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JUNE 2021

Paul Craig Roberts: De Facto Travel Restrictions Now Exist For Americans

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

Dear Friends, I apologize for dumping this on you at Christmas, a time for peace and joy. But these are the facts. We can ignore them only at our peril.

De Facto Travel Restrictions Now Exist For Americans

Green Party presidential Candidate Jill Stein is being investigated by the Senate Intelligence (sic) Committee for “Russian connections.”

What has brought Russiagate to Jill Stein? The answer is that she attended the 10th Anniversary RT dinner in Moscow as did the notorious “Russian collaborator” US General Michael Flynn. RT is a news organization, a far better one than exists in the West, but if you were one of the many accomplished people who attended the anniversary dinner, you are regarded by Republican Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina as a possible Kremlin agent. http://russia-insider.com/en/anti-russian-witch-hunt-comes-jill-stein-because-she-once-sat-next-putin-and-flynn/ri21998

Paul Craig Roberts: De Facto Travel Restrictions Now Exist For Americans

What is going on here? Stein sums it up: “we must guard against the potential for these investigations to be used to intimidate and silence principled opposition to the political establishment.”

Here I sit considering two interesting invitations. One is to speak at the main Plenary Session of the Moscow Economic Forum in April. The other is to speak at the Summit for Global Challenges in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan in May. The very minute I accept, the NSA will notify its mouthpieces, the New York Times, PropOrNot’s promoter the Washington Post, Senator Burr, and Special Russiagate Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Would I be renditioned to Israel or Eqypt or Saudi Arabia and tortured until I confessed that I was a member of the Trump-Flynn-Jill Stein Kremlin spy network?

As the United States is no longer a free country governed by a Constitution that protects civil liberty, that possibility cannot be discounted. What is for sure is that if I accept these invitations, the US Establishment will discredit my voice when I write about US/Russia relations. Indeed, that was the intention of the PropOrNot Washington Post story that attacked 200 truth-tellers as “Russian agents/dupes.” Many of those so attacked have experienced slower growth in their readership. After all, Americans and Europeans are insouciant. They are actually sufficiently stupid to believe what governments and print and TV media tell them.

I, too, was invited to RT’s 10th Anniversary celebration in Moscow. Imagining the celebration would be grand balls in palaces and myself, decked out in white tie with my French Legion of Honor dancing with those beautiful RT women, I almost accepted. But I learned in time that the event was conferences and speeches and decided to forego a Moscow winter.

Otherwise I would be in the dock with Trump, Flynn, and Jill Stein and whomever the Washington Gestapo settles on next.

Russiagate is an orchestrated hoax. That has now become so aparent that even insouciant Americans are catching on, even those low IQ ones who sit in front of TV news. I often disparage Congress, but here is a member who is admirable, Republican Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/12/boom-rep-jim-jordan-goes-nuclear-rod-rosenstein-trump-hating-fbi-agent-peter-strzok-video/

Watch the short video and delight in the power and force with which Rep. Jordan goes after the piece of crap US deputy attorney general the Twitter President has in office. When the President of the United States has to rely on a congressman to call out the Justice Department and the FBI for its criminal actions and for its treason to overthrow both democracy and the elected government of the United States, you know we have elected a president who is too scared to defend himself. Roger Stone is correct, if Trump were a real man, Mueller, Comey, Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the criminal scum would be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for their vast crimes, crimes that exceed those of anyone in prison today.

But Trump is nothing but talk. No action.

How much longer can I give interviews to Russian and Iranian media before the Washington Gestapo gives me a midnight knock on my door.

Whatever America is, it is not a free country.

If Trump wants to make America great again, he must shatter the CIA, FBI, NSA, and media into a thousand pieces. The concentrated power that President Eisenhower warned Americans about in 1961 is far too great for liberty to survive.

Instead, the weakest president in American history actually read the speech handed to him by the ruling neocon military/security complex and declared Russia and China inimical to Washington’s interests.

Americans are too insouciant to understand it, but this was a declaration of war against two countries, which when combined are more than a match for Washington.

Neither Russia nor China, much less an alliance between them, will accept Washington’s hegemony.

If the hubris-crazed fools in Washington persist, we are all going to die.

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Mr Roberts has again explained in a clear and easy to read format the dire situation that exists in the USA where the power of politicised MSM trivia over many decades has drugged much of the US population who are now stupefied by faux ‘American Exceptionalism and American Military Heroes’.


My assumption is that Trump probably has skeletons in the closet of the felony type that are a factor in the political mix. But he isn’t alone in that if that’s the case. History isn’t written by perfect people. It’s written by people who get things done for better or worse. That’s the way life is.


More than likely, Trump wants to avoid BEING the skeleton anywhere andddddddd seeks to avoid the JFK scenario offered to him by the Deep State.


Yes, that’s part of it.

Tony B.

Trump (Drumpf) has been a Rothschild prostitute from day one. Just like Hillary and anyone else in the U.S. who can get their name on a ballot. His father was a Jewish money man as is Trump. Bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothschild cabal which makes him a lifetime prostitute, wholly owned.
Pretty simple, actually, to figure out his moves, because he doesn’t have any. He will always just do what the cabal demands.


Well-stated Paul and this from you: “But Trump is nothing but talk. No action.” means you are “cut from the same cloth” as myself, a 77 year old from an Irish REBEL family, who has been in this fight, in the Americas, since the late 1960’s , “around the block” MANY times and learned from my Parents generation that “Actions speak louder than words” and TRUMP’S actions and inactions “speak” VERY loudly

Keep up the fight


“If the hubris-crazed fools in Washington persist, we are all going to die.”

It’s amazing how when proof is provided in the open, such as the grilling of Rosenstein by Representative Jordan, the Deep State’s representative resists the call to defend the Constitution of the US and do the obvious, appoint a special investigator. They’ve expended so much into the Russophobia bs, that they now look completely ridiculous in their attempts deny the obvious to all but the dumbest Americans. So what will the Deep State do to take the heat off? North Korea anyone? Unfortunately for the planet, Russia & China aren’t going to allow that to happen sooooooooo….. Will life on the planet cease to exist because the Deep State got caught in it’s mass deception and interference in the election process. Yes It wasn’t Russia that interfered in the US elections, it was the Deep State that did and, as usual, projected it onto Russia.

Matt Lazarus

Americans haven’t a clue about what’s happening in world today, and this includes US foreign policy establishment, Pentagon, mainstream media (NYTimes, Washington Post, LA Times), neocons, and “Deep State” (CIA & NSA). The speed with which China is developing, both economically and militarily, boggles the mind, and there’s nothing US can do about this. Russian Federation has shown it’s ready to intervene militarily where its interests are at stake. The Middle East, including closest allies of US (Saudi and Israeli regimes) is in disarray — a mess of America’s own making. Without knowing what it was doing, US actions contributed to creation of Iran-Iraq-Syria-Qatar-Turkey alliance. With these dizzying changes, US foreign policy specialists have fallen back on only paradigm they’ve ever really known and understood–i.e. the Cold War paradigm. Ergo, Russians are THE enemy. This is simply proof of their ignorance and stupidity, and does nothing to explain the complex chessboard of what has become a post-American world.

Tony B.

Judging “Americans” by the Rothschild kept media is a common error around here. Check out your own citizens.

Lazy Gamer

Russia should have kept its distance from people who had reasonable views. And maybe keep a tight leash on all oligarchs and parties who want to have the magnitsky act removed. There’s a proper process for it anyway.

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