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JULY 2022

Paul Craig Roberts: What Can Be Done?

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at paulcraigroberts.org

Despite clear evidence that Washington has chosen the path to conflict with Russia and China, European governments have not objected. Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltics even seem to demand more conflict or a quicker path to conflict. The European peoples themselves have not elected leadership that is willing to repudiate vassalage to Washington and conduct a rational foreign policy toward Russia.

Paul Craig Roberts: What Can Be Done?


Last Sunday’s German election was an opportunity for the German electorate to repudiate Washington vassal Angela Merkel and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and to some extent they did. But you would never know it from the news reporting.

The headlines were Merkel wins fourth term. In the US Hillary’s folks emphasize that Trump lost the popular vote, but Merkel lost it by 70%. Only 3 Germans out of 10 voted for her. Her party’s vote fell from 41.6% in the previous election to just under 33%.

Merkel’s coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party (CSU) also suffered a vote decline that resulted in the SDU refusing to enter into another coalition government with Merkel. This means that Merkel has to go to the Free Democratic party (FDP) which got 10.7 percent of the vote and to the Greens which got 8.9 percent of the vote. That coalition produces 52.6 percent from which a government can be formed. Merkel’s “win” was such a defeat that she is perhaps on the way out.

Where did the votes lost by Merkel’s party and coalition partner (CSU) go?

They went to a new party that stands for Germany, and not for Washington, not for the refugees from Washington’s wars, and not for conflict with Russia. This party is Alternative for Germany (AfD). It is now Germany’s third largest political party with 12.6% of the vote and 94 seats in the German legislature.

As the party is against the massive Muslim immigration supported by Merkel and against Washington’s policy toward Russia, the AfD was promptly branded “far-right,” a term that is saddled with Nazi connotations.

In other words, if you stick up for Germany and the German people, you are a Nazi.

The German people have been so brainwashed by Washington since World War II that Germans have no positive conception of themselves, only guilt and fear of anything said to be “far right.” Yet, the third largest vote went to the “far right” party.

Jewish organizations have gone berserk over the AfD vote. Hitler is being resurrected, and so on. It is difficult to believe that Jews are really this paranoid. One sometimes wonders if Jewish watchdog organizations have some other agenda.

Clearly, in Germany a political party, which does not want to be in conflict with Russia or to be the dumping ground for the human residue of Washington’s wars in the Middle East and Africa, is defined by presstitutes in the US, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, and even in English language Russian news services such as Sputnik, as “far right.”

Although it is encouraging to see 12.6% of the German people wake up, the vote seems to be based less on avoiding the looming conflict with Russia and more on not being the dumping ground for the human debris of Washington’s wars. How does one judge these two threats to Germany?

Germany does not exist, nor does Europe, if Washington brings nuclear conflict to the world. Germany does not exist if the country is overrun by other peoples fleeing from Washington’s atrocities in the Middle East and Africa.

In the first case, there is nothing left of Germany. In the second case, there is a country that is no longer German.

As far as we have evidence, Western Europe is captive by Washington and will go to its destruction rather than dissociate from Washington’s foreign policy. But there are signs of hope in parts of Eastern Europe.

Unlike Germany, some of the Eastern European countries have refused to accept their quota of refugees from Washington’s wars. The EU Commission itself accepts its vassalage function as a dumping ground for Washington’s “collateral damage,” the euphemism Washington applies to the casualties of its wars for profits and hegemony, and is suing the EU members who refuse their quotas of refugees. The former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, responded to the EU’s determination to impose immigrant quotas on the Czech nation by declaring: “The time has come to start preparing the exit of our country from the European Union.” http://gatesofvienna.net/2017/06/vaclav-klaus-the-time-has-come-to-start-preparing-the-exit-of-our-country-from-the-european-union/

The dictatorial character of the EU is a good reason for every member to leave it. Countries already subjected to looting by American global corporations and financial entities have no spare money with which to support the victims of Washington’s illegal wars. For the EU to try to force Washington’s external war costs upon its members proves how much of a tool of Washington the EU is.

The more important reason for Eastern Europe, or that part of it that still has the capability of independent thought, is to avoid nuclear armageddon. Washington’s quest for world hegemony is driving the world to the third, and final, World War. Eastern European governments could prevent this looming war by breaking from their vassalage to Washington and forming a neutral buffer between NATO and Russia.

Such realistic behavior on the part of Eastern Europe could possibly even wake up Germany, France, and Great Britain to the extreme danger that they face as Washington’s vassals.

It is extraordinary, as I reported (http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/09/25/washington-initiated-military-conflict-russia/), that Washington has twice directed attacks against Russian military forces in Syria. This insanity can come to no good end. Americans are so out to lunch that they have no idea of the terrible war that Washington’s madness is brewing. Apparently, neither do the Europeans or the British.

Dear Europeans, yes, non-European immigration is a threat. So is conflict with Russia. Currently, due to your lack of leadership and any significant awareness on your own part, you are incapable of doing anything to save yourselves and the rest of us.

Exhausted, indoctrinated, brainwashed, can Europe do anything except submit to its and the world’s demise?

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Jeroen Pierik

I don’t think it is completely unfair to associate AfD with Nazi-ism: http://bfy.tw/EBis.

Not to say that they are all bad and rival parties have no problems at all. I don’t know enough about German politics to have an opinion on that.

Miguel Redondo

One question , what is the connection between a german soldier in WWII and nazism? Do you look at the affiliation of an US-soldier if he is a republican or a democrat? Or are you sure that a soviet soldier in WWII was automatically a party-member ? It is really easy for everyone with his brain-washed mindset cleaned up by History-Channel and Hollywood to make this automatic connection. As the swastika was part of the national flag (from 1935 on) , you have swastikas on every public building and on every official uniform. In fine logic a dumb westerner sees a swastika on a uniform or elsewhere and automatically makes the connction swastica = german = Nazi . Most of the german general staff in WWII was NOT a party member. And if you consider that the 50 guys who took EbenEmael against 2000 Belgian soldiers inside the Fort where not worth of admiration , ask people from other Paratroop forces about their opinion. When someone says “America first” they call him a patriot , but if someone says “Germany first” you can be sure that they call him a Nazi.

Florian N

In Germany, we have a totally different view on the world war. We know that the Wehrmacht was into deportations and the common people and soldiers knew about what’s going on against Jews. The problem with the AFD, at least with their popular politicians is that they support comments like Wehrmacht did nothing wrong, we can be proud or stop thinking what we did bad against Jews. So in Germany people are really aware of their history and the AFD is trying to legitime far-right statements like these.

Miguel Redondo

Florian , that the Wehrmacht was into deportations is a simplification , also that common people and soldiers know about what was going on against jews is absolutely false. Did you hear about Nemmersdorf? Should I now accuse every soviet soldier of cruzifixing blonde women and children onto stabledoors? US-soldiers during WWII where also not exactly as Hollywood tries to portray today. If not , find out how many skulls of japanese soldiers are now in the US , courtesy of the postal service from the front. For Soviets and other allied Soldiers you have today a picture of “heroes” , made in Hollywood. This picture is as false as it is the german soldier being a badass. It is pure propaganda. And you can be absolutely sure that no politician in Germany , including AFD , would say that the Wehrmacht did “nothing wrong”. What is possibly true is that this politician said that the Wehrmacht also did things one can be proud of. And that is the point. Why you don´t call a politician in Russia who is proud of the achievements of the RedArmy “far right” ? Or are all the people in the US which have respect for their army “far-right”? IMHO the german people are not “aware of their history” , they are brainwashed since 1933-1945 by one side and from 1945 until now by the other side. Another day we can discuss about left-right and the propaganda-scheme what stays behind.

Florian N

I did not say anything about the Soviet or US army. You can read what the soldiers know when you read their letters from the front. Also, it is a fact that the AFD has many people that do say stuff that is far-right like the Holocaust memorial in Berlin is “a monument of shame” and that we need a new remembrance culture. Or we have forbidden sentences used by the SA that is written on their election poster. Germans can be proud of what they did in the world war but you have to divide between the war in the west and the war in the east, the one in the east is nothing to be proud of.

If you get on history by “brainwashing” than everyone is brainwashed because no one knows the truth. Even you, you are also brainwashed by the people you get your information from, you listen to. I stay by the facts, I do not listen to stuff like “brainwashed”. Also, I wouldn’t call the time between 1933-1945 that Germans got brainwashed. It was, in fact, massive propaganda and disinformation.

Miguel Redondo

The difference is that I consider the story they told from 1945 until now also as propaganda. That the germans need a new rememberance culture is a fact. Because it is this official rememberance culture in Germany which converts every german which does not agree with the official statements automatically into a victim of moral blackmail.

Florian N

Yes, because Germany tried to do a genocide on the Jews. I agree that for example in German history lessons the question about Jews is a to the big part because the other history is a bit short of content most times. But a new remembrance culture cannot be about “was the holocaust really that bad.” You can consider the story from 1945 till today as propaganda, but then everything is propaganda. If you go back to 1000 before Christ or even more, since there are two different parties, there will always be propaganda. Where are you from?


Florian, you’re drowning in cognitive dissonance. Read everything by Paul Eisen (who is jewish) and then come back and tell me about the holocaust. The jews are the ones who invented the holocaust, no-one else. And I’m happy to talk about the holocaust when you talk about the atrocities carried out by jewish bolsheviks against the christian russians. And the murder of german soldiers AFTER wwii by Eizenhower and others. Time to level the playing field. Shoah will not cut it as a trope anymore.

Wahid Algiers

Well said. Let it be with Florian N. He is one of these brainwashed Germans pissing in a bucket and on the behalf of others pooring over his own head. Only to satisfy the master, mainly jewish.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, somebody (one person!!!!!!!) told you the big truth about all story of holocaust :DDD

Miguel Redondo

Florian N, In this case you have to believe that a corpse can be cremated (burnt to ashes) with only 6kg of coal (a modern crematorium uses about 30 kg / corpse) , a gaschamber (for masses of people) has doors that open inwards , that you can make exercise between 1000s of corpses emanating cyanide chewing a sandwich , that a skilled hairdresser makes 60 haircuts in 30 minutes to 60 women (not with a blowtorch , with scissors) , that cianide only stains walls with prussian blue when used in delousing chambers but lets the walls of homicidal gaschambers absolutely pristine , that germans build a crematorium just in the vecinity of a facility which uses explosive gases (cianide) etc etc. Please wake up , Florian.

Solomon Krupacek

hey, nazi, yozr ancestors made perfect lists of killed! waka up police and take miguel redondo in custody!!

Miguel Redondo

You are right , the lists from the red cross in Arolsen are a perfect source. The problem is that the numbers don´t coincide with the numbers of Mr.Krupacek. Please, Greetings to Dorothea , when you receive your next paycheck.

Solomon Krupacek

lists made by nazists, you asshole!

Miguel Redondo

Solomon, Dumb question , why are lists in the first moment “perfect lists made by my ancestors” and in the second moment ” lists made by nazis” with no credibility? Are the lists “perfect” or are they not? You have a real problem in getting your own discurs straight.

Wahid Algiers

Let it be with Florian N. he is one of these brainwashed Germans pissing in a bucket and on the behalf of others pooring over his own head. Only to satisfy the master.

Solomon Krupacek

florian is normal, you both are neonazis.

Jeroen Pierik

Germany has a very patriottic ‘Germany first’ type national anthem, and nobody sees this as a problem. People grant the Germans their national pride. They sometimes understandably have some issues with patriottism themselves, but there is a lot to be proud of for Germans.

I am in fact more worried about much more concerned about US nationalism going too far than German nationalism, although the latter apparently just took a turn for the worse.

What the AfD leader did compares to Americans boasting about how they defeated indians. That wouldn’t sit well with native people and isn’t something to boast of. In The Netherlands we have ‘the golden age’ that some people boast about, but others point out that it was a rich time mostly because of slave trade, and we shouldn’t pride ourselves on it. You just have to respect that some parts of your nations history are ugly and respect people who might be offended by not boasting those parts. There is always other more appropriate stuff to be proud of.

Miguel Redondo

Its perfectly OK what you say. In my opinion I am not afraid about Germans who think “Germany first” . I am much more afraid about those germans who stick their head into the ass of the Zionazis and say every time they are asked “My grandpa was a Badass and please let me be your slave”.

Wahid Algiers

Absolutely right again. Bravo.

Wahid Algiers

You are absolutely right.

Solomon Krupacek

AfD directly made actions nearby neonazi group headquarters. therefore always were present large amounts of nazis. they used neonazis an were voeted by neonaziss. several years ago with niormal agenda did not enter the parliament. this is the reason, why left the most important persens the AfDS immediately after elections. it is very sad, when russian portal makes propaganda fo neonazi-friendly party.

Florian N

I do not support this text because it is quite wrong if you go for the details about the German politics. Merkel’s party lost, that’s right but also Merkel and our finance minister are still the most popular politicians in Germany. Also, 60% of the AFD voters voted for them by protest. They do not necessarily support the position of the AFD but they wanted to set a statement against the “Große Koalition”. Because Germany had no real opposition in the last 4 years. Also, the AFD has no real position about social and economic questions (they argue that they are a young political party (4 years)). The biggest problem is that they are not united, many want the AFD to be less right and more middle conservative (55% of the AFD) but also their most popular politicians do say populistic stuff like foreigners steal jobs and are criminals. (The criminality in Germany was strong in regions with foreigners, but because of right-wing guys who attacked them and burned houses) So it is much more diverse and has almost nothing to do with anti-Americanism and pro-Russianism.


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Solomon Krupacek

SF was never right in case of EU articles

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