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Paul Craig Roberts: “The Coming Coup to Overthrow President Trump: Sedition at the Highest Levels

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

The annual budget of the military/security complex is $1,000 billion. This vast sum is drawn from US taxpayers who have many unmet needs. To justify such an enormous budget a major enemy is required. The military/security complex and the media and politicians that the complex owns have designated Russia to be that enemy. The complex and its political and media agents will not permit Trump to normalize relations with Russia.

Paul Craig Roberts: "The Coming Coup to Overthrow President Trump: Sedition at the Highest Levels

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

To prevent President Trump from reducing the dangerous tensions between nuclear powers that Washington has created, the military/security complex orchestrated Russiagate, a proven hoax, but believed by many due to its endless repetition. The military/security complex orchestrated the false indictments of 12 Russians. The military/security complex orchestrated the false arrest of Maria Butina https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/18/us/politics/maria-butina-russia-espionage.html , and so on and on.

The military/security complex acting through the politicians and presstitutes that it owns and controls has turned the normal everyday responsibility of the President—one acknowledged and acted upon by every previous president—to defuse tensions that could lead to nuclear war into a high crime. President Trump is accused of treason for trying to make peace!

An unaware person might think that this is silly and laugh, but as Finian Cunningham shows http://thesaker.is/coming-coup-against-trump/ , President Trump has been set-up as a treasonous enemy of America. We are currently experiencing sedition at the highest levels as the military/security complex unfolds its coup against the elected president of the United States.

In 1961 President Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans in his last public address that the military/industrial complex was a threat to American democracy. Truer words were never spoken by an American president. Shortly thereafter, the military/security complex assassinated President John F. Kennedy for working toward peace with Soviet leader Khrushchev. To get rid of President Nixon, who made too many arms control agreements with the Soviets and opened to China, the military/security complex used its asset, the Washington Post, to orchestrate the “Watergate crisis” that the military/security complex used to force Nixon’s resignation. Now the military/security complex is openly inciting sedition against the President of the United States. If this plot succeeds, which is the most likely case, America will be a complete dystopia and all independent voices will be shut down.

Who can Trump rely on? Not on his own political party. Not on his own government. Not on the print and TV media or NPR. Not on Europe. Not on the Secret Service. Not on the Pentagon. Not on the unaware American people. Trump has only the “deplorables,” and they are unorganized and will experience retribution once Trump is removed.

In striving to come to an agreement with Washington, Putin and Lavrov are butting their heads against a stone wall. Sooner or later Putin and Lavrov will have to acknowledge that. Once Putin and Lavrov realize the true situation, they will understand that war or surrender is their only option.

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It is NOT “Sedition” to REMOVE a President OF a Corporation, FROM a Corporation, which, in this case “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” is the Corporation.

It is called “FIRING with CAUSE” by “SHAREHOLDERS”

If the PRESIDENT of a REPUBLIC of “these United states” is removed in that same manner it IS then called SEDITION

You are an good WRITER, Mr.Craig BUT you are uninformed, or “other”

Check the Organic Act” of 1871, if it is just lack of information because…….

I hope it is not the “other”


ohh he knows that……..like u spot on wrote… its out in the open…there r no secrets anymore….misinformation as usual


That means, if you are correct about Paul, that he is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION” or in simple words, just another “SELL-OUT” ?

Promitheas Apollonious

then it is other, not ignorance, as they always owned him. Once in mafia, the only way out it is 6 feet under or worst.


Vampires need a SILVER STAKE through the heart, I understand, before “burial” :-)

Promitheas Apollonious

I was thinking a long time ago that americans as the most heavily armed population on earth would have reacted to what is happening to them and their families but after home land and tsa and the 9/11 treason………… I stop holding my breath and categorize them into zombie species.

I am sure in 300 million people must still some good people true patriots but as the case of Greece, we are just a very small minority that we can only do so much, when the rest of the population is against you, the only thing that can save the day is the guns to become free nothing else.


They have. They are non-zionist jews.

S Melanson

My take on your point. The tipping point is approaching with the help of elites stoking the populist fires. Problem is elites guiding to be a civil war of ‘left’ versus ‘right’. Public needs to recognize this and not be played. The public has the power to rise up but to do it in a way that does not get the world blown up is the trick.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes but the public is not organized and not of one mind. This interracial mixing and the hate for each other and mistrust cultivated among them and promoted by their rulers, works against them.

I dont think the public in north america, think or act as you and me. I seen it there and now I also see it in smaller scale here in greece. All of them seem to be in a diet of cool aid.

Empire's Frontiers

The women are trained animals, implanted with a notion of the fantasy life and turned loose to pursue a life of indulgence.

The men are a disunited herd of fat slobs sucking watery booze and jerking off to muscled men in tights. Worse, they were raised their whole life to not fight.

Dough balls raising dough balls who believe in their hearts that it is their civic duty to choose ‘between’ and support the ‘political party’.

Their religion is the state.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think their religion it is the $$$$$, but maybe I am wrong.

Empire's Frontiers

There’s definitely more than one way to describe the lowly state we find among the Americans.

At different moments we might see congregations worship both the dollar and the state together.

Seeing them argue and fight over political candidates as though one man will (or wants to) save the world convinces me that no matter what words you and I choose, we’ll essentially be trying to describe a society disconnected from reality.


Paul Graig Roberts is a Disinfo-Agent… he hasn’t been Consistent… and Facts he Could Have Known he did not Mention a couple of Times… which labels you a Disinfo-Agent…only telling what THEY WANT You to Tell….if Humans stay Ignorant…they deserve to be completely Enslaved… including the Chain Gang… give those boys sum shovels & sum pickaxes

And they’ll Sing:
Navigator, navigator rise up and be strong
The morning is here and there’s work to be done.
Take your pick and your shovel and the bold dynamite
For to shift a few tons of this earthly delight
Yes to shift a few tons of this earthly delight.

They died in their hundreds with no sign to mark where
Save the brass in the pocket of the entrepreneur.
By landslide and rockblast they got buried so deep
That in death if not life they’ll have peace while they sleep.


Right on :-)


“””In striving to come to an agreement with Washington, Putin and Lavrov are butting their heads against a stone wall.”””

Trump can crush the stone wall using his executive powers.

“””Sooner or later Putin and Lavrov will have to acknowledge that. Once Putin and Lavrov realize the true situation, they will understand that war or surrender is their only option.”””

LOL, Putin realizes the true situation in the US…..

Surrender? PCR you are silly, Russia has qualitative weapons advantage over US, if US starts a war in its current military condition they will loose. Their bluff is in the hot air they blow.


“Doing the SAME THING over and over AGAIN, and EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS”, comes to mind from your comment

Read my comment and you’ll KNOW why….Or you should.

If you are American, ALL BETS are off

I wonder why.


You did not understand my comment, the Zios are pushing their envelope where Trump could be inclined to assume exceptional powers and become a dictator…..if circumstances permitted.


I FULLY understood you comment and I stand by my comment to you

Possibly, if you study the information in those links I provided, and then think over night about the information, and then READ it again, you MAY THEN understand my point…….. IF you are not American Educated by Zionist Schools, Hollywood and the “Mean” Stream Media

Promitheas Apollonious

Then you think wrong. Trump if he was not owned and he is, all he need to do is speak to the american people and ask their help. In short go public and speak things with their names. It is, with in his power.

What elected him was his speeches about NWO. Instead he is playing from a different angle the game of NWO as he is part of them. All the fuss we watch happening among them in US is just which group win between them just as you see high level personal; fighting for a position in a global company.

Before Trump accept the meeting with Putin how many times that you know off Kissinger went to Moscow and who ordered not advised him, to accept the meeting with Putin?

When you connect dots must do so with all dots and from all the angles. And the only reason the meeting was arranged is because west already lost the game to SCO and they know it and it become a de facto reality with the entry to SCO of India and Pakistan. Now this organization that is been formed as an answer to nato, controls almost 2/3 of the globe economically.

West is no longer that attractive market of consumers and with what Trump did lately is even less. You must seen what Russia did with the IOUs from US this year and also that major markets now do not trade in $. By next year you see a massive turn to the yuan for the simple reason that it is back by gold. The mechanism to move away from the western monetary system, is almost finished.

West has one choice only either make war and hope for the best, or withdrawn back within their borders and hope their population dont lynch them and that is a big maybe. Putin diffused, in a way an open confrontation between them in Syria but not in the Balkans and is where the war is brewing to start will not stay within the borders of the Balkans it be global and an open confrontation between nato and the free world.

Unless you think they bring all this millions of islamists in europe out of the goodness of their heart.


Trump has some backing of oligarch, however most Jewish ogligarchy is on the opposite side, part of the old NWO scheme.
To understand Trump you need to understand his character.

Promitheas Apollonious

I understand Trump very well, as well where his is coming from and who his patrons who control him are as well his task they have assigned to him.


Old NWO established by Goldman Sachs and worldwide jewery, enriched these Jewish oligarchs by pillaging American wealth and middle class opportunities and privileges, through globalization. They did so for over three decades and hoped to continue the merry go around with Hillary Clinton. Trump and his backers, mostly Jews with a different agenda than mainstream Jewish oligarchs, are in control now and systematically dismantling the old NWO, even if things do not turn very well for US and the world economy slides into a recession.

Trump’s patrons know their limitations and are aware that things can backfire on them, if they push him too far from his agenda.
In the meantime the the old NWO guard and the deep state it controls is making waves with Russiagate and an unhinged media that are turning a lot of Americans off.

Stephan Williams

You’re blowing smoke through your ass with your confident claims to know all about Trump. You know NOTHING about Trump beyond his public persona. Everything else you claim about him is hyperbole. You’re not helping us understand anything as long as you conceitedly claim to have all the answers because none of us really has a clue what or who is driving his actions. All we can see are the short term results of his actions. And so far the results have been favorable for a peaceful resolution to our so-far intractable political problems brought on by the complete control of our Western economies, (and therefore our politicians), by the odious bankster psychopaths ensconced in the City of London and Wall Street.

Promitheas Apollonious

no kid, and I am not referring to your age, but your naive single brain cell. You are the one who know nothing, about trumpet.

Your assumptions as to what I claim I know is also a sure indication of your absolute ignorance of fact. I never claim to know everything again an assumption of yours, but what I do know is based on fact and reality and I understand very well people based on their deeds and not words or as you put it, his public persona.

And I know of trump and who he is or where he stand and from whom is controlled or if you like the club he belong to, way before you even hear his name or connect it with politics, as well his deeds before and after he become president of yours, thought we been on opposite business camps, in Russia as competitors, so your assumptions and reality in this case dont go, hand in hand.

I agree with your assessment as far COL.

I am not here to help you understand what is common knowledge among thinking people and people who do move on the international scenes. Not your business to know and here is not a place to discuss serious issues or brag about , beside the fact that it do you no good know or not, as you not a player, just a poster.

Knowledge comes from within and the ability to cut the pollution out and see raw facts and deeds if you can do this then you dont need me to help you understand reality. Beside the fact I am not here to debate your notions of your reality but to monitor the minds of people and understand why humans behave like brainless zombies, in denial of reality.

walk in peace.

Stephan Williams

It took you 7 paragraphs to say….absolutely nothing. You provided no facts, no links, no…nuthin’…only more hot air.

Fantastic rebuttal! NOT but you could have a bright future as a political speech writer.

I mean – really – accusing me of claiming to know all about Trump when I actually stated the opposite – no one knows what’s going on in that head of his other than Trump himself – certainly not me. LOL

All I know about Trump I’ve learned from media sources outside the mainstream. So I obviously know diddly squat. Conjecture leads me to my opinions, (like most), more than facts do because no one is leaking facts in the comments section of Southfront or anywhere else on the web.

…………..So what or who are your sources? I’ll bet they’re first rate!

S Melanson

Yes, trump represents one set of elites supplanting another. In other words, drain the old swamp to be replaced by a new swamp.

Meet the new swamp, same as the old swamp.

Your comment about trump riding the wave of populism and can appeal to the masses is important. This actually happened before. Louis XVI, King of France turned to the commoners in an effort to curb the power of the aristocracy. This was done by calling on the Estates General with the assumption the commoners could be controlled. The commoners were not controllable and so the King not only lost control, he lost his head.

Trump has empowered the masses and if they conclude they are being played, I say watch out. Elites should be concerned about potential for a French style revolution in America. I actually did an analysis in 2014 predicting the rise of populism, the deepening fracturing of the elite would lead to loss of a unified narrative in the MSM and a populist president. I ended the report with a warning to remember the lessons of the French Revolution.


sorry bro but u r 100% wrong with a war between nato and russia……both would be devastated 100%………those weapons are sweet and nice but have little to no effect on a total open war between nato and russia…..both sides will be hit with thousands of nukes……its the overwhleming numbers that count on both sides………those new weapons make sense as A) deterrent B) second last option, the first beiing on both sides nuclear submarines, now the russians have a secondary last option.But like I wrote above, this does not change the outcome of a total nuclear war between nato and russia.ALL R FUCKED pretty badly


That is the common narrative, that is why US has neglected its triad over 3 decades, MAD was feasible. What has been happening is that Russia has been pulling away in weapon technology development and in a few years MAD is not going to be viable.
S400 lower altitude ballistic interception capability, S500 high altitude interception capability, Nudol ABM and ASAT capability, you can have well over 1000 interceptors that are capable of sharply degrading a US first strike capability, without the Russians having to fire a missile.


I think Western Governments Make ONE HUGE MISTAKE…. AND THAT IS THAT 50% OF THEIR CIVILIANS IS NOT BACKING THEM!!! A Global Civil War will be the Result


“In 1961 President Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans in his last public address that the military/industrial complex was a threat to American democracy. Truer words were never spoken by an American president. Shortly thereafter, the military/security complex assassinated President John F. Kennedy for working toward peace with Soviet leader Khrushchev.”

Trump has dirt to release on the Deep State. They are trying to kill him. They almost got him on the way to the NK summit, and they killed one of his security at the golf course in Scotland on the way to meet with Putin. What is he waiting for?


u think its that easy?? ask jfk?ask rfk?ask james forrestal? no one gets a high powerful position whether in politics or media or buisness unless they got u by the balls in one way or the other.And those that still dont play ball and only when they become a danger to the agenda will be assassinated.Thats for each and every country on our planet.No exeptions, including the vatican or monaco.


No, I do not think that there is anything easy about it.

Since the killing of JFK, and both before him and after him, there have been good men doing what they could within the system behind the scenes. Many have not survived.

We all get our understanding from someplace, and it is in my understanding that there are good men in place who have been working hard behind the scenes. They have readied things for this fight that is to include exposing the secrets that keep the treachery in place. Many that hold seats in government are not going for reelection. Many in high power positions have been walked to the door or quietly resigned. Up to this point there is a lot that has gone on behind the scenes. Now in the media it has hit a new hysterical pitch.

I am not alone in my revulsion at the fact that Hillary Clinton and the rest of the filth are still walking around, and I am not alone in hating watching backlash against anyone or anything that would lead humanity in a direction that is not mutually assured destruction.

I believe that Trump and his team have what they need to fight back, and I am wondering what they are waiting for.


There is much going on behind the scenes


EPA is going to be cleaned up soon.

-TRUMP/PUTIN..while the sheeple are playing checkers TRUMP/PUTIN are playing chess. PUTIN exposed SOROS and HILLARY.

SOROS is hiding in different underground bases in Europe as he knows everyone is after him.He does not appear in Public!!!

-50 to 250,000 pedophiles have been arrested. Child Protective Services which takes away children for elites is going down.

-Nathaiel Rothschild’s EX wife was hanged by a door knob…THE WOMAN ARE ALWAYS IN CHARGE WHEN IT COMES TO PEDOPHILIA

as with Hillary,Romney”s wife ,Barbara Bush etc

CLIF HIGH video origins of this planet https://youtu.be/jhZWUJ38j28

Aquatics changed our DNA

Aquatics are rivals with the Anunnaki. POPE wears a FISH HAT/Reptilian.
The Anunnaki came after the Aquatics,yet they want you to believe they
changed our DNA

Anunnaki can be good and bad

-MATRIX has been turned off..when they try to turn it on..it does not work,kind of like starting your car with no battery.


YOU WILL BE LIVING like in the 25th century as seen in STAR TREK…YOU DO NOT NEED MONEY

YOUR CAPABILITIES will be recognized by everyone.

CERTAIN THINGS we have made like plastics,nylon,polyester are UN
NATURAL and will DISSOLVE into a Molecular form instantaneously.

Technologies will change..we are getting very close to this.

-To build your body..take a teaspoonful of Oils..walnut,sesame,coconut,pumpkin and work up to 3 teaspoonfuls x a day.

building fat to create Stem cells to REGENERATE the body to absorb the New Frequencies.

-Reptilians get into a body on a MICROBE LEVEL. read THE PUPPET MASTERS book…CONTROL is done on a Microbial Basis.

MICROBES are very ADVANCED and talking with each other…Think about a BIG MAC attack or any addiction/Craving!!!!


WE will be transplanted to another Planet. We will be Transplanted to a NEW Earth

Reptilians will be given their own planet


DIET FOOD…LOW CAL,NON FAT on the market is TOTAL CRAP….it is making you gain weight!!!

HEALTHY FATS will make you lose weight FAT HEALS..Walnut oil rebuilds your TEETH,your brain,your gut flora and kills viruses ,bacteria,fungus.worms.

Almonds,Olive Oil are all good fats as is REAL BUTTER from cows that
feed on grass not grains….not your BIG NAME BRANDS that feed dead
animals to the dairy.

BODY..your body will get tighter,your skin will get tighter and you will
lose weight fast.


To kill heavy metals use Cilantro Oil and Zeolite

-ARIZONA..FIRES,WIND,STORMS many underground Cabal is being destroyed.

-WE will be getting OFF OIL,CARS,ASPHALT which is TOXIC to the PLANET.

-NEW TECHNOLOGIES will be coming out as soon as people learn that WHEN

things will change within 90 DAYS..High Speed rails/transit,Magnetic Energy devices.

Governments,MONEY will disappear..cashless society will only be temporary and then NO MONEY AT ALL.

You will not have your Luciferian WiFi,5G,Modems that are hurting
you..PEOPLE will be going to JAIL..those that create it and use this
shit/poison including


5G kills the oxygen in your BODY..this is intend to KILL and causes Infertility and changes DNA

HALOGEN LIGHTS increases the RADIATION in your HOUSE from Microwave
ovens,HD TV,WiFi,modems,dumbphones..so get rid of HALOGEN LIGHTS


BAD GUYS/ELITES are screaming for HELP!!

NATURAL HEALTH… heals the body,Frequencies tap into the God particle which heals the BODY..herbs,fruits,vegetables,good water

Acidic foods taps into the Luciferian particle which is sickness…basically all your processed food by BIG CORPORATIONS,soda




RESET OF THE WORLD by WINTER the set up of the Transition ..Ascension

TRUMP/PUTIN in a couple of days will be accepting the resignation of the Queen of the draconians..QUEEN ELIZABETH


THE SO CALLED TRADE WARS…has nothing to do what you think….the FOOD is being stolen and this will STOP!!!

COFFEE BEANS and CHOCOLATE only grow on this planet

FARMERS will be doing their Happy Dance

IF YOU CAN COOK..name your price

Microsoft,Amazon,Google,facebook etc are using Stolen money to operate( 221 companies on the Stock Market

are shell companies by THE CIA and 21 are on Amazon)



List of Those here Now that are helping us

L______ 84,000



MAYANS 10,000 original indigenous

LYRIANS 66,000

Elephants 27,000

PITAL 5,000 very powerful


There is about 200 million races On and OFF Planet right now to help humanity


Pussy Riot girls had friends in high places (with Killary, Image #2 / with Madonna, Image #3).

S Melanson

The deep state have their own ‘Samson Option’


…and who ever does not have the “Samson Option” seems to have a “Kill Switch” if something happens to them.

On the one side I am amazed that humanity has made it this far, and on the other side, there is no need for a meteor to bother hitting us. Humanity is quite capable of killing itself.

S Melanson

Very good insight. It seems a paradox that humanity has proven so capable of establishing the mechanisms for its own demise. Yet more than half a century has passed with the capability to destroy our civilization in less than a day, and we are still here.

Something to ponder.


They have tried to 6,7 times to assassinate him


the Russian elites and oligarchs are trying to persuade Putin to surrender in their best interest.Lets see how undefended Putin is.

Promitheas Apollonious

Putin, already win in all fronts and in all levels. I dont see how, or who is trying to make him surrender.

Have you ever seen a winner, to surrender?


I really wish it was as you said, but the internal fights of Russian elites are not conclusive yet, therefore it is not easy to determine where Putin goes

Promitheas Apollonious

There are no internal fights of the russian elite, that is well wishing of the west and their mass media, or so called alternative media, that does not exist.


well you said your word and I said mine, I wish you are better informed.

Promitheas Apollonious

Yes my info come from the elite of the russians, who we are in business between us for few centuries and the orthodox church.



Oh boy thats a serious staff lol

S Melanson

Your take is more in tune with reality.

I am sure their are differences in opinions but my observations tell me internal infighting cannot be a serious issue in Russia under Putin. For one thing, the complex strategy that has been meticulously carried out by Russia in Syria requires a united front among the top echelons of Russia’s leadership.

I have watched many Putin and Lavrov interviews and they are to the point and consistent in their policy positions – there is a unity and clarity of message that has stayed consistent. This tells me there is a strong consensus among the Russian leadership and they have Putin’s back – which is why US efforts to undermine Putin in Russia has gone no where.

Above I am going to post some thoughts about PCR’s latest that ends with ‘they will understand that war or surrender is their only option.’ Since PCR is not a complete idiot, he will know that Putin will not surrender. So there we have it, the world according PCR – WWIII is our future.

Promitheas Apollonious

only according to you .

leon mc pilibin

America is controlled by Rothschild Banksters since 1913,when they cheated the American people by creating the private Federal reserve Bank,that is literally making slaves out of the people.They bought up anything worth buying,including its Politicians.They created 2 world wars,the Russian revolution,which they funded,and are hell bent on starting world war 3.Israhell is a rothschild project,and is used as a Trojan Horse in the middle east to plunder the oil and gas resources .American politics is totally corrupt,,and both parties are different only in name.


Bang on! You’ve got it perfectly right.

Mauro Craizer

Let’s presume Trump has only “deplorables” (not true, but for the sake of the argument), that’s roughly 300million LEGAL GUNS, over 100 mill OWNERS. Bring it on.
Puppets like Brennan played their last card, it failed, ANTIFA will “resist”? Globalists on their last, half full oxygen tank…


Just like Putin couldn’t have made Donna Brazile pass those debate questions to Hillary Clinton, how could the Washington Post have forced Tricky Dick to spy on his opponents? Yes the present situation is much more serious than Watergate, but PCR is still rather glib here.

PCR is right that Trump cannot rely on his own government, but please provide some context and write “… cannot rely on the government *which he himself appointed*”. Trump has truly tried hard to *not* clean up, since he could use some sleaze for his own corrupt anti-Iran campaign and oh yeah some nepotistic self-enrichment. And this while it’s not a “coming coup”: the putsch has been underway at least since election day. So cleaning up was imperative, and failing to do so may indeed be the Donald’s undoing.

Say what you want of Erdogan, but he cleaned house when he had to. As a result, Turkey may now be governable, while this quality is much in doubt for the USA.

Concrete Mike

That Donna Brazile bitch came on canadian radio this week. What a hateful lying sac of crap. She dug uo all the nice anti russian slogans she could think of

Stephan Williams

Paul Craig Roberts: “Shortly thereafter, the military/security complex assassinated President John F. Kennedy for working toward peace with Soviet leader Khrushchev.”

Ahem…it was a jew who murdered the man falsely accused of killing President Kennedy, to cover the tracks of the real perps who murdered him. And it was jews who wanted him dead for the “crimes” of demanding Dimona be shut down and for reassigning the right to create money to the American state by bypassing the jewish controlled Federal Reserve – a wholly owned private bank up until then legally permitted to counterfeit the American dollar with the express purpose of strip-mining the America economy – a crime they still commit with corrupt government support to this day.

How can we take the words of Mr. Roberts seriously if he is incapable of recognizing the criminals responsible for the death of President Kennedy?


Great comments Stephen. I’ve been enjoying the read.
This one grabbed me though, the Kennedy matter is one of such magnitude that it almost defies explanation. Imagine a situation where so much is hopeful yet so compromised to the point of grievously forsaken foreclosure.
It is an agony that President Kennedy entered a domain, that he was, ultimately ill-equipped to fully understand let alone accede to by necessity of Exotica Ultra, in that, at that level of power, there is absolutely no permission granted for recklessness. Military Science and all its beneficent derivatives, IS the supreme power on Earth short of God Almighty. All the rest is something of a luxury. Barrels and barrels of monkeys wanted Kennedy gone for all the wrong reasons, but the thing that got him was his own hand that refused to hold fast against a door that to this day, may only be cracked open, not swung. May God be with us all, always.

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