht with a Belarusian escort named Anastasia Vashukevich.”

Chait’s article is long and heavily weighted with innuendo. Chait, or whoever wrote the article, possibly the person who wrote the Steele Dossier, collects every disparaging fact and fantasy about Trump and assembles them in a way to paint a portrait of a person who must also, without much doubt, be a Russian agent. If the public can be convinced of this, the military/security complex can assassinate Trump and blame Putin for getting rid of an asset who was exposed by the Russiagate investigation, no longer useful, and perhaps prepared to spill the beans.

Another conspiracy theorist, Amy Knight, writes that “The real question is where does the Russian criminal state end and the criminal underworld begin, and how do they work together in what amounts to a new murder incorporated?” https://www.thedailybeast.com/novichok-victim-dies-did-the-kremlin-really-lose-control-of-its-deadliest-poisons?ref=wrap

Yaroslav Trofimov tells us in the Wall Street Journal (July 7) that “Putin maps out his own empire” to replace the lost Soviet one.

In the Washington Post Max Bergmann tells us that Trump is going to sell out NATO in Helsinki. This line leads to the supposition that Putin is using Trump to unleash the Russian military on Europe. Many conspiracy theorists have come together on the view that first the Baltic States will be invaded and then Putin will move on to Germany and the rest of Europe. The New York Times’ Roger Cohen even pulls Marine Le Pen into the plot which widens to include ethnically cleansing the West of the refugees from Washington’s wars.

This is the level of absurdity that the American media delivers to the public’s understanding of foreign affairs.

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Oil producing countries should reduce the export of oil and gas then itself oil and gas prices will go up.

Trump will never reduce the prices of their F-16, F-22 junck fighters or Europe will never reduce their defence equipment prices. So Trump cannot force the Middle East countries to reduce their oil and gas prices.

Oil and gas are golds. It is not water. These precious natural resources are reducing as much it is taken out. So reduce its production for their future generations to use it in their industries. Similarly stop imports of luxury cars. Use their old cars and Chinese and Russian technology to save money. Please increase industries.


If those prices go up, that means renewable energies like solar and wind become more commercially competitive. And the more people that would then switch over from fossil fuel powered electricity and electrical cars = less customers for oil producing countries. And less customers equals less sales and revenues in the long term. So for them it makes far more commercial sense to take a hit in the short term by making sure oil stays cheaper then renewable energy so they can keep on selling it for longer.


Oil and gas is not only use in energy sector but it is use heavily in industrial sector. Thousands of different domistic and industrial products produce from oil and gas. The fabrics cloths, plastics, fertilizers, domestic and industrial equipments etc. without oil and gas the world cannot run. The oil and gas resources of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq etc will soon dry and for their future generations there will be nothing to use in their industries to produce different products from oil and gas.

Concrete Mike

With all the plastics we use, we will still need oil for a loooôoonnngggg time. Even with electric cars ect…


True, but the the volume of oil used for plastic is dwarfed by the volume of oil used for fuel. That’s where the real money is made. And when oil starts to run out, becoming too expensive to be used for fuel, or because we switched to alternative energy, even with a reduced output there will still be enough oil for plastic. And I’m sure we can come up with other materials to make plastic from. When we have to we can be very resourceful.


Plastic production, especially fabrics, has recently been found to be killing not only whales, but all marine animal life. The micro particles apparently being the culprit, even the bio-agents, apparently can not break them down.
So plastic production will hopefully be replaced by “edible plastic”. Some Indian university students have already created this plastic substitute using organic plant fiber.


Sounds like a very good development. I’m all for it.


Oil producing countries have much less control over the oil price than the giant oil corporations, like the seven sisters. They are the ones who control the price of crude, not Iran or even Saudis.

I remember an interview in the mid ’70s with the Shah, the last (and deposed) Iranian King. In that interview he expressed that oil is too valuable to be burnt for energy and said the price should be over $100 per barrel so it’s become feasible to go for alternative energy sources, to answer the interviewer accusing him of grandeur and nuclear ambitions (Iran signed a contract with several countries for +20 nuclear power plants) and saying why go for nuclear electricity while you sit on a sea of oil. He made his move to increase the oil price and said Iran will invest on research for solar and other sources.

Guess who objected furiously? The Seven Sisters, the US and Saudi governments.

That move was the beginning of his fall (which had other important causes too, no doubt but that was the reason he fell out of west’s favour and the start of a demonizing campaign in western MSM) despite enjoying a very firm backing from the US and UK up to that point and being their sweetheart.

Oil producing countries have every reason to rise the oil prices. It’s in their favour in the short terms and the long run but they haven’t got the power to do so. Just a little search shows you how many patents in regard to the alternative energy sources and technologies the oil companies bought and locked up.

The world will not stop using oil if the other sources become available. According to IER about %24 of crude is used in industries in the US, that’s 1/4.of the total crude consumption which is very high, considering the de-industrialization of the US in the last 2 decades. The jets and ships will still use oil products, the roads need asphalt not to mention all other petrochemical products of oil, but none of them have the insane profits of petrol and diesel fuel for the oil companies.


The child butchers Netanyahu and Avigdor fear and find themselves in trouble due to rapid advance of Syria of taking their land back from US backed terrorists and pirates.


Pilots in Saudi Arabia are committing suicides while KSA are keeping it confidential.

You can call me Al

You stated this yesterday, do you have a link or something as a response to yesterday was many of said pilots are ex RAF !!.


I receive confidential messages sometimes with images and sometimes without. As last time I have posted my comment that this night Israel will attack Syria, SAA and allies should ready but there was no image in the message that I have received that Israeli planes are now ready to take off for Syria. Then after 15 mins Israel attacked Syria and then after one hour we received response on websites.

You can call me Al

Fair play mate, keep us informed.


I will do.

You can call me Al

The Russians are welcome to invade the UK.


From the article…

“This is the level of absurdity that the American media delivers to the public’s understanding of foreign affairs.”

This statement is correct.

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