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Paul Craig Roberts: Syria – ISIS Is Defeated – The U.S. Is Next In Line


Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at paulcraigroberts.org

Is the US really a superpower or just the biggest collection of stupidity on the planet?

Syria – ISIS Is Defeated – The U.S. Is Next In Line

Washington has already lost the Syrian war once. Now it is about to lose it a second time.

A few days ago the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declared a “complete victory” in Syria:
“Two hours ago, the (Russian) defense minister reported to me that the operations on the eastern and western banks of the Euphrates have been completed with the total rout of the terrorists.”

Paul Craig Roberts: Syria – ISIS Is Defeated – The U.S. Is Next In Line

The Iranian commander of the forces which support the Syrian and Iraqi governments sent a note to the U.S. to let Washington know that any remaining U.S. forces in Syria will be fought down:

“The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp Brigadier General Haj Qassem Soleimani sent a verbal letter, via Russia, to the head of the US forces commander in Syria, advising him to pull out all US forces to the last soldier ‘or the doors of hell will open up.’”

“My message to the US military command: when the battle against ISIS (the Islamic State group) will end, no American soldier will be tolerated in Syria. I advise you to leave by your own will or you will be forced to it.” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48387.htm

According to reports, Russia has confirmed that Iran will stay in Syria as long as Syrian President Assad, who insists on liberating all of Syria without exception for the Americans, decides. Washington’s plan to occupy a corner of Syria and revive ISIS is dead in the water, as will be all US troops sacrificed to this purpose.

According to reports, CIA director Mike Pompeo sent a letter to Soleimani expressing his concern about Iran’s intention to attack American interests, declaring Washington “will hold Soleimani and Iran accountable for any attack.”

According to reports the CIA’s letter had no effect and was treated with total contempt:

“Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, a senior aid to the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei confirmed Pompeo’s attempt to send a letter but said  ‘Soleimani refused to read it or to take it because he has nothing further to add.’ Sources in the area believe it is not unlikely that Kurdish troops – operating in al-Hasakah and who are faithful to the government of Damascus – are willing to be spearheaded against the US forces. Many of these troops remained loyal to Syria: they reject any occupation forces on its land or the partition of the country.”

There are references to 1983 events where hundreds of US Marines and French paratroopers were killed following double suicide attacks by Islamists in Beirut. As a consequence of these attacks, the American forces left in a rush. The future could well mirror this past event. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48388.htm

Possibly this is fake news. If not, we must accept that the humiliation that the United States, its government and its peoples have suffered is the work of the Neoconservatives and their doctrine of American World Hegemony. It is the Neoconservatives who caused the US to be at war with Muslims for 16 years. It is the Neoconservatives acting through Obama and Hillary who brought America to humiliating defeat in Syria.

There are only a handful of these neoconservatives. Why do Americans tolerate them?

Why doesn’t Trump have them arrested? They are anti-American, pro-Israel to the core. The Neoconservatives are the worst enemy of Americans and of all mankind.

It looks like the Russians have had enough of Washington’s arrogance. https://www.rt.com/news/412590-russia-us-syria-air-force/
Russian general Konashenkov, whose Su-35 chased away the inferior US F-22 that was attempting to interfere with a Russian attack on ISIS said that any claims made by US military officials concerning the fact that there is “any part of the airspace in Syria that belongs to the US” are “puzzling.” Konashenkov also said that “Syria is a sovereign state and a UN member and that means that there can be no US airspace ‘of its own.’ Unlike the Russian Air Force, the US-led coalition is operating in Syria without any legal basis.”

Will Washington realize that it has squandered its leadership in the Middle East and go home, or will Washington bring more humiliation upon America?



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  • Ronald

    Paul Craig Roberts , a true and great American , thank you for these words , well spoken .

    • Donna

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  • Tommy Jensen

    All rumours and fake news that America have lost the battle and been beaten are false and fake news.
    We can win in Syria with our Plan E.
    US strategic military planning when its best and what the Russians have NOT seen before.
    Assad must go because he is still not prepared to give his people freedom and we stay!

    • as

      Because takfiri terrorist is a freedom fighter. Suuuure.

      • Bru

        Well said.
        Actually in the 80ies, the propaganda of our Western governments and media use to call the Taliban terrorists (whom they trained and armed, incl. w. Sting manpads) : good “freedom fighters” fighting for freedom against the “evil” moderate and secular state supported by Russia …

    • John Mason

      For any strategic planning and the ability to carry it out depends largely on intelligence and ability which the US surely lacks. Ample proof out their.

    • 1691

      Tommy, you are making embarrassing comments. work on your comprehension skills while you are on this blog. alternatively- look for another job? trolling does not provide for career growth.

      • Garga

        My goodness!
        Tommy is sarcastic, but I admit his sarcasm is a bit rusty.
        His “plan E” and “Assad not prepared to give up on his people’s freedom” should’ve given it away.

        • 1691

          please, read his comment again and… i wish you were right but…..

    • alejoeisabel

      For the Syrian people, Assad has saved Syria from Al Qaeda terrorist and their Saudi/Israeli paymasters. Sorry to disappoint you.

    • Garga

      Tommy, please put your sarcasm in tag or something for crying out-loud! It goes over a lot of people’s heads.

      • Tommy Jensen

        It just make my point.
        Most people are followers, they cant even differ from the most absurd arguments. So how can they deal with reality? They cant!

        • Garga

          Maybe that, or maybe it’s a language barrier.

  • Daniel Martin

    Like John Henry Newman said: expecting logic to handle passion is like thinking a thread can tether a battleship.

  • SOF

    According to reports the CIA’s letter had no effect and was treated with total contempt:

    “Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, a senior aid to the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei confirmed Pompeo’s attempt to send a letter but said ‘Soleimani refused to read it or to take it because he has nothing further to add.’

    And that’s how its done.

    • Jim Martin

      … but consequences will follow for ignoring the letter. Its just a matter of time, and more expensive for Soleimani as time goes on. Some people just must learn the hard way

      • SOF

        How? The CIA can only go on doing its overseas games for as long as the US is able to pay for it, and that’s about to end with the Petrodollar.

  • Freespirit

    Paul Craig Roberts, GENERALLY I agree with your IDEAS and ASSERTIONS, however when one considers that U.S. has 10 bases in Syria, with no indications of EVER leaving Syria AND with Israel having eh Golan( Unlawfully) and at lest a so-called Buffer Zone on Iran’s border, and Russia is withdrawing troops, I suspect, ,RESPECTFULLY, that, you are projecting WISHFUL thinking if you believe U.S. is “next in line”

    Unless ,of course, if you mean “next-in-line to get a chunk of Syria, for ISRAEL

    ZIONIST will never give up their GOAL for Greater Israel and this Planet and right now they are still WINNING ………BECAUSE people are failing to understand the MINDSET of those Psychopaths

    To “know thine enemy”, in this case ISRAEL, study the TALMUD and Protocols of Zion. So far only IRAN seems to know the enemy, which is why Iranians are vilified

    They, (Zionist Jews), can only, and MUST, be DESTROYED-PERIOD

  • Alexandra

    “There are only a handful of these neoconservatives. Why do Americans tolerate them?”

    There are more than a handful of these neocons. They took residence under Clinton and never left but grew their tentacles so they control quite a bit of the US government and media behind the scenes so that the people do not see them, do not know who they are. If the people do not see them, and being so brainwashed by their MSM, the American people are ignorant of their role (not sure if they would understand what the implications of the neocons’ role is – dumbing down the population through a poor education system and reality television was a success), so how would get rid of them?

  • Bente Petersen

    agree … US is next… to be routed out of Syria….

  • RichardD

    The neocons are Jews and their collaborators. Their evil pedophile rape cult should be outlawed to create a Jew free planet.

    – America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars –