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Paul Craig Roberts: “Democracy Is Fighting to Survive the Rise of Western Authoritarianism”

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

The European peoples whose governments were paid to sell out the sovereignty of their nations to the EU are experiencing great difficulties in being permitted to govern themselves.

As the result of Italians’ frustration with the self-serving elite who have ruled Italy for decades, the recent democratic elections in Italy brought to power two anti-establishment political parties, Five-Star and Lega (League), that have solid majorities in both houses. However, the Italian president, an operative for the EU, attempted to appoint the prime minister independently of the election results, tried to himself appoint a “technocratic cabinet” that would ignore the democratic outcome, and succeeded in blocking the anti-establishment winners of the election from forming a government for three months.

EU official Gunther Oettinger said that it was “not acceptable” for Italians to vote for anti-establishment parties and threatened Italians with financial destabilization that would “teach them how to vote.”

Previously, in the wake of the international economic crisis brought on by the “banks too big to fail,” the Italians and the Greeks attempted to govern themselves democratically, but it was not permitted. The European Commission appointed Mario Monti, a banker, to be Italy’s prime minister. Monti, a member of Goldman Sachs Board of International Advisers, European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, and a member of the Bilderberg Group, was appointed by the elite, not elected by the people. His cabinet did not include a single elected politician.
(See my book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism.)

Greece suffered the same fate of having an unelected banker appointed prime minister of Greece. Later when the Greeks succeeded in electing an anti-establishment government, the EU used economic threats and punishments to prevent the Greek government from governing.

In the US the Democratic Party, presstitute media, and the security agencies have made a strenuous effort to overturn the election of Donald Trump. They have failed to evict him from office, but they have turned him away from his goal of normalizing relations with Russia and withdrawing militarily from the Middle East. In effect, Trump has been forced into the position of being the agent for what he campaigned against.

In the West and among Western funded NGOs that operate in Russia and China, there is mindless talk about Russian and Chinese authoritarianism. Yet, democracy is far more alive in Russia and within the Chinese Communist Party that it is in the West.

Western democracy has been dying for a long time. In the course of forming the EU, populations in some countries voted down membership. The vote was not permitted to stand. After a period of propaganda to instill fear of being “excluded from Europe,” populatons were made to vote again. In this way they were strong-armed into sacrificing sovereignty to the EU.

It remains to be seen if the British vote to exit the EU will actually be implemented.

The Western elites despise democracy. They tolerate it only as a cover for their self-dealing when it can be manipulated to serve their interests. The Russians who want to join Western Democracy are clearly lacking in understanding.

Considering the seeds of crisis that the self-serving policies of the Western elites have sowed, the responses to the crises will be calls for and acceptance of authoritarian rule. It is entirely possible that the democratic era is approaching its end.

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“The Western elites despise democracy. They tolerate it only as a cover for their self-dealing when it can be manipulated to serve their interests. The Russians who want to join Western Democracy are clearly lacking in understanding.”

This wouldn’t be my take. PCR is peddling disinfo. The Russians are well aware of how western politics work. And are far more tolerant of political system differences than the hegemony obsessed Jew world order governments seeking to enslave humanity with their Talmud rabbinical cult ideology.

PCR is constantly harping on his the Russians are ignorant and Putin is a pussy nonsense. That any rational observer of contemporary politics can see is fallacious.

S Melanson

You took the words right out of my mouth.


Again PCR is right. In the west, you can vote only for the filtred candidates. You can have your freedom of speech only to say what it is allowed. The west is a dead society.

S Melanson

Correct, although PCR is mistaken when he says that democracy has been dying for a long time. Democracy is already dead and has been for a long time. What is different is this truth is increasingly apparent to an awakening public.


Trump was the exception, but then largely caved in to the Jew world order establishment.


Yeah Trump was just another controlled candidate, initially planned as a comedy relief, like one of those bad guys from wrestling, just to spice up the elections… and the glorious queen Hillary was predestined to win.

But instead, Trump refused to take a dive, and people accepted him as their champion against the establisment. Another proof that even Americans are tired of this insane, ‘pol-correct’, quasiliberal totalitarianism. Same with Brexit. That’s why these ‘elites’ are so hysterical, their slaves said – NO. For the first time (and the last?). That’s why they increased media indoctrination even more. Next time they will be more careful.


I don’t think that Trump ever intended to take a dive or that the Jews and their collaborators expected him to. It’s why I voted for him and have supported him. Even if I’ve criticized some of his actions. They took him seriously from day 1, and once he started winning primary elections with landslides. They ramped up the anti Trump vilification.

The problem is Jews and Judaism. Yes they have collaborators, they always do, it’s how they operate. And the planet has other problems besides Jews. But they’re the primary one that needs to be dealt with which will make other problems easier to resolve as well. Judaism needs to be outlawed so that the planet can have a better future. Including former Jews who don’t die during the dejudification process. Which if it’s handled properly shouldn’t be very many.


Only israelis can vote freely and say what they want.

If Palestinians vote Hamas, it is not democracy but if israelis vote Likud, it is. If Iranians vote Rouhani, it is not democracy. If Americans vote Trump it is.

So, when the game is rigged, the better way not to loose is not to play and play another game.

S Melanson



The EU is literally the new Soviet Union, they allow democracy but only for approved EU-puppets. It always makes me laugh when some pro-EU pressitute from the BBC, CNN etc smugly bemoans at the North Koreans or Chinese for their ‘democracy’ but is so obviously blind to their own tyranny.

paul ( original )

The EU may turn out to be much worse than the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union Russia still existed. I live in the UK and with ever increasing pace England is being destroyed . I don’t just mean this is some theoretical sense but in the actual displacement and removal of its people.


All without so much as a peep from the queen. Not one.

paul ( original )

The more I think about it and the more I learn the more convinced I become that no part of the establishment has ever had any regard for the common people of England. We as just either the workforce in time of peace or the infantry in time of war. In this judgement I include all the monarchs going back to the Norman Conquest. No politician escapes this judgement with may be one exception who I think you can guess. We have the wrong definition of treason. Basically treason is seen as betrayal of the ruling class, I say treason is betrayal of the people and it is the ruling class who are responsible.


I prefer your definition of treason. The elites are corrupt swine.

I think there was still something personal about the monarch. The losses of the kingdom he saw as personal dangers and, arguably, the king had some kind of proprietary interest in the kingdom in a way that people like Ryan, McConnell, Bush, Clintons, etc. do not. Not my idea and FWIW but there’s no gainsaying the complete — and I do mean complete — absence of concern for the native people of Europe on the part of the politicians. What’s being done drips with venom and hatred and words like “multiculturalism” and “diversity” are insulting in their intent to paint extinguishment as an advance on the flawed present.

I saw something on the web (SOTW) about how the Normans had been vicious in their takeover of England and then it went on to show names and photos of their descendants, the implication being that their avarice and cruelty was in the entire line. Makes ya think. That said, Henry II did great work in making the king’s courts common throughout the land and providing superior justice than was available in the manorial courts. A political master stroke.

A propos my first point, I’ve read some of the Anglo-Saxon assizes if I have the term for mandatory meetings every three weeks or so of the Hundreds. The shire reeve was the royal official and subjects could press charges against criminals which were acted on by the reeve. These frequent meetings were inputs for the king to keep a finger on the pulse of the nation. I think it is a clever way of staying in touch with the people. I’m not aware of the existence of records of reports from these assizes so maybe I’m reading things into them. Still, I like to try to bear in mind that just because people didn’t enjoy the benefits of science and medicine that doesn’t mean they were stupid.

S Melanson

The Russian’s who want to join Western Democracy collect CIA paychecks as practically every Russian (and 99% of the world population) sees Western democracy for what it is – a sham.

PCR’s breathtaking claim, without providing any evidence, has us believe that Russia wants to be like the Western Democracies, despite having no idea of what it is she seeks to emulate. Since Russians have an IQ over ten, we can file PCR’s latest ‘fantastic’ story under the heading ‘Fairy Tales of Wonder that are beyond belief’.

Well if Putin does not understand Western Democracy, he showed an understanding of the Western ‘exported’ version during a press conference January 2006, with then President Bush. Bush, somehow with a straight face, told Putin he hoped Russia would follow the lead of Iraq in developing into a true democracy, although acknowledging that it would be a Russian style democracy. Putin smiled to the press in the room and then with a deadpan delivery – well we certainly do not want the kind of democracy that is in Iraq. This caused the media to break out into a roar of laughter.

The US as the messiah bringing democracy to the nations of the world, even if,it means ramming it down their throats, has other ‘success’ stories besides Iraq; Afghanistan, Libya and if Russia had not intervened, Syria. I would think Russia would give the US free reign to topple the brutal regime of Assad so that Syria can embrace Western democratic values, you know, the ones Russia admires and wants to emulate, but hasn’t a clue what they are about.

Getting back to the real world…

If Putin understood enough the exported democracy version to not want it, I am sure he understood perfectly well the home grown version of Western democracy. No thanks.


It’s like that, the difference from before is that the Western people have woken up and are on the march. We have made Christianity, enlightenment, communism, 68, today we are dominated by Jewish financial lobbies and secret services. Let’s do another revolution and change history.

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