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JUNE 2021

Paul Craig Roberts: Can Nuclear War Be Avoided?

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared on paulcraigroberts.org

Two factors are driving the world to nuclear war. One is the constant stream of insults, false accusations and broken agreements that the West has been dumping on Russia year after year. The other is Russia’s response, or, perhaps more correctly, the lack thereof.

Articles documenting Washington’s betrayals and provocations of Russia are available online and on my website. There is no point in repeating them here.

I have pointed out that the Russian government’s factual, diplomatic, and legal responses actually produce more provocations and insults. See, for example, https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/03/17/war-is-on-the-horizon/ Stephen Lendman agrees (http://stephenlendman.org/2018/03/russia-expelling-23-uk-diplomats-way-inadequate/ ) and so does Peter Koenig ( https://thesaker.is/russias-reaction-to-the-insults-of-the-west-is-political-suicide/ ).

Russia has two alternatives to the self-defeating response the government has chosen. One, recommended by Peter Koenig and myself, is to turn her back on the West, cleanse herself of all Western embassies, businesses, media, and NGOs, and cease relying on Western communication systems and bank clearing mechanisms. The West has nothing Russia needs. The West is exhausted and corrupt. The future lies in the East of which Russia is a part. Russia should focus on the partnership with China and relationships in the East and simply stop responding to blatantly false accusations and provocative insults.

Russia can be part of the West only if Russia surrenders to Washington’s hegemony. One would have thought that by now the Russian government would have figured out that Washington is determined to marginalize and isolate Russia, discredit Russia’s government, dislodge Putin and install a puppet like May, Macron, and Merkel, and failing these efforts to push Russia to the point that her only alternatives are to surrender or go to war.

Did it ever occur to the diplomat Lavrov and low-key Putin that the President of Russia would be called a murderer by a British foreign secretary on the basis of a fabrication created by the British government?

Are Lavrov and Putin finally getting the message that it is self-defeating to appeal to facts and law when the West has no respect for either and regards recourse to facts and law as signs of weakness and fear?

What is Russia going to do when Lavrov or Putin travel abroad on some diplomatic or state mission and one or the other or both are seized and charged with war crimes or some other fabricated offense? It can’t happen, you say? Yes it can happen. Preparation for such an event is one of the reasons that Washington crafts the portrait of Russia’s President as “the new Hitler.” Pre-emptive arrest and execution are US policy.

For years Washington has been kidnapping Russians in other countries outside US legal jurisdiction (Israel is the only other country to get away with imposing the extra-territoriality of its illegal edicts). Roman Seleznev, son of a member of the Russian Duma, was kidnapped in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean by the US and put on trial in the US for hacking credit cards. Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot was kidnaped by Washington in Liberia and charged with cocaine smuggling, a principle activity of the CIA. Evgeny Buryakov was sentenced for gathering economic intelligence, a routine activity of economists and diplomats. Viktor Bout was seized by Washington in Thailand and sentenced for selling weapons to rebels, an “offense” the US has committed throughout the world and is committing today on a large scale in the Middle East. Considering the high frame-up rate of US “justice,” we have no way of knowing if these trials are anything more than show trials to teach Russia the lesson that Russian citizens are safe nowhere.

Russia’s other alternative to the self-defeating one the government has chosen is to hit back hard. Lendman suggests that when US or Israeli attacks on Syria kill Russians, Russia should destroy the bases from which the attacks originated and simply quit worrying about whether the necessary retaliation kills Americans and Israelis. Why are Americans and Israelis more important than Russians and Syrians? Does the Russian government believe the propaganda about Americans being “exceptional and indispensable” and the Israelis being “God’s chosen people?”

Perhaps a better way of showing force would be for Russia to call a meeting of the UN Security Council at which Russia could make a presentation along these lines:

Confront the US and its vassals with the long list of the treaties and agreements broken and ignored by the US and now by the UK.

Confront the US and its vassals with the long list of hostile and unsupported accusations against Russia and the West’s refusal to resolve the issues on a factual, evidential basis.

Confront the US and its vassals with the fact that neither Russia nor the US and its allies believe one word of the accusations which are intended to serve Washington’s hegemony by marginalizing and isolating Russia.

Confront the US and its vassals with the fact that similar demonizations of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad led to military invasions of their countries. Ask if the US and its vassals are preparing their populations for a military attack on Russia.

Confront the US and its vassals with the fact that the tension between the nuclear superpowers is far higher than during the Cold War of the 20th century and that the lies and mendacity of the US government have completely destroyed Russian trust in Washington.

Confront the US and its vassals with the fact that during the Cold War there were numerous false warnings of incoming enemy ICBMs, but that as the two governments were working to reduce tensions, neither side believed the warnings, whereas today the situation is far different. In view of the extraordinary hostility displayed toward Russia by the US and its vassals, Russia cannot take a chance that a warning is false. As the US and its vassals are targeted by Russian nuclear forces, the West has the world on a course of destruction. Is this what Washington and its vassals want? Is the choice Washington’s hegemony or death? Ask Washington’s vassals why they support this insane choice.

For so long Americans have laughed at the cartoon picture of the bearded man holding his sign, “The End Is Near,” that Americans probably cannot intelligently respond to a warning no matter who gives it.

Similarly, Western policymakers are so demented and the presstitute media so corrupt that the response to a Russian approach to the UN as outlined above would be used as proof of the West’s anti-Russian propaganda. The headlines would read: “Russia Threatens the World With Nuclear War.”

Therefore, it seems that the only alternative is for Russia to turn her back—but not her eyes—on the West and to find her future in the East.

All indications are that Russia is unwilling to do this. For the Russian government, being a part of the West is more important than life itself.

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“I have pointed out that the Russian government’s factual, diplomatic, and legal responses actually produce more provocations and insults.” Exactly. Psychos from WashingtonDC see this as a sign of weakness.


More important is how the American People see this…. they are the ones that can take’m back to their mental institution..

Richard M

Most are compliant slack jawed sheep who can tell you all about Kardashians, Dancing With The Stars, Trevor Noah, their favorite Basketball star’s stats, but could not find Syria, Russia, China or even USA on a world map. What to speak of having any concept of world events. As for political views, all they “know” is what Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and similar airheads tell them.


Yeah they bred them well over the Centuries… Europe pretty much the same. Everyone staring at his iPhone… it’s just like breeding milkcows…..you don’t want to have Fighting bulls to milk……..

Richard M

I criticized Fuhrerin Mutti Merkel on a story about Germany. Some Beamter named Blattbanff, or something like that, told me everything is wunderbar in Merkel’s Reich. LOL


Here in Holland we had a vote two days ago….whether or not Cops & Intelligence could Tap the internet of every Citizen in Holland (to fight ISIS)…and use the information legally (tapping illegally already happens for years here, just like 24/7 videosurveillance by cameras, from home to work). You are still free to chose whether or not you want to be chipped… but that will change in a couple of years I suppose. The No Voters have won… guess what…. they still are going to adapt that Law… Why ask us to Vote????!!! Just implement your Big Brother Sh*t and don’t bother us with it…. saves paper…throw me in prison for visiting Non Governmental Approved sites…


comment imagecomment imagecomment image

Richard M

Similar to US. Here everyone is tapped, except terrorists and mentally disturbed teen school shooters. The results can’t be used in court without a warrant so “parallel construction” is used where the guilt is the start and the investigation is only to find evidence to be used in court.


Another article by Paul Craig Roberts on how the world is going to end blah blah blah blah. He must be a right laugh at parties.


Try reading Agenda 21………………. I dare ya, and then we’ll see how many hoots you screech. Try the Talmud ,and see what’s in store for you……………. you’ll find that a barrel of laughs too.


Russia’s response to Jew world order criminality is winning the war in Syria and building alliances like the SCO, BRICS, and on a nation by nation basis with important partners like Egypt. The world doesn’t revolve around NATO, Israel and the GCC. Most people, including in the west, see Jew world order criminality and hypocrisy for what it is. It is the west’s responsibility to get it’s own house in order, not Russia’s to do for the west, what people in the west should be doing for themselves.


BRICS, LOL. India? A US military ally now. Brazil? With US help, they installed a pro-Wall Street govt without breaking a sweat. South Africa? Never really counted, and now with the land confiscations they’ve chosen to follow Zimbabwe’s shining example with their eyes wide open. On the other side of the aisle, NATO is still expanding.


They’re obviously not expanding in Syria, Libya is a basket case, the GCC is coming apart at the seams, and NATO is fracturing with the Turks moving to shut down KRG ll.

What I see expanding is Jew world order debt:
comment image


Mr Roberts, why don’t you mind your own business and leave Russia alone. You are not in a position to outline alternatives for Russia. You are mr who? Nobody! I Obviously you are afraid but why don’t you turn to your own government and outline alternatives to them and for them. It will be more appropriate. It is good that you keep on record the misdeeds done by your government . Tell them to stop it if this is the reason for your anxiety.



Depends on the missing-link knuckle-draggers in the Deep State!

Pave Way IV

Unfortunately, you can’t just ‘turn your back’ on the psychopathic bullies that run the US. My nation’s leaders are sick human beings. Ignoring them solves nothing – this isn’t the sixth grade.

The US is Wahhabized, corrupt Western Democracy and our Central Banking Sharia courts have already decided that Russia is an irredeemable infidel. Most US citizens hide under their hijab of ignorance, occasionally peeking out to see what fatwa the deep state has issued today. CNN clerics regularly call us to prayers to worship the sacred neocon/chickenhawk words of the US Government and encourage us to US dollar jihad.

Yeah, it’s that crazy.


You missed out that the Jewsa is Zionist controlled and if that element was liquidated, then maybe once it has gotten out of that choke hold, it can start thinking again rationally and making decisions which put America first.


What happens if everyone stops paying in dollars?

Brad Isherwood

Cuban missile crisis,
A few years later. …Vietnam (Russia) shoot down over 5000 US aircrafts.
Uncle Shlomo made big war profits.
Lol…another 25 $$ Billion on Faked Apollo Moon landings

If anything……Putin not pushing back is pissing the Deep State off,
He’s wrecking the Party : )

Richard M

As an American I find your calling our leaders “psychopathic bullies” to be rude and insulting……………….to honest psychopathic bullies! :D


“For the Russian government, being a part of the West is more important than life itself.”
Really? Pathetic!


Hallucinations of Western Politicians… never mind… they snorted too much cocaine when they said that….


Dear Mr. Putin,

If you are a wise man, take the Western Politicians & Establishment for what they are…a bunch of Retards. It’s useless trying to have a normal conversation with’m idiots they lost all touch with reality… Forgive them they were raised in a world full of Lies…. they think they are Superman & that they can fly… laserbeams comin’ out of their eyes….My advise: Find some more intelligent people to do your Business with and let them find their own gas….I’m leaving this sh*thole called Europe soon fortunately….for Asia…got the feeling there is a more positive energy over there…
Yours sincerely Me…..

Lazy Gamer

Youve got to afford Russia some space for idealism lol. Id think the breakthrough will only occur after the decline of the US. When that occurs is anyone’s guess.

John Trudgian

I’m afraid neither of those two options seem very palatable. Russia makes easy money selling energy to the west, why cut that off? Russia’s diplomacy is highly effective – but you’d never know it from reading the Western MSM. Russia’s ultimatum to sink US Warships if they attack Damascus was not interpreted as a sign of weakness. Direct diplomacy to the White House averted another false flag attack in Ghouta. It’s a difficult balance. I think the Russians have got it about right. PCR needs a chill pill.

S Melanson

I am surprised how disjointed the logic of the article! The author is no dummy but contradicts himself when he points out, correctly, that the Western MSM do not care about facts and Putin is wasting effort relying upon facts seen by the West as weakness. But follows this with an alternative that focuses on presenting facts to make Russia’s case at the UN. ???. Also, Russia cannot ‘forget’ the West. Russia has been ringed with hostile forces up to its doorsteps and Ukraine is not sitting still. In fact, to withdraw in face of Western provocations would equate to non response which the author criticizes. The second alternative to hit back hard, well, did not Russia say they would do so and appear to mean it. Note that when the US ‘accidentally’ bombed SAA positions killing over 80 soldiers, followed by, coincidentally, a rebel attack on the bombed positions of the SAA, Russia did respond. Russia hit a secret commando post with three cruise missiles killing dozens of intelligence operatives – CIA, Mossad, Qatar, Saudi etc. After that, No more accidental bombings for quite some time. The last sentence of the article is beneath the author I think and so again, I am surprised by this poorly written and illogical article.


Chances are on the lower side. UN members have let criminals let loose for too long that the degree of their crimes and violent behavior has escalated into as vicious as today going as far as weaponizing journalism and normalizing state aggression.


There indeed seems to be a psychological factor at work: as PCR remarks, the Kremlin is fundamentally on board with the notion that lives count more on the other side. Whenever there is the mildest pushback, Russian diplomacy bends over backwards to find a face-saving solution for its partners, while its own ritual humiliation is accepted as a matter of course. And how can any of this ever change if the Kremlin elite continues to educate its own children in the West? What other kind of values could they possibly be bringing home. If Russian schools aren’t up to standard, then fix them instead of blowing the budget on World Cup bread and circuses–you’re the government, remember?

Neo Onh

Start by liberating Novorossiya from the Kiev nazi junta!


With its appeals to the OPCW, the Kremlin is painting itself into an awfully tight corner. Remember, this is the organization that received a sample from al-Qaeda, delivered via Turkey, and wrote a report based on it as if this were a credible forensic procedure. OPCW is not to be trusted under any circumstance. What would happen if OPCW comes to London, goes sightseeing, and then signs off on whatever fairytale Ms. May presents them? Russia might yet lose the World Cup before they figure out what hit them.

At the start of this Skripal saga the Russia-friendly press habitually declared that the British were “stupid”. This may be the best way to set yourself up to be outsmarted; wouldn’t be the first time.

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