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JUNE 2021

Paul Craig Roberts: “Does Russia Know What’s Up?”

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Paul Craig Roberts: "Does Russia Know What’s Up?"

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

I find myself wondering if Russia understands the Washington criminal with whom Russia is so desperate to negotiate peace and understanding.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is excited that Trump has invited Putin to the White House “to jointly curb the arms race.” https://www.rt.com/news/425699-lavrov-trump-meet-putin/

Of course the US military/security complex wants to curb an arms race in which Russia is 30 years ahead. Will the Russian government in all its delusions and romanticized view of the US and its vassals again be sucked into meaningless agreements that leave Russia exposed to annihilation?

How can Russia expect any agreement with Washington or any European country to mean anything when in front of Russia’s very eyes the US, alone in the world, is breaking the agreement the US made with Iran with regard to Iran’s enrichment of uranium? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYOnXL6R-B8&feature=youtu.be

Why does Lavrov want to negotiate another agreement with Washington that Washington will break as it has every other negotiated agreement with Russia since the Clinton regime. Does the Russian Foreign Ministry find it difficult to learn from experience?

Russia has the winning hand, but does not know how to play it. The caution with which the government operates encourages more provocations, whereas a more decisive policy would discourage provocations.

Washington interprets Russia’s conciliatory behavior as weakness, and now also so does the tiny country of Israel. Believe it or not, Israel has issued an ultimatum to Russia. Israel, a country so small that it can be wiped out by conventional weapons alone has now ordered the world’s primary military power to get out of the way of Israel’s illegal military attacks on Syria. http://www.investmentwatchblog.com/israeli-defense-minister-asks-russia-to-stand-down-syria-air-defenses-or-they-will-be-attacked-too/

A country that can be given an ultimatum by Israel, whose army was twice routed and utterly defeated by a small Lebanese militia, has no respect in the West. This is Russia’s problem. Even the militarily impotent British talk about going to war with Russia as if that is a riskless undertaking.

As long as the Russian government conveys indecisiveness and weakness in its responses to extreme provocations, the provocations will continue to push the world to World War 3.

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You can call me Al

No one on SF, AMN or RI needs “Paul Craig Roberts” telling us this. It wouldn’t surprise me, if he has checked out the comments section on here, copied the comments into a lengthy, windy article.

I am sorry, but unlike most of you, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.


If you do not trust it, it’s because you think it is maneuvered by the Zionists.

You can call me Al

Gee, maybe…. lol.

The US political establishment reminds me of good cop, bad cop, with many more bad cops.


I don’t think any good cop can fix their reputation anymore. We’ve been there before. It’s recent it’s Obama.
So long the USA don’t calls home their global occupation forces, fix the chaos it caused, and stop making white black black to white and hanging it’s war criminals there would be nothing changed.


Russia has a winning hand and it plays it intelligently, Paul Craig Roberts is foolish to think that Russia will be sucked in meaningless dialogue with Washington. US will bankrupt itself trying to catch up to the Russian weapon technology with a bloated and ineffective MIC.


John Helmer is talking about Kudrin pushing for more Western alignment. It is an interesting article and seems to fit with Laverov’s public interest in a summit.

My view is that the Russians will always talk even if there is no outcome to be had. This is a sane strategy to me.

Tudor Miron

Kudrin is a US (country level elites) stooge. If he comes back into power that will be a very bad sign for Russia.


Kudrin has major opponents from Putin’s inner circle (Sechin, Shoygu, Rogozin…etc), the formality to consider an economist for the possible Putin successor to see some easing in tensions with the west is plausible, however, Putin is not to going to acquiesce to the west for sanctions removal, when he has established the foundation of the SCO powerhouse and is establishing economic ties with more reliable allies.

Tudor Miron

Western hore… Well put.

Floyd Hazzard

America doesn’t need weapons. They have weaponized their currency and is currently squeezing this crap out of those who don’t fall in line.


Yet they still bankrupt itself.


We’re not going bankrupt. As long as the US dollar remains the global reserve currency, we can keep on spending on anything we want until Hell won’t have it. Huge deficits don’t matter if no one ever sends you the bills.


The US dollar will not remain the global reserve currency for more than a decade. Huge deficits require huge interest payments to be serviced, current 10 year treasury is at around 3%, as inflation starts heating up because of the tax cuts, trade wars and other factors, the treasury has to pay a significantly higher interest debt even as you kick the can and incur even more debt.
Currently the deficit of 21 trillion dollars requires +600 billion to make the interest payments.


Look money stop being money when they refuses to sell you things. Unfortunately that’s the direction the USA going.


US currency potency reflects its military potency, which is waning. Eurasia will not deal in dollars, US will have its stooges peddling its petrodollars, the time will come when the petrodollar will not be the choice reserve currency, and US will have to find ways to peddle
its paper, at a higher interest rate.

As far as Russian technological advances in weaponry, don’t kid yourself it can be used only as a deterrent, if a Russian hardliner comes to power and wants to play some hardball with the US, Russia will easily have the first strike capability against an aging and relatively obsolete US nuclear triad.


Well if you encounter this kind of rhetoric again just wake them up.
Credit Limit ≠ wealth
And purchasing power ≠ resources. This illusion are quite prevalent these days.

USA at the highest level authority know this which is why they keep bullying those that do not accept their dollars.
They can’t do that anymore to China in example.


China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela…..etc.
Chinese and Russian anti ship weapons exported third world countries would make third world countries give the finger to the petrodollar.

Trump is trying to bully China, however, China holds a winning hand as well, since the tariff war with the US would increase the inflation rate in the US necessitating higher interest rates, making US debt more expensive to service.


It once can. Now China has it’s own maritime forces to safeguards it’s trade and interest. For now only China are almost completely immune from every card the USA can use.


“I find myself wondering if Russia understands the Washington criminal
with whom Russia is so desperate to negotiate peace and understanding.”

“Will the Russian government in all its delusions and romanticized view
of the US and its vassals again be sucked into meaningless agreements
that leave Russia exposed to annihilation?”

I find myself wondering whether PCR is in full command of his senses?
Or whether he is delusional and senile to boot.
This guy cries wolf in every article.
And in the guise of “being pro-russian” spewes forth BS like a true ami lackey.
Enough of you dude.


Had the Same feeling…there are more that are starting to show their true Face.the more desperate the situation becomes for the West, gotta try somethin’ right?… but it is all pretty transparent…if they take it further they will drop their masks on the floor themselves…the Magic is gone with’m…Disinfo-agents…

Elisabeth Jenders

Surely Russia understands what is being played. But Russia has no audience to entertain and is acting in responsibility to their own people and all of humanity, not leading into WW3 which could mean the end of life on earth. It’s wisdom, not primitive impulses.


Putin looks at mending fences with west to revive Russia’s economy



Russia (Putin) knows way better than Paul Craig Roberts what is going on.


He may, but Putin is delusional in his belief merika will be friendly or wants to be friends… Putin is worse than some crack whore and her delusions.
I love Mr Putin but tell me he is not delusional when it comes to merika and being ‘friends’.
If you tell me he is not then you have no idea what merika is… none.


Talking about delusional, Putin’s neocon opponents in Europe and US are at the top of the list.

Harold Smith

Not necessarily. (BTW Vladimir Putin already publicly admitted he was wrong to trust the West).


Well at least he already admited that. That means he knows now…

M.A. Lamett

Not surprised by negative comments against PCR. He is looking at facts much more objectively than many commentators here. We need to accept that Russia is not a super power and certainly not a match to US. China is. Thus Russia as an underdog is behaving as expected.

Tudor Miron

Thing is that you’re right in some way. Russia is not yet on the same level of soveregnity where CCCP was. Some are quick to forget that 17 years ago (for more than a decade) Russia was under almost complete foreign control. Situation is changing very rapidly but Russia still didn’t restore 100% of its soveregnity.
China is planned by global elites as new center of concentration of power replacing US(UK) in this role. Russia according to that plan had to be already dismantled into dozen of souvenir states fighting each other in endless local wars.

Things didn’t go so smooth and China is not yet ready to assume that role and Russia refused to collapse.

PCR is simply working for global elites – polluting informational space with “Russia is weak” mantra.

It seems that both you and PCR are mixing things like trash talking before the boxing match with actual courage. That’s another notable difference between Russian and Western civilization mentality.

M.A. Lamett

Sorry for the enthusiastic bunch here, but Russia IMO does not have the things to be ever a super power again. Russia will possibly stay as a regional power. Nukes and hydrocarbons alone won’t make a super power. USSR was a superpower with socialist ideology and power projection. Russia today has 145 million population which is aging. Russia’s economy is tiny in global standards (equal to state of New York). Russia can not project its ideology, culture like US does. Russia does not have military bases all over the planet like US. Russia’s currency is not a reserve currency and will never be like the US Dollar, simply because of weak Russian economy. On contrary China is the only power besides US who can accomplish all the things I listed above. So the world is going towards a bi-polar world order, partitioned in between China and the US. Russia, if allowed to exist in the future in its current form and shape, will be not more than a regional power, similar to France, England, Poland, Turkey etc.

Tudor Miron

Nice speach :) I will get back to dismantle your illusions (or deliberate misinformation?) a bit later.

For now may I ask a couple of questions:

Who exactly is going to allow (or not) Russia to exist in its current form or shape?

Do you really compare England, Poland and France and Finland?! as the similar powers?

Please tell us – what is the size of economy of state of NY? How much of it is actual tangible products?


M.A. Lamett

Your answers:
1- The future super powers (US and China) will allow how far any country will stretch.
2-No I don’t. What I tried to say is that Russia will be a country in the league of regional powers, considering a sum of economy, military,population etc. For instance IMO Russia is in the same league with Brazil, but thanks to the real past super power USSR inheritance, Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal (which does not make Russia a super power though)
3-Just Google it.

Adam Kafei

While I agree that Russia will never be a super power again, I disagree with your reasoning that they are incapable of it. I would argue that they’ll never be a super power again because they have no desire to be one, they’ve done it before and it cost way too much of just about everything for little to no gain, why do that again?

Russia does have the potential, should it choose to, to become a global power and it’s already part way there having positioned itself as an honest broker in national and international affairs. There may be issues with power projection but if Russia decides to use their military for purposes beyond defence then they could produce that capability, but again, they have no interest in forcing themselves on the rest of the world the way America does.

On China, I don’t see China becoming a super power either, for similar reasons and while they are developing power projection capability they appear reluctant to make use of it outside their area of interest.

Yes the world appears to be becoming more multi-polar and Russia does have a large part to play in this, larger actually than China because China is happy enough to sit in it’s corner of the world and make money off anyone who will sign their contracts. Russia is the country that disagrees with America’s treatment of others, Russia is the country that opposes America actively on the world stage, China sits and abstains in an effort to not pick a side and upset the other powers.

In conclusion, don’t count Russia out simply because it won’t become a super power again, they can make a difference on a global level without all the drawbacks of super power status.


I hope the days of superpower are nearing the end. It is nothing to aspire to. It’s like a mega corporation. Yes there is a power, but is it a benefit to mankind or to an elite few?
If we want to see the book 1984 come to complete fruition the path of empire will get us there. Otherwise we need to stop purchasing big name products and reduce the malady of the corporate state, it is killing the world and everything in it. Russia seems to have learned a lot of lessons and many are turning to them to find the way to peace. You want a desolate wasteland turn to F.UK.US and co-conspirators.

M.A. Lamett

There will always be super powers as long as humanity exists. It is in the nature of humanity.


It is the nature of psychopaths to form immoral conspiracies to dominate any particular group. This is becoming more apparent to the mass of people and they are more than willing to see it end. In fact if it continues we will cease to exist.


So you said “China is” (superpower) yet they do not have an ideology, nor military bases worldwide, something you said is among the most important…

Russian ideology? Conservative, traditional values, something that many people in the west appreciate, unlike this aggressive, degenerated american quasiliberalism/globalism. What is Chinese ideology? Communism? Yeah right.

Of course Russia can be a superpower again. Economy is not even the most important factor: Germany was economically inferior to UK/France alliance, to USA, USSR…. need more examples? Prussia vs France, Rome and Carthage, Sparta and Athens etc etc… Russia covers about one-eighth of the world’s land surface, and all resources there. Economical potential like no other country in the world. That’s why the Empire is trying to subdue/destroy Russia, while they still can.

M.A. Lamett

Germany was economically inferior to UK/France alliance and Germany was NOT a super power. It was a military might though. Germany never fit into the criteria of a Super Power State. That is why Hitler wanted to invade the Sudeten Land and increase both the population and land mass to become a super power. It did not work. China will be (if not already is) the only next Super Power.


The U.S. is losing it’s Super-Power

M.A. Lamett

I don’t think so. US is losing the privilege of being the ONLY Super Power.


The Hegemony will be broken…there will be a strong East and a weakened West…People in the world have seen what happens when Usrael wants their Gold, Resources & a Puppet of their Own in counties Worldwide and many of’m are fed up of being the possible Next… Who would any longer take the chance of being invaded by America… you don’t want a Bully like that in your backyard…as soon as countries start to ask America to dismantle their bases..(probably the East will start with that) more will follow…


Russia is a superpower, because of its resources, scientific know how, self sufficiency, and military capabilities. The military bases, the ideology and so called power projection does not make US absolute, they were in control of a unipolar world for almost 3 decades, yes, they had certain advantages, however, such advantages are minimal or non existent in case of regional flare ups, like Syria.
US power projection is a Hollywood made movie, the reality of the matter is such projections occur against third world countries and not against peer powers….AKA superpowers.
As far as the dollar being the reserve currency, that is still so for a short while, until the deficit reaches 30 trillion and interest rates rise.
US MIC is incapable of producing any viable weapons that are effective, its fifth generation technology is rather fragile and easily rendered ineffective.
The Y generation is an inept and airheaded, unable to produce viable soldiers in case of a large scale war.
You claim Russia has a population of 145 million, yet out of that pool, the Russians can provide Y generation troops that are far more competent and resilient than the US counterparts by great margin.


PCR appears not to notice that the Russians are studiously polite not stupendously naive.

Floyd Hazzard

Long before Iran they broke the agreement with Russian leaders not to expand NATO eastwards and now sits on the very borders of Russia. Sooner or later Russian disintegration will be prominent on the agenda. And still the idiots in Moscow fawn about our western partners. The fate of Saddam and Ghadaffi that both reached agreements with the west doesn’t seem to translate into realism.
The west might take different roads to their destination, but that destination never changes.

Tudor Miron

Old news buddy :) desintigration agenda is played on for hundreds of years and it almost worked a couple of times but we’re still here. Obviously you don’t think that this is 1st time when hostile powers are on our borders. Old news buddy, old news.


Russia has the winning hand, but does not know how to play it. The caution with which the government operates encourages more provocations, whereas a more decisive policy would discourage provocations.

Mister Paul Graig Roberts… there seem to be some disinfo in your posts these days… you are assuming that Russia should act Strong & Powerful… a Bit of Shock & Awe Mentality… Russia ain’t America… The U.S. is Fading away… everything is goin’ very Fine…just according to plan….We the Russians don’t Need or Want any War.. for it is Not in Our Benefit… We know what the West thinks of Us… so we chose to play a Different Ballgame…OUR BALLGAME…the Longer this Theatrical American Drama Lasts… the Worse it Will get for Shithole Governments of the West… Have it your Way Satanic Fucktards… Say Bye…Bye to your Dollar….


I don’t agree. With holding back & playing it ‘cool’, Russia is encouraging the US & Israhel to become ever bolder and push the world to the brink of Armageddon, a PCR calls it.

The Us & Israhel are assuming Russia’s new weapons are bluff, or in any case far from battle ready, so feel they can make more or less fun of Russia.

As for the US’s fading – and Israhel’s too, by the way – that is true but in the process the ‘Empire’ a lot of damage is still capable of inflicting a lot of damage, which is what gets forgotten.


Sure a Lion in his Final Death Throes still a powerful Animal with Sharp Claws, but the same goes for Russia & China… Putin is not out for Total annihilation of the World… so the choice is up to America what they want… they can push the Buttons whenever they feel like it… if we are on a Plane and the Pilot decides to Kill himself… then we are pretty much fucked…or do you happen to be a pilot…? I’m not really worried about anything they’ll decide… Giving back the Earth to Nature will be a positive thing for me personally too…


Relax Paul. Read “War and Peace” by Tolstoy for fun and enlightenment.

John Whitehot

“Will the Russian government in all its delusions and romanticized view of the US and its vassals again be sucked into meaningless agreements that leave Russia exposed to annihilation?”


no, i mean, seriously.


Perhaps the US, UK, and the dogs it keep have to learn how to propagandize from the ground up again.

It doesn’t work if they keep changing it’s lies each day passing.

Brad Isherwood

Pat Buchanan gets a few punches in,
Philip Giraldi,
Recently a UK journalist got ended/banned ….for criticising Israhell.
Holy Shit Batman!…..Indians getting slaughtered while the railroad went west had more Public compassion their direction ….than of Today’s dumbed down sheeple.
Sure PCR is drama queen and exaggerate. ..
Putin and Grinning Offshore Banking Mullahs couldn’t give a @t about Syria .
It’s about surviving the money transition as Global USD $$ declines vs Euro and basket currency.
Russia in the driver’s seat on Energy is developing Eurasia while Chi Coms evolve from Military state control to Oligarchy and profits.
Empire Britannia reached Asia,…got the narcotics and spices.
Oil changed the world later as US had oil driven ships vs coal. .
Today. ..the US controls the world.
They decide if some nation gets war or just sanctions.
Russia is controlled by Jews who couldn’t give a RIP about the nation’s people.
There is talk about WW 3…
Lol…not happening….Criminal Bankers and Oligarchs are having way to much fun making profits.
They have to accept that other smaller Corporations will party on what falls from their table.

PCR should focus on Charlotte Iserbyt and the Dumbing down of America.
Divorce. …high debt post education,…
High unemployment. ..
Eviscerated US Constitution.
America is finito. …..Enjoy the Mexico.
The Cop car from the Transformer Movie series. ..
“To Punish…..and Enslave”

I can’t even find Python snake skinned Cowboys boots anymore…..@$#& : (


PCR does not understand that Russians are desperately trying another world war… every century – another western ‘crusade’, each more devastating than the previous one, and this time Russia would be alone not just against the US and Israel, but against all Nato countries (including Turkey), even those ‘neutral’ euro countries like Sweden (utterly poisoned by russophobia), Ukraine of course, Japan, Australia, Saudis (and all muslim countries paid by Saudis). Half of the world basically. China? Who knows, Siberia is very tempting… Chinese are cautious, their new ‘elites’ making huge money trading with the west, they are not ready to go against the US (yet). Russia is alone.

Russia is not USSR, USSR had their own vassals, powerful military industry, zillion tanks near Frankfurt… while today- there are American tanks near St. Petersburg! Best weapons or not, Russia cannot win a conventional war with the west: 4 weeks- probably, 4 months- maybe, 4 years? No way. Russia has not enough people nor industry to defeat the Empire. Putin is rational, not delusional.

Why/how would you even fight a conventional war? Losing your nuclear subs (primary targets), instantly diminish your strategic (nuclear) capability. So if you decide to go to war, it means nuclear, but IF you decide to go nuclear, don’t go to conventional war in the first place: just wait for a perfect moment and strike them with everything you have (*90% of everything). 4th July fireworks perhaps? Unfortunately, they’ll retaliate, you can’t destroy all of their strategic assets. So you cannot win that either.

Nor you can appease them, that I agree, they don’t even hide their main global strategic objective is destruction of Russia. I doubt they’ll risk an open war, they are not that crazy(?), they are trying to destroy Russia from within, another (coloured) revolution, another 1917, 1991…. Just look at Armenia today…

So what can you do? SURVIVE, until something (globally) change. Trump supposed to be that change, but that failed…. wait for something else. And survive.

Tudor Miron

We were always alone. When Hitler invaded he already aqquired most of Europe’s productive resources. If someone really thinks that USA/UK were on Russian side you’re stack in illusory world. USA/UK simply joined the winning side to grab their piece. But they actually financed both sides and that’s actually them who sent Hitler towards Russia.

Brad Isherwood

Stalin was a F’ing Moron.
He had decimated the Officer Corp in purges.
During operation Barbarrosa. …Germany obliterated Russia’s Western airforces and armies
Different estimates:(Germany)

Soviet Union
*Almost 918,000 killed, wounded and missing.[3]
*700,000 killed, 604,000 wounded, 36,000 missing.[4]
2,093 aircraft.[5]At least 802,191 killed,[6]unknown wounded, and some 3,300,000 captured.[3][7]
21,200 aircraft

By the way….Family member HNG Isherwood [151 Wing]….went with 2 Squadrons of
Battle of Britian veterans with Hurricane Trophy IIb’s to Murmansk and then to Vaenga
They scored well vs JG 77 Me 109s and KG 30.
15+ kills vs 1 Hurricane.
Handing the aircraft off to Russia in late Fall.

Mamayev Kurgan is the perfect Signature of Mother Russia and her Enduring People.
The People defeated the Nazis. …while Leadership and Commanders ordered them to impossible objectives.
Having the trash Jews back at the Top of the feeding cycle is depressing indeed.
Is Russia Cursed by God Almighty that Jews rule them?
Another Family member landed D Day+6…..and in less than 2 months their Sherman tank
Brigade was decimated.
In the Pacific in 1945….a US Fletcher class destroyer and Flag of Des/Div 98
was damaged at Okinawa by a Kamikaze.
Some of the surviving crew were on a Hospital Ship…days later….a Kamikaze angered into the ship wiping out operstion theatres and post injured.
Several of DD 520’s crew perished on that hospital ship.
Meeting the crew of DD 520 at naval reunions and their homes showed me The Measure of resolve** …which was the greatest generation.

I have pause with Putin/Lavrov…..they don’t measure up to the 1940s Valor*


We were always alone.

you were never. from the first day you got mountains of weapons, vehicles, etc. otherwise you had no chance.


Unfortunately, putin and the rest of his minions in the kremlin are still mostly left over cold war relics…
They don’t want a end to the cold war either(the buffer boundary and ukraine, georgia, are perfect examples of this).

It will probably be another 20 years before we have meaningful peace in the world on all sides….

Tudor Miron

OK, so all this mess in the world today is again Putin’s fault? Because ” putin and the rest of his minions in the kremlin are still mostly left over cold war relics…” Lol

Brad Isherwood

Putin owes no one anything. …
So ya…He’s in Syria to fight terrorists.
Well….he’s never F’ing leaving ever….Cuz Saudi, Turk,Jordan,US,and Israhell will keep the terrorist coming in for decades.
Syria as you see it is partitioned. …..stewed, screwed and Tatoo’d
I understand Putin would rather fight the Empire game in Syria vs Chechnya 3.0

I like the Hologram scene from the recent Star Wars Jedi movie.
Where the Military builders sell weapons to the First Order….and the Rebels.
That’s what’s playing out in Syria.
Iran probably wants the crazy to stay in Syria too, ….hence why Israhell can bugger the
IRGC all the live long day. …..And Tehran grinning Mullahs do nothing.

I have to give Soviet Era Russia and those Tough mutha F’cker Vietnamese the Award for
True Resistance to Empire and resolve.

Vietnam would never have made it to Victory… …under Putin/Lavrov.


Why bother talking to brainless creatures? Let them learn the hard way. Does it really matter what they say? Do you really care to please them? Let them swell in their own sickness.

Tudor Miron

Fair enough. Honestly, I’m not talking to them but rather to others that might read. Do you think I should ignore Brad Isherwood posts where he’s trying to be clever and look like friend of Russia, while picking facts out of context and spreading lies? I will leave it up to your decision, Milady.


Good point! I truly admire your love, respect and patience for LIFE in any form and appearance. I have decided not to speak to people I do not respect.

Tudor Miron

Thank you.


Easy. If they bringing up a good point then don’t. If they make a lot of lies or misdirection then block them. If they only want reaction typical of kids making then block them.

Pick apart their post to find out what’s their real goal is.


yes, if the leader of so called mightest country of the world is weak, then yes, he is guilty and also responsible for the mess. OOOOOOR, ussr, pardon russia is not mighty and then should not play such games. go home, grow up, become strong and come back in the civilisation.

btw., you FSB agent, never opend your dirty, bear-shit smelling mouth against ruskie ologarch, who destroy your country 1000x more effectively than usa or wall street. buy a kalashnikov and go, kill them.


Sorry not sure of PCR’s credentials as a warmonger but he is certainly building a case for inclusion in that group lately. One does not start WW III over a handful of fake CW victims filmed professionally. In the same way one does not start WW III on the timetable of those provoking it with actual death and mayhem. If anyone can start, win and finish WW III without any chance for retaliation it could be Russia. You want to see that?


I think Russians know full well who are they dealing with. Putin himself commented after last US elections that in Washington politicians change while policy stays the same. Ever since US butchered it’s way on the world geo political stage in mid 1800s and especially after acquiring excess to the Pacific US thought of Russia as the biggest global rival. 70 years of Communism was just a nice excuse for an anti Russian policy that was already almost a century old – just google Teddy Roosevelt and the origins of Russo Japanese war. The reason why Putin and Lavrov try to maintain some kind of dialog with the US has to do with the peculiar rules of fighting WW3 – proxy hot war on multiple fronts with direct diplomatic and more importantly economic confrontation between the warring parties. Russian strategy is to fight one hot proxy war at the time with minimal cost of cash and life lost. On the economical front they are trying to counter US sanctions as best they can by: a) diverting it’s trade towards friendly and/or non belligerent countries, b) trying to snatch trade partners from NATO block, like Germany, Italy, Turkey etc and c) trying to make the whole weaponized sanctions strategy equally as painful for the US, but also for the US allies caught in the middle, i.e. most EU countries. Even with the propaganda might of MSM behind it US still has to dance the diplomatic waltz trying to present itself as “the champion of democracy” i.e. they need to manufacture pretexts and false flags as a cover for their aggressive policy and at least pretend to want political solutions. Russia has for it’s part pretend to be a willing dance partner in order to be able to counter some US political/propaganda moves and buy as much time as possible. All the while anyone with half a brain and decent internet connection has figured out long ago that what we’re witnessing now is not a diplomatic or geopolitical confrontation but a full fledged world war. And the main objective in a world war is not to look good or sound smart on TV – it’s to be the last one standing when the gong goes off…


PCR is increasingly becoming another one of the Russia bashing arm chair generals common on these boards. For whom Russia is being humiliated for allowing the Jew world order criminals to commit crimes against humanity. He comes across as schizophrenic as he warns that the west is on the verge of starting WWlll, but then criticizes Russia for not being aggressive enough in escalating belligerence with the Jew world order psychopaths. That in itself risks starting WWlll also. It’s called talking out of both sides of your mouth.

And like so many of the sand box commanders here playing in their fantasy world with their green plastic army men carrying out their Rambo plans. PCR doesn’t offer solutions of what his Rambo plans are, only criticism for Russian patience, skill, tact and diplomacy that is WINNING THE WAR in Syria.

The Latin Mass

Russia has 100 billion+ in jewamerica war bonds (US debt), there is no way Putin is going to risk that for a war with jewamerica, if Russia sells that, then maybe war is coming. But Russia continues to buy US war bonds.

Putin is zionist and doing the same thing Hitler did in Poland and France, win. Hitler was a Rothschild Weimar Republic agent.


US Treasury securities are the equivalent of cash and can be sold anytime before redemption to anyone who will buy them. That has zero to do with your allegations of Putin being a Zionist.

As far as your conspiracy hypothesis, you’l have to provide credible evidence to prove that. So far you’ve provided zero evidence. Which taken into consideration of what you have posted, makes you a lying Zionist shill.

George King

Both Putin and Lavrov have stated the obvious and declared US non agreeable capable. This should clear up a lot of the confusion I see in comments. PCR points out the dangers he sees in trusting these non agreeable capable sic partners, see first sentence. I could point out how PCR stands on this issue in many related articles which deserve consideration in understanding this paradox.

“It is up to Europe whether or not the Earth dies in nuclear Armageddon”.
European governments do not realize their potential to save the world from Washington’s aggression, because the western Europeans are accustomed to being Washington’s vassal states since the end of World War 2, and the eastern and central Europeans have accepted Washington’s vassalage since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Vassalage pays well if all the costs are not counted.

By joining NATO, the eastern and central Europeans permitted Washington to move US military presence to Russia’s borders. This military presence on Russia’s borders gave Washington undue confidence that Russia also could be coerced into a vassal state existence. Despite the dire fate of the two finest armies ever assembled—Napoleon’s Grand Army and that of Germany’s Wehrmacht—Washington hasn’t learned that the two rules of warfare are: (1) Don’t march on Russia. (2) Don’t march on Russia.

Because of Europe’s subservience to Washington, Washington is unlikely to learn this lesson before Washington marches on Russia. We once more need to refer to Putin’s words which he does not feel the need to reiterate ad nauseam to a non agreeable capable audience nor to those paying attention.

Addressing another part of the article is important here although none of the comments seem to notice or evaluate.

“The inability of the Russian government to comprehend the US/Israeli/neoconservative alliance and what this means for the Middle East, together with the indecisiveness of the Russian government about supplying Syria with the S-300 air defense system, has enabled the crisis to escalate with last night’s as of yet unclaimed attack on Syrian military positions with what appears to have been “bunker buster” bombs, an escalation.

The attacks last night killed Iranians, and the next attack might kill Russian military personnel. At some point the Russian government might tire of its humiliation, in which case Israeli and US aircraft will begin falling from the sky and attacks on “rebel” positions will claim US lives.

The Russian government’s inability to comprehend that peace is not the Israeli/American agenda and that neither in the US nor Israel is there any good will on which Russia can build an agreement to bring peace to Syria and the Middle East means the crisis will continue to build until war is upon us.”

One must consider the expression “to give one enough rope to hang oneself”.

The Israelis took off from a base in Jordan 3x F 15’s and they married up with US F 15’s that were cleared by the Russians for attacks on the Takfiri. The Israelis were using the same frequency and IFF channels as the American f 15’s so the Russians believed they were US F 15’s, then the Israelis broke off from that formation and launched the strikes at the 2 targets they needed to refuel so they married that up with a waiting tanker over Iraq and returned.

US claims no participation in this false flag attempt to provoke, it could not have been acted out with out their participation at least by some faction of the US military under whose control?

When the time is right a no fly zone will be enforced, it is already established by Ruissia’s capabilities and present in theater).


The Russians can start shooting Israhelly and NATO Birds from the Syrian Skies… that ain’t too bad… they are crossing sovereign territory.. and it could also be Missiles Right? Oops! we thought we noticed another missile attack on our radars… you can always say sorry if you want to…

Ricky Miller

I too find it disturbing that Russia would be so eager to talk about arms reductions or limitations. The U.S. withdrew from the ABM treaty just when Russia had reduced her warhead armaments to a level which would leave the remainder vulnerable to missile interception. The U.S. failed to destroy/reprocess plutonium even though Russia did, under treaty. This gives the U.S. a materials head start in warhead production. The U.S. regularly violates the UN Charter and leads attacks on small countries, regardless of Russia’s security interests. The U.S. is now trying to sabotage Russia’s economy and hurt ordinary Russian laborers and consumers, all the punish Russia for not behaving like a vassal. Powers that be in Moscow should have their heads and souls examined for selling out their own people and independent future if they come to any sort of agreement with an over and over again untrustworthy state actor like Washington D.C (district of cunning liars.)

The Latin Mass

Russia has no hand. Russia wants to be the handler, but is being exposed time and time again.


Do you still believe Mister Paul?


You have no brain.. exposed time and time again.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia has a priority it is to wipe out terrorist from pockets ( Damascus,Homs,Hama,Dara)…once this task is finished.. we will see if Israel&USA wants a war there vs Iran!

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA and Gulf states failed in Syrian arab spring revolution made it to expel Russian base of Tartus and to build gas pipelines to EU through Syria…but once SAA defeated Sunni terrorist brands( from moderates to ISIS)… have appeared Iran and Shia militias to stay there and to protect Syria!…for Israel this is the incoming Shia Army more powerful than Hezbollah in 2006!..especially if they have S-300 & Pantsir..Thousands of Rockets, heavy artilley,ATGM, Drones and Missiles to use vs Israel from Iran, lebanon and Syria!…


If you want to find out why Russia is playing it’s cards very carefully read the article I have linked to below. This article will explain everything.


However, something does need to be done to prevent the neocons from sleep walking us into a war with Iran. The reason the neocons get away with this is because there is no war debate within the US.

We need to stop the sleep walk march toward war.

Therefore, the best way for Russia to cause a such debate would be to airlift a Division of combat troops into the Damascas airport, and then announce that they are in possession of tactical nuclear weapons.

The stock market would crash. Congress would demand that Trump observe the War Powers provision that gives only Congress the ability to go to war. Americans would ask themselves … do we need yet another war in the Middle East? For Israel ? With more US dead soldiers (4,500 and still counting) ?
And not a single Israeli casualty ?


Russia is actually punching far above it’s weight in Syria. There is no way Russia can handle the US and its western allies, Isreal, Turkey and the Saudi Bloc at the same time, not without resorting to nuclear weapons.

Russia would lose a conventional fight very badly, and they certainly don’t want nuclear war and mutual anhillation, so they have to be very restrained. ThevRussThe are hoping they can preserve their gains in Syria without getting into a military fight with any of the outside players.

I do agree with the point of this article, in that the Russians are being very naive about the situation. They must convince the US and Isreali public that war will mean death by nuclear fire. American and Isreali citizens have been kept in the dark by their media. They don’t know what their governments are getting them into. Basically Russia needs to look a lot crazier and aalot more prideful than they do now. If the US and Isreali public really believe that war = nuclear anhillation, they will put pressure on their politicians and reign them in.

Russia must stop pussyfooting around. Put the nuclear forces on full alert. Mobilize everything. Begin nuclear attack drills in the cities. Do it all publicly. Address the US and Isreali public directly. Forget the UN.

Russia has two choices: stand up to this aggression or accept defeat and humiliation in Syria, followed by Ukraine, and ultimately the end of the Putin/nationalist direction for Russia. Russia must stand up now or become a broken, weak lackey of the West later.

M.A. Lamett

“Russia must stop pussyfooting around. Put the nuclear forces on full
alert. Mobilize everything. Begin nuclear attack drills in the cities.
Do it all publicly. Address the US and Isreali public directly. Forget
the UN.”
Do you really believe that Russia should all this. I don’t think what you say is real-politik. Kremlin knows it and they will act in the future exactly the way they are acting today. Russia will do nothing more than it is doing right now, unless attacked militarily. Besides Russia is one of the best friends of Israel. I would recommend you to read Andrew Korybko’s article showing that the relationship in between both countries had never been as good as today. I don’t think Russia is after being a Super Power. Russia IMO wants to see a multi polar world order where there is not one single bully bossing around. There will be without any doubt a multi polar world in the near future, but I believe it will be a Bi-polar world, where China and US are the real bosses.


This is the only way. Putin is not enough forceable. The beginning was good, but he daunted in Ankara during meeting with Obama. then removed planes, began with stupid negotiations. The beginning was good. If russia was enough stress the fact, that Syria is russian ally and all countries are target for russian nuclear weapons which allow to attack jihadists from their soil, west would understand and accept. Russia was not able to say cleraly: we, and only we will be in syria, all other troops and mercenaries will be eliminated. And should use chemical weapons. in desert there are no civilians. clean killing of barefoot jihadists. and stress, the next level will be tactical nuclear weapons. alsa against jihadi camps in neiborhood countries. be sure, yanks and their friends would understand. of course, they would shout, but what? putin forfeited the effect of surprize and momentum. he is stupid little suit filedl with shit and fear.


To Mr. Roberts:

If Moscow seems a little blasé about the color revolution that just occurred in Albania, if Lavrov seems a little more generous than usual in his chirpy statement about the President Putin/Trump meeting, if China has acted a bit out of character of late by blinding a US pilot with a laser over the horn of Africa…

It is because the Chinese/Russian/Iranian alliance no longer has any options on the table for dealing with War State maneuvers that aren’t *kinetic*, to borrow the War State’s sanitised terminology.

The Putin administration has already referred to Washington as ‘not-agreement-capable’, which is one step above calling someone retarded in Russian parlance I’m told.

They know the POTUS is only in charge of window dressing and maniquin displays at the deep state store. And has little to do with management, sales, or human resources at that highly peculiar place of retail business, where feudalism is the only thing for sale, and everyone else’s job is to figure out how much sugar to add to keep people from throwing up.

Putin knows that Trump will be coming to the meeting empty handed and trying to soft sell a war on Iran.

“Did you see how I almost cut funding for the white helmets!?!” “Now give me the Caspian!” Trump will undoubtedly blather over velvet-chocolate cake.

Did you know that the SDF proxy force just got into a slugging match with Assad’s army near the Euphrates last week? It wasn’t even reported in any of the Western media I monitor. Supposedly there were US casualties.

Did you know that the Israeli strike in Hama using US penatration bombs probably wasn’t launched from Israel? Or that it may have been launched from Iraq through Turkish airspace?
The Russians haven’t even lodged a complaint.

Everyone’s pretending to still think peace is cool while they mull the best first strike targets.


the Chinese/Russian/Iranian alliance

there is no such alliance. they have simply some common issues and interestt. but also not the same, if wee look at each pair of this trinity.


The relationship can only grow into something much stronger as the United snakes tightens it’s coils ever tighter around the throats of each. Remember when the stationing of Russian bombers in Iran was against the Iranian Constitution? That was less than 2 years ago. China threatening US pilots in the south China Sea is one thing, but on the coast of Africa?- that’s new, and very out of character (yes, I know China denies the incident).


In Africa there is conflict between yanks and chinse. :)


I understand what you want to say, but Iran is teocratic state and neither Russia, nor China do not want tight connections with them. Russia has constant fear correctly!) of chinese expansion in far east. Therefore the best russian (earlier soviet) units are located nearby chinese border. As fast is CChina gorwing, within 1 generation these two countries will be not in one basket. For russia is essential to accept, they will never be the ones, who will regulate this plnet. And after that choose, where they want to belong: Europe or Asia. Eurasia does not exists, these theories are like opium dust. In the medieval age russians has chosen Asia. From times of ivan the terrible try to make orientation in western direction, but it is difficult, becouse they want be the prime. If they will accept, that russia is only 1 member of european community, will also enter EU. and this would be good for the whole europe (alone without usa), world, and for russia.


Robert, robert, you are sooooo much stupid!!!

YOU SHOULD understand 2 things:
1) russians are enough clever to full understand, what want washington
2) russia is too weak to do anything serious against West.


Sod off braindead moron.

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