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JUNE 2021

Paul Craig Roberts: Russia In the Crosshairs

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at paulcraigroberts.org

Defending the latest round of US/Israeli aggression against Syria, US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert struck a Hitlerian note when she blamed Syria and Iran for an act of overt Israeli aggression, saying “The United States . . . strongly supports Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself,” and when she lied that “Iran’s malign activities” and “calculated escalation of threat and its ambition to project its power and dominance places all people in the region at risk.” https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201802111061547754-state-department-syria-israel-escalation/

Adolf Hiter covered his “projection of power and dominance” and his invasion of Poland with the same blatant lies that Washington and Israel use to cover their aggressions. Hitler claimed that Polish forces had crossed the frontier and attacked Germany. That is the excuse used by Israel and its puppets in the White House and Pentagon that blames Iran for Israel’s attack on Syria. When Washington and Israel are shameless in their lies, why does Russia think they are “partners” with whom agreements can be reached?

Eric Zuesse notes that only Syria and Russia complain about Washington’s illegal occupation of Syrian territory, an occupation that has no UN authorization and is a complete and total violation of international law, and Israel’s continual attacks on Syria. Washington’s continuing support for war against the legitimate government of Syria and support for Israeli and terrorist attacks on Syrian and Russian forces are undermining Russia’s efforts to bring peace to the region. Zuesse also notes that Washington and its UK puppet block all UN action against Washington’s illegality. http://rinf.com/alt-news/editorials/u-s-not-globally-condemned-military-occupation-syria/

Zuesse is correct. But is the continuation of Washington’s campaign against Syria and Russia largely the fault of Russia? Stephen Lendman makes a case that it is Russia’s fault. https://www.globalresearch.ca/russia-blasts-us-attack-on-syrian-and-allied-forces/5628740

Why? It appears to be the case that the Russian government is so anxious for Western approval that it ends its successful military campaigns before the job is finished. It was Putin himself who declared “victory” in Syria and withdrew some of the Russian military before clearing all of Syria of foreign and jihadist occupation, thus leaving in place US beachheads for renewing the conflict.

It couldn’t have taken more than two more weeks for Russia and Syria to liberate all of Syria from the US backed jihadists, but apparently Russia was afraid to annoy Washington that much and to risk contact with US personnel, even though Russia is in Syria legally under international law and the US is present illegally.

Again trusting to international law, the UN, and “our Western partners,” Russia quit prematurely. As Lendman says, the complaints by Zakharova, Lavrov, Russian Defense Ministry spokesmen, and Putin himself are based in absolute fact. But the question is, when will Russia learn, if ever, that facts and law make no difference whatsoever to Washington? Washington’s interest is in its hegemony over the world and in Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East.

Lendman makes the point that “As long as Russia maintains the myth of partnership with Washington instead of giving Washington a taste of its own medicine . . . conflict will likely continue escalating.” https://www.globalresearch.ca/russia-blasts-us-attack-on-syrian-and-allied-forces/5628740

Lendman might be correct judging by the reported heavy Israeli attacks on Syria on February 10 after Syrian air defences damaged Israel’s image of invincibility by shooting down one of Israel’s US-supplied war planes that was attacking Syria and reports that the conflict might be escalating and involving Iran. RT reports that the Kremlin is worried that the de-escalation zones are threatened and that Putin got on the telephone with Netanyahu urging restraint.

All of my life US presidents have been urging restraint on Israel to no effect whatsoever. Putin’s urges will have no more effect, unless Putin takes the card from Lendman’s playbook and tells the war criminal Netanyahu who heads the illegal Israeli state, which is based on land stolen at bayonet point from Palestinians, that any more of this and Russia will take Israel out. Lendman thinks that no other way of talking to the crazed zionist state, or to Washington, will have any effect, and history seems to be on Lendman’s side. http://stephenlendman.org/2018/02/syrian-air-defense-downs-israeli-f-16/ and http://stephenlendman.org/2018/02/israel-escalates-aggression-syria/

Either Russia is unsure of its power or Putin is prevented from using Russia’s power by the treasonous Atlanticist Integrationists who constitute Washington’s Fifth Column inside the Russian government and economy. It is a mystery why Putin tolerates a small handful of traitors who have minimal public support while the West and Israel become daily more aggressive against Russian national interests.

Putin sensibly avoids escalating a situation, but one gets the impression that there are constraints on Putin’s ability to stand up to Washington. The Saker identifies the problem as the pro-Washington “Atlanticist Integrationists” who for personal career reasons, personal business reasons, and because they are supported by Washington-financed NGOs and media inside Russia, have sold out Russian sovereignty to globalism. Putin, apparently, is unwilling or unable to move aside those who serve as Washington’s check on Russian nationalism, which prevents any real Russian victory. If the “Atlanticist Integrationists” inside Putin’s government are able to block more decisive responses, the question arises: how powerful, really, is Putin? Did Putin win Syria only to lose it to Washington and the Israelis? How can we imagine Putin, the head of a powerful state, on the telephone pleading with an Israeli war criminal who heads a tiny state? We know that Israel owns Washington, but does Israel own Russia also?

How many times did Putin announce victory in Syria, pull out, and then have to go back after Washington’s forces had recuperated? Why does Putin refuse the reincorporation of the breakaway Russian provinces in Ukraine? He allowed Crimea back in because of the Russian naval base, but he has refused the Russian provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk. Consequently, the Russian people in these provinces continue to be subject to attack, and Washington has now armed its Ukrainian nazi state with weapons to reconquer the breakaway republics.

This entire conflict, primed to grow in intensity, could have been stopped by Putin acknowledging the same overwhelming majority vote as occured in Crimea and reincorporating the provinces in Russia.The nazi government of Ukraine even with Washington and EU’s support is not so completely insane that it would attack Russia and expect to continue to exist.

Putin can entirely end the Ukrainian conflict by accepting the former Russian provinces back into Russia. We can understand that Putin might be thinking long term, as were the Soviet leaders who put Russian populations into Ukraine, to balance the Ukrainian state with Russian populations so that the West cannot completely turn Ukraine, a historic part of Russia herself, into a completely hostile state against which more military forces must be directed. Clearly Putin is a long term strategic thinker, but Russia’s fate and that of the rest of us will be decided in the short run.

We can also understand that Putin, by continuing to stress international law, is trying to bring Europe to the realization that Washington operates outside of and above law. Putin is wasting his time. For decades European leaders have been on Washington’s payroll. They don’t give a hoot about anything other than their bank balances.

The neoconservatives who rule in Washington believe that Putin’s removal will restore Washington’s hegemony over the world. They regard China as a country that will accept American leadership in exchange for riches. This is most likely a mistaken view of the Chinese government, but it serves to concentrate the attack on Russia, within whose government Washington has allies.

Can the Russian government successfully withstand Washington without Putin dispensing with the Atlanticist Integrationists?

I understand that the views expressed here might be wrong. Zuesse perhaps is wrong. Lendman is perhaps wrong. The Saker is perhaps wrong. And perhaps I am mistaken in my reading of them. No one should underestimate Putin. Nevertheless, Russia should be aware that she is perceived by neoconservative policymakers as a weak state lacking in courage that Washington, and even tiny Israel, can push around, as Washington has done since the collapse of the Soviet Union and as Israel is doing now in Syria. There is never any cost to Washington of blackening Russia’s eyes and Russia’s reputation. Russia’s passivity is inviting nuclear war or Russian surrender.

Whether or not Russia wants to acknowledge it, Russia is in a fight for her life. There is evidence that top Russian leaders are unaware of this. Sergei Chemezov says that Russia is willing to sell Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft system to Washington so Washington can learn how to defeat it and catch up with Russian military technology. Unless Chemezov is making a joke, there is a problem in his perception of reality. http://www.fort-russ.com/2018/02/head-of-rostech-us-may-buy-russias-s.html

Putin damaged himself with people who have a moral conscience when he met with the criminal-in-chief of the Israeli state and treated Netanyahu as if he were not a war criminal who belonged on the scaffold but a world leader worthy of Russia’s recognition. This act of folly deflated Putin’s reputation as a leader who stood for moral outcomes and not merely for self-interested, negotiated outcomes.

The world needs a leader. The hopes were on Putin.

The America-worshipping Russian Atlanticist Ingegrationists must have many screws loose to want to be part of degenerate Western civilization:





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NOW you’re talking, Paul and Stephen Lendman is absolutely “on target” !

BOTH Washington AND Israel must be given a taste of their own medicine and the “quicker the better”
for World Peace

I have stated that, about Washington and Tel Aviv many times in past comments


PCR should bear in mind that Russia is not the Soviet Union. He wants Russia to act like the Soviet Union would have acted. I am with him on the emotional level


And that is why Pres. Putin is an outstanding leader – he sticks to principles of international law and will not be provoked to ‘strike out’ for ephemeral emotional gratification.

Jaime Galarza

I don’t think PCR wants Russia to react “for ephemeral emotional gratification”. His perception is that a country can tolerate so much without putting in risk its own national security and/or its survival. He may be wrong or not. The risks one way or another are incalculable. Surely we are not Putin and do not have the intelligence he has got. We can only hope that Russia’s choice has been the best because the rest of the world is at stake too.


Never trust an American about WW2. Hitler has totally the right to attack Poland as Poland steal german lands helped by France and GB in WW1 to give access to the sea to Poland. North of Poland was inhabited by Germans. At the end of WW2, millions of Germans were expelled from north Poland.

WW1 and WW2 were planned by USA and GB.

The same way, in Syria, kurds are Polish. They grab lands helped by USA and GB and France to destroy Syria.


In fact, many Germans were expelled from what is now north Poland. At the time East Prussia was almost totally german ethnically. So was Pommern. Silesia had a more mixed pipulation.

At the Time USSR grabbed a lot of Eastern Poland, threw some 2 million Poles out of those lands. They were resettled in areas taken from Germans.


And USA and israel are 1 million times worst than Nazi Germany.

northerntruthseeker .

Only a “million”? I and others are no longer blinded by the massive propaganda of American jew spew “news” that still tries to paint the US as a “force for good” on the planet… The reality is that the US and Israel are quite possibly the most EVIL entities that this world has ever seen.


Putin is the leader of the Russian Federation – not the messiah some are trying to make him.


People are trying to make him to be a messiah because the world needs one and decent people are desperate..

northerntruthseeker .

This is true.. For people are waking up rapidly to the evils of the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal…. But most are looking for SOMEONE to take the leadership to stop that evil.


Indeed, I agree. But even a messiah can’t do much with the mass of apathetic people we have these days. But we need to lift our game. We need to become more aware, more decent, more insightful, more humane and compassionate (“compassionate” because otherwise we just replace the globalist banking tyranny with another type of tyranny). We can’t afford any more apathy, unawareness, and the blind leading the blind. If we do that, the messiah might have a chance!

Boris Kazlov

Desperation comes before the coming of the powerful one, he will bring joy except for the Jews.

Boris Kazlov

Right, but he is preparing the ground for the coming of the awaited one, jewel of righteousness.


You fools, it called new world order. Meaning one new government to rule entire earth. “United Nation”. Putin is best friend with Netanyahu and Kissinger who made UN what it is. He is one of the 7 governors of it. Now that Iran has signed with 5+1 and Germany (=7) Only thing standing in front of UN to rule the entire World is a sovereign Syria. Thats all. Nothing to do with Assad. If and when Syria agree to UN terms to fall under it, even he will be made a hero in the news. Who do you think is passing sensitive data, like S-300 codes? Dont you know not every one who gives you a helping hand is not your friend and every one who shits on you is not your enemy!


You fools, open your eyes. Its called new world order for a reason. Meaning one new government to rule
entire earth. “United Nation Organization” Putin is best friend with Netanyahu and
Kissinger who made UN what it is. He is one of the 7 structured governors of it.
Now that Iran has signed with 5+1 and Germany (=7) Only thing standing
in front of UN to rule the entire World is a sovereign Syria. Thats all.
Nothing to do with Assad. If and when Syria agree to UN terms to fall
under it, even he will be made a hero in the news. Who do you think is
passing sensitive data, like S-300 codes? Dont you know not every one
who gives you a helping hand is your friend; and not every one who shits
on you is your enemy! Syria does not see this and will fall by Erdogan and his best friend Putin who is selling him arms like the S-400.


You fools, open your eyes. Its called new world order for a reason. Meaning one new government to rule
entire earth. “United Nation Organization” Putin is best friend with Netanyahu and
Kissinger who made UN what it is. He is one of the 7 structured governors of it.
Now that Iran has signed with 5+1 and Germany (=7) Only thing standing
in front of UN to rule the entire World is a sovereign Syria and North Korea. Thats all.
Nothing to do with Assad. If and when Syria agree to UN terms to fall
under it, even he will be made a hero in the news. Who do you think is
passing sensitive data, like S-300 codes? Dont you know not every one
who gives you a helping hand is your friend; and not every one who shits
you is your enemy! Syria does not see this and will fall by Erdogan
and his best friend Putin who is selling him arms like the S-400. North Korea with his crazy leader wont stand a chance either.

You can call me Al

Silly fu….c….ker.


You are right ostrich, new world order is totally a conspiracy theory, Keep that head in the dirt.

You can call me Al

Hahahaha – yep, ok then.


We’re talking about the most powerful countries at each others throats and you think there’s going to be some one world government? Wow did you miss the memo.

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA tried it..but failed in Ukraine ( Crimea and Donbass are under Russia control) and Syria ( ISIS have been defeated and Al Qaeda/FSA are cornered)… attacks vs Petrol Price and Ruble+ sanctions…have not seriously affected the Russian economy!


The US instigated it all in the Ukraine but not all went to plan as the US has never really understood the bonds that exist on Post Soviet States.

northerntruthseeker .

When you consider that Crimea is Russian territory, the Donbas is basically just wanting their freedom from Ukrainian evil, and Syria actually invited the Russians in to save their nation from American/Israeli aggression, then you get the true picture…


“Adolf Hiter covered his “projection of power and dominance” and his
invasion of Poland with the same blatant lies that Washington and Israel
use to cover their aggressions. Hitler claimed that Polish forces had
crossed the frontier and attacked Germany.” THIS IS JUST DISINFORMATION AND BLATANT LIES, written by someone who has an agenda. The Germans had no choice but to invade, after facing years of guerilla-type warfare from the Poles who had constantly attacked villages on the German-side of the border. In addition to this the Czechs were attacking the ethnic German population, and massacring them in a bestial fashion, within the Sudaeten-land, the news, little of which or none at all which reached the newspapers of the Rothschild mafia owned media circus of the time and therefore was never printed…………..BUT does exist in German newspaper archives even today.


Do you have links to prove any of this?


Please refer to this link Richard. The Bromburg Massacre of about 5000 German civilians in Poland since the border were moved after WW1.



I wasn’t aware of it. I knew that there were border issues in multiple places. This is from a Wikipedia article on the topic:

“The emergence of the Nazi Party in Germany had an important impact on the city. Adolf Hitler revitalized the Völkisch movement, making an appeal to the German minority living outside of Germany’s post-World War I borders and recruiting its members for Nazi intelligence. It was Hitler’s explicit goal to create a Greater German State by annexing territories of other countries inhabited by German minorities.”

– Bloody Sunday (1939) –


It wouldn’t surprise me if there was some ethnic cleansing going on before the German invasion.


The ethnic cleansing by the Polish was joined by Jewish elements who were eager to take the lands of ethnic Germans.

Their descendant’s continue this tradition of land theft in Palestine today.


Florian, the ethnic cleansing of the Germans was headed by Jewish elements with the then NKVD. In fact the entire upper hierarchy was Jewish. The Poles didnn’t need their arms twisting as they were rabidly anti-german from the outset.


Yes, the Jews have a lot yet to answer for.


” the Poles who had constantly attacked villages on the German-side of the border.”


This is the reason the German Army entered Poland in 1939.


People tend to focus on minute details which isnt bad bad thing. I tend not too at times. Look at Russiagate, Russian aggression, Putin did it, the witch hunt of Russians around the world, the unending sanctions, false flags attacks blamed on Russia and its 2018. Now go back to the 1930s and instead of Russia put Germany..And suddenly WWII makes sense..


And the Zionist Jew is behind all of this deception.

northerntruthseeker .

ABSOLUTELY… And the fact that the psychotic Polish leadership was commanded by the French/British/American Jewish controlled governments to do those slaughters to anger the Germans enough that they had to invade to stop the murders…


The problem is that children are not taught inconvenient and comprehensive history in schools throughout most of Europe and in the US the only history they really learn is from Hollywood.

Our politicians are wilfully ignorant of history most of the time and the result is to condemn the British subjects ( that is of course the legal status of a British civilian) and citizens of Europe to fight in unnecessary and often contrived conflicts.

An unintended consequence of this has been the rise of the Aid Agencies who by the nature of the job,attract some paedophiles and deviants who prey on the dispossessed . Some of the OSCE staff in Ukraine have also frequented brothels , some with children, in the Government controlled areas as well.

This is all being exposed now . I have been protesting this disgrace to all who will listen for some years now and often have been told ‘its all nonsense’.

The Neo liberal pack of cards is now falling and with a fair wind will totally collapse soon I am sure.


Poland was foolish enough to cooperate with Hitler in taking Czech and Slovak lands in the regions Zilina and in the Slezko-Morava post-Munich. Poland was warned about this by the Soviets, so Stalin triple-crossed the Polish double-crossers (see 1934 Pilsudski-Hitler pact, Hitler’s first ally) with the Molotov Pact.


Poland was once a very powerful nation that was able to defeat the Muslim armies at the battle of Vienna with their Winged Horsemen.
The Poles saved Europe from occupation at that time.

R PLobo

Hitler was nothing more than a tool of the anglo/zionists just like Churchill. All the talk of Poland and oppression of German populations is just misdirection used to create a thin veneer of an excuse for war. The purpose of putting an Austrian corporal in charge of Germany was to run both the USSR and Germany into ruin. Which is exactly what happened and allowed the US occupied state to ascend to sole super power at the servitude of the zionists. Germany under the nazis was the hyper extension of capitalism . Capitalism and military expansionism are one in the same – the purpose of ww2 was always about the destruction and exploitation of Russia. The bonus for the occultists was to in turn completely neutralize European power and opposition to the banksters hegemon of the US dollar.


Stop talking bollox…………….. go read some history written by real scholars. Start with David Irving……………… come back when you’ve got a grip. Does the “Lobo” stand for Lobotomy ?


It’s almost the same bollox I learned in High School……


I have met David Irving a few times now . He is a very honest and principled man of great learning.


Oh lucky you, he came to my country and was imprisoned for 3 years ! The only way to support such a fabulous historian and scholar is to buy all his books ! I have started a collection of his works.


Yes, he has written a book about his incarceration in Austria. It is well worth reading.
I am currently reading one of his books called ‘The Mares Nest’, where he e describes the evolution of the V1 project.

It is fascinating and made all the more interesting due to his meticulous study of original documents and testimony of those who were involved, both friend and foe.

David Irving speaks fluent German of course.

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely… PCR pisses me off here in that he does not understand real history..

The Polish leadership was goaded in 1938-1939 to slaughter Germans living within their territory (areas handed over to Poland after World War I..) and that was being done by the Rothschild controlled French/British/American governments to have their excuse for war against Germany.

Germany’s only crime was that they were wildly successful in becoming a major world economic “miracle” during the time that the rest of the planet was under the Jewish caused “depression”… The damn Jews of course wanted Germany destroyed as a result and they used Poland as their bait…


” their excuse for war against Germany.”

I have always thought it odd that Britain signed a treaty with Poland in the 1920’s I think. British troops were stationed in Poland for a while after WW1 . They even had de-lousing facilities on the border with Russia and these were principally to de-louse Jews who were travelling West from what was at the time of Peter the Great , an area known as the Pale of Settlement where Jews were confined to.

I would think the treaty had much to do with the fellow travellers of Winston Churchill who were most unhappy with the Russian Revolution, that ironically was also a Jewish dominated regime :)


Bingo !………………. Not a lot of people know that !


“It couldn’t have taken more than two more weeks for Russia and Syria to liberate all of Syria from the US backed jihadists”

PCR has evidently taken a trip to the twilight zone. He’s questioning his own take on things in this article, as he should with statements like this.

Samantha Green

If he only counts ISIS and HTS then he is right enough, but not if he counts additional rebel groups, especially SDF, though they are not “jihadists”, so I accept that statement. They should have finished off ISIS.


Richard I think he is right. 2 weeks is an exaggeration but lets face it Russia pulled out its main force in Syria way too early. People have stated that it is because of elections and honestly I hope that the case..


I don’t think that Russian force structure in Syria has been changed much. And that these statements are mainly for public relations purposes, and that some troop rotation is normal.


It seems that many in the world are desperate to entice Russia into WW3. That of course of no benefit to anyone or anything on the planet.

Warfare is not a child’s video game played by adults. President Putin is a chess master and historian who realises that the hubris of an enemy is as damaging to his opponent as a missile, or even more so.

The latest crass and boorish actions by US Vice President Pence and the Prime Minister of Japan at opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic games being just one example.


I don’t see the negative sides of dropping 100 nuclear missiles in USA. I think it’s the only way that USA could understand.


That may be the case but if an alternative can be found that negates US aggressive power and frees all too many US citizens from perpetual flag waving and histrionics, we will all live to see brighter days and not a nuclear winter at best :)


As USA have nuclear weapons, there is no other alternative if USA wants war.
So, one must test if USA really wants nuclear war or is bluffing.

My guess is that they are bluffing because they will never fight in their own soil. They didn’t do that in WW1 and WW2. They want to fight in other lands so that there is no consequences for them.


I hope you are correct BUT there do appear to be some seriously mentally deranged people in positions of power in the US and Israel in particular.


Agreed, and these psychopaths are OWO, and not needed in the SG’s NWO, so the ‘outing’ continues in DC, EU, etc on all fronts from politics to military/intel to business, MSM, science, education etc… ‘out’ with the old, in with the new, and the SG doesn’t care about the death of the masses, that’s what they are there for… and the SG have their deep underground bases to stay safe… so WW3 is definitely in their plans.. but the people and masses are exceptionably disposable, especially after decades of dumbing them down and doping them up.. which is why their fake revolution memes aren’t working here.


Even in the US there is a struggle goin’ on….. perhaps they first want to find the mini-nukes that the AngloZionazis have hidden in their main cities….. could be a reason, but could be bullshit too……who knows…. but anyway you need time to take the Stinger out, don’t forget that it took some centuries to build the system….. you can’t demolish that overnight


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Yes, send in the bare footed Houthis … they can fight any enemy with an air force.

northerntruthseeker .

Considering the Russian arsenal is vastly greater than “100” nuclear missiles… The damage to America would definitely be far greater…

Raptar Driver

Not needed, sink a few aircraft carriers and the desired affect will be attained.

the teleprompter

At least the power-centers, like New Yawk and the District of Criminals would suffice to end this shit-show, maybe add Hollyweird to the list as well for all their contributions to this nations’ cultural rot.


100 nuclear weapons on the USA is either not enough, or too many.

A half-dozen nukes (to lower Manhattan, DC, Hollywood + a few for the continuity-of-government hidey-holes) would be positively beneficial to the US and world.

Unfortunately, dozens of innocent lives might be lost.


It’s so easy to say it for you. Such an ignorant person you are.Nukes won’t do much good to humanity. America is a rich place, it will be much needed. Americans though, are an arrogant nation. But they will learn to not be number ones soon. Wait for China… I think Russia is just taking the pressure until the Chinese are ready to spar with the US themselves. Then, the US will have an opponent of their stature, not another easy to bully country like the ones they choose to destroy usually.

John Brown

Collapsing the Jewish federal reserve dollar will do more damage to the USSA and the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire then 100 nuclear missiles and not harm the environment or innocent Americans. American Goyim slaves will have the chance to overthrow and bring to justice / take revenge on their racist supremacist Jewish slave masters for the black holocaust of 400 years of slavery and 100 million killed and enslaved, raped, tortured etc. by racist Jews and also for the total destruction of the USSA and countless American slaves killed in wars for Israel and racist Jews.

Samantha Green

However it would protect the rest of the galaxy from polluting human colonization.

You can call me Al

I totally agree; in my view they embarrassed themselves – it was a disgrace and embarrassing.

Floyd Hazzard

It would help if some of us buffoons realize that Russia and Syria is the last hope for humanity. Russia bows or Syria goes under and we all become slaves of the globalists. If Russia’s arsenal wasn’t built for a time like this, then why was it built? Of course we should all prefer peace, but not at the cost of global enslavement.


The Globalists are only around 8500 ( and 120 in the “Hard Core”) people that govern the World…… Why do Peoples need “Leaders” to “Save’m”?

Floyd Hazzard

But the few globalists have the power to enslave all of humanity. Look at George Soros, and the havoc he has wreaked with his colour revolutions and mass migration/land without borders line of thought. Look at all the fallout from Henry Kissinger doctrine. We are at the balancing point. Syria is not about a war for Syria, it’s much bigger than that. Syria is a war for all of humanity as we know it.


I know….. at least that’s the plan according to American Extremist ChristianAngloZioNaziDevilworshippers a step by step moviescipt as written in their altered bible…..but I don’t have the feelin’ that the whole World agrees with’m….. and would like to end existence here on this Planet, I ain’t planning on going to them Happy Huntinggrounds without a fight……..but I’d rather see some peaceful solution….. let these imbeciles shout…… those are just final death throes in my opinion….

Harold Smith

“If Russia’s arsenal wasn’t built for a time like this, then why was it built? Or when was it built for? These are the gravest of times. Of course we should all prefer peace, but not at the cost of global enslavement.”

Very well said. This is a very important point that I’ve also raised many times.

To elaborate on the gravity of the situation, I believe that Trump is a “deep cover” or “sleeper” agent that’s been “waiting in the wings” for his masters’ beck and call, which finally came at the end of the Obama administration.

With the agenda exposed like never before, with the U.S. sinking fast – economically, militarily, politically, and of course, morally – our masters’ agenda (of world domination and control) was in big trouble. And then along came deus ex machina, Teflon-Don-The-Con-Man (aka Orange Clown), to save the day for his desperate masters. (Several lines of reasoning convince me that Orange Clown was actually their candidate of choice in the 2016 election).

I believe the whole point of the Trump administration is to present an ultimatum to Russia and China: Either cede your sovereignty to the beast, disarm, and start taking orders, or it’s war. (I also believe that this scenario is the subject of Biblical prophecy).

Putin needs to address the problem in front of the world without the mealy-mouthed equivocation and patronizing rhetoric. He needs to demand that the U.S. government get out of Syria, for example.

He needs to bluntly tell “the people” of the U.S. that their Satanic government (which has become an “image of the beast”) is pushing for a world war, and that Russia will soon have no choice but to defend itself and its legitimate interests with force, if U.S. government evil cannot otherwise be restrained.

If I was Putin, I would announce to the world that the next American war crime in Syria will result in the launching of every nuke in Russia’s arsenal against America and Israel.

Harold Smith

Actually it is Russia’s long-standing “foreign policy” of appeasement, as much as anything else, that’s made WW3 a real possibility, if not inevitable. For years, rather than oppose the aggressors in any way, shape or form, not even with words, Russia did basically nothing (except tacitly support the aggressors)…and now look: the barbarians are at the gates.


Russian diplomacy and limited military involvements have thus far achieved colossal benefits for Syria, Iraq, and also that part of Ukraine currently besieged and shelled daily by Ukranian forces that wish to commit genocide for the American dollar.

All this whilst the US Coalition of the worlds parasites , including Israel, have done as much as they can to prevent the purging of US proxy terrorism from the Middle East in particular.

If you would really prefer the US style of diplomacy and WW3 Harold , you must be insane. The US people may not think it BUT her cities would look like Berlin in 1945 with the addition of roving gangs of survivors , looters ,murderers and rapists in a Mad Max situation. Hell on Earth.
And of course perfect KARMA. :)

Harold Smith

“If you would really prefer the US style of diplomacy and WW3 Harold , you must be insane.’

LOL! What a ridiculous statement. What I would “prefer” and the sad reality of the situation – which is beyond my control but not beyond my ability to understand – are two different things.

You’re actually going to pretend that the U.S. government is run by reasonable people? Or have you simply decided for the rest of the world that the soul-destroying slavery they will endure under the rule of the Satanic, messianic judeo-communist “New World Order” is preferable to death?

Any honest person who’s paying attention to current events can see that Russian “diplomacy”, marred by Putin’s apparent delusions, weakness and geopolitical gaffes, has achieved nothing but an unstable stalemate, whereupon the beast will seek to implement “plan B”, and if necessary, “plan C”, and on and on ad nauseum.

Apparently you refuse to look at the “big picture” here. Just to clue you in, the U.S. government is run by demon-possessed, jewish-supremacist madmen who are bent on world domination and control, or bust. These “people” are the deadly, implacable enemy of every decent person on earth. And they’re riding a tiger, but they’re slipping off. It seems clear that they will ride the tiger off of a cliff before they will fall off and be mauled to death by the tiger. IOW, they will not stop unless they are stopped by force. Period. The end.

I hope that clears things up for you.


I agree with most of your comments but surely the US voters themselves must take responsibility for the Zionist monster that also dictates to them ?
The general US populace are after all the greatest losers in this situation.

As for President Putin, I agree that he could instigate WW3 and destroy the
” jewish-supremacist madmen ” as you put it, but such instant gratification is an American trait and not a very realistic one at that.

In time we will know the outcome. IF we live to see it :)

Harold Smith

It’s not a matter of “gratification”; it’s a matter of legitimate self-defense.

Let’s face it, if it was anyone else other than Vladimir Putin calling the shots in Russia, we might not be corresponding right now. But as Putin has pointed out, he has a duty to “protect [his] people”, so it seems that if he is to live up to that duty, sooner or later he’s going to have to take some kind of decisive action, right?

The U.S. government was ready to start a nuclear war with Russia in 1962 over missiles in Cuba; and now here we are today and the shoe is not only on the other foot, but things are much, much worse.

The U.S. has surrounded Russia with hostile puppet governments; upgraded the fuzing on its SLBMs to take out (Russian) hard targets; the U.S. is building a missile “defense” system close to Russia’s borders involving MK-41 launchers that can also launch nuclear armed cruise missiles; it’s building up an offensive military force in Europe; arming and encouraging the rogue government in Ukraine; committing war crimes all over the place (murdering Russians in Syria); threatening to start a war on the Korean Peninsula; threatening Iran; threatening China; threatening Venezuela; illegally seizing Russian diplomatic property; increasing the already outrageous military spending; planning a trillion dollar upgrade to its nuclear arsenal; publishing policy papers naming Russia and China as enemies and openly declaring its goal of complete world domination and control, etc.

So here we are with madmen firmly in control of the U.S. “government” (notably including a traitorous, treasonous, mentally and morally defective, bloodthirsty, demon-possessed fool in the White House); the demonstrably complete and hopelessly irrevocable subversion of the political process in the U.S.; a majority of the American people so personally corrupt, brainwashed, etc., that they don’t see anything wrong anyway; and the complete breakdown of international law, diplomacy, etc.

How should reasonable people respond to this situation?


” But as Putin has pointed out, he has a duty to “protect [his] people”, ”

I agree that President Putin is in a difficult position but he realises his obligation to all all of the world, including those Americans such as you who know the reality of the demonic forces that now control America and her vassals.

Sentiment against the Zionists is changing slowly but surely. Will there be internal revolts in the US and vassal states in time prevent Armageddon ?

I am just pleased that President Putin is exploring all other options first.


Dropping 100 nuclear missiles into USA will be desastrous for USA. USA never fight in their own lands. When, the ennemies reach their borders, they always negociate.


When the Americans attacked Canada , even American settlers in Canada helped to kick out the American invaders.
This was pertly due to the brutality toward civilians by the invading american army.


Canadians and Americans are pretty the same except that Americans are religious fanatics. Canadians can defend themselfs and will be ruthless if USA tries to attack them.




At the time Canada was English and the war was between US and UK. The american settlers were UK loyalists resettled in what is now Ontario.


They were still American settlers with American citizenship nonetheless.
Many were not ‘loyalists’ first but Americans who were not happy with the rough style of the rule of law in America.


1/3 of Americans were revolutionaries, 1/3 were neutral and 1/3 were loyalists. After the war the loyalists were expelled to Canada. It wasn’t the rule of law, it was institutional discrimination and criminality violating the laws and principals that the revolution claimed to be based on.

The British outlawed slavery in 1815, it took a civil war 50 years later to end it in the US. And it persisted after the war in places for a while in various forms.


Except that dropping 100 nuclear missiles on the USA would make the planet rather cold and without sunlight for a longtime. Everything would be dead after that.

Samantha Green


You can call me Al

Personally, I think you need to see the bigger picture. Russia is basically surrounded, Syria will critical on the World stage – his No.2 priority, but No.1 is to make sure that Russia is secured.

Abuse me if you want, but after the lies, aggression and deceit of Nato = US, recently…….both in Syria and against Russia, he chose Russia WITHOUT ABANDONING SYRIA.

I don’t now for a fact, but I would guess that the Russian military complex is working 24/7 to supply the new military equipment.

I actually find this article extremely disrespectful and ignorant on the facts, but hey ho.


It is rather akin to those who were severely punished, even killed for suggesting that the world is round I think.



…from Russia Today, Moscow

– First published … February 11, 2018 –

Update: Russia is now reporting a radio call from
the pilot that he was having technical difficulties and was attempting
an emergency landing at a nearby airport.

[ Editor’s Note:
We were suspicious of this plane going down a day after we have solid
reports of Russian electronic warfare being used for the first time to
bust up an Israeli air attack on Syria, for the usual any damn reason
that they chose. We will have to wait and see what the black boxes say.

There was also a mention in a Sputnik article that the Israeli
spokesman claimed the attack on Syria was launched after the helicopter
that shot the drone down, was itself shot down. No photos or subsequent
reporting has emerged to support that claim… Jim W. Dean ]


If any country is is proven to have caused this disaster they will suffer grave consequence’s I am sure :)


Here’s hoping Bro’……..here’s hoping. Of one thing you can be sure, The FSB is very low key, when the culprits are identified, they will be dead before they hit the floor ! The Yids must be shitting gefilte fisch !


I know it sounds bizarre from this site’s prospective, but there are 2 solid reasons why Putin has officially withdrew from Syria: 1. Elections in March (by then he wants as less problems as possible); 2. The World Cup. Russia has never hosted a World Cup & they definitely don’t want to get kicked out of FIFA or lose the right for the Tournament, because of some external aggression against another country. While point 2 does not apply for Syria at all it definitely applies big time when it comes to Ukraine. This gives an opportunity for the nazi regime there to attack the people in Donetsk and Lugansk (as Ukraine hasn’t qualified for the World Cup and if the tournament doesn’t happen they have nothing to lose). After mid July though Putin will feel much less restrictions as of now.

Otherwise Putin is a KGB asset, so I don’t believe even for a second that he is as naive as Paul Craig Roberts thinks he is.


“Assets” are those who get recruited, no? Putin was a KGB officer. This is a big effing difference


Many people care nothing about football. I certainly do not.


Very weak analysis from PCR. Donbass is not Crimea. It was never the intention to make it a Russian territory, but to fire up an open conflict within Ukraine, therefore making it impossible for Ukraine to become a NATO member state.


It was to prevent the US fleets from taking over the port in Crimea.
The yanks even had the curtains and carpets measured and ordered after their illegal coup succeeded :)


I have seen many excuses here as to why Russia doesn’t act more forcefully and decisively in Syria: avoiding WWIII, Russia is in Syria to fight terror not to fight for Syria, Putin is the leader of Russia not Syria, Russia does not want to be baited having already won the Syrian conflict. While all this may be true without decisive action in Syria none of this will matter. What is the point of Russia fighting ISIS in Syria if the US simply replaces it with another group?
Presently Russia is not avoiding WWIII it it simply delaying it. People like to compare Russian action in Syria to a chess game but here is the problem. Chess is a game with rules and you cannot play it alone, Presently the US and Israel are moving all their pieces on the board as if they are queens and only Russia is obeying the rules.
I disagree with the authors take on the Ukraine but I agree with Lendmans take on Syria.If everyone in a community is breaking the law and not being punished then the only disadvantagous person is the one obeying the law..

Leon De Elias

I myself do not get why Putin let the fascist terrorist yanks,to terrorize any further Syria..


The Saratov Airlines plane crash sure
looks like retaliation and intimidation, as were the Sinai and Sochi
[Alexandrov Ensemble] plane crashes.
Not unlike the Germanwings plane crash was retaliation (intimidation) against Germany.


Or there is the possibility that Russia knew that Isis & Friends were under control…. nothing that the SAA & Friends couldn’t solve…. they have the time to strengthen their bond…. with Russia still on the background for backup… Meanwhile the US, Isisirael, the EU, NATO, Saudistan & some other affiliated numbnuts, are standing there (for the whole world to watch) with their pants on their knees….and it ain’t a pretty sight…..



Thank you Mr. Paul Craig Roberts. You have presented a very nice article which is consists on deep study, analysis and facts. Those that trust in UN, US and Israel will be losers.

Feudalism Victory

Unbelievable. Russia isnt some sort of communal resort to be thrown at the US as some sort of kamikaze.
If iran and turkey and syria want them out.so bad they need to man up and attack the vast array of american outposts and overwhelm them. Since when did two thousand soldeits become an overwhelming force?

Russia has a thermonuclear weapon of such enormous power that no one on Earth has, as Russia has the most powerful hypersonic missiles that can deliver nuclear charges anywhere in the world and not be discovered and shot down – but Russia is a peaceful country and no one in Russia wants attack anyone …. this is what drives Putin to try to negotiate with the West.

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