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Paul Craig Roberts: On the Verge of Nuclear War

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

One wonders if this latest extremely provocative and hostile accusation against Russia, supported by Washington’s empire, is the prelude to war. There is no basis whatsoever for the statement of the US Department of State that “on March 4, Russia used a military-grade nerve agent to attempt to murder a British citizen and his daughter in Salisbury.”

Considering the fact that no evidence has been presented that any nerve agent was involved, no evidence that it was a Russian nerve agent, and no evidence that Russia, or Putin himself according to the crazed British foreign secretary, is responsible, this accusation is the most reckless and irresponsible charge imaginable.

If the Russians do not now realize that the only terms on which they are acceptable to the West is as a vassal state of the West, they are beyond all hope and will be destroyed. If the Russian Atlanticist Integrationists continue to paralyze the Russian government, Russia is finished. There is no greater threat to Russia than its own Atlanticist Integrationists.

What will be Washington’s next orchestration through one of its vassal states, such as “Great” Britain? Can it get any worse? If the Russian government is realistic, it will expect an incoming nuclear ICBM strike. There is no other reason for the long collection of false charges against Russia except to prepare the insouciant Western peoples for war. If the Russian government does not realize that Washington is bringing war to Russia, the Russian government is endangering Russia’s survival.

If the Russian government continues to believe that “the door to dialogue is open,” the Russian government is deluded beyond repair.

The insouciant Western people, concerned with things of no consequence, sit in their stupidity while their corrupt politicians tell them lies. The populations of the West are so stupid that they do not have a clue as to the consequences of the lies that they are fed.

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John Whitehot

“The insouciant Western people, concerned with things of no consequence, sit in their stupidity while their corrupt politicians tell them lies. The populations of the West are so stupid that they do not have a clue as to the consequences of the lies that they are fed”

sad truth.


I reckon the novelty of seeing the horrors of war on television has worn off after Vietnam, made worse by the addictive allure of face book. And cute cat pics. Our real secret masters!

John Whitehot

on facebook i agree, but not on cats pics. i like them, and they don’t brainwash me in the slightest.


My cats would John :)


It goes the other way around.

Think they have the guttes to start a war where they risk losing everything? Where their +100 years of controlling the US and +200 of controlling the UK would be put to the gamble? Put themselves in a situation that cannot be reliably predicted?


Yes, and the consequence’s are of course death and destruction that would make British losses during WW1 and WW2 combined, a mere dress rehearsal for the nuclear horrors that our government risks today by spinning such a web of falsehood and lies that would not convince a small child. But sadly does convince all too many adults.


They would be losing their control over society if they engaged in significant nuclear attacks, just as Orwell predicted in that 1984 book. In addition to the loss of control, it would be hard for them to predict what happens next.

Even a limited war with Russia overseas would cause an economic collapse over muh nucular war fears and the british isles would face mass starvation really quickly once the petrodollar, currencies becomes worthless and trade stops because of the societal disruption.

Doubt they have the guttes to start it.


There are though fools in every country who would start a nuclear war based on lies and Britain has had many such fools in power throughout her history. Thankfully without nuclear weapons for most of the period.

And Britain still managed to plunder the globe.

Just imagine the carnage if the Crusaders had had nuclear weapons and ‘God on their side’. None of us would be alive today :)


I hate to say it but PCR proves to be a man of limited vision. I wonder what is his goal? 1. to tell Russia that they must just accept and agree to become a vassal state? 2.to tell Russia that a handful of paid Navalni supporters ( supported by soros) will manage to overturn the government of Russia? 3. Russia has no chance of survival as Washington is bringing war to Russia?
Dear Mr Roberts, there will be surprises. Do not expose your limited view so broadly. It is embarrassing. I understand, you are afraid for all the valid reasons. Turn to Washington and tell them about your fears. Russia is not the culprit here as you know. Russia has no need of forewarning and certainly is not afraid. The ball is in your court, not Russia’s.


No he speaks the truth .. you are wrong.


I never said he doesn’t, however, in such case what the hell does he want from Russia? Russia is not the agressor! Why he doesn’t sort out his own government?


“They… they will start a nuclear war if Russia don’t surrender !!”

In truth, if they start nuclear strikes on Russia, their hold on power would be catastrophically weakened. No more status quo, things be very unpredictable as western societies goes. So no.


“The populations of the West are so stupid that they do not have a clue as to the consequences of the lies that they are fed.”

That wouldn’t be my take on the situation. America First, which at it’s core is anti Jew and Israel first. Put Trump in office with 85% of the land and counties in the US voting for Trump. So Americans obviously get it. And now they’re waiting for Trump to deliver the goods. Which he is understandably having a tough time doing considering how Jew infested the US is. Which is why Judaism should be outlawed and the US and our planet dejudified to create a better world.


Why put you every week one shit article from mentally sick Craig about inevitable ww3???


Why do they allow you to spew your venom here every day?


Who is sick? Which part is he wrong . Tell us . We are all ears and let me rebuke you.l


No western politician want nuclear war.
You dont realize one thing. West does not need war with Russia. Russian economy does not develope. Putin = Brezhnev. Master of economical stagnation. Russian economy is extremly weak. Without expensive gas and oil is lost. You read also here, on this pro russian site, that the military industry is not able to keep the minimal amounts in schedule. And this will be worse wnd worse. Why should west begin war, when within 1 generation Russia will be much weaker?? In Russia there is no silicon walley, no development of modern technique. Putin tried, but nobody want go in Russia. The oligarschs put the stealed money in western banks. The russian politicians dont believe in the future of their country.
Again, why go in war, when russia is going in chaos? Putin, the dictator will not live long. Who will come? Putin is good in single one thing: balance the mighty clans in russia. Nothing else. He was not able (better he was not willing) to destroy those clans, which are the reason of stagnation of Russia. After Putin will come 2 factors: a) the next guy will not able to balance the clans. b) now is growing up a ne, prgmatic, technocratic generation. in 10-15 years will want might. They have no sweat words for oligarchs. The result of fight of these groups will pull down russia.

So, little naiv boy, west does not need war. similar, like did not need war with ussr. russia is 1/4 of ussr (inflluence, capabilities, etc.).
We can wait, and get everything without using of one bullet.

btw., who lose more in nuclear war? who is rich, or who is poor? ;)

i dont agree with yanks. but i know, they dont want nuclear war. they try to push back russia in yeltsin age. i dont like this. but thats all, what they do, and sure will not begin armageddon.


Sum up your post with simple words … it’s your imagination.
Russian economy is doing well and has record levels of gold even more than China.

Right now it is true Russia depends very much on oil and gas…and what the heck Russia is selling them well all over the world and pipelines are going everywhere from east to west all over.

You say no western politician want war … Bolton does . Trump by appointing him does (or maybe deep state forced him).

If west does not want war what the heck are they arming and expanding Nato all over around Russia and even China?

Your take on Putin not living long enough … pure bs. Talk about now when Putin is around and he is not going anywhere for the next 6 years which is a lifetime for those deep state .

Everything you see today from Ukraine to Syria all working in favour of Russia and against your western lovers.

Fact is the sudden anti Russia stance by the entire western alliance is indication as Craig has written , is towards a confrontational approach towards Russia first and then China later.

It is up to Russia to quickly form an alliance with China to survive the onslaught as with China , it would be a partnership made in heaven no power or combination of power can defeat.

This is what Putin should do … embrace China not those “partners” or “western colleagues” rubbish the world laugh at.

Russian agriculture has grown and wheat exports is worth more than military today .


Sorry, you are simply stupid. Eight billion tons of gold will not save russia. you and your horde always put in discussio megabullshit. i see, you know nothing about economy, about russia.
from my side the discussion is over. too low level for me. bye!


“Russian economy does not develope” you reaally! need to update specially in this one. Russia (after sanctions) is showing economic growth, Russia has become self sufficient concerning agriculture and food production and BTW one of a few countries that do not allow gene manipulated food. In contrast the US is drowning in debt you can easily check this (how US debt grows) in Google and will end up scared.


Well as I said before I will demolish any bs you post about Russia and this is one as you have no reply other than figments of your imagination.

Still cannot understand why after being here for so long your views continue to be on fake western news oriented .

Just why are you here? It must be very frustrating to read news that are all against your beliefs and g or cloobered every fake comments you make.



you should demolish your stupid brain, little child


Of course your assessments are based on your biases, you cannot factually prove that Russia is an economic decline, Russia weathered the sanctions and attacks on the ruble quite well, and it is developing its own industries from the basis of self sufficiency. Russia has ample natural resources and resourceful people to be able to move on the 21st century on a growth curve following a peaceful coexistence with its neighbors.

The slow deployments of naval armaments was caused by the Ukrainian embargo of turbine engines that necessitated the Russians to develop their own. Therefore only a few frigates have been deployed, the rest of the modernization of soviet capital ships is continuing on a pace possible as a result of the sanctions.

US wealth is deceiving since it is not based on tangible wealth that one can see and count, US wealth after WW2 was genuine, considering its economic and production capacity compared to world gdp. The reserve currency status of the dollar allowed the Fed to print money ad infinitum having multiple quantitative easing whereby trillions created by the click of a mouse ended up on Wall Street inflating prices to where they are today. Considering the size of the US economy, a large part of it does not produce much tangible assets, between the financial industry driven by Wall Street, the health care colossus controlled by big pharma and other special interests, and other services related to technology know how and upkeep…etc.

The renown high technology FANG, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, does not produce anything tangible that can help US industrial production, yet their valuation is worth over 3.5 trillion. How can FANG help the US effort in procuring weapons?

This is the problem with the Silicon Valley, currently they are fixated with the technology of autonomous driven vehicles and other foolish technological applications that have little value in a real world. Russia does not need a Silicon Valley that lives in reality of their own making instead of the actual reality everyone is living in.

The bottom line for US is that their wealth and economic prowess are mere illusions that will soon dissipate slowly, as the reserve currency status of the dollar declines and the life of sloth and plunder will not have the genuine resources to survive.

Virgil Cane

“The russian politicians dont believe in the future of their country.”


Russian politicians are animals. Did you ried what is happening in Kemerovo??? Nice mirror for russians politicians, also for Putin.

Monte George Jr

Yes, I read all about it. A shopping mall caught fire. Broken fire alarm. Some theater doors were locked at the time to prevent unpaid entry. Negligence & poor planning abounded. This could only happen in Putin’s Russia right? What keeps your ears apart?


no, fire alarm was taken off by security, when fire bega. the building was black made, not allowed by authorities. the secutrity closed the rescue exits. typical russian whorehouse.

Monte George Jr

A whorehouse? How do you know, were you born there?


Focus on facts, stupid ruskiecocksucker!


In Russia there is no silicon walley, no development of modern
technique. Putin tried, but nobody want go in Russia. The oligarschs put
the stealed money in western banks.

For a start,

please learn to write in English properly….you moron.


Well lately we hear less of Putin or Lavrov saying “our partners” or “colleagues” .

Guess these two got pies into their faces … flat

Before they had been saying these to the point of so being embarrassing.

Sepp Goldsteiner

Nuclear weapons don’t exist


Sure they dont lol & the world is flat & we never went to the moon & Elvis is still alive.

Sepp Goldsteiner

no, Elvis is not alive.


I think Sepp Goldsteiner meant they do not exist in Israel :) :)


Feudalism Victory

I had to look up insouciant.

Well back to the kardashians lol.


PCRoberts uses insouciant a lot in his articles.

John Brown

Russia and China understand well, its better to play nice verbally and publically while taking real concrete actions in the real world. China just launched teh Petro yuan with Russia’s help to destroy the Jewish federal reserve dollar, just as powerful an attack on the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire as an all out nuclear strike

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